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Gulf Journal of Oncology

Ayman Zaki Azzam, Mohammad Anas Dababo, Kareem Ayman Azzam, Meshal Almeshal, Tarek Mahmoud Amin
BACKGROUND: Gastric cancer can metastasize to multiple organs but the metastases to brain is very rare. We report a case of recurrent gastric cancer. The only site of recurrence is brain metastases that occurred three years after curative resection. CASE PRESENTATION: A 58-year-old male patient who was diagnosed to have gastric cancer. He received neoadjuvant chemotherapy then complete resection. The patient came to the outpatient clinic for regular follow up. After three years from resection the patient complained of headache and seizures...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Tarek Assi, Ralph Chebib, Sara Lakiss, Joseph Kattan
Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a significant complication secondary to radiation therapy or drug therapy, most commonly bisphosphonates. Safety data regarding the administration of bisphosphonates in bone metastatic head and neck cancer patients with history of jaw irradiation are almost non-existent. In this paper, we report the case of a Head and Neck (HNC) patient, with history of radiation therapy to the mandible region, treated with intravenous bisphosphonates for bone metastases that resulted in gross, life threatening mouth hemorrhage secondary to advanced, locally invasive ONJ...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Aakanksha Goel, Pankaj Kumar Garg
It is often said 'what cannot be cured has to be endured'. However, the endurance of suffering can at least be minimized by a surgeon. Traditionally, healthcare research has mainly centered over treatment approaches which increased the longevity of patients with incurable cancer. However, in addition, the focus is now also on the role of surgical intervention in palliation of symptoms of these patients, in order to provide them with comfort and dignity along with end-of-life medical care. Any surgical procedure undertaken to relieve symptoms and to enhance quality of life, with little or no bearing on overall survival of the patient, constitute a part of 'Palliative Surgery'...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Abdulrahman A Alghamdi, Manar A Hasabullah, Alhanouf I Alhusani, Leema K Alhussayen, Khawlah M Fairaq, Samar S Alsifri, Turki M Al-Fayae
BACKGROUND: One of the most common organs targeted by metastatic malignancies are the lungs. In the field of surgical oncology, pulmonary metastasectomy (PM) is frequently performed for patients with pulmonary metastatic nodules secondary to specific primary tumors. This study aimed to evaluate survival and its predictors among patients with primary sarcoma or colorectal cancer who underwent PM at the Princess Norah Oncology Center, Jeddah, between 2007 and 2016. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Sarcoma and colorectal cancer patients with isolated lung metastasis and who underwent PM in our institution between 2007 and 2016 were identified...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Ossama M Zakaria, Mohamed Yasser I Daoud, Tamer A Sultan, Karam El Sayem, Hazem M Zakaria, Amr M El-Gibaly, Fouad M Sedky, Assma Al Taher, Hamed A Al Wadaani
BACKGROUND: Management of abdominal masses still pose a major challenge for pediatrician and surgeons with many controversy as regards the best investigatory tools. AIM OF THE WORK: This study was designated to evaluate the role of diagnostic laparoscopy in investigating equivocal pediatric masses that had undergone other imaging modalities. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A combined prospective and retrospective multicenter study over a period of 12 years from January 2005 to December 2016 was undertaken...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Raed Almarzooq, Amal Alrayes, Ahmed Saeed, Hussain Abdulla
INTRODUCTION: Intraoperative frozen section of sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) in clinically node-negative breast cancer patients is performed to stage the axilla and allows axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) to be avoided in the same operative setting. The aim of this study was to evaluate our institutional experience on the accuracy of intraoperative frozen section of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) in breast cancer patients. METHODS: Clinicopathological data from patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer with SLNB from January 2013 to May 2017 at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) in Bahrain were collected retrospectively...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Zahra Tolou Ghamari
BACKGROUND: Due to nonspecific early symptoms, there is significant discrepancy related to the incidence of gastric cancer around the world. The aim of this study was to provide data related to period prevalence (PP) and incidence (Irs) of stomach cancer in Isfahan, Iran. Pateints and Methods: Information related to the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results; (SEER) was collected from the Isfahan Cancer Registry. Period prevalence (PP) was calculated per 100000 persons. The cancer sites studied were defined according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-O; Third Edition) and recorded by topography code (C16)...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Syed Afroze Hussain, S Subbiah, M S Bharathiraja
Anaplastic carcinoma thyroid is an aggressive malignancy with very poor survival rate. In this study, we reviewed the records of 34 patients with anaplastic carcinoma thyroid in our centre and we divided them into groups T4a, T4b, and T4c. The case records were reviewed for presentation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up and we analysed the data using statistical methods. The median age group was 65 years with 22 women and 12 men. There were 16 patients (47%) with a history of thyroid swelling of more than 2 years duration...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Ehab Al-Rayyan, Maher Maaita, Omar Alelwan, Omar Taso, William Hadadin
OBJECTIVE: The aim of our study was to analyze the clinical and pathological characteristics of women who were diagnosed with malignant ovarian granulosa cell tumors and managed at single institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted regarding patients who were diagnosed with ovarian granulosa cell tumors and received treatment at King Hussein Medical Center. Data was extracted from the patient's files and reports from the period 2007 to 2017 (over ten years period)...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Mitra Tadayon, Saeideh Dabirizadeh, Kourosh Zarea, Nasser Behroozi, Mohamad Hossin Haghighizadeh
INTRODUCTION: Considering the fact that depression in patients with breast cancer increases the severity and complications of medical treatments such as chemotherapy (including fatigue, nausea, and cognitive problems), the identification of its related factors can be one of the important steps in reducing the complications of this disease. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between psychological hardiness and resilience with depression in women with breast cancer...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Pattamparambath Manjusha, Joseph Philip Kandathil, Sangeetha K Nayanar, Joneetha Jones, Babi Sajith
BACKGROUND: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most aggressive and lethal solid tumors known to affect humans. Although ATC accounts for only 1% to 5% of all thyroid tumors, it portends a dismal prognosis with a median survival of 4 to 12 months from the time of diagnosis. In this retrospective review we aim to study the clinical, cytological and histopathological features and management of ATC cases reported in our institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-two patients with ATC were identified from institutional database between January 2012 and December 2016...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Sagir G Ahamed, Uma A Ibrahim, Modu B Kagu
BACKGROUND: Previous research strongly suggest that malaria is an important factor in the pathogenesis of endemic Burkitt's lymphoma (eBL). Therefore, genetic factors such as sickle cell trait (SCT) and blood group-O that offer protection against severe malaria would be expected to reduce the risks of eBL. However, previous reports on the protective roles of SCT and blood group-O against the risks of eBL were inconclusive. Hence, the need for further studies on the protective roles of SCT and blood group-O separately, and also to investigate whether or not the combined anti-severe malaria protective roles of SCT and blood group-O have synergistic effects in reducing the risks of eBL...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
V M Bharath, P G Balagopal, Abraham George Nebu, A V Jayasudha, M Iqbal Ahmed, Paul Sebastian
BACKGROUND: Lymph node metastasis is an established prognostic factor in carcinoma of tongue. The association between lymph node ratio (LNR, the ratio of positive lymph nodes to the total number of dissected lymph nodes) and survival has been recently studied. But the available literature is mostly retrospective in nature and they take the broad group of oral squamous cell carcinoma as a whole and not as a single sub-site; also it does not take in to consideration the importance of standardising the minimum number of lymph nodes to be dissected or a single head and neck pathologist examining the specimen to avoid wide variations in the ratio and to reduce the bias...
September 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Xh Çuni, I Haxhiu, Sh Telegrafi, M Berisha, N Rexha, M Myftari, P Nuraj, S Mehmeti, A Fetahu, R Dervishi, S Manxhuka, F Kurshumliu
Testicular cancer represents approximately 1% of all cancers diagnosed in males. Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in male adolescents and young adults between 15-35 years of age. Bilateral presentation is rare with a reported rate of 0.8% for every 1,000,000 men between the age 15-40 years from which 0.5% are synchronous and .2-3% are metachronous. We report a case of 42-year-old man with metachronous testicular seminoma within 8 years from the first testicular tumor. Patient was treated at the urology clinic with a left testicular mass causing painful swelling...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Guhan Kumarasamy, Anusha Balasubramanian, Baharudin Abdullah
Testicular cancer is an uncommon malignancy of the male reproductive organ, accounting for 1% of all cancers in men. Distant cervical metastasis from testicular cancer has been reported in 5% of patients. We present 2 cases of non-seminomatous testicular cancers that were diagnosed retrospectively in patients who presented with pure cervical lymph nodes. A comprehensive approach bearing in mind the possible differentials, pathogenesis and treatment options are discussed.
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Mariam Alotaibi, Jaroslav Nemec
Cutaneous metastases from colorectal cancer are very rare. They appear in less than 0.5% of colorectal metastatic cases at time of initial diagnosis. They indicate disseminated disease and poor prognosis. We describe a case of 54 years old patient who presented with scalp, face and upper back cutaneous metastatic lesions derived from sigmoid cancer, 9 months prior to his initial diagnosis. Final diagnosis of cutaneous metastasis of sigmoid carcinoma was made based on fine needle aspiration cytology. An index of suspicion should be maintained with a low threshold for biopsy for any cutaneous nodule in patient with malignancy...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Priyanka Anand, Namrata Sarin, Amul K Butti, Sompal Singh
Phyllodes tumor is a rare fibroepithelial neoplasm of the breast and constitutes 0.3-0.5% of all breast tumors. They are usually benign and only few of them undergo malignant transformation. Benign or borderline phyllodes tumor typically never recur however, malignant phyllodes tumors do have a recurrence and a metastatic potential. Differentiating these two groups is of prime importance for proper management of the patient. We report a rare case of Malignant Phyllodes tumor in an 18 year old female. She presented with a left breast lump which was gradually increasing in size...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
William A Nehmeh, Marc Rassy, Claude Ghorra, Pamel Abdayem, Cyril Tohmé
Colon cancer is a heavy public health burden. No data has been previously published on colon cancer epidemiology in Lebanon. The objective of this study was to report the clinical and pathological features of surgically operated colon cancer. From July 2005 to July 2012, 187 sporadic colonic tumors were operated in Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital (Beirut, Lebanon). Demographic, clinical, pathological and staging data was collected. The male: female sex ratio was 1.3 and the mean age at diagnosis was 66.0 years...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Bassim Jaffar Al Bahrani, Itrat Mehdi
Palliative Care (PC) is an evolving oncology subspecialty in the Middle East (ME). Justified opioid use is an integral part of palliative care. Often, morphine consumption is taken as a quality indicator of palliative care services, but is it a reliable indicator to reflect the status of palliative care in current Middle East setting? We need to understand that data on morphine consumption, represent the amount distributed of morphine per person in a country and does not refer the actual justified amount utilization of opioids...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
Humaid O Al-Shamsi, Emad Tashkandi, Nedal Bukhari, Abdulaziz Al Farsi, Abdulsalam Alnajjar, Ahmad Alhuraiji, Moteb Foheidi, Ahmed Sagheir, Khalid Bin Thani, Bassim Al Bahrani, Sadir Alrawi
INTRODUCTION: The use of modern immunotherapy has been evolving over the past few years, and various new agents have been developed for new indications at multiple primary sites in oncology. It is important for physicians who are involved in cancer care to be aware and updated about new therapeutic agents and their indications, potential benefits, and side effects. PATIENTS AND METHODS: From October to November 2017, we conducted a survey on the awareness, understanding, attitude, and barriers associated with prescribing modern cancer immunotherapies among physicians in the Arabian Gulf countries...
May 2018: Gulf Journal of Oncology
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