Ali Mohammad Parviniannasab, Fatemeh Dehghani, Seyyed Ali Hosseini
BACKGROUND: Self-management behaviours are critical for patients requiring regular hemodialysis (HD) therapy. This study aimed to test the relationship between social support, uncertainty and self-management among HD patients and to explore whether hope plays a mediating role. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study, a convenience sample of 212 HD patients from two hospitals completed the Perceived Social Support Scale (PSSS), Herth Hope Index (HHI), Short form Mishel Uncertainty in Illness Scale (SF-MUIS), and hemodialysis Self-Management Instrument (HD-SMI)...
April 12, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Yongling Kuang, Juan Yang, Meimei Sun, Tingting Rui, Zhenhua Yang, Meihua Shi
OBJECTIVE: Diabetic nephropathy (DN) manifests a critical aspect in the form of renal tubular injury. The current research aimed to determine the function and mechanism of long non-coding ribonucleic acid (LncRNA) differentiation antagonising non-protein coding RNA (DANCR), with a focus on its impact on renal tubular injury. METHODS: Quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction was employed to analyze the RNA levels of DANCR in the serum of patients with DN or human proximal tubular epithelial cells (human kidney 2 [HK2])...
April 12, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Daniela Potter, Jason Diep, Colleen Munro, Noelle Lin, Ramon Xu, Jeffrey Wong, Robert Porritt, Michael Maley, Hong Foo, Angela Makris
BACKGROUND: It is known that COVID-19 disproportionally adversely affects the immunocompromised, including kidney transplant recipients (KTR), as compared to the general population. Risk factors for adverse outcomes and vaccine seroconversion patterns are not fully understood. Australia was uniquely positioned to reduce initial case numbers during the 2021-2022 pandemic period due to its relative isolation and several significant public health interventions. South-Western Sydney Local Heath District was one of the predominant regions affected...
April 12, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Morteza Arasnezhad, Mohammad Namazinia, Seyyed Reza Mazlum, Kheizaran Miri
BACKGROUND: Considering no previous research into the utilization of ascending/descending ultrafiltration and linear sodium profiles in improving blood pressure among hemodialysis patients, the present study aimed to explore the effect of the A/D-UF along with linear sodium profiles on HD patients with hypotension. METHODS: Applying a crossover design, this clinical trial was fulfilled between December 2022 and June 2023 on 20 patients undergoing HD, randomized into two groups, each one receiving two intervention protocols, viz...
April 11, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Sensen Wu, Hui Wang, Dikang Pan, Julong Guo, Fan Zhang, Yachan Ning, Yongquan Gu, Lianrui Guo
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to establish and validate a nomogram model for the all-cause mortality rate in patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN). METHODS: We analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) spanning from 2007 to 2016. A random split of 7:3 was performed between the training and validation sets. Utilizing follow-up data until December 31, 2019, we examined the all-cause mortality rate. Cox regression models and Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (LASSO) regression models were employed in the training cohort to develop a nomogram for predicting all-cause mortality in the studied population...
April 10, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Takashi Sakaguchi, Akihiko Mitsuke, Yoichi Osako, Yasutoshi Yamada, Himawari Takeyama, Risako Ogawa, Katsuya Takahashi, Yukiko Hirohata, Sayuri Yamamoto, Junya Arima, Wataru Fukumoto, Satoshi Sugita, Satoru Inoguchi, Ryosuke Matsushita, Hirofumi Yoshino, Shuichi Tatarano, Hideki Enokida
BACKGROUND: Kidney transplant recipients (KTRs) are at risk of severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and even now that Omicron subvariants have become dominant, cases of severe disease are certain to occur. The aims of this retrospective study were to evaluate the efficacy of antiviral treatment for COVID-19 and to identify risk factors for severe disease in KTRs during Omicron subvariant-dominant periods. METHODS: A total of 65 KTRs diagnosed with COVID-19 who received antiviral treatment between July 2022 and September 2023 were analyzed...
April 8, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Wen Chen, Zaoju Wang, Guoping Wang, Chunyu Cao, Bo Hong, Jinying Liu, Fuhua Xie, Runxiu Wang
OBJECTIVE: To provide theoretical basis for prevention of a Dacron-cuffed catheter related infection (CRI), the risk factors of CRI in hemodialysis patients were systematically evaluated. METHODS: Eight databases, including PubMed, Cochrane library, EMBASE, Web of Science, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Chinese Biomedical Database (CBM), Wanfang Database and Chinese Scientific Journal Database (VIP), were searched to screen out literatures related to the risk factors of long-term indwelling a Dacron-cuffed CRI in hemodialysis...
April 8, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Dong-Hui Wang, Jin-Chao Zhao, Xiu-Ming Xi, Yue Zheng, Wen-Xiong Li
BACKGROUND: Sepsis and acute kidney injury (AKI) are common severe diseases in the intensive care unit (ICU). This study aimed to estimate the attributable mortality of AKI among critically ill patients with sepsis and to assess whether AKI was an independent risk factor for 30-day mortality. METHODS: The information we used was derived from a multicenter prospective cohort study conducted in 18 Chinese ICUs, focusing on septic patients post ICU admission. The patients were categorized into two groups: those who developed AKI (AKI group) within seven days following a sepsis diagnosis and those who did not develop AKI (non-AKI group)...
April 8, 2024: BMC Nephrology
S H Ooi, K P Ng, Pavai Sthaneshwar, S K Lim, P Y Khor, J Y Lim, W S Siow, K W Lim, Muhummad Azlan
BACKGROUND: The commonest indication for hospitalization in COVID-19 patients is hypoxemia or severe respiratory symptoms. However, COVID-19 disease may result in extrapulmonary complications including kidney-related pathology. The reported incidence of renal involvement related to COVID infection varies based on geographical location. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to assess the incidence rate of AKI in hospitalized COVID-19 patients and identify risk factors and prognostic predictors...
April 5, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Yoon-Ju Kim, Seong-Wook Lee, Mee-Seon Kim, Yong-Jin Kim, Ji-Young Choi, Jang-Hee Cho, Chan-Duck Kim, Yong-Lim Kim, Woo-Sung Yun, Seung Huh, Jeong-Hoon Lim, Sun-Hee Park
BACKGROUND: Primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a glomerular disease that sometimes recurs in patients after kidney transplantation (KT) and increases the risk of graft loss. Proteinuria is a common early sign of recurrent FSGS, but an abrupt decrease in urine volume is rare. Herein, we report a patient with early recurrence of FSGS with anuria following KT. CASE PRESENTATION: A 55-year-old man with end-stage kidney disease caused by primary FSGS experienced anuria on postoperative day 2 following deceased donor KT...
April 5, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Zhaoyu Shi, Chen Sun, Fei Zhou, Jianlei Yuan, Minyue Chen, Xinyu Wang, Xinquan Wang, Yuan Zhang, Dmytro Pylypenko, Li Yuan
BACKGROUND: To investigate the potential of Native T1-mapping in predicting the prognosis of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). METHODS: We enrolled 119 CKD patients as the study subjects and included 20 healthy volunteers as the control group, with follow-up extending until October 2022. Out of these patients, 63 underwent kidney biopsy measurements, and these patients were categorized into high (25-50%), low (< 25%), and no renal interstitial fibrosis (IF) (0%) groups...
April 4, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Mahendra Atlani, Ashok Kumar, Rajesh Ahirwar, M N Meenu, Sudhir K Goel, Ravita Kumari, Athira Anirudhan, Saikrishna Vallamshetla, G Sai Tharun Reddy
BACKGROUND: Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown cause (CKDu) a disease of exclusion, and remains unexplained in various parts of the world, including India. Previous studies have reported mixed findings about the role of heavy metals or agrochemicals in CKDu. These studies compared CKDu with healthy controls but lacked subjects with CKD as controls. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis whether heavy metals, i.e. Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), and Chromium (Cr) are associated with CKDu, in central India...
April 3, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Diangeng Li, Yanchun Li, Kaiyi Zhu, Yuqing Yuan, Zheng He, Qianmei Sun, Meiling Jin
BACKGROUND: Lupus nephritis (LN) is the most common and severe clinical manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is a reversible RNA modification and has been implicated in various biological processes. However, the roles of m6A regulators in LN are not fully demonstrated. METHODS: We downloaded the kidney tissue transcriptome dataset of LN patients and normal controls from the GEO database and extracted the expression levels of m6A regulators...
April 3, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Danni Wang, Yue Niu, Dinghua Chen, Chaofan Li, Fei Liu, Zhe Feng, Xueying Cao, Li Zhang, Guangyan Cai, Xiangmei Chen, Ping Li
BACKGROUND: Nonmalignant pleural effusion (NMPE) is common and remains a definite health care problem. Pleural effusion was supposed to be a risk factor for acute kidney injury (AKI). Incidence of AKI in NMPE patients and whether there is correlation between the size of effusions and AKI is unknown. OBJECTIVE: To assess the incidence of AKI in NMPE inpatients and its association with effusion size. STUDY DESIGN AND METHOD: We conducted a retrospective cohort study of inpatients admitted to the Chinese PLA General Hospital with pleural effusion from 2018-2021...
April 1, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Zhihao Huo, Dehui Liu, Peiyi Ye, Yuehang Zhang, Lisha Cao, Nirong Gong, Xianrui Dou, Chengfa Ren, Qingyao Zhu, Dan Li, Wei Zhang, Yaozhong Kong, Guobao Wang, Jun Ai
BACKGROUND: Relationship between serum phosphorus time in range and mortality risk in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients remains uncertain. We aimed to evaluate the association between serum phosphorus time in range and all-cause mortality in Chinese PD population. METHODS: This was a multicenter, retrospective, cohort study of 1,915 patients collected from January 2008 to October 2020 in 4 Chinese centers. Serum phosphorus time in range was estimated as the months during the first year that a patient's serum phosphorus level was within the target range (defined as 1...
March 29, 2024: BMC Nephrology
David Mukunya, Faith Oguttu, Brendah Nambozo, Ritah Nantale, Brian Tonny Makoko, Agnes Napyo, Josephine Tumuhamye, Solomon Wani, Prossy Auma, Ketty Atim, Doreck Nahurira, Dedan Okello, Joan Wamulugwa, Lawrence Ssegawa, Julius Wandabwa, Sarah Kiguli, Martin Chebet, Milton W Musaba
BACKGROUND: Over two million children and adolescents suffer from chronic kidney disease globally. Early childhood insults such as birth asphyxia could be risk factors for chronic kidney disease in later life. Our study aimed to assess renal function among children aged two to four years, born to women with obstructed labour. METHODS: We followed up 144 children aged two to four years, born to women with obstructed labor at Mbale regional referral hospital in Eastern Uganda...
March 28, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Chong-Cheng Chen, Yue-Yang Huang, Hua-Zhang, Xia-Liu, Xue-Qin Li, Yan-Qiong Long, Zheng-Wen Chen, Tao Jin
BACKGROUND: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has become an increasingly important public health disease with a high incidence rate and mortality. Although several studies have explored the effectiveness of resistance exercise in improving the prognosis of CKD patients, the number of studies is still limited and the results are still controversial. OBJECTIVES: We conducted this meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCT) studies to evaluate the effectiveness of resistance exercise on CKD patients...
March 26, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Ayano Hayashi, Kayoko Mizuno, Kanna Shinkawa, Kazunori Sakoda, Satomi Yoshida, Masato Takeuchi, Motoko Yanagita, Koji Kawakami
BACKGROUND: Diabetic kidney disease (DKD) is the most common disease among patients requiring dialysis for the first time in Japan. Multidisciplinary care (MDC) may prevent the progression of kidney failure. However, the effectiveness and timing of MDC to preserve kidney function in patients with DKD is unclear. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate whether MDC for patients with DKD affects the preservation of kidney function as well as the timing of MDC in clinical practice...
March 25, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Marlou W Kluiving, Evelien F H I Peeters, Titia A Lely, Niek van Oorschot, Wendela L de Ranitz-Greven
BACKGROUND: Women are counseled preconceptionally about the potential risks of rAML progression and chance of complications during and due to pregnancy. However, a systematic search investigating the evidence on which this advice is based does not exist. The aim of this systematic review is to determine the effect of pregnancy on renal angiomyolipoma (rAML) size and risk of haemorrhage in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). METHODS: We searched PubMed, EMBASE, Medline and ClinicalTrials...
March 22, 2024: BMC Nephrology
Priti Meena, Vinant Bhargava, Pallav Gupta, Sandip Panda, Soumyadeep Bhaumik
INTRODUCTION: Snakebite is a public health problem leading to about 58,000 deaths every year in India. Kidney injury subsequent to snakebite envenomation is common with a reported prevalence of up to 32%. The current study aims to elucidate the spectrum of kidney histopathology in acute kidney injury (AKI) cases associated with snake bites. METHODS: We searched seven electronic database studies to identify studies describing the histopathological findings in the kidney with snakebite envenomation...
March 21, 2024: BMC Nephrology
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