Jennifer Jessica Dickert, Daliah Laura Mbang Springer, Constantin von Kaisenberg, Peter Hillemanns, Martina de Zwaan, Lars Brodowski
INTRODUCTION: Maternal body mass index and gestational weight gain (GWG) are important factors for maternal and neonatal health. The objective of this study was to assess women's knowledge and examine adherence to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) criteria for weight gain during pregnancy by evaluating the information received from obstetricians and women's knowledge about GWG. METHODS: This is an analytical semi-longitudinal observational study. Weight data from a not consecutive convenience sample of 389 women who gave birth at the Hannover Medical School in the period from 08/2020 to 07/2021 were taken from their maternal records...
August 30, 2023: Obesity Facts
Ameng Shi, Jiang Deng, Juan Ma, Longbao Yang, Xinxing Tantai, Qian Wang, Danyan Chang, Jinhai Wang, Xiaoyan Guo, Xiaolan Lu, Haitao Shi
INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) with renal insufficiency in recent years and the association between MAFLD and renal insufficiency is not entirely clear especially in overweight/obesity. The aim of this study was to analyze the prevalence and risk factors of MAFLD with renal insufficiency in overweight/obese adults. METHODS: Individuals who attended check-up at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University from 2016 to 2021 were included...
August 28, 2023: Obesity Facts
Neda Haghighat, Zahra Sohrabi, Reza Bagheri, Marzieh Akbarzadeh, Zahra Esmaeilnezhad, Damoon Ashtary-Larky, Reza Barati-Boldaji, Morteza Zare, Masoud Amini, Seyed Vahid Hosseini, Alexei Wong, Hamidreza Foroutan
INTRODUCTION: Managing nutritional deficiencies is an essential component in the treatment of severe obesity. Vitamin D deficiency is often reported in investigations in severe obese cohorts. However, no prior study has summarized findings on this topic. Consequently, the aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to investigate the 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] status in individuals with severe obesity in different regions worldwide. We also evaluated levels of calcium, PTH, and magnesium as secondary outcome measures...
August 28, 2023: Obesity Facts
Signe Falcon Søby, Thorkild I A Sørensen, Randi Jepsen, Rasmus Køster-Rasmussen
INTRODUCTION: Obesity is associated with reduced quality of life and reduced life satisfaction, but does weight loss make you happier? The objective of this study was to investigate if BMI is associated with self-reported global life satisfaction and if weight loss among individuals with overweight is associated with a higher life satisfaction than among weight stable individuals with overweight. METHODS: The participants in the present population based cohort study from Denmark were 15 213 adults (18 years or older) in the Lolland Falster Health study who reported their global life satisfaction with the Cantril Ladder Score (CLS) (scores range from 0, very poor, through 10, very good)...
August 24, 2023: Obesity Facts
Guanhua Lu, Ruixiang Hu, Zhiyong Dong, Jianxue Wang, Wah Yang, Cunchuan Wang
INTRODUCTION: Bariatric surgery has grown in popularity over the past two decades, especially in the Asia-Pacific. Correspondingly, researchers' interest in this field has also increased. This study aims to perform a bibliometric analysis of publications from Asia-Pacific represented by the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Asia-Pacific Chapter (IFSO-APC) and investigate the relevant factors that might affect the publications. METHODS: The search terms for bariatric surgery were searched in Web of Science focusing on the period 2000-2021...
August 18, 2023: Obesity Facts
Mahsa Hatami, Abdolreza Pazouki, Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini-Baharanchi, Ali Kabir
INTRODUCTION: Bariatric surgery may lead to unsatisfactory weight loss, weight loss plateau, and even weight regain after various types of surgery. Despite the numerous studies, the mid-term results of surgery, after repetitive weight fluctuations remains a major concern. The aim of the present study was to determine the key time points of weight changes after three types of bariatric procedures, as well as to determine five-year weight loss outcome after surgery. METHODS: This is a retrospective cohort study including patients with morbid obesity conducted in the Minimally Invasive Surgery Research Center...
August 18, 2023: Obesity Facts
Carlos Omar López-López, María de la Luz Montes Castillo, Claudia Angélica Aguilar-Serralde, Mónica Nohemí Torres-Cruz, Andrea Rojas-Stevenson, Isabel Bólivar-Tellería
INTRODUCTION: The benefits of exercise in patients with obesity are clear; physical performance and quality of life improve after exercise programs in patients with obesity. Our aim was to evaluate the usefulness of an easy, structured, and home-based exercise program to improve physical performance and quality-of-life in patients with obesity. METHODS: A cohort of patients with obesity (BMI≥30kg/m2) was recruited during 2017-2020. Patients who met the inclusion criteria were invited and those who accepted signed informed consent...
August 18, 2023: Obesity Facts
Gennaro Martines, Agnese Dezi, Carlo Giove, Valerio Lantone, Maria Tersa Rotelli, Arcangelo Picciariello, Giovanni Tomasicchio
Introduction Bariatric surgery is a safe and effective treatment for obesity, although in super obese patients (BMI ≥ 50 kg/m2) it can become challenging for anatomical and anaesthesiologic issues. Several bridging therapies have been proposed to increase preoperative weight loss and decrease perioperative morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of different two-stage approaches in super obese patients: laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) following preoperative liraglutide therapy vs LSG with preoperative IGB (intragastric balloon) during a 1-year follow-up...
August 14, 2023: Obesity Facts
Ying-Shan Liu, Xiao-Cong Liu, Jian Kuang, Hai-Xia Guan
INTRODUCTION: Obesity contributes to the pathogenesis of diverse metabolic diseases, and yet the mechanism underlying metabolically healthy obesity (MHO) remains elusive. Thyroid hormones and sensitivity to them have a major impact on human metabolism. Our study investigated whether MHO is associated with thyroid hormone sensitivity. METHODS: Thyroid hormone indices, including the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) index (TSHI), the thyrotroph thyroxine sensitivity index (TTSI), the thyroid feedback quantile-based index (TFQI), and the parametric thyroid feedback quantile-based Index (PTFQI), were calculated based on a non-institutionalized U...
August 11, 2023: Obesity Facts
Timothy Coker, Jennifer Saxton, Lise Retat, John Guzek, Joshua Card-Gowers, Nasser F Bindhim, Nora A Althumiri, Khalid Aldubayan, Habeeb I A Razack, Laura Webber, Saleh A Alqahtani
Introduction Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and liver disease, and obesity-attributable liver disease is a common indication for liver transplant. Obesity prevalence in Saudi Arabia (SA) has increased in recent decades. SA has committed to the WHO 'halt obesity' target to shift prevalence to 2010 levels by 2025. We estimated the future benefits of reducing obesity in SA on incidence and costs of T2DM and liver disease under two policy scenarios: 1) SA meets the 'halt obesity' target; 2) population body mass index (BMI) is reduced by 1% annually from 2020 to 2040...
August 8, 2023: Obesity Facts
Yanyan Wang, Luna Liu, Junming Han, Xiude Fan, Qingling Guo, Zhongming Wu
INTRODUCTION: Obesity is associated with an increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), whereas not all obesity individuals have the same effect. In individuals with obesity, the role of metabolic status in the readmission of IBD remains unclear. Our study aimed to evaluate the association between different obesity metabolic phenotypes and the prognosis of IBD patients. METHODS: We conducted a longitudinal cohort study using Nationwide Readmission Database (2018 sample)...
August 8, 2023: Obesity Facts
Pia Schankweiler, Dirk Raddatz, Thomas Ellrott, Carolin Hauck Cirkel
INTRODUCTION: Food Addiction (FA) is a promising construct regarding the multifactorial aetiology of obesity and the search for therapeutic approaches. However, there is an ongoing debate regarding the overlap/differentiation with eating disorders and the classification as a substance- or behaviour-related addiction. Energy-dense foods, especially those combining carbohydrates and fat, are associated with addictive eating and suspected of playing a role in the genesis of FA. This study aims to further understand the clinical significance of FA and to identify possible therapeutic targets...
August 4, 2023: Obesity Facts
Surui Yao, Lei Zeng, Fengyuan Wang, Kejie Chen
BACKGROUND: Obesity is a globally increasing health problem that impacts multiple organ systems and a potentially modifiable risk factor for many diseases. Obesity has a significant impact on lung function and is strongly linked to the pathophysiology that contributes to lung diseases. On the other hand, reports have emerged that obesity is associated with a better prognosis than for normal weight individuals in some lung diseases, including pneumonia, acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer...
July 18, 2023: Obesity Facts
Mila S Welling, Lotte Kleinendorst, Mieke M van Haelst, Erica L T van den Akker
Leptin receptor deficiency is a rare genetic disorder that affects the body's ability to regulate appetite and weight. For patients and their families, the disorder seriously disrupts daily life, however, little is published about this impact. We here report the experiences of a 10.5-year-old girl with leptin receptor deficiency and her family. The diagnosis of this rare genetic obesity had deep impact on the live of the child and her family. It led to a better understanding of the cause of the impaired appetite regulation and early-onset obesity with subsequently less judgement by others and improved cooperation of their social network and school on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for this girl...
July 1, 2023: Obesity Facts
Sonja Elisabeth Sauerbrey, Ricarda Schmidt, Haiko Schlögl, Matthias Blüher, Arne Dietrich, Anja Hilbert
Introduction The decision for obesity surgery (OS) is complex and strongly driven by patients' preference. This study aimed to examine patients' preference for OS before and after behavioral weight loss treatment (BWLT), associated patient characteristics, its role in predicting the receipt of OS after BWLT, and potential mediators. Methods Data of N = 431 adults with obesity starting a 1-year routine care obesity BWLT were analyzed. Patients were interviewed before (pre-BWLT) and after BWLT (post-BWLT) regarding their preference for OS, and anthropometric, medical, and psychological data were collected...
June 3, 2023: Obesity Facts
Roy Meys, Felipe Machado, Martijn A Spruit, Anouk Stoffels, Hieronymus van Hees, Bram van den Borst, Peter Klijn, Chris Burtin, Fabio Pitta, Frits Franssen
INTRODUCTION: one of the most prominent extra-pulmonary manifestations in patients with chronic respiratory disease are changes in body weight and composition. However, the frequency and functional consequences of low appendicular lean mass (ALM) or sarcopenic obesity (SO) in patients with asthma is largely unknown. Therefore, the aims of the current study were to assess the frequency and functional consequences of low appendicular lean mass index (ALMI) and SO in patients with asthma...
May 25, 2023: Obesity Facts
Zehra Kara, Rüveyda Akçin, Ahmet Numan Demir, Harika Oyku Dinc, Bekir Kocazeybek, Volkan Demirhan Yumuk
Introduction Obesity and aging negatively affect the immune system and host defense mechanisms, increasing vulnerability to, worsening prognosis of infectious diseases and leading to vaccine failure. Our aim is to investigate the antibody response against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) spike antigens, and the risk factors affecting antibody levels in elderly people living with obesity (PwO) after inactive SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (CoronaVac) administration. Methods One hundred twenty-three consecutive elderly patients with obesity (age>65 years, Body Mass Index (BMI)>30kg/m2) and 47 adults with obesity (age 18-64 years, BMI>30kg/m2) admitted between August and November 2021 were enrolled...
May 25, 2023: Obesity Facts
Xiaohui Li, Biao Zhou, Yuan Yao, Guang Wang, Hua Meng
OBJECTIVES: Adipose tissue distribution and glucose metabolism differ from normal weight to adults with obestiy. Growth hormone (GH) is closely related to obesity. Few studies have investigated the role of GH in adipose tissue insulin resistance (Adipo-IR). Herein, we investigated GH level and Adipo-IR in adults ranging from normal weight to obesity and the potential association between GH and Adipo-IR. METHODS: A total of 1017 participants had their body mass index (BMI), GH and Adipo-IR evaluated...
May 24, 2023: Obesity Facts
Min-Ran Li, Jin-Zhong Li, Jie-Ying Li, Cun-Chuan Wang, Rui-Kun Yuan, Li-Hong Ye, Yun-Yan Liu, Xu-Jing Liang, Hai-Cong Zhang, Zhi-Quan Liu, Dong-Yu Zeng, Xue-Dong Zhang, De-Hua Wang, Jun-Qing Li, Tao-Yuan Li, Liu Yang, Yang Cao, Yun Pan, Xun-Ge Lin, Calvin Q Pan, Er-Hei Dai, Zhi-Yong Dong
INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in non-lean patients is significantly increased, and obesity significantly increases the risk of cirrhosis and HCC in NAFLD patients. However, whether there is a difference in clinical manifestations of NAFLD between overweight and obesity remains unclear. The objective of this study was to assess the clinical and histological features of NAFLD amongst a non-lean population. METHODS: Current study enrolled consecutive non-lean (body mass index (BMI)>23 kg/m2) patients with NAFLD and available liver biopsy results...
May 22, 2023: Obesity Facts
Takashi Yamaguchi, Satoshi Morimoto, Chikahito Suda, Atsuhiro Ichihara, Noriko Ishihara, Shoko Nakamura, Sho Tanaka, Yasuhiro Watanabe, Haruki Imamura, Masahiro Ohira, Naomi Shimizu, Atsuhito Saiki, Ichiro Tatsuno
INTRODUCTION: High soluble (pro)renin receptor (s(P)RR) level in circulation is reported in obese patients; however, it is unclear which body composition components are responsible for it. In this study, the authors examined blood s(P)RR levels and ATP6AP2 gene expression levels in visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue (VAT, SAT) in severely obese patients who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG), with the aim of clarifying the relationship with body composition and metabolic factors...
May 22, 2023: Obesity Facts
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