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Loutfi Salti, Michael Rasse, Khaled Al-Ouf
Gardner syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease. It is characterized by a combination of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) of the intestine with extraintestinal changes as multiple osteomas and fibromas. Odontogenic Myxoma is a benign, aggressive intraosseous neoplasm. We report a rare case of a 14-year-old male patient with Gardner's syndrome and odontogenic myxoma, which involved the entire left half of the mandible, resulting in a gross facial deformity, within a span of one year.
2018: Stomatologija
Gediminas Skirbutis, Agnė Dzingutė, Viltė Masiliūnaitė, Gabrielė Šulcaitė, Juozas Žilinskas
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to review polyether ether ketone (PEEK), its characteristics and use in prosthodontics. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Information search for articles about PEEK and it's use in prosthodontics between January 2010 and April 2017 was conducted in Medline via PubMed, Science direct, Wiley online library as well as the Web search Google Scholar sources. Twelve full text articles were selected and used in this review. RESULTS: 143 articles were found in the database using keywords: PEEK, prosthodontics, dentistry...
2018: Stomatologija
Rokas Gelažius, Albinas Gervickas, Ričardas Kubilius
INTRODUCTION: Ability for general practitioners and dentists to successfully identify oral cancer (OC) and knowledge about it has a huge influence in further primary diagnosis and good specialized treatment and care. It is very important to realize what obstacles appear in medical care professionals (dentists and general medical practitioners(GPs)) way for primary oral cancer diagnostics. PURPOSE: To find out the insight of primary oral cancer diagnostics in Kaunas city...
2018: Stomatologija
Miglė Jakubonytė, Kęstutis Česaitis, Jonas Junevičius
INTRODUCTION: Glass fibre posts that are newer and have better properties are gaining more popularity than metal posts. However, there is no consensus about the optimal cementation depth of glass fibre posts. In our study, we have attempted to assess fracture resistance of roots restored with glass fibre posts cemented at different root depths. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Specimens were formed with peeso reamers and a special reamer adapted for the cementation of glass fiber posts at different depths...
2018: Stomatologija
Kalvis Pastars, Janis Zarins, Juris Tars, Anna Ivanova, Andrejs Skagers
OBJECTIVE: Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a common type of cancer affecting people worldwide, with still large proportion of patients diagnosed with the disease in the advanced stage. Due to free vascularised tissue transfers, radical cancer treatment and immediate reconstruction are feasible as a one-stage procedure. The aim of this paper is to evaluate retrospectively our experience with free flap reconstruction of oral defects for patients with oral malignancies in advanced stages...
2018: Stomatologija
Cinzia Maspero, Andrea Fama, Guido Galbiati, Lucia Giannini, Laima Kairyte, Luca Bartorelli, Marco Farronato
OBJECTIVE: Canine impaction is a dental anomaly involving intraosseous displacement of the unerupted tooth. This situation is of significant importance causing orthodontic, surgical and interceptive problems. Trauma in the incisor area is a possible cause of the displacement of the tooth bud of the permanent canine resulting in the deviated eruption path. The aim of this article is to present two clinical cases with diagnosis of maxillary canine displacement and impaction in the incisor region after a traumatic injury during childhood, discussing treatment possibilities and outcomes achieved after orthodontic treatment...
2018: Stomatologija
Igor Griblasky, Dalia Latkauskiene, Gundega Jakobsone
AIM AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to analyze the changes of the posterior dentition during Class II correction with the crown Herbst appliance (cHerbst) and intermaxillary Class II elastics. SAMPLE: Class II patients were divided into 2 groups: those who were treated with the cHerbst appliances (n=40, mean age 14.1±1.3) and those who were treated with fixed appliances and Class II elastics (n=20, mean age 16.7±2.7). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The scans of pre- and post-treatment casts the patients were superimposed and registered using the freeware Blender 2...
2018: Stomatologija
Kristina Lopatienė, Karolina Trumpytė
THE AIM OF THE STUDY: Was to evaluate the relationship of mandibular condylar and ramal symmetry with unilateral posterior crossbite during late adolescence. MATERIAL AND METHOD: 120 pre-orthodontic patients of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Department of Orthodontics were included in the study. The main inclusion criteria of the study group were the following: permanent dentition, age 15 to 18 years, unilateral crossbite. Panoramic radiographs database were analyzed, the following parameters were evaluated: mandibular condylar and ramal height, and asymmetry index according to Habets' technique...
2018: Stomatologija
Ilga Urtane, Iveta Jankovska, Hadeel Al-Shwaikh, Zane Krisjane
OBJECTIVE: Patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) have a high risk of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) involvement. Early detection of osseous destruction of the TMJ that can be seen radiographically is vital to provide appropriate treatment before significant craniofacial deformities and problems with occlusion arise. The aim of study was to evaluate whether there is a correlation between the clinical signs and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) radiologic features of TMJ in patients with JIA...
2018: Stomatologija
Greta Gintautaitė, Giedrius Kenstavičius, Alė Gaidytė
The objective of this article was to conduct a systematic literature review about the consequences and recovery of dental roots' and surrounding structures' after iatrogenic mini implant (MI) contact based on peer reviewed publications of 2008-2017 January. The Cochrane and PRISMA references were used while searching for scientific literature in six data bases. The inclusion criteria to select articles were: 1) root contact evaluation associated with the use of orthodontic MI, 2) the diameter of MI was ≤2...
2018: Stomatologija
Lior Levin, Arūnas Vasiliauskas, Juste Armalaite, Kristina Kubiliute
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate and compare distalization effect in maxillary buccal segment between Palatal Skeletal Anchorage (PSA) and Zygoma Gear Appliance (ZGA) in evidence-based way. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Relevant studies published between January 2007 till December 2017 in PubMed, ScienceDirect, AJO-DO and Scopus electronic databases were identified. Inclusion criteria were: English language, study performed on humans, randomized or nonrandomized clinical trials, assessment of buccal segment distalization by Palatal or Zygomatic skeletal anchorage and patient's clinical preoperative and post-operative evaluation measured by cephalometric analysis...
2018: Stomatologija
Rokas Gelažius, David Kasradze, Albinas Gervickas
Self-inflicted gunshot injuries to the head and neck area are challenging cases. Immediate and complex approach is required due to complexity of head and neck anatomy. The extent of injury largely depends on velocity of a rifle and penetrated tissues. Management of these type of patients consist of vital resuscitation, primary wound management, soft and hard tissue reconstruction and rehabilitation. Here we present two cases of self-inflicted gunshot injuries with low and high velocity rifles.
2018: Stomatologija
Rokas Aukštakalnis, Tomas Jurgelevičius
OBJECTIVE: To find out the oral health of former heroin users in Lithuania, who are currently on methadone treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Subjects of research are patients, who were receiving methadone as a medication for heroin addiction. The research was done in Centre for Addictive Diseases in Lithuania. Oral health examinations were carried out using a probe and dental inspection mirror. The decayed-missing-filled (DMF) index and Silness Loe plaque indices were used...
2018: Stomatologija
Rokas Aukštakalnis, Rūta Simonavičiūtė, Regimantas Simuntis
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this article is to review the main treatment options for odontogenic sinusitis that are used today. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Search on PubMed, Cochrane Library, PMC, Science Direct data bases. For a literature review search keywords were used: odontogenic sinusitis, odontogenic maxillary sinusitis treatment OR diagnosis, maxillary sinusitis of dental source OR dental origin OR etiology. RESULTS: 2886 articles were found in the databases using keywords...
2018: Stomatologija
Elvinas Juzikis, Algimantas Gaubys, Henrikas Rusilas
AIM: To review all of the possible uses for maxillary sinus lateral wall bony window in an open maxillary sinus lift procedure and to evaluate the influence of each method to the rate of sinus membrane perforations. METHODS: A systematic literature review was performed of randomized control studies in English identified in MEDLINE (PubMed) and Cochrane online databases, published between 2007.09.01 and 2017.09.01. Surgeries had to be performed in vivo, for patients over 18 years old...
2018: Stomatologija
Henrikas Rusilas, Laura Jacinkevičiūtė, Jan Pavel Rokicki
OBJECTIVE: Rehabilitation of mastication using fixed or removable prosthesis on dental implants is a daily procedure in modern dentistry.The huge variety of diagnostic tools and methods, such as cone beam computed tomography or surgical guides help to avoid complications. A vast quantity of diagnostic tools and prosthesis require a tight communication between surgeons and prosthodontists in order to achieve better treatment plan. METHODS: The questionnaire was approved by LUHS Committee of Ethics...
2018: Stomatologija
Dovile Bitiniene, Roberta Zamaliauskiene, Ricardas Kubilius, Marijus Leketas, Tadas Gailius, Karina Smirnovaite
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to systematically review the literature concerning the quality of life of patients with temporomandibular joint disorder. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Systematic review was performed with the information contained in international databases: PubMed and Google Scholar. Keywords and their combinations were used to find relevant articles and publications concerning the subject. RESULTS: A total of 320 publications were initially retrieved...
2018: Stomatologija
Guilherme Dos Santos Trento, Luis Fernando de Oliveira Gorla, Cláudia Maria Navarro, Valfrido Antônio Pereira Filho
Multiple odontogenic keratocysts could be linked to different conditions. Then, to achieve the correct diagnosis whether their presence is associated to a syndrome, some criteria must be followed. The present study aims to report a case of a 21 years-old male patient whose was referred with several radiolucent lesion on the maxilla-mandibular complex. The lesions were biopsied and the diagnosis of the histological exam hypothesized as odontogenic keratocyst. After complete evaluation, others abnormalities were also found such as calcification of falx cerebri, palmar and plantar pits, and multiple basal cell on feet...
2017: Stomatologija
Artur Miguel Quaresma Pereira Miler, André Ricardo Maia Correia, José Mário de Castro Rocha, José Carlos Reis Campos, Maria Helena Guimarães Figueiral da Silva
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the success rate, complications, maintenance and patient satisfaction with implant-supported overdentures with the Locator® system, by means of a systematic review. MATERIALS AND METHODS: PICO approach was used to formulate the clinical question. Research was conducted in primary (PubMed® and B-On®) and secondary (Cochrane®) information sources using different logical combination strategies of text words and MESH terms. Articles were selected according to research theme and scientific level evidence...
2017: Stomatologija
Eglė Zdanavičienė, Jurgina Sakalauskienė, Alvydas Gleiznys, Darius Gleiznys, Juozas Žilinskas
Candida albicans is the most prevalent human fungal pathogen, that is component of the commensal microbial flora of the mouth. Under certain conditions, C. albicans can cause severe diseases, septicaemia, and death. The mass of infections made by this pathogen are connected with biofilm growth. This survey highlights the pathogenicity mechanisms of C. albicans and how this may lead to the induction of a protective immune response. The survey is based on the most recent and important literature available from the Medline database...
2017: Stomatologija
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