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Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology

Hyun Myung Ko, Yeonsun Jin, Hyun Ho Park, Jong Hyuk Lee, Seung Hyo Jung, So Young Choi, Sung Hoon Lee, Chan Young Shin
[This corrects the article on p. 679 in vol. 22, PMID: 30402028.].
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Xu-Dong Zhang, Xiao-Yuan Guo, Jing-Xuan Tang, Lin-Na Yue, Juan-Hui Zhang, Tao Liu, Yu-Xia Dong, Song-Shan Tang
[This corrects the article on p. 637 in vol. 22, PMID: 30402024.].
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Sang Yep Shin, Nam Jun Baek, Seung Ho Han, Sun Seek Min
Ketamine has long been used as an anesthetic agent. However, ketamine use is associated with numerous side effects, including flashbacks, amnesia, delirium, and aggressive or violent behavior. Ketamine has also been abused as a cocktail with ecstasy, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Several studies have investigated therapeutic applications of ketamine, demonstrating its antidepressant and anxiolytic effects in both humans and rodents. We recently reported that neonatal maternal separation causes enhanced anxiety- and aggressive-like behaviors in adolescent...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Ah-Jin Ryu, Kyung Eun Lee, Soon-Sung Kwon, Eun-Seok Shin, Eun Bo Shim
Body surface potential map, an electric potential distribution on the body torso surface, enables us to infer the electrical activities of the heart. Therefore, observing electric potential projected to the torso surface can be highly useful for diagnosing heart diseases such as coronary occlusion. The BSPM for the heart of a patient show a higher level of sensitivity than 12-lead ECG. Relevant research has been mostly based on clinical statistics obtained from patients, and, therefore, a simulation for a variety of pathological phenomena of the heart is required...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Kyung Eun Lee, Ki Tae Kim, Jong Ho Lee, Sujin Jung, June-Hong Kim, Eun Bo Shim
We aimed to propose a novel computational approach to predict the electromechanical performance of pre- and post-mitral valve cerclage annuloplasty (MVCA). Furthermore, we tested a virtual estimation method to optimize the left ventricular basement tightening scheme using a pre-MVCA computer model. The present model combines the three-dimensional (3D) electromechanics of the ventricles with the vascular hemodynamics implemented in a lumped parameter model. 3D models of pre- and post-MVCA were reconstructed from the computed tomography (CT) images of two patients and simulated by solving the electromechanical-governing equations with the finite element method...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Kyu Hang Lee, Sang Don Lee, Namdu Kim, Kwee Hyun Suh, Young Hoon Kim, Sang Soo Sim
HM41322 is a novel oral sodium-glucose cotransporter (SGLT) 1/2 dual inhibitor. In this study, the in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic and pharmacologic profiles of HM41322 were compared to those of dapagliflozin. HM41322 showed a 10-fold selectivity for SGLT2 over SGLT1. HM41322 showed an inhibitory effect on SGLT2 similar to dapagliflozin, but showed a more potent inhibitory effect on SGLT1 than dapagliflozin. The maximum plasma HM41322 level after single oral doses at 0.1, 1, and 3 mg/kg were 142, 439, and 1830 ng/ml, respectively, and the T1/2 was 3...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Sang Hoon Kim, Zhongkai Zhang, Young Jae Moon, Il Woon Park, Yong Gon Cho, Raok Jeon, Byung-Hyun Park
Estrogen withdrawal in post-menopausal women leads to overactivation of osteoclasts, which contributes to the development of osteoporosis. Inflammatory cytokines are known as one of mechanisms of osteoclast activation after estrogen deficiency. SPA0355 is a thiourea derivative that has been investigated for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. However, its efficacy in bone resorption has not been previously investigated. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of SPA0355 on the development of osteoporosis and to explore its mode of action...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Yan Ping Bai, Lei Sen Han
To study the effect of nicorandil pretreatment on ketone body metabolism and Acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase (ACAT1) activity in hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R)-induced cardiomyocytes. In our study, we applied H9c2 cardiomyocytes cell line to evaluate the cardioprotective effects of nicorandil. We detected mitochondrial viability, cellular apoptosis, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and calcium overloading in H9c2 cells that exposed to H/R-induced cytotoxicity. Then we evaluated whether nicorandil possibly regulated ketone body, mainly β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate (ACAC), metabolism by regulating ACAT1 and Succinyl-CoA:3-keto-acid coenzyme A transferase 1 (OXCT1) protein and gene expressions...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Seung Tack Oh, Seongmi Lee, Cai Hua, Byung-Soo Koo, Sok Cheon Pak, Dong-Il Kim, Songhee Jeon, Boo Ahn Shin
Decursin is a major biological active component of Angelica gigas Nakai and is known to induce apoptosis of metastatic prostatic cancer cells. Recently, other reports have been commissioned to examine the anticancer activities of this plant. In this study, we evaluated the inhibitory activity and related mechanism of action of decursin against glioblastoma cell line. Decursin demonstrated cytotoxic effects on U87 and C6 glioma cells in a dose-dependent manner but not in primary glial cells. Additionally, decursin increased apoptotic bodies and phosphorylated JNK and p38 in U87 cells...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Qianrui Zhang, Kang Chen, Tao Wu, Hongping Song
Swertiamarin (STM) is an iridoid compound that is present in the Gentianaceae swertia genus. Here we investigated antiapoptotic effects of STM on carbon tetrachloride (CCl4 )-induced liver injury and its possible mechanisms. Adult male Sprague Dawley rats were randomly divided into a control group, an STM 200 mg/kg group, a CCl4 group, a CCl4 +STM 100 mg/kg group, and a CCl4 +STM 200 mg/kg group. Rats in experimental groups were subcutaneously injected with 40% CCl4 twice weekly for 8 weeks. STM (100 and 200 mg/kg per day) was orally given to experimental rats by gavage for 8 consecutive weeks...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Ravneet Kaur Khangura, Jasmine Sharma, Anjana Bali, Nirmal Singh, Amteshwar Singh Jaggi
Neuropathic pain is a complex chronic pain state caused by the dysfunction of somatosensory nervous system, and it affects the millions of people worldwide. At present, there are very few medical treatments available for neuropathic pain management and the intolerable side effects of medications may further worsen the symptoms. Despite the presence of profound knowledge that delineates the pathophysiology and mechanisms leading to neuropathic pain, the unmet clinical needs demand more research in this field that would ultimately assist to ameliorate the pain conditions...
January 2019: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Yumi Kim, Jinyoung Jang, Hyun Jin Kim, Myoung Kyu Park
GABAergic control over dopamine (DA) neurons in the substantia nigra is crucial for determining firing rates and patterns. Although GABA activates both GABAA and GABAB receptors distributed throughout the somatodendritic tree, it is currently unclear how regional GABA receptors in the soma and dendritic compartments regulate spontaneous firing. Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine actions of regional GABA receptors on spontaneous firing in acutely dissociated DA neurons from the rat using patch-clamp and local GABA-uncaging techniques...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Hae Jin Kim, Eun Bok Baek, Sung Joon Kim
Dipeptidyl peptidase4 (DPP4) inhibitors such as gemigliptin are anti-diabetic drugs elevating plasma concentration of incretins such as GLP-1. In addition to the DPP4 inhibition, gemigliptin might directly improve the functions of vessels under pathological conditions. To test this hypothesis, we investigated whether the acetylcholine-induced endothelium dependent relaxation (ACh-EDR) of mesenteric arteries (MA) are altered by gemigliptin pretreatment in Spontaneous Hypertensive Rats (SHR) and in Wistar-Kyoto rats (WKY) under hyperglycemia-like conditions (HG; 2 hr incubation with 50 mM glucose)...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Hyunsook Lee, Kyu-Tae Kang
The tube formation assay is a widely used in vitro experiment model to evaluate angiogenic properties by measuring the formation of tubular structures from vascular endothelial cells (ECs). in vitro experimental results are crucial when considered the advisability of moving forward to in vivo studies. Thus, the additional attentions to the in vitro assay is necessary to improve the quality of the pre-clinical data, leading to better decision-making for successful drug discovery. In this study, we improved the tube formation assay system in three aspects...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
JooHan Woo, Hyun Jong Kim, Yu Ran Nam, Yung Kyu Kim, Eun Ju Lee, Inho Choi, Sung Joon Kim, Wan Lee, Joo Hyun Nam
Myoblast fusion depends on mitochondrial integrity and intracellular Ca2+ signaling regulated by various ion channels. In this study, we investigated the ionic currents associated with [Ca2+ ]i regulation in normal and mitochondrial DNA-depleted (ρ0) L6 myoblasts. The ρ0 myoblasts showed impaired myotube formation. The inwardly rectifying K+ current (IKir ) was largely decreased with reduced expression of KIR2.1, whereas the voltage-operated Ca2+ channel and Ca2+ -activated K+ channel currents were intact...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Ji Seon Yang, Sujeong Jeon, Kee Dong Yoon, Shin Hee Yoon
Increasing evidence implicates changes in [Ca2+ ]i and oxidative stress as causative factors in amyloid beta (Aβ)-induced neuronal cell death. Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), a component of anthocyanin, has been reported to protect against glutamate-induced neuronal cell death by inhibiting Ca2+ and Zn2+ signaling. The present study aimed to determine whether C3G exerts a protective effect against Aβ25-35 -induced neuronal cell death in cultured rat hippocampal neurons from embryonic day 17 fetal Sprague-Dawley rats using MTT assay for cell survival, and caspase-3 assay and digital imaging methods for Ca2+ , Zn2+ , MMP and ROS...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Hyun Myung Ko, Yeonsun Jin, Hyun Ho Park, Jong Hyuk Lee, Seung Hyo Jung, So Young Choi, Sung Hoon Lee, Chan Young Shin
Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are neurodevelopmental disorders that share behavioral features, the results of numerous studies have suggested that the underlying causes of ASDs are multifactorial. Behavioral and/or neurobiological analyses of ASDs have been performed extensively using a valid model of prenatal exposure to valproic acid (VPA). Abnormal synapse formation resulting from altered neurite outgrowth in neural progenitor cells (NPCs) during embryonic brain development has been observed in both the VPA model and ASD subjects...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Byung-Soo Choi, Yu-Jin Kim, Yong Pill Yoon, Hyun Jae Lee, Choong Jae Lee
In the present study, we investigated whether tussilagone, a natural product derived from Tussilago farfara , significantly affects the production and gene expression of airway MUC5AC mucin. Confluent NCI-H292 cells were pretreated with tussilagone for 30 min and then stimulated with EGF (epidermal growth factor) or PMA (phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate) for 24 h or the indicated periods. The MUC5AC mucin gene expression was measured by RT-PCR. Production of MUC5AC mucin protein was measured by ELISA. To elucidate the action mechanism of tussilagone, effect of tussilagone on PMA-induced NF-κB signaling pathway was investigated by western blot analysis...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Jang-Hee Cho, Soon-Youn Choi, Hye-Myung Ryu, Eun-Joo Oh, Ju-Min Yook, Ji-Sun Ahn, Hee-Yeon Jung, Ji-Young Choi, Sun-Hee Park, Chan-Duck Kim, Yong-Lim Kim
Fimasartan, a new angiotensin II receptor antagonist, reduces myocyte damage and stabilizes atherosclerotic plaque through its anti-inflammatory effect in animal studies. We investigated the protective effects of pretreatment with fimasartan on ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) in a mouse model of ischemic renal damage. C57BL/6 mice were pretreated with or without 5 (IR-F5) or 10 (IR-F10) mg/kg/day fimasartan for 3 days. Renal ischemia was induced by clamping bilateral renal vascular pedicles for 30 min. Histology, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and apoptosis assays were evaluated 24 h after IRI...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Jin-Eon Han, Jin-Hwa Cho, Michiko Nakamura, Maan-Gee Lee, Il-Sung Jang
Migraine is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent and disabling severe headaches. Although several anticonvulsant drugs that block voltage-dependent Na+ channels are widely used for migraine, far less is known about the therapeutic actions of carbamazepine on migraine. In the present study, therefore, we characterized the effects of carbamazepine on tetrodotoxin-resistant (TTX-R) Na+ channels in acutely isolated rat dural afferent neurons, which were identified by the fluorescent dye DiI. The TTX-R Na+ currents were measured in medium-sized DiIpositive neurons using the whole-cell patch clamp technique in the voltage-clamp mode...
November 2018: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
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