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Orthopaedic Surgery

Yun Liang, Peng Liu, Li-Bo Jiang, Hou-Lei Wang, An-Nan Hu, Xiao-Gang Zhou, Xi-Lei Li, Hong Lin, Dong Wu, Jian Dong
OBJECTIVE: A retrospective study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of CT-guided core needle biopsy in diagnosing spinal lesions through comparison with C-arm guidance. METHODS: From April 2013 to July 2017, a total of 188 patients, who suffered from spinal lesions or had malignant tumor history with a new spinal fracture, were included in this study. There were 96 men and 92 women, with an average of 57.1 years. A total of 238 core needle biopsies were performed...
February 14, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Sam Yeol Chang, Yunjin Nam, Jeongik Lee, Bong-Soon Chang, Choo-Ki Lee, Hyoungmin Kim
OBJECTIVES: Oblique lateral interbody fusion is considered a useful surgical option for various lumbar degenerative diseases with favorable clinical results and few complications. However, clinical outcomes following oblique lateral interbody fusion stratified according to the preoperative diagnosis have not been fully evaluated in a large cohort. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the clinical outcomes following oblique lateral interbody fusion for lumbar degenerative disease and to identify differences in outcomes when stratified according to preoperative diagnosis...
February 14, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Zhan-le Zheng, Yi-Yang Yu, Heng-Rui Chang, Huan Liu, Hui-Lin Zhou, Ying-Ze Zhang
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine the incidence of fibular fractures as an associated injury in tibial plateau fractures according to CT scan. We also attempt to introduce a new morphological sub-classification on this associated injury and to analyze the correlation between this classification and tibial plateau fractures. METHODS: We selected cases with fibular fractures from all the tibial plateau fracture patients. The cases were further divided into 2 groups: unicondylar group and bicondylar group...
February 8, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Yan-Zhen Qu, Tian Xia, Guo-Hui Liu, Wu Zhou, Bo-Bin Mi, Jing Liu, Xiao-Dong Guo
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of using acromioclavicular joint hook plates for the treatment of anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation. METHODS: Ten patients who suffered anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation were retrospectively analyzed, and underwent acromioclavicular joint hook plate surgeries from January 2015 to May 2017. There were 7 male and 3 female patients, with a mean age of 43.6 years. According to the American Shoulder and Elbow Society (ASES) scoring system, the preoperative physical function had a mean of 83...
February 6, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Qi-Fang He, Han-Xu Wang, Hui Sun, Yu Zhan, Bin-Bin Zhang, Xue-Tao Xie, Cong-Feng Luo
OBJECTIVE: To present our clinical experience of treating varus malunion of the distal femur through a medial open-wedge osteotomy with double-plate fixation. METHODS: A prospective cohort study was performed. From January 2005 to February 2015, 15 consecutive patients with varus malunion following distal femur fractures were surgically treated at a single level I trauma center. The coronal and sagittal deformity were corrected by a medial open-wedge osteotomy of the distal femur...
February 5, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Qiang Wang, Meng-Meng Du, Xin-Jian Pei, Jun-Zhong Luo, Ya-Zhou Li, Yu-Chang Liu, Xuan Wang, Jin-Chao Cao, Jiu-Hui Han
OBJECTIVE: The treatment of missed Monteggia fracture remains a challenge, despite the various surgical methods described. The purpose of this study was to explore a new surgical technique utilizing external fixator-assisted ulnar osteotomy and to assess the surgical results in a case series. METHODS: Thirteen patients with missed Monteggia fractures were treated at our institution using this new surgical technique from August 2012 to January 2016. Our series included 11 boys and 2 girls...
February 4, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Huashui Liu, Shengjun Duan, Fuzhen Xin, Zhen Zhang, Xueguang Wang, Shidong Liu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the indications, surgical strategy and techniques, safety, and efficacy of robot-assisted minimally-invasive internal fixation of pelvic ring injuries. METHODS: The clinical data of 86 patients with anterior and posterior pelvic ring injuries who underwent robot-assisted minimally-invasive internal fixation were retrospectively analyzed. The patients included 57 men and 29 women aged between 22 and 75 years, with an average age of (40...
February 3, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Kevin Phan, Matthew H Pelletier, Prashanth J Rao, Wen Jie Choy, William R Walsh, Ralph J Mobbs
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the initial outcomes of a composite cage with integral fixation using the Redmond titanium (Ti)/polyetheretherketone (PEEK) anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) device. METHODS: Data from 50 consecutive patients were prospectively collected from a single senior surgeon cohort. All cages were between 5 and 8 mm in height, and were packed with supercritical CO2 sterilized allograft. Patients were followed up for a minimum of 6 months, and implant complications were assessed...
January 6, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgery
Wei-Yuan Xiao, Zhen Zong, Man-Le Qiu, Xiu-Yuan Chen, Hong-Xing Shen, Li-Feng Lao
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the antitumor capability and to investigate the underlying molecular mechanism of paclitaxel. METHODS: First, cck-8 and apoptosis assays were used to determine survival and apoptotic effects of HS 737.T cells under treatment of paclitaxel. Next, RNA-seq and bioinformatics were used to determine the differentially expressed genes and to analyze the pathway involved. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction was used to verify the accuracy of some differentially expressed genes (DEG)...
December 27, 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Jian-Jun Zeng, Hai-Dong Wang, Zhong-Wei Shen, Xiao-Dong Yao, Cheng-Jun Wu, Tao Pan
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association between curcumin and the differentially expressed genes (DEG) in synovial tissues of osteoarthritis. METHODS: Microarray analysis was used to screen for the DEG in osteoarthritis synovial cells. Curcumin-related genes were identified through the drug-gene interaction network STITCH ( Expression levels of fibronectin 1 (FN1) and collagen III protein were measured by western blot. MTT assay was used to examine the effects of different concentrations of curcumin on cell viability...
December 17, 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Yan-Yan Bian, Long-Chao Wang, Wen-Wei Qian, Jin Lin, Jin Jin, Hui-Ming Peng, Xi-Sheng Weng
OBJECTIVE: Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is an established surgical technique and is the standard treatment for degenerative knee joint diseases. However, severe pain after TKA makes it difficult for many patients to perform early postoperative rehabilitation and functional exercise, which might result in subsequent unsatisfactory recovery of knee joint function and great reduction in patients' satisfaction and quality of life. Orthopaedic surgeons have tried a large variety of analgesics and analgesic modes to relieve patients' pain after TKA...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Zhi Li, Zhe-Feng Chen, Jiu-Xiang Liu, Feng Liu
OBJECTIVE: To compare mid-term clinical results of total hip arthroplasty (THA) with metal-on-metal (MoM) and metal-on-polyethylene (MoP) bearings and to evaluate the biological safety of the two kinds of prostheses. METHODS: Thirty-two patients who received a primary THA with an MoM articulation between January 2008 and December 2010 were selected to form the MoM group retrospectively. The MoP group consisted of 32 patients who received a THA with an MoP prosthesis during the same period...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Zi-Qi Zhang, Chun-Sheng Wang, Pei Yang, Kun-Zheng Wang
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells induced by microencapsulated chondrocytes on repairing of intervertebral disc degeneration. METHODS: Rabbit chondrocytes and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) were derived. Chondrocytes were microencapsulated by a microcapsule generator to produce microencapsulated chondrocytes (MEC). MSC were then co-cultured with MEC (MSC-MEC) and the properties and the therapeutic effects on repairing of intervertebral disc degeneration were studied...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Jian-Feng Zhang, Gang-Liang Wang, Zhi-Jie Zhou, Xiang-Qian Fang, Shuai Chen, Shun-Wu Fan
OBJECTIVE: Turnover of cartilage endplate extracellular matrix (ECM) may play an important role in disc degeneration and low back pain (LBP). However, the expression pattern of pro-inflammatory factors, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMP) in the cartilage endplates (CEP) of intervertebral discs (IVD) is not understood. We aimed to examine the transcriptional levels of MMP, TIMP, and interleukins (IL), and the correlations between them. METHODS: Thirty degenerated cartilage endplate samples from patients with LBP who underwent lumbar fusion surgery were included in the degenerated group...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Yuan-Gang Wu, Yi Zeng, Qin-Sheng Hu, Xian-Chao Bao, Hua-Zhang Xiong, Bin Shen
The present study assessed the effectiveness of the combined administration of tranexamic acid (TXA) plus low-dose epinephrine in primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We searched the following Chinese electronic databases: China National Knowledge Infrastructure and WanFang Data. We also searched the following English electronic databases: PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, and Central Register of Controlled Trials. To search for additional eligible studies, we also used Google's search engine. All randomized controlled trials (RCT) comparing TXA plus low-dose epinephrine (Combined group) and TXA alone in TKA were systematically searched...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Hong-Tao Rong, Yue-Shan Fan, Si-Peng Li, Zheng-Shan Zhang, Hui Liu, Tong Liu, Tao Zhu, Jian-Ning Zhang
This study investigated the surgical results of a single-stage posterolateral approach with arc incision, unilateral laminectomy, and costotransversectomy for the management of dumbbell tumors and paraspinal tumors of the thoracic spine. From January 2010 to March 2017, 14 patients with dumbbell tumors or paraspinal tumors of the thoracic spine who underwent resection with single-stage posterolateral approach were followed up and analyzed retrospectively. The operations were performed using a single-stage posterolateral approach with arc incision, unilateral laminectomy, and costotransversectomy without any instrumentation...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Hai-Feng Zhu, Gang-Liang Wang, Zhi-Jie Zhou, Shun-Wu Fan
OBJECTIVE: To compare postoperative imaging results, clinical outcomes and complications between the multifidus muscle bundle (MMB) approach and the conventional open (CO) approach in one-level posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF). METHODS: Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 201 of 351 patients in our hospital were enrolled in this prospective study and underwent MMB-PLIF or CO-PLIF randomly: 111 patients in the MMB-PLIF group and 90 patients in the CO-PLIF group...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Sharath Kittanakere Ramanath, Rahul Hemant Shah, Kanika Kaushik
The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the reduced chances of iatrogenic femoral neck fracture while removing the Richard's screw using the dynamic hip screw-femur head conjoint removal technique. This retrospective cohort study analyzed 16 hips operated on with total hip arthroplasty from March 2010 to February 2015. All cases were previously treated with dynamic hip screws (DHS) for proximal femur fractures. The age of the patients ranged from 20 to 75 years. We used uncemented sockets in 15 patients and cemented sockets in 1 patient...
November 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Wolfgang Senker, Andreas Gruber, Matthias Gmeiner, Harald Stefanits, Kirsten Sander, Philipp Rössler, Robert Pflugmacher
OBJECTIVES: To review the surgical results and to identify possible parameters influencing the clinical outcomes in an unselected patient collective undergoing minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion in a spinal care unit. METHODS: A total of 229 adult patients who underwent minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion between 2008 and 2016 were included in this retrospective analysis. Lumbar fusion was performed using transforaminal interbody fusion (TLIF) devices and posterolateral fusion...
August 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
Ru-Sen Zhu, Shun-Li Kan, Ze-Gang Cao, Ze-Hua Jiang, Xue-Li Zhang, Wei Hu
The purpose of this meta-analysis was to explore whether cervical disc arthroplasty (CDA) was superior to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) in reducing secondary surgery. PubMed, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Library databases were systematically searched. Outcomes were reported as relative risk (RR) with the corresponding 95% confidence interval (CI). The pooled data was calculated using a random-effect model. We also used the trial sequential analysis (TSA) to further verify our results and obtain more moderate estimates...
August 2018: Orthopaedic Surgery
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