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Tropical Medicine and Health

Ahmad FarajzadehSheikh, Hojat Veisi, Mojtaba Shahin, Muhammad Getso, Abbas Farahani
Background: As an opportunistic pathogen, Escherichia coli ( E. coli ) is widely recognized as the main cause of nosocomial infections as well as some disorders especially those associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs). This study, therefore, sets out to determine the extent of antibiotic resistance to quinolones and to measure the frequency of qnr genes (A, B, and S) within extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) and non-ESBL-producing strains of E. coli isolated from UTI-diagnosed patients as well as to investigate their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns for some selected antibiotics in southwest Iran...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Mizuho Shimada, Yoshie Hirose, Kazuhiko Shimizu, Daisuke S Yamamoto, Eri H Hayakawa, Hiroyuki Matsuoka
Background: Epigastric pain, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal problems are among the most important symptoms of malaria infection as they suggest the possibility that the condition is serious. Pathophysiologies such as gastric mucosal changes and delayed gastric emptying have been reported in serious cases of malaria infection. However, it is unclear whether or not pathophysiological involvement of the upper gastrointestinal tract occurs in Plasmodium berghei ANKA (PbA)-infected mice...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Rene Ning Teh, Irene Ule Ngole Sumbele, Gillian Asoba Nkeudem, Derick Ndelle Meduke, Samuel Takang Ojong, Helen Kuokuo Kimbi
Background: Malaria remains a diagnostic challenge in many endemic communities. Although rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are presently widely used for malaria diagnosis, there is a dearth of information on post-marketing surveillance on its efficacy in Cameroon. The present study evaluated the performance characteristics of CareStart™ Malaria HRP2 (histidine-rich protein 2) antigen (Ag) RDT in diagnosing Plasmodium falciparum infection in the Mount Cameroon area and predictors associated with RDT positivity...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Bounxou Keohavong, Manithong Vonglokham, Bounfeng Phoummalaysith, Viengsakhone Louangpradith, Souphalak Inthaphatha, Tetsuyoshi Kariya, Yu Mon Saw, Eiko Yamamoto, Nobuyuki Hamajima
Background: The irrational use of antibiotics has been identified as a major problem in healthcare, and it can lead to antimicrobial resistance, treatment failure, and increased healthcare costs. Although many studies worldwide have focused on the irrational use of drugs, reports on prescription practice in Lao PDR remained limited. This study aimed to examine the patterns of antibiotic prescription for under-fives with common cold or upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) at pediatric outpatient divisions...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Dagne Bodena, Zelelam Teklemariam, Senthilkumar Balakrishnan, Tewodros Tesfa
Background: Mobile phones of health care professionals could harbor microbes which cause nosocomial infections to the patient, family members, and the community at large. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of bacterial contamination of the mobile phones of health professionals, identify bacterial isolates, assess their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns, and define the associated factors. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted from February to March 2018 on 226 health professionals' mobile phones which were selected by a simple random sampling technique...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Yukako Kaneshiro, Khamphang Sourinphoumy, Naoki Imaizumi, Mangkhalar Rasaphon, Megumi Kuba-Miyara, Shugo Sakihama, Carmina Louise Hugo Guerrero, Ketsaphone Nhativong, Daisuke Nonaka, Tiengkham Pongvongsa, Jun Kobayashi, Sengchanh Kounnavong, Takuya Fukushima
Background: In Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR), which borders China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar, the number of HIV-infected patients has increased in recent years. HIV-infected patients diagnosed in Lao PDR are enrolled in a registration network and receive antiretroviral therapy (ART) covered by governmental financial support. Based on the registration network, we investigated intestinal helminth infections and coinfection with HTLV-1 in HIV-infected patients treated with an early intervention using ART in Lao PDR...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Aboubacar Sombié, Erisha Saiki, Félix Yaméogo, Tatsuya Sakurai, Takahiro Shirozu, Shinya Fukumoto, Antoine Sanon, David Weetman, Philip J McCall, Hirotaka Kanuka, Athanase Badolo
Background: Resistance to pyrethroid insecticides involving kdr mutations is widespread in Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) and potentially could impact control efforts in endemic countries. Dengue cases had been sporadic in Burkina Faso for over a decade prior to the 2016-2017 outbreak that resulted in 15,074 suspected cases and 36 deaths, mainly in Ouagadougou. These outbreaks highlighted the lack of information on numerous aspects of the biology, behaviour and insecticide status of local dengue vector populations that are fundamental to vector control...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Kay Thwe Han, Khin Thet Wai, Kyin Hla Aye, Khine Wah Kyaw, Wai Phyo Maung, Tin Oo
Background: Myanmar has similar agro-based ecology and environmental risks as others in the Greater Mekong sub-region leading to the broad array of helminthic infections. Basic health staff (BHS) from the public sector forms a key stakeholder group in deworming interventions. The study aimed to ascertain the prevalence and determinants of multiple species helminth infections to promote township-level integrated interventions. Methods: A cross-sectional implementation research study in 2017 covered randomly selected 240 households in four villages of Shwegyin Township...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Meera R Nariadhara, Hendry R Sawe, Michael S Runyon, Victor Mwafongo, Brittany L Murray
Background: Modified systemic inflammatory response syndrome (mSIRS) criteria for the pediatric population together with the provider gestalt have the potential to predict clinical outcomes. However, this has not been studied in low-income countries. We investigated the ability of mSIRS and provider gestalt to predict mortality and morbidity among children presenting to the ED of a tertiary level hospital in Tanzania. Methods: This prospective observational study enrolled a convenience sample of children under 5 years old, presenting to the Emergency Medicine Department of Muhimbili National Hospital from September 2015 to April 2016...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Moe Moe Thandar, Junko Kiriya, Akira Shibanuma, Ken Ing Cherng Ong, Khaing Nwe Tin, Hla Hla Win, Masamine Jimba
Background: Health systems in many countries do not adequately address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) during pregnancy, especially in low- and middle-income countries. In Myanmar, most studies on NCDs have investigated risk factors and prevalence of NCDs in the general population. This study aimed to assess the level of knowledge of common NCDs and nutritional need during pregnancy and to identify the factors associated with such knowledge, in three townships of Ayeyarwaddy region in Myanmar...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Phoutnalong Vilay, Daisuke Nonaka, Phosadeth Senamonty, Malayvanh Lao, Moritoshi Iwagami, Jun Kobayashi, Paul Michael Hernandez, Ketkesone Phrasisombath, Sengchanh Kounnavong, Bouasy Hongvanthong, Paul T Brey, Shigeyuki Kano
Background: Malaria is a major health problem in Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) with high transmission in remote and forest areas, particularly in the South. The military is at risk of malaria infection especially those deployed in forest areas. This study determined the prevalence of malaria infection and assessed knowledge, perception, and preventive and treatment behavior regarding malaria among military personnel in two southern provinces in Lao PDR. Methods: Quantitative and qualitative approaches were undertaken in Champasak and Attapeu provinces in 2017...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Tiengkham Pongvongsa, Daisuke Nonaka, Moritoshi Iwagami, Pheovaly Soundala, Phonepadith Khattignavong, Phonepadith Xangsayarath, Futoshi Nishimoto, Jun Kobayashi, Bouasy Hongvanthon, Paul T Brey, Shigeyuki Kano
Background: Although mobile and migrant populations are considered an important group in malaria elimination settings, there is currently a lack of understanding about foreign migrant workers in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). The present study aimed to document the migration characteristics, positive rate of malaria infection, and preventive and treatment-seeking behavior for malaria among foreign migrant workers in the malaria-endemic districts of Savannakhet province, Lao PDR...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Vu Duc Chinh, Gaku Masuda, Vu Viet Hung, Hidekazu Takagi, Satoru Kawai, Takeshi Annoura, Yoshimasa Maeno
Background: Human malaria is a major threat in rural communities of central Vietnam. Anopheles dirus and Anopheles minimus species are critical malaria vectors in Vietnam, which transmit Plasmodium parasites. However, the entomological aspects of malaria transmission in some of the central provinces of Vietnam remain unexplored. Hence, a cross-sectional entomological survey was carried out to identify the malaria vector species and the transmission of Plasmodium parasites in seven endemic provinces of Vietnam...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Julian Natukunda, Peter Kirabira, Ken Ing Cherng Ong, Akira Shibanuma, Masamine Jimba
Background: Adolescents living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) die owing to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)-related causes more than adults. Although viral suppression protects people living with HIV from AIDS-related illnesses, little is known about viral outcomes of adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa where the biggest burden of deaths is experienced. This study aimed to identify the factors associated with viral load suppression among HIV-positive adolescents (10-19 years) receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Uganda...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Takahiro Matsumura, Joko Hendarto, Tetsushi Mizuno, Din Syafruddin, Hisao Yoshikawa, Makoto Matsubayashi, Taro Nishimura, Masaharu Tokoro
Background: Although parasites are still endemic in developing areas, residents in those regions seem not to be affected by the presence of intestinal protozoans. This study aimed to investigate whether pathogenic and commensal protozoans are the causal agents of diarrhea via a school-based cross-sectional survey conducted in Indonesia, in September 2016. Results: Molecular screening for intestinal protozoans in collected 144 stool samples from healthy students (age range 7-15 years) was carried out...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Mohamed D A Gismalla, Gamal M A Ahmed, Mogahid M MohamedAli, Sami M Taha, Thouria A Mohamed, Ahmed E Ahmed, Lamia S Hamed
Background: In this study, we share our experience of different operative techniques undertaken on 584 eumycetoma patients in the Gezira Mycetoma Center. Methods: This is a retrospective, descriptive, hospital-based study, conducted to review the surgical treatment of eumycetoma patients. We included all patients diagnosed with eumycetoma who underwent a surgical operation in the center during January 2013-December 2016. Results: A total number of 1654 patients were seen during the study period, and their records were revised, while 584 (35...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Chikako Katsuno, Ernesto R Gregorio, Marian Fe Theresa C Lomboy, Daisuke Nonaka, Paul Michael R Hernandez, Crystal Amiel M Estrada, Jennel Mae T Pimentel, Rhea Marie Grace C Bernadas, Jun Kobayashi
Background: In sub-tropical countries, poor menstrual hygiene management has been reported. One cause of poor menstrual hygiene management can be poor quality toilets. However, associations between poor quality toilets and menstrual-related behaviors have been poorly understood. The present study aimed to assess the association between the quality of school toilets and the frequency of changing sanitary napkins in school toilet among Filipino students. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in six secondary schools of the City of Manila, Philippines, in 2017...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Marion Istvan, Florence Rouget, Léah Michineau, Christine Monfort, Luc Multigner, Jean-François Viel
Background: A high rate of preterm birth is observed in the Guadeloupe archipelago (French West Indies), raising the hypothesis of harmful environmental exposures, including landfilling. Our aim was to evaluate whether preterm births cluster around the three main open landfills located in this area. Methods: The study population consisted of 911 women enrolled in the Timoun mother-child cohort (2004-2007). Home addresses during pregnancy and locations of landfills were geocoded...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Adilson José DePina, Alex Jailson Barbosa Andrade, Abdoulaye Kane Dia, António Lima Moreira, Ullardina Domingos Furtado, Helga Baptista, Ousmane Faye, Ibrahima Seck, El Hadji Amadou Niang
Background: Cabo Verde is a country that has been in the pre-elimination stage of malaria since the year 2000. The country is still reporting cases, particularly in the capital of Praia, where more than 50% of the national population live. This study aims to examine the spatial and temporal epidemiological profile of malaria across the country during the 2017 outbreak and to analyse the risk factors, which may have influenced the trend in malaria cases. Methods: Longitudinal data collected from all malaria cases in Cabo Verde for the year 2017 were used in this study...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Makhtar Niang, Rokhaya Sane, Abdourahmane Sow, Bacary D Sadio, Sophy Chy, Eric Legrand, Ousmane Faye, Mawlouth Diallo, Amadou A Sall, Didier Menard, Aissatou Toure-Balde
Background: In the southeastern Senegal, the report of Plasmodium vivax infections among febrile patients in Kedougou constitutes a new emerging health problem. Methods: Samples from 48 asymptomatic schoolchildren sampled twice a year over 2 years were used to explore the reservoir of P. vivax parasite infections in this region. Both Duffy genotyping and Plasmodium species diagnostic assays were performed. Results: PCR assays detected Plasmodium genomic DNA in 38...
2018: Tropical Medicine and Health
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