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European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter

Guillermo R Lázaro, Aurora Hernández-Machado, Ignacio Pagonabarraga
We study the flow properties of red blood cells in confined channels, when the channel width is comparable to the cell size. We focus on the case of intermediate concentrations when hydrodynamic interactions between cells play a dominant role. This regime is different to the case of low concentration in which the cells behave as hydrodynamically isolated. In this last case, the dynamic behavior is entirely controlled by the interplay between the interaction with the wall and the elastic response of the cell membrane...
April 17, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Vahid Sarafrazi, Mohammad Reza Talaee
In this paper a two-dimensional gas-solid flow model is used to investigate the sand particles carrying velocity of the Iran eastern desert area around the railway track as a case study. Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and Discrete Phase Method (DPM) are used to simulate the characteristic movement of sand particles in wind flow. A random sample is gathered from the sand near the railway in Iran deserts. The sample is classified based on weight and diameter according to AASHTOO T27 and sand distribution is determined...
April 16, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Erol Akpinar, Emre Guner, Oznur Demir-Ordu, Antônio Martins Figueiredo Neto
Lyotropic quaternary mixtures of some tetradecylalkylammonium bromide surfactants were prepared to examine the effect of the size of the surfactant head group on the stabilization of different lyotropic nematic phases. The lyotropic mixtures were prepared by the addition of the tetradecylalkylammonium bromides (TTAABr) in the mixture of NaBr/decanol (DeOH)/water. The uniaxial to biaxial nematic phase transitions were determined via laser conoscopy. Some micellization parameters such as critical micelle concentration, degree of counterion binding and micellization Gibbs energy were evaluated from the electrical conductivity measurements of diluted binary surfactants/water solutions...
April 8, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
José M Ortiz de Zárate
The definitions of thermodiffusion and Soret coefficients for a binary mixture include a concentration prefactor x(1 - x), when mole fraction x is used, or w(1 - w), when mass fraction w is used. In this paper the physical reasons behind this choice are reviewed, emphasizing that the use of these prefactors makes the thermodiffusion and the Soret coefficients invariant upon changing in the concentration representation, using either mole fraction or mass faction. Then, it is shown how this invariance property can be extended to ternary mixtures by using appropriate concentration prefactors in matrix form...
April 5, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Wen-Xiao Ning, Xu-Yang Liu, Zhen-Ting Wang
The growth and migration speed formulae for a 2-d transverse dune are derived under the assumptions of shape similarity, the near surface airflow independent of height, and the 100% sand trapping efficiency of lee face during dune evolution. Although very simple, this analytical model can quantificationally reflect the field investigations of barchan migrations and the chronological data of mega-dune growth.
April 4, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Sheng Zhang, Guanghui Yang, Ping Lin, Liangwen Chen, Lei Yang
In this paper we presents a detailed description of granular flow down a flat, narrow chute using discrete element method simulations, with emphasis on the influence of sidewalls on the flow. The overall phase diagram is provided and it is found that there are four flow regimes (no flow, bulk flow, surface flow, and gas flow). The H̃stop curve is very complicated and quite different from that in the case without sidewalls. The effective friction coefficient [Formula: see text] increases with pile height H̃ and a surface flow occurs when the inclination angle [Formula: see text] exceeds a critical value...
April 2, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Yi-Ben Fu, Si-Kao Guo, Peng-Ye Wang, Ping Xie
Intracellular transport is performed often by multiple motor proteins bound to the same cargo. Here, we study theoretically collective transport of the cargo by two kinesin motors. We propose that the motor has only the elastic interaction with the cargo via the linker connecting them and has no interaction with another motor. With parameters values for single motors from the available single-molecule data, we show that at linker's elastic strength [Formula: see text] pN/nm the theoretical data of both velocity and run length of the two-motor assembly under no load are identical to the available experimental data...
April 2, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Moumita Maiti, Michael Schmiedeberg
By exploring the properties of the energy landscape of a bidisperse system of soft harmonic disks in two dimensions we determine the thermal jamming transition. To be specific, we study whether the ground state of the system where the particles do not overlap can be reached within a reasonable time. Starting with random initial configurations, the energy landscape is probed by energy minimization steps as in case of athermal jamming and in addition steps where an energy barrier can be crossed with a small but non-zero probability...
March 28, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Tunrayo Adeleke-Larodo, Pierre Illien, Ramin Golestanian
We recently introduced a model of an asymmetric dumbbell made of two hydrodynamically coupled subunits as a minimal model for a macromolecular complex, in order to explain the observation of enhanced diffusion of catalytically active enzymes. It was shown that internal fluctuations lead to a negative contribution to the overall diffusion coefficient and that the fluctuation-induced contribution is controlled by the strength of the interactions between the subunits and their asymmetry. We develop the model by studying the effect of anisotropy on the diffusion properties of a modular structure...
March 28, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
G S Ganchenko, S Amiroudine, H Bodiguel, S V Polyanskikh, E A Demekhin
The instability of an electrolyte surface to a high-frequency, 10 to 200kHz, electric field, normal to the interface is investigated theoretically. From a practical viewpoint, such a high frequency leads to the absence of undesired electrochemical reactions and provides an additional control parameter. The theory of unsteady electric double layer by Barrero and Ramos is exploited. At such a high frequency, which is much larger than the eigenfrequency of the mechanical system, the nonlinear mechanical term does not "feel" the fast part of the Coulomb force, but it feels its slower component...
March 26, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Valeriy A Vlasov
A new nucleation theory is presented. This theory is based on the assumption that a critical nucleus of the new phase can be regarded as an activated complex that passes through the top of the energy barrier. In the framework of the proposed approach, an equation in a general form for the nucleation rate is obtained. This equation is used to obtain the calculated data in the case of homogeneous nucleation at the vapor-liquid, liquid-vapor, and liquid-solid phase transitions. A comparison of the calculated data with the available experimental data as well as with the calculated data obtained in the framework of the classical nucleation theory is carried out...
March 26, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Tilen Potisk, Harald Pleiner, Helmut R Brand
We investigate the macroscopic dynamics of gels with tetrahedral/octupolar symmetry, which possess in addition a spontaneous permanent magnetization. We derive the corresponding static and dynamic macroscopic equations for a phase, where the magnetization is parallel to one of the improper fourfold tetrahedral symmetry axes. Apart from elastic strains, we take into account relative rotations between the magnetization and the elastic network. The influence of tetrahedral order on these degrees of freedom is investigated and some experiments are proposed that are specific for such a material and allow to indirectly detect tetrahedral order...
March 25, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Miao Yu, Yong-Jiang Li, Jin-Yu Shao, Kai-Rong Qin
Dynamic biochemical signal control in vitro is important in the study of cellular responses to dynamic biochemical stimuli in microenvironment in vivo. To this end, we designed a microfluidic single cell trapping channel with varying cross-sections. In this work, we analyzed the transport of dynamic biochemical signals in steady and non-reversing pulsatile flows in such a microchannel. By numerically solving the 2D time-dependent Taylor-Aris dispersion equation, we studied the transport mechanism of different signals with varying parameters...
March 21, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Feng-Chao Yang, Xiao-Peng Chen, Pengtao Yue
An extremely thin gas film was found between a sphere and a free surface when the sphere impacted onto a water pool. That might influence the generation and evolution of water entry cavity. However, it is quite difficult to be captured through normal numerical and experimental tests. In this work, by using a finite element method we investigate the water entry of a hydrophobic sphere with gas viscosity artificially increased. The air film rupture in the early stage, contact line dynamics on a curved solid surface, and air pocket formation are investigated...
March 21, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Massimo Cencini, Guido Boffetta, Matteo Borgnino, Filippo De Lillo
Gyrotactic algae are bottom heavy, motile cells whose swimming direction is determined by a balance between a buoyancy torque directing them upwards and fluid velocity gradients. Gyrotaxis has, in recent years, become a paradigmatic model for phytoplankton motility in flows. The essential attractiveness of this peculiar form of motility is the availability of a mechanistic description which, despite its simplicity, revealed predictive, rich in phenomenology, easily complemented to include the effects of shape, feedback on the fluid and stochasticity (e...
March 20, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Kosmas Kosmidis, Marc-Thorsten Hütt
Usually complex networks are studied as graphs consisting of nodes whose spatial arrangement is of no significance. Several real biological networks are, however, embedded in space. In this paper we study the transcription regulatory network (TRN) of E. coli as a spatially embedded network. The embedding space of this network is the circular E. coli chromosome, i.e. it is practically one dimensional. However, the TRN itself is a high-dimensional network due to the existence of an adequate number of long-range connections...
March 20, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Shreen El-Sapa
The gravitational settling of small spherical particles in an unbounded micropolar fluid with slip surfaces is considered. The motion is studied under the assumption of low Reynolds number. The slip boundary conditions on velocity and microrotation at the surface of the spherical particle is used. The solution for the stream function of the fluid flow is obtained analytically. The settling velocity is obtained and is plotted against the Knudsen number for various values of the micropolarity parameter and constants depending on the material of the solid surface...
March 20, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Rosa D'Apolito, Valentina Preziosi, Sapana Khati Chhetri, Giovanna Tomaiuolo, Stefano Guido
The problem of droplets flowing in a micritions is relevant in several applications including flow in porous media. When the flow in the capillary is laminar with negligible gravity effects, droplet velocity and deformation depend upon three independent parameters: the droplet size relative to the capillary radius [Formula: see text][Formula: see text], which is a measure of confinement, the viscosity ratio [Formula: see text] between the droplet and the continuous phase and the capillary number Ca which measures the ratio of viscous to capillary forces...
March 18, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
Luca Biferale, Stefano Guido, Andrea Scagliarini, Federico Toschi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 12, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
T Triller, D Sommermann, M Schraml, F Sommer, E Lapeira, M M Bou-Ali, W Köhler
Measurements of the Soret and thermodiffusion coefficients of a symmetric ternary mixture with equal mass fractions of water, ethanol, and triethylene glycol have been performed by two-color optical beam deflection (2-OBD) and the thermogravitational column technique (TGC) in the laboratory and under microgravity conditions in the Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument (SODI) aboard the International Space Station. The results from all three experimental techniques agree within the experimental error bars, which result mainly from the inversion of the contrast factor matrices...
March 7, 2019: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
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