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Recent Patents on Nanotechnology

Gayatri Patel, Bindu Kumari N Yadav
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to formulate, characterize and in vitro cytotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil loaded polymeric electrospun nanofibers for the treatment of skin cancer. The patents on electrospun nanofibers (US9393216B2), (US14146252), (WO2015003155A1) etc. helped in the selection polymers and method for the preparation of nanofibers. METHODS: In the present study fabrication of nanofibers was done using a blend of chitosan with polyvinyl alcohol and processed using the electrospinning technique...
March 13, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Jiusheng Bao, Shaodi Zhao, Yan Yin, Xingming Xiao, Mark E Tuttle, Tonggang Liu
BACKGROUND: The brake is an important safety protection device for mine hoists, in which the performance of the brake shoe affects directly the safe operation of hoisting system. In order to solve problems such as high wear rate and unstable friction coefficient of brake shoe under high temperature, this paper indicated that adding magnetic powder to the composite material of traditional mine hoist's brake shoe will be a creative and effective approach to improve its properties. METHODS: Several new formulas of brake shoe material were designed in the presence of Nano-Fe3O4 and Nd-Fe-B, and the methods of both preparation and performance testing of the magnetic brake shoes were introduced...
March 8, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Saeed Ahmed, Muhammad Naeem Ashiq, Dianqing Li, Pinggui Tang, Fabrice Leroux, Yongjun Feng
BACKGROUND: High concentration of phosphate has been threatening human health and ecosystem. Adsorption is one of high-efficiency and low-cost techniques to reduce concentration of phosphatee. This mini review aims to summerize recent development of adsorption materials for phosphate removal. METHODS: We conducted a detailed search of "adsorption of phosphate" in the published papers and the public patents on the adsorbents for phosphate based on Web of Science database in the period from January 1st 2012 to December 31 2017...
March 6, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Swayamprakash Patel, Gayatri Patel
BACKGROUND: Multiple applications of nanofiber in various segments of science and technology have sparked the interest of innovators to explore the innovative approaches for nanofiber production. The bubble electrospinning technique is the most versatile and simplest approach to scale up the production of nanofiber at the industrial level. Numerous patent applications have been filed with innovations and advancements in the field of bubble electrospinning technique. METHOD: In present work, different patent applications in the field of bubble electrospinning technique, which represents the advancement in bubble electrospinning technology, are searched and analyzed using various paid and free patent databases...
March 6, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Beatriz Ortega Garcia, Oxana V Kharissova, H V Rasika Dias, F Servando A Tostado, César Leyva, Lucy González Hernández, Boris I Kharisov
BACKGROUND: Synthesis and applications of Ag-coated carbon nanotubes are currently under intensive research, resulting in a series of recent patents. Silver nanoparticles are normally obtained from silver nitrate. However, there are also other silver-containing compounds that can facilitate the production of silver nanoparticles, such as silver(I) acetate and silver(II) oxide. Being combined with carbon nanotubes, silver nanoparticles can transfer to them some of their useful properties, such as conductivity and antibacterial properties, and contribute to improving their dispersion in solvents...
February 24, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Fei-Fei Wang, Qian Wang, Yan Zhang, Zhu-Xin Zhao, Ping Wang, Dian-Tang Zhang
BACKGROUND: Nanofiber membrane/non-woven composite material is composed of electrospinning nanofiber membrane and non-woven fabric, which combines the supporting role of non-woven material and the special nano-size effect of nanomaterials. These composite materials can be widely used in biomedical, filtration and other related fields. In the actual use process, nanofiber membrane/nonwoven composite materials are often subjected to external forces such as puncture or bursting. As a result, the mechanical study of nanofiber membrane/non-woven composite materials has a high value and practical significance...
February 4, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Reena Siwach, Parijat Pandey, Viney Chawla, Harish Dureja
BACKGROUND: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has emerged as an epidemic that has affected millions of people worldwide in the last few decades. Nanotechnology is a discipline that is concerned with material characteristics at nanoscale and offers novel techniques for disease detection, management and prevention. OBJECTIVE: Diabetes mellitus is an epidemic disease that has affected millions of people globally. Nanotechnology has greatly enhanced the health status by providing non-obtrusive techniques for the management and treatment of diabetic patients...
January 4, 2019: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Mehdi Razavi, Yan Huang
BACKGROUND: Most of the currently available Mg-based biomaterials corrode too fast in the physiological environment, causing many problems including hydrogen bubble release and premature mechanical failure. It is commonly recognized that high biodegradation rate is the major factor limiting their clinical applications. Hence, the present research aims to develop a new magnesium (Mg)-based biomaterial with a controlled biodegradation rate. METHODS: A magnesium-hydroxyapatite (Mg-1...
December 31, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Erfaneh Ghassami, Jaleh Varshosaz, Mohsen Minaiyan, Mehrab Nasirikenari, Seyed Mohammad Hoseini
BACKGROUND: Docetaxel is a notably efficient anticancer drug administered for several types of malignancies including ovarian cancer. However, various side effects caused either by nonspecific distribution of the active ingredient or by high contents of Tween 80 and ethanol in the currently marketed formulations, could even deprive the patients of the treatment. OBJECTIVES: In the current study, a novel targeted delivery system composed of Ecoflex® polymeric nanoparticles loaded with docetaxel and equipped with HER-2 specific aptemer molecules were evaluated regarding blood and tissue toxicity, and biodistribution...
November 28, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Reena Sheoran, Sukhbir Lal Khokra, Viney Chawla, Harish Dureja
BACKGROUND: During past decades' liposomes have emerged as efficient carriers for drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, nutrients and other bioactive agents. Liposomes, the spherical vesicles consisting of phospholipids bilayer have the ability to encapsulate both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs. Extensive studies have been done in the past for investigating a number of drugs and genes for controlled release with liposomal formulation. Liposomes have also been investigated for their use in cancer treatment...
November 26, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Nalini Neethu, Tanushree Choudhury
BACKGROUND: Amphoteric membranes such as Titania Pillared Clay (TiPILC) membranes exhibit different charges at different pH ranges, subsequently show efficient separation for cationic and anionic organic pollutants in wastewater based on solution pH. The structural properties of such membranes determine their permeability and selectivity to a large extent. The present work is initiated to explore the possibility of enhancing the surface area of TiPILC membranes by grafting with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane...
October 29, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Wang Yaru, Xu Lan, Sui Jianhua, Fan Chenxu
BACKGROUND: Salicylic acid (SA), used as an important component in a lot of skin care products, has been reported widely. And because of large specific surface area, high porosity and good surfactivity, electrospun drug-loaded nanofibers have been widely used in various applications including wound dressing, tissue engineering and drug release. Particularly, the electrospun SA loaded porous nanofibers could be fabricated by regulating electrospinning (ES) parameters, and the release property of SA from nanofibers could be improved by the porous structure...
October 29, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Gayatri Patel, Bindu Kumari N Yadav
In recent years, researchers have been used polymeric nanofibers for various drug delivery and tissue engineering scaffolds applications. Nanofibers exhibit a wide range of unique features and properties, such as the simplicity of their fabrication, the diversity of materials suitable for processing into fibers, possession of high surface area and a complex pore structure. Nanofibers possess effective drug-loading capacity and targeting, controlled release as well as stability that have attracted much attention for their application for drug delivery...
October 17, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Parijat Pandey, Deepika Purohit, Harish Dureja
BACKGROUND: Pharmacokinetic issues and poor solubility in water are the most important concern of numerous recently developed chemical entities. OBJECTIVE: The drugs which are poorly soluble in water demonstrate numerous formulating troubles in conventional dosage forms and the low bio-availability is the critical problem linked with it. A nanosponge is an emerging technology which can overcome these problems and precisely control the release rates of controlled drug delivery...
September 24, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
M Mirzaee, G Behzadi Pour
In this study, the ultracapacitor has been fabricated based on the BaTiO3/PEDOT: PSS separator film and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) electrolyte. On the paper-substrate was coated a film of the graphite nanoparticles (GNPs) as an electrode. The GNPs and surface morphology of the separator, electrolyte and electrode have been characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) respectively. The specific capacitance of the ultracapacitor was measured using cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic techniques...
September 24, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Chia-Wei Jui, Amy J C Trappey, Chien-Chung Fu
Nanotechnology, like 3D printing, is one of the richest fields in research and progress in the past few years. Two Photon Polymerization (TPP) technology allows the 3D printing of nanoscale objects, so the nanoscale additive manufacturing has been no longer the thing in the future. This research investigates related US patent documents through the claim-based approach. By virtue of systematic analysis of the claims of patent documents, we can explicitly define technical features of patent document and the accurate patent classification, monitor the direction of enterprises' patent application portfolio and effectively grasp the trend of technological development of important manufacturers related to this technology...
August 17, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Chia-Wei Jui, Amy J C Trappey, Chien-Chung Fu
Nanostructure is necessary for the existing industrial application, future development of technology or manufacturing of advanced products. Regarding the requirements of industrial technology on large area and pattern refinement, the bottleneck of lithography technique is also the key to development. The mask-less laser interference lithography can produce large area exposure and define periodic nanoscale surface pattern in the spatially periodic manner to effectively lower the cost. This research investigates related US patent documents and the findings of patent review in this research show the structure architecture of this technique has different forms, and the beam splitter architecture has advantages and application potentials on the extensive requirements of complex periodic structure...
August 6, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Guillermo Foladori, Eduardo Robles-Belmont, Edgar Ramon Arteaga-Figueroa, Richard Appelbaum, Edgar Zayago-Lau
This paper examines nanotechnology patents in Mexico. First, we identify nanotechnology patents and their growth between 1993 and 2014; considering those patents in nanotechnology where at least one assignee has a Mexican address. Second, we applied a methodology to allocate each patent to the most likely potential economic sector of application. The procedure can be replicated for other countries. The main conclusion is that although there is a significant registration of patents in nanotechnology in Mexico, most of them are oriented towards basic research and came out of public research centers, which raises doubts about the connection to the private sector and a short term application in commercial goods...
August 2, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Aline Marques Ferreira Linhares, Rafaela Lora Grando, Cristiano Piacsek Borges, Fabiana Valeria da Fonseca
BACKGROUND: Membrane separation is an established technological process, and since 1980s, it has been used commercially at large industrial plants worldwide. Water and wastewater disinfection is one of the applications of membrane technologies, but fouling and biofouling are still a challenge for the sector. The use of silver nanoparticles in membranes has attracted research interest because of their biocidal action. METHODS: This technology foresight study investigates the academic literature and patenting activity to map out the technological progress and difficulties in the area...
February 14, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
Masoud Negahdary, Hossein Heli
BACKGROUND: Nanotechnology has opened new windows for biomedical researches and treatment of diseases. Nanostructures with flower-like shapes (nanoflowers) which have exclusive morphology and properties have been interesting for many researchers. METHODS: In this review, various applications of nanoflowers in biomedical researches and patents from various aspects have been investigated and reviewed. RESULTS: Nanoflowers attracted serious attentions in whole biomedical fields such as cardiovascular diseases, microbiology, sensors and biosensors, biochemical and cellular studies, cancer therapy, healthcare, etc...
February 14, 2018: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
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