Lida Daeie-Farshbaf, Mehrangiz Ebrahimi-Mameghani, Parvin Sarbakhsh, Neda Roshanravan, Ali Tarighat-Esfanjani
OBJECTIVE: Adolescence as one of the most challenging periods of humans' growth is accompanied with major physical, behavioural, social-emotional, and neuroendocrine changes. Early maturation and eating disorders (EDs) have been reported to be associated with adverse health conditions. Therefore, the present study was conducted to assess age of onset of menarche (AM), EDs, and their possible relationships with weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference (WC), and socioeconomic status (SES) in the Iranian female adolescents...
February 25, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Nobuaki Tottori, Tadashi Suga, Yuto Miyake, Ryo Tsuchikane, Takahiro Tanaka, Masafumi Terada, Mitsuo Otsuka, Akinori Nagano, Satoshi Fujita, Tadao Isaka
OBJECTIVE: The major purpose of this study was to determine the specific muscle(s) for superior sprint performance in sprinters. The cross sectional areas (CSAs) of ten muscles of the trunk and lower limb were measured using magnetic resonance images in 56 male sprinters and 40 male non-sprinters. In addition to the absolute CSA, to minimize the effect of difference in body size among participants, the relative CSA normalized to body mass was used for analysis of this study. RESULTS: Absolute and relative CSAs of most trunk and lower limb muscles, including the psoas major (PM) and gluteus maximus (GM), were significantly larger in sprinters than in non-sprinters (all P < 0...
February 25, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Francis Tanam Djankpa, Gideon Akuamoah Wiafe, Bernard Ntim Boateng, Korantema Mawuena Tsegah, Samuel Essien-Baidoo, Mark Bilinyi Ulanja, Kwame Ofori Affram, Abdala Mumuni Ussif, Desmond Owusu Agyeman, Gabriel Asante
OBJECTIVE: The use of agarose in nucleic acid electrophoresis is the gold standard. However, agarose is very expensive and not readily available in resource limited developing countries like Ghana. Hence, finding a more affordable and readily available alternative to agarose will be a major boost to molecular research in developing countries. This study was aimed at investigating the use of corn starch as a potential substitute for agarose in DNA gel electrophoresis. RESULTS: Genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) extracted from Plasmodium falciparum and primers were obtained from the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens and amplified using polymerase chain reaction...
February 25, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Shahira Shahid, Shiyam Sunder Tikmani, Kanwal Nayani, Ayesha Munir, Nick Brown, Anita K M Zaidi, Fyezah Jehan, Muhammad Imran Nisar
OBJECTIVE: Early detection of specific signs and symptoms to predict severe illness is essential to prevent infant mortality. As a continuation of the results from the multicenter Young Infants Clinical Signs and Symptoms (YICSS) study, we present here the performance of the seven-sign algorithm in 3 age categories (0-6 days, 7-27 days and 28-59 days) in Pakistani infants aged 0-59 days. RESULTS: From September 2003 to November 2004, 2950 infants were enrolled (age group 0-6 days = 1633, 7-27 days = 817, 28-59 days = 500)...
February 24, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Ashish Badiye, Neeti Kapoor, R K Kumawat, Shivani Dixit, Aditi Mishra, Akansha Dixit, Prachi Kathane, Sudeshna Bag, Vaishnavi Thakre, Kamlesh Kaitholia, Ankit Srivastava, Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Pankaj Shrivastava
OBJECTIVE: This study was planned to evaluate the genetic diversity in the admixed and Teli (a Hindu caste) populations of Maharashtra, India using 20 autosomal Short Tandem Repeat (STR) genetic markers. We further investigated the genetic relatedness of the studied populations with other Indian populations. RESULTS: The studied populations showed a wide range of observed heterozygosity viz. 0.690 to 0.918 for the admixed population and 0.696 to 0.942 for the Teli population...
February 23, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Rita Rezaee, Fatemeh Rahimi, Ali Goli
OBJECTIVE: (1) To analyze urbanization development pattern in Shiraz after the year 1977; (2) To analyze hospital development model in Shiraz after the year 1977; (3) To review and prioritize location-allocation criteria for hospitals; and (4) To specify appropriate locations for the establishment of potential future general hospitals in Shiraz based on selected criteria. RESULTS: Although a significant expansion is seen from different geographical directions (particularly northwest and southeast of the city) in the urbanization model after the year 1977, the construction of hospitals has been limited to the central parts of the city and the areas around the city lack any hospitals...
February 23, 2021: BMC Research Notes
G A Lumsden, E V Zakharov, S Dolynskyj, J S Weese, L R Lindsay, C M Jardine
OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to apply next-generation sequence-based DNA barcoding to identify the remnant larval bloodmeals in wild-caught host-seeking (unengorged) Ixodes scapularis nymphs (n = 216). To infer host species identification, vertebrate DNA was amplified using universal primers for cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) and sequenced using next-generation sequencing (NGS) for comparison against known barcode references. RESULTS: Bloodmeal identification was unsuccessful in most samples (99% of 216 specimens) demonstrating a very low detection rate of this assay...
February 18, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Awoke Kebede, Hadgu Gerensea
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 18, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Siripreeya Phankingthongkum, Taweetham Limpanuparb
OBJECTIVE: The application of molecular graphics software as a simple and free alternative to molecular model sets for introductory-level chemistry learners is presented. RESULTS: Based on either Avogadro or IQmol, we proposed four sets of tasks for students, building basic molecular geometries, visualizing orbitals and densities, predicting polarity of molecules and matching 3D structures with bond-line structures. These topics are typically covered in general chemistry for first-year undergraduate students...
February 17, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Tetsuya Kusunoki, Tomohiro Kawaguchi, Atsuhiro Nakagawa, Yuta Noguchi, Shin-Ichiro Osawa, Hidenori Endo, Toshiki Endo, Ryuta Saito, Masayuki Kanamori, Kuniyasu Niizuma, Teiji Tominaga
OBJECTIVE: We developed an actuator-driven pulsed water jet device (ADPJ) for flexible neuroendoscopy to achieve effective tissue dissection with vasculature preservation. Although flexibility is a strong advantage for minimally invasiveness, the effect of the ductile curvature on the dissection profiles remains unknown. The purpose of this study was to clarify the impact of the curvature change of the ADPJ connecting tube on the dissection safety and efficacy. RESULTS: Three ADPJ connecting tubes with different inner diameters (1...
February 17, 2021: BMC Research Notes
A Bahadi, H Lagtarna, S Benbria, Y Zajjari, D Elkabbaj, N Zemraoui
OBJECTIVE: The evaluation of physical activity for chronic hemodialysis patients is a new approach for patient global care. The objective of this work is to evaluate the physical activity in chronic hemodialysis patients and identify the risk factors associated with reduced physical activity. This is a prospective study for 6 months including 150 chronic hemodialysis patients in the Guelmim-Oued Noun Regionin Moroccan Sahara. We use Baecke's survey, translated and validated in Arabic local language...
February 17, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Lucila Rozas, Peter Busse, Joaquin Barnoya, Alejandra Garrón
OBJECTIVES: Data on gender representation in food and beverage advertisements may allow for a better understanding of how the food industry is targeting different audiences based on gender. Nonetheless, scant research on food and beverage print advertising with a gender approach has been conducted. Therefore, we sought to assess the prevalence of gender focus in print advertisements found inside corner stores in two cities: Guatemala City, Guatemala, and Lima, Peru. DATA DESCRIPTION: We developed two complementary datasets as part of the study: (1) a dataset of digital photographs of 200 food and beverage print advertisements found in corner stores located near schools (100 ads per country selected according to criteria such as product type, image quality, and uniqueness); (2) a quantitative dataset with data of the content analysis of these photographs...
February 16, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Hebert Olímpio Júnior, Agnaldo José Lopes, Fernando Silva Guimarães, Sergio Luiz Soares Marcos da Cunha Chermont, Sara Lúcia Silveira de Menezes
OBJECTIVE: The Glittre-ADL test (GA-T) is a functional capacity test that stands out for encompassing multiple tasks similar to activities of daily living. As ventilatory efficiency is one of the variables valued in the prognosis of chronic heart failure (CHF), this study aimed to evaluate associations between functional capacity and ventilatory variables in patients with CHF during the GA-T. RESULTS: Eight patients with CHF and New York Heart Association (NYHA) functional classification II-III underwent the GA-T coupled with metabolic gas analysis to obtain data by means of telemetry...
February 16, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Khushboo Jeevan Durge, Vidya Sudhindra Baliga, Shilpa Bangalore Sridhar, Prasad Vijayrao Dhadse, Gayatri Chandrakant Ragit
OBJECTIVES: Rehabilitation of edentulous ridges to promote the insertion of dental implants has been the key indicator for retaining osseous structures since tooth extraction. Recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2(rhBMP-2) is exploited for bone augmentation due to its osteoinductive capacity. The objective of the study to determine the effectiveness of bone induction for implant placement by rhBMP-2 delivered on beta-tricalcium phosphate graft (β-TCP) and PRF following tooth extraction...
February 15, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Ahmed Basheikh, Nizar Alhibshi, Motaz Bamakrid, Rasha Baqais, Mohammed Basendwah, Sara Howldar
OBJECTIVES: To assess parents' perceptions about amblyopia and its causes, symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and the importance of follow-up and to evaluate their awareness regarding the consequences and critical complications. RESULTS: Parents or their companions (n = 401) were surveyed, and 52.9% were mothers, 81.8% of mothers and 85.7% of fathers were highly educated (diploma, college or university degree), and 58 (14.5%) had a child who was afflicted with amblyopia...
February 10, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei, Farahnaz Joukar, Mohammadreza Naghipour, Soheil Hassanipour, Sara Yeganeh, Masood Sepehrimanesh, Mohammad Fathalipour
OBJECTIVE: Hepatitis B (HB) and C (HC) are two severe viral infectious diseases with a deleterious impact on global health. This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of HB and HC in the Prospective Epidemiological Research Studies of the Iranian Adults (PERSIAN) Guilan Cohort Study using immunological and molecular methods. RESULTS: The blood samples were obtained from 10,520 enrolled participants. Complete biochemical and hematological tests, as well as urine analysis, were assessed...
February 10, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Deepshikha Bhowmik, Shiela Chetri, Bhaskar Jyoti Das, Debadatta Dhar Chanda, Amitabha Bhattacharjee
OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to discover the dissemination of virulence genes in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from clinical, community and environmental settings. RESULTS: This study includes 1165 isolates collected from hospital, community and environmental settings. Among them sixty three were confirmed as MRSA with varied SCCmec types viz; type I, type II, type III, type IV, type V, type VI, type VII, type VIII and type XII. The virulence gene such as sea (n = 54), seb (n = 21), eta (n = 27), etb (n = 2), cna (n = 24), ica (n = 2) and tst (n = 30) was also revealed from this study...
February 10, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Sospeter N Njeru, Jackson M Muema
OBJECTIVES: We and others have shown that Aspilia pluriseta is associated with various biological activities. However, there is a lack of information on its cytotoxicity. This has created an information gap about the safety of A. pluriseta extracts. As an extension to our recent publication on the antimicrobial activity and the phytochemical characterization of A. pluriseta root extracts, here we report on cytotoxicity of tested solvent fractions. We evaluated the potential cytotoxicity of these root extract fractions on Vero cell lines by 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay...
February 9, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Fatima E Mohamed, Leena N Aldayem, Maisa A Hemaida, Omayma Siddig, Zeinab H Osman, Irene R Shafig, Mohamed A M Salih, Mohamed S Muneer, Rowa Hassan, Eiman Siddig Ahmed, Lamis Ahmed Hassan, Osama El Hadi Bakheet, Ali M M Edris, Ayman Ahmed, Nouh S Mohamed, Emmanuel E Siddig
OBJECTIVE: Human papillomavirus (HPV) gained momentum as a potential etiological factor for many types of cancers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of HPV-16 infection among Sudanese patients diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and Salivary Gland Carcinoma. A descriptive, hospital-based study was conducted. 150 formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded blocks were collected. RESULTS: The study population included a total of 150 patients aged between 18 to 87 years with a mean age of 48...
February 9, 2021: BMC Research Notes
Lais Baroni, Rebecca Salles, Samella Salles, Marcel Pedroso, Jefferson Lima, Igor Morais, Lucas Carraro, Raphael de Freitas Saldanha, Carlos Sousa, Carlos Cardoso, Balthazar Paixño, Sérgio Cruz, Eduardo Ogasawara, Patrícia de Morais Mello Boccolini, Cristiano Siqueira Boccolini
OBJECTIVES: Neonatal mortality is a global public health problem, and the efforts to reduce child mortality is one of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, launched in 2015 by the United Nations. The availability of historical neonatal mortality rates (NMR) data in Brazilian municipalities is crucial to evaluate trends at local, regional and national level, identifying gaps and vulnerable territories. Therefore, the objective of this article is to offer an integrated dataset containing monthly data in a historical series from 1996 to 2017 with information on all births, neonatal deaths, and NMR (total, early and late components) enriched with information related to the municipality...
February 9, 2021: BMC Research Notes
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