Bishnu Adhikari, Young Min Kwon
OBJECTIVE: Microbial community profiling using 16S rRNA gene has provided invaluable insights into diverse microbial communities. Recently a few studies have attempted to use 16S rRNA gene microbiota profiling in combination with the conventional culture methods to explore bacterial communities. In this "culture-enriched microbiota profiling" approach, microbes in a sample are cultured on solid media, and the resulting colonies are combined and subjected to 16S rRNA gene microbiota profiling...
June 3, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Christopher J F Cameron, Xue Q D Wang, Josée Dostie, Mathieu Blanchette
OBJECTIVE: Ligation-Mediated Amplification (LMA) is a versatile biochemical tool for amplifying selected DNA sequences. LMA has increased in popularity due to its integration within chromosome conformation capture (5C) and chromatin immunoprecipitation (2C-ChIP) methodologies. The output of either 5C or 2C-ChIP protocols is a single-read sequencing library of ligated primer pairs that may or may not be multiplexed. While many computational tools currently exist for read mapping and analysis, these tools neither fully support multiplexed libraries nor provide qualitative reporting on the LMA primers involved...
June 3, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Lais Baroni, Marcel Pedroso, Christovam Barcellos, Rebecca Salles, Samella Salles, Balthazar Paixão, Alvaro Chrispino, Gustavo Guedes, Eduardo Ogasawara
OBJECTIVES: Malaria is an infectious disease that annually presents around 200,000 cases in Brazil. The availability of data on malaria is crucial for enabling and supporting studies that can promote actions to prevent it. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to contribute to such studies by offering an integrated dataset containing data on reported and suspected cases of malaria in the Brazilian Legal Amazon comprising the period from the years 2009 to 2019. DATA DESCRIPTION: This paper presents a dataset with all medical records of patients who were tested for malaria in the Brazilian Legal Amazon from 2009 to 2019...
June 3, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Elisiane Lorenzini, Julia Estela Willrich Boell, Nelly D Oelke, Caroline Donini Rodrigues, Letícia Flores Trindade, Vanessa Dalsasso Batista Winter, Michelle Mariah Malkiewiez, Gabriela Ceretta Flôres, Pâmella Pluta, Adriane Cristina Bernat Kolankiewicz
OBJECTIVES: The present database contains information on sociodemographic and clinical data as well as data from the Care Transition Measure (CTM 15-Brazil) of cancer patients undergoing clinical or surgical treatment. Data collection was carried out 7 to 30 days after patients' hospital discharge from June to August 2019. Understanding these data can contribute to improving quality of care transitions and avoiding hospital readmissions. DATA DESCRIPTION: This data set encompasses 213 cancer patients characterized by the follow variables: gender, age range, place of residence, race, marital status, schooling, paid work activity, type of treatment, cancer staging, metastasis, comorbidities, main complaint, main complaint grouped as, continuing medication, diagnosis, diagnosis grouped as, cancer type, year of diagnosis, oncology treatment, first hospitalization, readmission in the last 30 days, number of hospitalizations in the last 30 days, readmission in the last 6 months, number of hospitalizations in the last 6 months, readmission in the last year, number of hospitalizations in the last year and the questions 1-15 from CTM 15-Brazil...
June 1, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Razie Hajibagheri, Farhad Lotfi, Mohsen Bayati
OBJECTIVE: Physicians as an economic firm make use of available resources such as time, human forces and space to provide healthcare services. The current study aimed at estimating the technical efficiency of Iranian self-employed general practitioners (GPs) and its effective factors using data envelopment analysis and regression analysis. RESULTS: About 2% of the GPs were fully efficient and the remaining (98%) were inefficient. Almost, 2.09% of the physicians had constant returns to scale, and 31...
June 1, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Ayixon Sánchez-Reyes, Luz Bretón-Deval, Hayley Mangelson, Alejandro Sanchez-Flores
OBJECTIVES: In order to characterize a river-associated, enriched microbiome capable of degrading an anthraquinone dye from the oil blue family, as well as assessing its functional potential, we performed a taxa-specific metagenomic deconvolution analysis based on contact probability maps at the chromosomal level. This study will allow associating the genomic content of "Candidatus Afipia apatlaquensis" strain IBT-C3 with its phenotypic potential in the context of bioremediation of textile dyes...
June 1, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Zohreh Shafiei, Farideh Esfandiari, Bahador Sarkari, Zahra Rezaei, Mohammad Reza Fatahi, Seyed Mohammad Kazem Hosseini Asl
OBJECTIVES: The current study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of parasitic infections and their possible association with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), through a case-control study. Stool samples were collected from patients with IBS and healthy subjects and were examined microscopically to detect intestinal parasites. RESULTS: A total of 200 subjects were enrolled in the study including 100 patients with IBS and 100 healthy controls. The patients were selected based on the Rome III criteria...
June 1, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Beryl Noë, Liam D Turner, David E J Linden, Stuart M Allen, Gregory R Maio, Roger M Whitaker
An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.
May 28, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Tetsuya Sasaki, Yusuke Komatsu, Tetsuo Yamamori
OBJECTIVE: SLITs are secreted glycoproteins that bind to Roundabouts (ROBOs) which are a family member of transmembrane receptors. SLIT signaling has well-conserved roles in mediating axon repulsion in a developing nervous system. We previously reported that SLIT1 mRNA is enriched in middle layers of the prefrontal cortex of macaque monkeys in a developmentally regulated manner. Other SLIT (SLIT2 and SLIT3) mRNAs showed preferential expressions in the prefrontal cortex with a distinct laminar pattern...
May 27, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Seyed Amirhosein Mahdavi, Asieh Jafari, Khadijeh Azimi, Nikoo Dehghanizadeh, Abdolrazagh Barzegar
OBJECTIVES: Unsafe abortion is one of the most important causes of death and disability among mothers in countries where abortion is illegal. These conditions have changed since then. The present study has investigated the cases who were referred to the legal medicine organization to receive abortion permission. This country level secondary patient data analysis, investigated all the cases who were referred to the legal medicine centers of Iran for abortion permission during 2015 to 2017...
May 27, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Mai N Miyata, Daisuke Kageyama, Masashi Nomura
OBJECTIVE: In insects, closely related species are often difficult or impossible to distinguish solely by morphological traits. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) markers are often useful and reliable for distinguishing closely related species. However, useful mtDNA markers can be unavailable, particularly when such species pairs experienced hybrid introgression in the past. Although polymorphic nuclear DNA markers would be necessary to distinguish such species pairs, recombination, multiple copies, and slower mutation rates of the nuclear DNA compared with those of mtDNA often make it challenging...
May 27, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Sara Mahmmoud El-Dakhly, Abeer Abdallah Ali Salama, Soha Osama Mahmoud Hassanin, Noha Nazeeh Yassen, Alaaeldin Ahmed Hamza, Amr Amin
OBJECTIVE: This study evaluated hepatoprotective effect of aescin (AES) and diosmin (DIO), individually or in low-dose combination in chemically induced liver injury in rats. Rats were divided into 6 groups; Group 1, control, Group 2, injected with a single dose of a mixture of corn oil and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4 ) to induce hepatic toxicity. Before CCl4 injection, Groups 3-6 were treated daily for 14 days with silymarin (SIL) (200 mg/kg), aescin (AES; 3.6 & 1.75 mg/kg), Diosmin (DIO; 100 & 50 mg/kg)...
May 27, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Ayman Ahmed, Anas Elbashir, Asgad A Mohamed, Asha A Alim, Asia Mubarak, Duaa Abdelrahman, Eilaf Mohammed, Nouh S Mohamed, Arwa H Elaagip, Isam M A Zarroug, Noma Mounkaila, Hanan Tahir
OBJECTIVES: Onchocerciasis is one of the most devastating neglected tropical diseases and it is mostly prevalent in Africa. The disease has important heavy social and economic burdens on the infected populations including low productivity, unemployment, social isolation, and stigma. A cross-sectional study was implemented using a well-established questionnaire to investigate the socio-economic impacts of Onchocerciasis elimination in Abu-Hamed, River Nile State, Sudan in 2015; 512 participants in ten affected communities were interviewed...
May 26, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Aliya Ahmed, Gauhar Afshan, Robyna Irshad Khan, Badar Afzal, Seemin Jamali, Nighat Farooq, Sarosh Saleem, Rubaba Naeem, Uzma Khan
OBJECTIVE: To assess knowledge and practice trends in managing acute pain in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV+) or having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) among emergency physicians of four tertiary care hospitals. Acute pain management in such patients is complex because of multiple concomitant painful conditions related to their disease. After obtaining ethical approval and written informed consent, emergency physicians were requested to fill out a questionnaire...
May 26, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Kazuhiko Hashimoto, Shunji Nishimura, Naohiro Oka, Masao Akagi
OBJECTIVE: To examine the clinical features and outcomes of adolescent and young adult sarcoma patients who underwent surgical management and clarify important factors associated with prognosis. We reviewed 18 young adult sarcoma patients sarcoma patients treated surgically in our hospital. The tumor site, histology, grade, stage, and American Society of Anesthesiologists-Physical Status before surgery, operation time, intraoperative blood loss, complications, surgical margin, local recurrence, metastasis, and outcomes were investigated...
May 26, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Sharon Akinpelu, Abraham Ajayi, Stella I Smith, Adeyemi I Adeleye
OBJECTIVE: Nosocomial and community acquired multidrug resistant Klebsiella infections are wide spread resulting in high morbidity and mortality due to limited number of antibiotics treatment options. This study investigated efflux pump activity, biofilm forming potential and antibiotic susceptibility profile of Klebsiella spp. isolated from clinical samples in a tertiary hospital in Lagos Nigeria. Eighteen clinical Klebsiella spp. isolated from urine, blood and sputum were subjected to antibiotic susceptibility testing using the disc diffusion method...
May 26, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Nesreen A Saadeh, Ola Y Al-Azzeh, Yousef S Khader
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of thrice daily Biphasic Human Insulin 30 (BHI 30) versus the traditional twice-daily regimen in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients. It's a cross over single clinical study. Twenty-two diabetic patients who were already using BHI 30 in twice or thrice daily regimens with or without metformin were included. At the 1st interval; patients continued on their usual insulin regimen as twice or thrice daily injections with adjustment of insulin doses guided by their glucose readings...
May 24, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Julie Jesson, Sophie Desmonde, Constantin T Yiannoutsos, Gabriela Patten, Karen Malateste, Stephany N Duda, Nagalingeswaran Kumarasamy, Marcel Yotebieng, Mary-Ann Davies, Beverly Musick, Valeriane Leroy, Andrea Ciaranello
OBJECTIVE: Pediatric antiretroviral therapy (ART) for children with HIV (CHIV) must be dosed appropriately for children's changing weights as they grow. To inform accurate estimates of ART formulations and doses needed, we described weight-for-age distributions among CHIV on ART in the IeDEA global pediatric collaboration between 2004 and 2016, using data from six regions (East, West, Central, and Southern Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Central/South America and the Caribbean). RESULTS: Overall, 59,862 children contributed to the analysis...
May 24, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Beatrice Chipwaza, Robert D Sumaye
OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the prevalence and distribution patterns of malaria in Kilosa district as part of non-malaria causes of febrile illnesses in children study. We enrolled febrile patients aged 2-13 years presenting at the outpatient department during the rainy and dry seasons, in 2013. For each participant, we tested for malaria parasites and identified parasite species using microscopy. We then calculated parasite density and estimated geometric mean parasite density...
May 24, 2020: BMC Research Notes
Henna Budhwani, Lori Mills, Lauren E B Marefka, Sequoya Eady, Van T Nghiem, Tina Simpson
OBJECTIVE: The World Health Organization recommends disclosing HIV-status between 6 and 12 years; American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children are informed at "school age." Neither suggests an optimal age when children should learn of their status to improve viral load suppression. Considering that virally suppressed people do not transmit HIV and that interrupting the transmission cycle is critical to ending the HIV epidemic, our objective is to examine the relationship between age of disclosure and viral load suppression by evaluating data from a pediatric HIV clinic in the southern United States...
May 24, 2020: BMC Research Notes
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