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Food & Nutrition Research

Maureen Wanjiru Gitagia, Rose Chepchirchir Ramkat, Dorothy M Mituki, Celine Termote, Namukolo Covic, Maureen Jepkorir Cheserek
Background: Empirical evidence on the link between agrobiodiversity and dietary diversity appears to be inconclusive. Thus, there arises a need to determine other factors that could significantly influence dietary diversity in different agro-ecological zones, as factors may vary from region to region. Objective: The objective of this study was to document the status of agrobiodiversity and dietary diversity and to assess the determinants of dietary diversity among women of reproductive age in two different agro-ecological zones of Rongai Sub-County in Kenya...
2019: Food & Nutrition Research
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[This corrects the article DOI: 10.3402/fnr.v60.33171.].
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Jianguo Chen, Xue Shi, Yang Chen, Hanqiao Liang, Chi Cheng, Qiyang He
Oxidative stress is more likely to cause damage to neuronal cells and mediates some neurodegenerative disorders. It is well known that natural antioxidants can prevent oxidative stress damage and become a potential therapeutic strategy. Noni juice obtained from the fruit of the tree Morinda citrifolia , as a folk medicine, has been used for over two thousand years. In the current study, the neuroprotective effect and mechanism of noni juice extracts against tert-Butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP)-induced SH-SY5Y cell damage were investigated...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Tao Wu, Jinling Xu, Yijun Chen, Rui Liu, Min Zhang
Background: Several studies have evaluated the effects of oolong tea extracts on obesity. However, only few studies focused on the anti-obesity effect of specific components of oolong tea. Objective: This study investigated the specific anti-obesity capabilities of oolong tea polysaccharide (TPS) and tea polyphenols (TPP) in high-fat diet-induced Sprague-Dawley rats. Methods: Oolong tea water extract, TPS, TPP, and polysaccharide mixed with polyphenol (TPSM) given at doses of 400 or 800 mg/kg were administered to rats fed with high-fat diet for 6 weeks to explore the anti-obesity effects of the treatments...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Mao-Cheng Sun, Ping-Ping Hou, Xin-Yu Wang, Chang-Hui Zhao, Bi-Jun Cheng, Yan-Ling Wang, Hong-Wei Hao, Tie-Hua Zhang, Hai-Qing Ye
Background: Previous studies suggested that probiotics intervention may be one of the methods for preventing and/or treating gastric ulcer. Objective: The aim of the study was to compare the preventive effects of a spaceflight mutant Lactobacillus reuteri F-9-35 and its wild type on ethanol-induced gastric injury in rats. Design: Forty rats were randomly allocated into five groups: a normal group (NOR), ethanol group (EtOH), skim milk group (MILK), L...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Evelina Höglund, Susanne Ekman, Gunnel Stuhr-Olsson, Christina Lundgren, Berit Albinsson, Michael Signäs, Christina Karlsson, Elisabet Rothenberg, Karin Wendin
Background: The population of older adults is growing and many are at risk of disease-related malnutrition. This is a serious condition which increases the risk for other diseases and distress, human suffering and puts a high load on health care costs. Meal concepts tailored to suit the needs of older adults are required to decrease the incidence of disease-related malnutrition. Objective: To evaluate sensory perception regarding a concept of small, protein and energy-enriched multi-component meals designed according to the nutritional needs of older adults...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Xiujing Dou, Junlan Han, Qiuyuan Ma, Baojing Cheng, Anshan Shan, Nan Gao, Yu Yang
Background: Host defense peptides (HDPs) possess direct antibacterial, antineoplastic, and immunomodulatory abilities, playing a vital role in innate immunity. Dietary-regulated HDP holds immense potential as a novel pathway for preventing infection. Objective: In this study, we examined the regulation mechanism of HDPs (pEP2C, pBD-1, and pBD-3) and cytokines (IL-8 and IL-18) expression by sodium phenylbutyrate (PBA). Design: The effects of PBA on HDP induction and the mechanism involved were studied in porcine intestinal epithelial cell lines (IPEC J2)...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Annie George, Jay Udani, Nurhayati Zainal Abidin, Ashril Yusof
Background: The use of alternative and complementary medicines to alleviate stress has increased to avoid the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Objective: This study investigated the safety and efficacy of Eurycoma longifolia in combination with multivitamins (EL+MV) versus placebo on improving quality of life (QoL), mood and stress in moderately stressed healthy participants. Methods: This randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled 24-week study enrolled 93 participants aged 25-65 years, with a body mass index of 18-30 kg/m2 , scoring ≤18 in tension and ≤14 in fatigue subscale of Profiles of Mood Scores (POMS) questionnaire and supplemented with EL+MV or placebo...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Xiaobin Zhang, Zhenhuan Song, Yuanyuan You, Xiaoling Li, Tianfeng Chen
Background: Phoenix Dan Cong tea is an Oolong tea produced in Chaozhou, China. Nowaday, the experimental studies on the benefical effects of the Phoenix Dan Cong tea are rare. Objective: The objective of this study was to comprehensively evaluate the activity of Phoenix Dan Cong tea aqueous extract (PDCe). Methods: We used a series of evaluation methods in the present study to achieve an in-depth understanding and evaluation of the antioxidant and antitumor activity of PDCe...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Inger Aakre, Maria Wik Markhus, Marian Kjellevold, Vibeke Moe, Lars Smith, Lisbeth Dahl
Background: Inadequate iodine intake has been identified in several population groups in the Nordic countries over the past years; however, studies of iodine status in infants and toddlers are scarce. Objective: The aim of this study is to evaluate the iodine status and dietary iodine sources among 18-month-old toddlers from Norway. Methods: Cross-sectional and country representative data from the Little in Norway study were used. All children who had given a spot urine sample at 18 months age were included ( n = 416)...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Anthony O Obilana, Barthi Odhav, Victoria A Jideani
Introduction: The traditional method of producing instant foods involves producing a gelatinised paste from the preferred grain flour and proceeding to dry it using a drum drier. This produced a flaked product, which can be used as is or ground and sieved to obtain the desired particle size. With the advent of extrusion cooking technology and diverse production processes associated with the technology, food products including instant foods from cereals were developed. Objectives: The primary objective of this study was to produce a nutritious and acceptable pearl millet instant beverage powder (PMIBP) using combination processing...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Jianli Liu, Shuai Wang, Siqi Tian, Yin He, Hong Lou, Zhijun Yang, Yuchi Kong, Xiangyu Cao
Introduction: Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women, with a high mortality rate. Objective: In the present study, we evaluated the anticancer effect of nobiletin, a flavone glycoside, on the breast cancer cell line MCF-7. Result: Cell viability and proliferation decreased and cell morphology changed from diamond to round after being treated with nobiletin. Nobiletin induced apoptosis of breast cancer MCF-7 cells via regulating the protein expression of Bax, Bcl-2, cleaved caspase-3, and p53...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Asnake Ararsa Irenso, Gudina Egata Atomsa
Introduction: Poor nutritional status of women remains a critical problem in Ethiopia. Nutrition for women matters not only for the public health relevance of breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition but for its high return in other sectors such as education and health. The Ethiopian Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) is a program that protects chronically food-insecure households against food insecurity through cash or food transfer. However, its effect on food access and women's body mass index (BMI) has remained unexplored...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Jae-Ho Lee, Soo-Yeon Ahn, Hyon Ah Lee, Kyoung Sook Won, Hyuk Won Chang, Jungsu S Oh, Hae Won Kim
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by the deposition of amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) in diffuse and neuritic plaques. Previous research has suggested that certain vitamins may prevent this process. In the present study, we evaluated the relationship between vitamin intake and cerebral Aβ burden in patients with cognitive impairment. This study included 19 patients with subjective cognitive impairment and 30 patients with mild cognitive impairment. All patients underwent brain MRI and 18 F-florbetaben positron emission tomography...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Yi-Ming Bi, Yu-Ting Wu, Ling Chen, Zhang-Bin Tan, Hui-Jie Fan, Ling-Peng Xie, Wen-Tong Zhang, Hong-Mei Chen, Jun Li, Bin Liu, Ying-Chun Zhou
Background: Oxidative stress-induced apoptosis plays an important role in the development of heart failure. 3,5-Dicaffeoylquinic acid (3,5-diCQA), a phenolic compound, has shown protective effects against oxidative stress in many diseases. Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate the anti-apoptosis potential of 3,5-diCQA in cardiomyocyte cells under oxidative stress and explore its underlying mechanisms. Design: A model of tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP)-induced apoptosis in a cardiomyocyte cell line (H9C2) was established...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Nghia Duc Pham, W Martens, M A Karim, M U H Joardder
Background: The retention of health promoting components in nutrient-rich dried food is significantly affected by the dehydration method. Theoretical and experimental investigations reported in the literature have demonstrated that intermittent microwave convective drying (IMCD) can effectively improve the drying performance. However, the impact of this advanced drying method on the quality food has not been adequately investigated. Design: A programmable NN-SD691S Panasonic inverter microwave oven (1100 W, 2450 MHz) was employed for the experiments...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Xin Wu, Chuan-Qi Xie, Qiang-Qiang Zhu, Ming-Yue Wang, Bin Sun, Yan-Ping Huang, Chang Shen, Meng-Fei An, Yun-Li Zhao, Xuan-Jun Wang, Jun Sheng
Background: Green tea ( Camelliasinensis [L.] Kuntze) belongs to the plant family Theaceae and is mainly distributed in East Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. This plant has been proven to be beneficial to human health, and green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. However, until now, the effect of green tea aqueous extract (GTE) upon postmenopausal osteoporosis has remained unclear. In this study, we investigated the therapeutic effects of GTE on estrogen deficiency-induced osteoporosis and explored the possible mechanisms in vivo and in vitro ...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Koichi Misawa, Hiroko Jokura, Akira Shimotoyodome
Background: Compared to white rice, brown rice induces a lower glycemic response in healthy and diabetic humans. This effect is partly attributed to the higher amounts of water- or oil-soluble bran components and dietary fiber in brown rice. We hypothesized that dietary supplementation with oil-soluble rice bran triterpenoids (RBTs; triterpene alcohol and sterol prepared from rice bran) might reduce the incidence of postprandial hyperglycemia in healthy humans. Objective: We examined the acute effects of a single RBT-supplemented meal on the postprandial blood glucose responses of healthy male adults in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Ruth J Kamoto, William Kasapila, Tinna A Ng'ong'ola-Manani
Grain amaranth-wheat flour bread was optimised using ascorbic acid (0.03% dry weight basis) and fungal α-amylase (10 ppm) to investigate their effects on sensory properties of the breads. Six formulations were used in the ratios of 5:95, 10:90, 15:85, 20:80 and 25:75 grain amaranth to wheat flour compositions, while the control bread had 100% wheat flour. Consumer acceptability and preference ranking tests were conducted to describe and evaluate preference and acceptability of the breads. Analysis of consumer acceptability data revealed that there were significant differences ( p < 0...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
Yu-Chun Chen, Yi-Chen Huang, Yuan-Ting C Lo, Hsing-Juan Wu, Mark L Wahlqvist, Meei-Shyuan Lee
Objective: To compare two Nutrition and Health Surveys in Taiwan (NAHSITs) 15-18 years apart to evaluate secular changes in ultra-processed food (UPF) consumption and expenditure among Taiwanese adolescents aged 16-18 years and the influences of such changes on dietary quality. Design: This cross-sectional study was based on two representative surveys (NAHSIT 1993-1996, n = 788; NAHSIT 2011, n = 1,274) of senior high school students. Dietary information and food expenditure were based on 24-h dietary recall...
2018: Food & Nutrition Research
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