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Rejuvenation Research

Hang Xu, Tianlong Liu, Wenjun Wang, Ning Su, Liudi Yang, Zhifu Yang, Fang Dou, Jia Cui, Fei Fei, Jing Ma, Aidong Wen, Yi Ding
Ischemic stroke is a common cerebrovascular disease with high morbidity and mortality worldwide. However, treatment options for reducing cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury (CIRI) are limited. Gallic acid (GA) as a plant polyphenol has been used to fight against CIRI. But its pharmacokinetic properties such as low absorption, poor bioavailability and quick elimination have negative effects on its clinical application. To strengthen its potency, a delivery system of GA-loaded o-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticle (GA-NP) was synthesized in our study...
February 2, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Chunmei Cen, Fengfeng Cai, Manuel Antonio Falar Luis, Ewelina Biskup
In recent years, the clinical application of circulating tumor cell (CTCs) detection has become one of the research hotspots in the field of precision medicine. CTCs detection is non-invasive, easy to obtain, can be repeatedly collected, highly repeatable and other advantages. It not only can be a real-time comprehensive monitoring of cancer treatment, but also have a large number of applications, including early diagnosis of tumor, timely evaluation of efficacy, condition monitoring, resistance factor analysis, prognosis judgment, individualized treatment of tumors, drug guidance, etc...
February 2, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Robert Douglas Young, Waclaw Jan Kroczek
By definition, a validated supercentenarian is a properly documented centenarian who has lived to be at least the age of 110 years. The tables presented here, based on records maintained by members of the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), continue the series published in Rejuvenation Research in past years1,2 - giving the latest list of living supercentenarians, currently with a cutoff age of 112+. It should be emphasized that this list cannot include all living supercentenarians, only those whose claim can be validated to the required standard bsed on information available to us; we estimate the true population worldwide to be in the range 600-900...
January 30, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Nikolay Zak
I present a body of data that, I argue, cumulatively casts serious doubt on the validity of Jeanne Calment's accepted world record of human lifespan. First, I assess the plausibility of the record based on the lifespans of other centenarians in the International Database of Longevity (IDL) and critique some arguments put forward previously in support of this record, including the longevity of Calment's ancestors. Second, I review the literature dedicated to Calment and discuss multiple contradictions in her interviews, biographies, photos, and documents...
January 30, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Aubrey D N J de Grey
January 30, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Xuelian Sun, Qiukui Hao, Renjie Tang, Chun Xiao, Meiling Ge, Birong Dong
Frailty, one appealing target for improving successful aging of the elderly population, is a common clinical syndrome based on the accumulation of multisystemic function declines and the increase in susceptibility to stressors during biological aging. The age-dependent senescence, the frailty-related stem cell depletion, chronic inflammation, imbalance of immune homeostasis, and the reduction of multipotent stem cells, collectively suggest the rational hypothesis that it is possible to (partially) cure frailty with stem cells...
January 29, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Benjamin Zealley, Aubrey D N J de Grey
Theses reviewed in this issue include "Characterization and Modeling of Metabolic Stress Responses in Cellular Aging", "Engineering Immunity: Enhancing T Cell Vaccines and Combination Immunotherapies for the Treatment of Cancer", "Extracellular Inflammatory Signaling from Dysfunctional Telomeres", "High Throughput Microfluidic Labyrinth for the Label Free Isolation of CTCs for Single Cell Gene Expression Profiling", "Oxygen Nanobubbles for Ultrasound-guided Targeting of Cancer Hypoxia", and "The Eye as a Window to the Alzheimer's Disease Brain"...
January 29, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Ying Xu, Xin Li, Ting Chen, Ya Kun Qu, Xia Hong Zheng, Jia Zi Zhang, Yuan Zhao, Na Lin
Radix paeoniae alba (RPA) and Veratrum nigrum L. (VN) belong to the eighteen incompatible medicaments and have been prohibited for thousands of years in China. Previous studies focused on the chemical constituents induced the toxicological response of the two agents, but this study offers preliminary insight into the pharmacodynamics and mechanism on estrogenic activity which is responsible for their incompatibility. We undertook a characterization of the interaction on estrogenic activity of RPA and VN using in vivo models of immature and ovariectomized (OVX) mice and in vitro studies focused on estrogen receptor (ER) pathway for further mechanism...
January 23, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Francisco J Amaro-Gahete, Alejandro De-la-O, Lucas Jurado-Fasoli, Andrea Espuch-Oliver, Tomás de Haro, Ángel Gutiérrez, Jonatan R Ruiz, Manuel J Castillo
The α-Klotho gene was identified as a possible "ageing-suppressor" agent that extends lifespan when overexpressed. However, little is known about the association of the body composition with the secreted protein form of the α-Klotho gene (S-Klotho). Therefore, the aim of this study was to analyse the association of body composition including lean and fat mass as well as bone mineral density (BMD) with S-Klotho plasma levels in middle-aged sedentary adults. A total of 74 (39 women) middle-aged sedentary adults (53...
January 23, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Nobuhiro Tahara, Ruchia Kojima, Risa Yoshida, Munehisa Bekki, Yoichi Sugiyama, Atsuko Tahara, Shoko Maeda, Akihiro Honda, Sachiyo Igata, Tomohisa Nakamura, Jiahui Sun, Takanori Matsui, Yoshihiro Fukumoto, Toshiro Matsui, Sho-Ichi Yamagishi
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) is an endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase, being involved in endothelial dysfunction. Furthermore, ADMA levels have been shown to predict future cardiovascular events in patients with coronary risk factors, such as diabetes and hypertension. We have previously found that glyceraldehyde-derived advanced glycation end products (glycer-AGEs) stimulate ADMA generation in vitro and the levels are associated with ADMA, endothelial dysfunction and vascular inflammation in humans...
January 19, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Bo Li, Ping-Ping Wu, Wen-Wen Fu, Yin Xiong, Yun-Bing Gao, Gui-Ying Deng, Shao-Hui Zong, Gao-Feng Zeng
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) is an endogenous non-coding small molecule RNA that regulates cell proliferation, differentiation, fat metabolism and hormone secretion. Studies have shown that miRNAs regulate the processes related to osteoporosis, including the differentiation of osteoblasts, osteoclasts and chondrocytes, and are one of the important regulatory factors of some bone metabolic diseases. In our previous study has revealed that natural compound Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide (PSP) can promote osteoblast formation and blocking osteoclastogenesis through Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway...
January 11, 2019: Rejuvenation Research
Karolin Yanar, Bahadir Simsek, Ufuk Cakatay
Circadian rhythms are intrinsic clocks organizing the behavior and physiology of organisms. These clocks are thought to have co-evolved with cellular redox regulation. Metabolism, redox homeostasis, circadian clock and diet offer insights into aging. Mitochondria play a pivotal role in redox homeostasis, circadian rhythm and aging. Melatonin is synthesized in mitochondria and is the key regulator of circadian rhythms and shows substantial antioxidative effects. Melatonin levels tend to decrease significantly with advancing age...
December 29, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Carmela Rita Balistreri, Calogera Pisano, Fabio Bertoldo, Susanna Dolci, Renato Massoud, Giovanni Ruvolo
The emerging evidence emphasizes Red blood cell distribution width (RDW) as optimal prognostic biomarker for cardiovascular diseases. However, several clinical biases impede its clinical application. Recent recommendations suggest of combining RDW with other biomarkers. Accordingly, we propose of evaluating the well-recognized biomarkers of vascular ageing (i.e. the leukocyte telomere length and telomerase activity, and reduced levels of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs)) with RDW, for predicting the risk for vascular ageing and onset and prognosis of age-related degenerative arterial diseases, such as sporadic ascending aorta aneurysm (AAA), characterized to have an increased incidence in old people...
December 20, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Liyuan Fu, Xing Yu, Wen Zhang, Peipei Han, Kang Li, Yixuan Ma, Liye Jia, Hairui Yu, Xiaoyu Chen, Lin Hou, Lu Wang, Qi Guo
OBJECTIVE: Epidemiological studies report that more than half of people over the age of 65 years suffer from variable sleep problems. In this study, we conducted a cohort study to investigate the relation between sleep duration on muscle mass and function within a Chinese, community-dwelling elderly population. METHOD: Our study population consisted of residents living in the township central hospital of suburban Tianjin, China. We measured muscle strength and walk speed...
December 19, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Ali Mahdi, John Pernow, Oskar Kovamees
BACKGROUND: Reduced bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) is accompanied by endothelial dysfunction, which precedes clinical signs of atherosclerosis. The metalloenzyme arginase reciprocally inhibits the formation of NO and available data demonstrate that arginase contributes to reduced bioavailability of NO and increases the formation of reactive oxygen species. Emerging evidence suggest that arginase thereby plays a key role in the pathophysiology of age-associated vascular complications in animal models...
December 10, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Aubrey D N J de Grey
December 6, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Kelsey J Moody, Jay Tinklepaugh, Elizabeth Obert, Kris Grohn, Jennifer R DeRosa, Ellie Lumen, Brandon Scott Moyer, Scott Campbell, Aaron J Wolfe, Meegan B Sleeper, Anthony H Bianchi, Cheyanne Fisher, Justin Applegate, Emily Leary, Nick LeClair, Danique Wortel, Robert Patrick Doyle, Baerbel Rohrer, Adam R Blanden
Macular degeneration is hallmarked by retinal accumulation of toxic retinoid species (e.g. A2E) for which there is no endogenous mechanism to eliminate. This ultimately results in progressive dysfunction and loss of vision either in advanced age for genetically normal patients (age-related macular degeneration), or in adolescence for those with inherited genetic mutations (Stargardt's disease). Here, we present a proof-of-concept study for an enzyme-based therapy to remove these retinoids, modeled on traditional enzyme replacement therapy...
December 5, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Andrew R Mendelsohn, James Larrick
Neuroinflammation is thought to play a key role in progression of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's disease. Given the apparent nexus of inflammatory disease with the secretory associated senescence phenotype (SASP) of cellular senescence, two reports found that tau-mediated neurodegeneration involves induction of senescence in astrocytes, microglia and possibly even neurons. Elimination of senescent cells by pharmacological induced genetic ablation or by senolytic drugs blocks progression of mutant human tau-mediated neurodegeneration in mice...
November 29, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Benjamin Zealley, Aubrey D N J de Grey
Theses reviewed in this issue include "A Thromboresistant Cell-Derived Biomaterial Modification for Vascular Grafts", "Actomyosin mediated tension orchestrates thermogenic programs in adipocytes", "Age-Associated Changes in Intrathymic B Cell Population in Mice", "Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress is Transmissible among Cells of the Central Nervous System", "Evaluation of Early Tumor Angiogenesis Using Ultrasound Acoustic Angiography", and "Interactions Between Amyloid-Beta and Microglial Cells"...
November 27, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
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December 2018: Rejuvenation Research
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