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Age (2005-)

William E Sonntag, Zoltan Ungvari
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Eleanor M Simonsick, Helen C S Meier, Nancy Chiles Shaffer, Stephanie A Studenski, Luigi Ferrucci
Scattered evidence indicates that a lower basal body temperature may be associated with prolonged health span, yet few studies have directly evaluated this relationship. We examined cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between early morning oral temperature (95.0-98.6 °F) and usual gait speed, endurance walk performance, fatigability, and grip strength in 762 non-frail men (52 %) and women aged 65-89 years participating in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. Since excessive adiposity (body mass index ≥35 kg/m2 or waist-to-height ratio ≥0...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Uta Hanning, Andreas Roesler, Annette Peters, Klaus Berger, Bernhard T Baune
While MRI brain changes have been related to mortality during ageing, the role of inflammation in this relationship remains poorly understood. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the impact of MRI changes on all-cause mortality and the mediating role of cytokines. All-cause mortality was evaluated in 268 community dwelling elderly (age 65-83 years) in the MEMO study (Memory and Morbidity in Augsburg elderly). MRI markers of brain atrophy and cerebral small vessel disease (SVD), C-reactive protein (CRP) and a panel of cytokines in serum were assessed...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Ulrik Stervbo, Cecilia Bozzetti, Udo Baron, Karsten Jürchott, Sarah Meier, Julia Nora Mälzer, Mikalai Nienen, Sven Olek, Dominika Rachwalik, Axel Ronald Schulz, Avidan Neumann, Nina Babel, Andreas Grützkau, Andreas Thiel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Juho Tynkkynen, Jussi A Hernesniemi, Tiina Laatikainen, Aki S Havulinna, Jouko Sundvall, Jaana Leiviskä, Perttu Salo, Veikko Salomaa
Data on associations of apolipoproteins A-I and B (apo A-I, apo B) and HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) with dementia and Alzheimer's disease (AD) are conflicting. Our aim was to examine, whether apo B, apoA-I, their ratio, or HDL-C are significant, independent predictors of incident dementia and AD in the general population free of dementia at baseline. We analyzed the results from two Finnish prospective population-based cohort studies in a total of 13,275 subjects aged 25 to 74 years with mainly Caucasian ethnicity...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Wei Jiang, Lei Cao, Fang Wang, Hai Ge, Peng-Chao Wu, Xue-Wei Li, Gui-Hai Chen
Age-related cognitive decline has been associated with changes in endogenous hormones and epigenetic modification of chromatin, including histone acetylation. Developmental exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA) that produces endocrine disruption and epigenetic changes, may be a risk factor for accelerating cognitive deficits during aging. Thus, we exposed CD-1 mice to BPA (0, 1, and 100 mg/l BPA in the drinking water) orally during puberty (from postnatal days 28 to 56) and investigated whether pubertal BPA exposure exacerbates the age-related impairment of spatial cognition in old age (18 months old) and whether serum sex and thyroid hormones or hippocampal histone acetylation (H3K9ac and H4K8ac) are associated with cognitive effects...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Jiajun Shi, Ben Zhang, Ji-Yeob Choi, Yu-Tang Gao, Huaixing Li, Wei Lu, Jirong Long, Daehee Kang, Yong-Bing Xiang, Wanqing Wen, Sue K Park, Xingwang Ye, Dong-Young Noh, Ying Zheng, Yiqin Wang, Seokang Chung, Xu Lin, Qiuyin Cai, Xiao-Ou Shu
Age at menarche (AM) and age at natural menopause (ANM) are complex traits with a high heritability. Abnormal timing of menarche or menopause is associated with a reduced span of fertility and risk for several age-related diseases including breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. To identify novel genetic loci for AM or ANM in East Asian women and to replicate previously identified loci primarily in women of European ancestry by genome-wide association studies (GWASs), we conducted a two-stage GWAS...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Stephen R Spindler, Patricia L Mote, James M Flegal
Statins, such as simvastatin, and ACE inhibitors (ACEis), such as ramipril, are standard therapies for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These types of drugs are commonly administered together. More recently, angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R) antagonists, such as candesartan cilexetil (candesartan), have been used in the place of, or in combination with, ACEis. Here, we investigated the effects of simvastatin and ramipril single and combination therapy, and candesartan treatment on the lifespan of isocalorically fed, long-lived, B6C3F1 mice...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Sara E Espinoza, Chen-Pin Wang, Devjit Tripathy, Stephen C Clement, Dawn C Schwenke, Mary Ann Banerji, George A Bray, Thomas A Buchanan, Robert R Henry, Abbas E Kitabchi, Sunder Mudaliar, Frankie B Stentz, Peter D Reaven, Ralph A DeFronzo, Nicolas Musi
To determine the efficacy of pioglitazone to prevent type 2 diabetes in older compared to younger adults with pre-diabetes. Six hundred two participants with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) were randomized in double blind fashion to placebo or pioglitazone for diabetes prevention in the ACT NOW study (NEJM 364:1104-1115, 2011). Cox proportional hazard regression was used to compare time to development of diabetes over a mean of 2 years between older (≥61 years) and younger participants. We compared effects of pioglitazone versus placebo on metabolic profiles, inflammatory markers, adipokines, β cell function (disposition index), insulin sensitivity (Matsuda index), and body composition by ANOVA...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Ryoichi Ema, Megumi Saito, Shunsuke Ohki, Hirokazu Takayama, Yosuke Yamada, Ryota Akagi
Plantar flexion strength and balance ability are considered to be crucial for avoiding falls. However, no clear relationship has been established between these two factors in elderly population. This study aimed to examine the association between plantar flexion strength and balance performance in elderly men and women. Forty-three men and 35 women aged over 65 years performed isometric plantar flexion as fast and hard as possible. From the time-torque curve, the rate of torque development in time intervals of 30, 50, 100, 150, and 200 ms from the onset of contraction was determined and normalized to peak torque...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Nopporn Thangthaeng, Shibu M Poulose, Stacey M Gomes, Marshall G Miller, Donna F Bielinski, Barbara Shukitt-Hale
High consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with reduced risk of debilitating diseases and improved cognition in aged populations. These beneficial effects have been attributed to the phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables, which have previously been shown to be anti-inflammatory and modulate autophagy. Tart cherries contain a variety of potentially beneficial phytochemicals; however, little research has been done to investigate the effects of tart cherry on the aging brain. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine if tart cherry supplementation can improve cognitive and motor function of aged rats via modulation of inflammation and autophagy in the brain...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Jessica Delhaye, Nicolas Salamin, Alexandre Roulin, François Criscuolo, Pierre Bize, Philippe Christe
Mitochondrial respiration releases reactive oxygen species (ROS) as by-products that can damage the soma and may in turn accelerate ageing. Hence, according to "the oxidative stress theory of ageing", longer-lived organisms may have evolved mechanisms that improve mitochondrial function, reduce ROS production and/or increase cell resistance to oxidative damage. Cardiolipin, an important mitochondrial inner-membrane phospholipid, has these properties by binding and stabilizing mitochondrial inner-membrane proteins...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Scott F Leiser, Gholamali Jafari, Melissa Primitivo, George L Sutphin, Jingyi Dong, Alison Leonard, Marissa Fletcher, Matt Kaeberlein
Improving healthspan, defined as the period where organisms live without frailty and/or disease, is a major goal of biomedical research. While healthspan measures in people are relatively easy to identify, developing robust markers of healthspan in model organisms has proven challenging. Studies using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans have provided vital information on the basic mechanisms of aging; however, worm health is difficult to define, and the impact of interventions that increase lifespan on worm healthspan has been controversial...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Francesco Curcio, Claudia Basile, Ilaria Liguori, David Della-Morte, Gaetano Gargiulo, Gianluigi Galizia, Gianluca Testa, Assunta Langellotto, Francesco Cacciatore, Domenico Bonaduce, Pasquale Abete
Elderly people are characterized by a high prevalence of falls and sarcopenia. However, the relationship among Tinetti mobility test (TMT) score, a powerful tool to detect elderly people at risk of falls, and sarcopenia is still not thoroughly investigated. Thus, to determine the relationship between TMT score and muscle mass and strength, 337 elderly participants (mean age 77.1 ± 6.9 years) admitted to comprehensive geriatric assessment were enrolled. TMT score, muscle mass by bioimpedentiometer, and muscle strength by grip strength were evaluated...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Aaron J Done, Tinna Traustadóttir
Older individuals who exercise regularly exhibit greater resistance to oxidative stress than their sedentary peers, suggesting that exercise can modify age-associated loss of resistance to oxidative stress. However, we recently demonstrated that a single bout of exercise confers protection against a subsequent oxidative challenge in young, but not older adults. We therefore hypothesized that repeated bouts of exercise would be needed to increase resistance to an oxidative challenge in sedentary older middle-aged adults...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Yoshiko Lily Ishioka, Yasuyuki Gondo, Noriyuki Fuku, Hiroki Inagaki, Yukie Masui, Michiyo Takayama, Yukiko Abe, Yasumichi Arai, Nobuyoshi Hirose
Apolipoprotein E (APOE) ε4 allele and education have been reported to affect the cognitive function in young-old adults. However, the effects and interactions of the ε4 allele and education on cognitive function in very old age, particularly in centenarians, are not well known. We studied 542 Japanese centenarians. Using the data in total of 452 participants (74 men and 378 women, mean age 103.6 ± 3.2 years) who were genotyped and assessed cognitive function with the Mini-Mental States Examination (MMSE), we examined the effects and interactions of the ε4 allele and education on the MMSE score...
December 2016: Age (2005-)
Stefano Tarantini, Zsuzsanna Tucsek, M Noa Valcarcel-Ares, Peter Toth, Tripti Gautam, Cory B Giles, Praveen Ballabh, Jeanne Y Wei, Jonathan D Wren, Nicole M Ashpole, William E Sonntag, Zoltan Ungvari, Anna Csiszar
Strong epidemiological and experimental evidence indicate that both age and hypertension lead to significant functional and structural impairment of the cerebral microcirculation, predisposing to the development of vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) and Alzheimer's disease. Preclinical studies establish a causal link between cognitive decline and microvascular rarefaction in the hippocampus, an area of brain important for learning and memory. Age-related decline in circulating IGF-1 levels results in functional impairment of the cerebral microvessels; however, the mechanistic role of IGF-1 deficiency in impaired hippocampal microvascularization remains elusive...
August 2016: Age (2005-)
In Hee Kim, Jun Xu, Xiao Liu, Yukinori Koyama, Hsiao-Yen Ma, Karin Diggle, Young-Hyun You, Jan M Schilling, Dilip Jeste, Kumar Sharma, David A Brenner, Tatiana Kisseleva
We aimed to investigate whether aging increases the susceptibility of hepatic and renal inflammation or fibrosis in response to high-fat diet (HFD) and explore the underlying genetic alterations. Middle (10 months old) and old (20 months old) aged, male C57BL/6N mice were fed either a low-fat diet (4 % fat) or HFD (60 % fat) for 4 months. Young (3 months old) aged mice were included as control group. HFD-induced liver and kidney injuries were analyzed by serum and urine assay, histologic staining, immunohistochemistry, and reverse-transcription real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction...
August 2016: Age (2005-)
Stefano Tarantini, Cory B Giles, Jonathan D Wren, Nicole M Ashpole, M Noa Valcarcel-Ares, Jeanne Y Wei, William E Sonntag, Zoltan Ungvari, Anna Csiszar
Epidemiological findings support the concept of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, suggesting that early-life hormonal influences during a sensitive period of development have a fundamental impact on vascular health later in life. The endocrine changes that occur during development are highly conserved across mammalian species and include dramatic increases in circulating IGF-1 levels during adolescence. The present study was designed to characterize the effect of developmental IGF-1 deficiency on the vascular aging phenotype...
August 2016: Age (2005-)
Leslie M Decker, Fabien Cignetti, Nathaniel Hunt, Jane F Potter, Nicholas Stergiou, Stephanie A Studenski
A U-shaped relationship between cognitive demand and gait control may exist in dual-task situations, reflecting opposing effects of external focus of attention and attentional resource competition. The purpose of the study was twofold: to examine whether gait control, as evaluated from step-to-step variability, is related to cognitive task difficulty in a U-shaped manner and to determine whether age modifies this relationship. Young and older adults walked on a treadmill without attentional requirement and while performing a dichotic listening task under three attention conditions: non-forced (NF), forced-right (FR), and forced-left (FL)...
August 2016: Age (2005-)
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