Volodymyr Hryn, Yuriy Kostylenko, Oleksandr Maksymenko
BACKGROUND: Aseptic peritonitis is a reaction of the local immune system aimed at rejection of a foreign body, which, having antigenic properties, does not (unlike a pathogen) counteract the immune system. The suture materials, namely catgut thread, used in intracavitary surgical operations possess xenogenic properties and can be used for antigenic stimulation of the immune system of the peritoneal cavity. Consequently, we decided to use a catgut suture for antigenic stimulation of the immune system of the peritoneal cavity and to study the morphological features of the results of experimental modeling of aseptic peritonitis in albino rats...
September 20, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
K Schneider, G Breuer, L Luibl, F Paulsen, M Scholz, P Burger
BACKGROUND: Mental health problems are common in medical professionals and their development already starts at the undergraduate level. Studies on medical students can replicate higher prevalence for depression and burnout in this group, but they normally compare semester cohorts in an anonymized, cross-sectional approach and without a preventive perspective. METHODS: We surveyed medical students at the beginning and end of their medical curriculum and collected data on burnout, depressivity, work related experience and salutogenesis parameters with validated self-administered questionnaires...
September 6, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Zhu Zhu, Zitian Wang, Changyan Ma, Junbo Zhou, Wei Zhang
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of isopsoralen on osteogenic differentiation of human jawbone marrow mesenchymal cells and its possible mechanism. METHOD: The cytotoxicity and proliferation of cells were measured by a cell counting kit 8. Alkaline phosphatase activity analysis was then used to determine the optimal concentration of isopsoralen to promote the differentiation. Western blot, qRT-PCR and Alizarin Red S staining were used to evaluate the role of Notch signaling pathway in isopsoralen-induced osteogenic differentiation...
September 5, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Yaser Hosny Ali Elewa, Alaa M Khalifa, Mahmoud Hosny Zahran
BACKGROUND: Polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid (pIC) is a synthetic analog of double-stranded RNA. It is used as a synthetic adjuvant to induce an adaptive immune response. However, the effect of pIC on the development of mediastinal fat-associated lymphoid clusters (MFALCs) that regulate intrathoracic hemostasis has remained unidentified. METHODS: We investigated the impact of intranasal (i.n.) administration (pIC i.n. group) and intravenous (i.v.) administration (pIC i...
September 2, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Anna Malečková, Patrik Mik, Václav Liška, Richard Pálek, Jáchym Rosendorf, Kirsti Witter, Martina Grajciarová, Zbyněk Tonar
BACKGROUND: Porcine liver is widely used in hepatologic research as a large animal model with many anatomical and physiological similarities with humans. However, only limited information on porcine liver spatial microstructure has been published, especially regarding the hepatic sinusoids and bile canaliculi. The aim of our study was to quantify the sinusoidal and bile canalicular network in healthy male and female porcine livers and to map the variability of these structures with heterogenous distribution to improve the evaluability of liver biopsy samples...
September 2, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Vivianne Izabelle de Araújo Baptista, Janine Karla Franca da Silva Braz, Sebastião Pacheco Duque Neto, José Wilamy Cosme Rabêlo, Ravel Cavalcante Marinho, Eudes Euler de Souza Lucena
The morphology knowledge is essential for clinical, diagnostic and surgical practice in medicine. However, it is a great challenge teaching this science in an integrated curriculum, since it has the need of active methods associated with technology, in a total impaired workload. Therefore, this work described an educational design of multiple practice stations in order to teach morphology of the cardiovascular system in the undergraduate medical education. This activity was conducted in the Multicampi School of Medical Sciences of Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in Caicó/Brazil...
August 29, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Christiane Keil, Friedhelm Heinemann
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 25, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Nele Leonie Kaul, Coline M Diebolt, Carola Meier, Thomas Tschernig
Since the discovery of TRP proteins in 1969, during studies of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, interest around them and the subfamily of TRPC channels has remained high. TRPC3 was able to be detected in a number of organs in rodents, such as rats and mice, and also in various human tissues. For the most part, these investigations were carried out using gene expression of TRPC3. Further work has already confirmed the relevance of TRPC3 in the context of neurodegenerative diseases, such as spinocerebellar ataxia, and carcinogenic entities, such as ovarian carcinoma...
August 24, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
J S Gruener, F Paulsen, A A Barth, R E Horch
BACKGROUND: Compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow within the cubital tunnel is related to the anatomical structures and is generally believed to be caused by Osborne's ligament (also known as the cubital retinaculum). However, in rare cases an anatomical variation of the developmental peculiarity of a remaining anconeus epitrochlearis muscle may be responsible for the disease. METHODS: We present a series of five cases in which an anconeus epitrochlearis muscle was found as the cause of illness...
August 24, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Philipp Winter, Kajetan Klos, Laura Lambert, Friedrich Paulsen, Stefan Landgraeber, Joe Wagener
BACKGROUND: The tarsometatarsal 1 arthrodesis is an adequate treatment for moderate to severe hallux valgus deformity and instability of the first ray. Plantar plating arthrodesis has been shown to provide better mechanical stability and fewer postoperative complications than screw fixation or medial plating. The medio-plantar plate is a new plate design for Lapidus arthrodesis. It could combine the biomechanical advantages of the plantar plate and the anatomical overview of a medial plate...
August 17, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Vittorio Bolcato, Giacomo Belli, Chiara Franzetti, Maria Cristina Monti, Livio P Tronconi, Mariangela Puci, Luca Morini
BACKGROUND: Practicing on the human body was considered extremely relevant for health professionals' education, but a drastic reduction was observed due to an increase in alternative virtual and multimedia means, and, in Italy, also due to a lack of regulation. Italian Law 10/2020 regulates body donation for research and training through an advanced directive for post-mortem body donation. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was carried out to investigate the law knowledge and body donation perception of health students of any degree courses enrolled at the University of Pavia, Italy, in 2021, through ad hoc web questionnaire...
August 16, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Nobuyoshi Shiojiri, Haruka Hirose, Noriaki Ota, Junri Sekiguchi, Sachie Matsubara, Hayato Kawakami
BACKGROUND: The liver architecture of vertebrates can be classified into two types, the portal triad type (having periportal bile ducts) and the non-portal triad type (having bile ducts independent of the course of portal veins). The former is typically detectable in livers of tetrapods and cartilaginous fish, and its ancestral state is found in the hagfish, an earliest diverged lineage among vertebrates. Teleosts other than osteoglossomorphs have the latter. The aim of the present study is to reveal the changes of the hepatic innervation, biliary cilia and smooth muscle distribution, and extracellular matrices along vertebrate evolution with attention to the two types of liver architectures...
August 15, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
F Ravanetti, P Borghetti, M Zoboli, P M Veloso, E De Angelis, R Ciccimarra, R Saleri, A Cacchioli, F Gazza, R Machado, L Ragionieri, C Attanasio
Articular cartilage degradation due to injury, disease and aging is a common clinical issue as current regenerative therapies are unable to fully replicate the complex microenvironment of the native tissue which, being avascular, is featured by very low ability to self-regenerate. The extracellular matrix (ECM), constituting almost 90% of the entire tissue, plays a critical role in its function and resistance to compressive forces. In this context, the current tissue engineering strategies are only partially effective in restoring the biology and function of the native tissue...
August 11, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Paulina C Mizia, Izabela Rams-Pociecha, Edyta Podmokła, Rafal P Piprek
The developing gonads constitute a valuable model for studying developmental mechanisms because the testes and ovaries, while originating from the same primordia, undergo two different patterns of development. So far, gonadal development among birds has been described in detail in chickens, but literature on the earliest stages of gonadogenesis is scarce. This study presents changes in the structure of the gonads in three species of breeding birds (chicken, duck, and pigeon), starting from the first signs of gonadal ridge formation, that is, the thickenings of the coelomic epithelium...
August 11, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Eva Svandova, Barbora Vesela, Adela Kratochvilova, Katerina Holomkova, Veronika Oralova, Katerina Dadakova, Tom Burger, Paul Sharpe, Herve Lesot, Eva Matalova
Teeth and their associated tissues contain several populations of mesenchymal stem cells, one of which is represented by dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs). These cells have mainly been characterised in vitro and numerous positive and negative markers for these cells have been suggested. To investigate the presence and localization of these molecules during development, forming dental pulp was examined using the mouse first mandibular molar as a model. The stages corresponding to postnatal (P) days 0, 7, 14, and 21 were investigated...
August 11, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Irfan Gungor, Berrin Gunaydin, Beyza M Buyukgebiz Yeşil, Selin Bagcaz, Miray Gozde Ozdemir, Gozde Inan, Suna O Oktar
BACKGROUND: We aimed to assess the accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI) based real-time anatomy identification for ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve and plane block in eight regions in this prospective observational study. METHODS: After obtaining ethics committee approval and written informed consent from 40 healthy volunteers (20 men and 20 women, between 18 and 72 years old), an ultrasound device installed with AI software (Nerveblox, SmartAlfa, Turkey) were used to scan regions of the cervical plexus, brachial plexus, pectoralis (PECS), rectus sheet, femoralis, canalis adductorius, popliteal, and ESP by three anesthesiology trainees...
August 11, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Faisal Ahmed, Tomoko Minamizaki, Jane E Aubin, Merry Annisa Damayanti, Yuji Yoshiko
BACKGROUND: Osteocytes are the most abundant cell type in adult bone, and the morphological characteristics of osteocytes and their lacunae appear to influence bone mass and fragility. Although conventional computed tomography (CT) has contributed greatly to advances in bone morphometry, capturing details of the entire hierarchical assembly, e.g., osteocyte lacuna parameters, has been limited by the analytical performance of CT (> 1 μm resolution). METHODS: We used high-resolution (700nm) micro-CT to evaluate and compare the osteocyte lacuna parameters over a large scale, i...
August 10, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Elena Drakonaki, Marko Konschake, Gregory Chlouverakis, John Tsiaoussis
INTRODUCTION: High resolution ultrasound (US) of the cervical vagus nerve (CVN) is clinically relevant in the diagnostic workup and during neurostimulation therapy of several neurologic diseases. This prospective study aims to provide reference data of the cross-sectional area (CSA) and fascicle count of the normal CVN and to investigate their possible association with anthropometric data in a large cohort of patients. METHODS: A total of 657 CVNs in 330 individuals without history of neurological disease were examined using US (7-15Mhz)...
July 26, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Hongmei Tang, Jing Pan, Yunxian Xu, Liru Liu, Xubo Yang, Shiya Huang, Tingting Peng, Yuan Huang, Yiting Zhao, Chaoqiong Fu, Hongyu Zhou, Zhaofang Chen, Wenda Wang, Lu He, Kaishou Xu
BACKGROUND: Our previous study has confirmed that constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) could promote neural remodeling in hemiplegic cerebral palsy (HCP) mice through Nogo-A/NgR/RhoA/ROCK signaling, however, the upstream mechanism was still unclear. Therefore, the present study aimed to further explore the mechanism of CIMT regulating the expression of Nogo-A in HCP mice. METHOD: HCP mice were well established through ligating the left common carotid artery of 7-day-old pups and being placed in a hypoxic box which was filled with a mixture of 8% oxygen and 92% nitrogen...
July 26, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
Álvaro Blázquez-Bujeda, Maria Ortega, Elena de Dios, Jose Gavara, Nerea Perez-Solé, Tamara Molina-Garcia, Victor Marcos-Garcés, Ana Diaz, Francisco J Chorro, Cesar Rios-Navarro, Vicente Bodí, Amparo Ruiz-Sauri
BACKGROUND: Extracellular matrix (ECM) suffers substantial alterations after myocardial infarction (MI), including the invasion of leukocyte subtypes. Despite a complete reopening at epicardial level, hypoperfusion within the infarcted myocardium, known as microvascular obstruction (MVO), occurs and exerts a negative impact on ventricular remodeling. In this study, ECM composition at MVO regions was described using a morphometric analysis. METHODS: MI was induced in female swine (n=10) by transitory 90-minute coronary occlusion followed by seven days of reperfusion...
July 26, 2023: Annals of Anatomy
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