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Journal of Health Psychology

Carmelo M Vicario, Vanni Caruso, Craparo Giuseppe, Kim Felmingham
Food addiction and high impulsivity are common traits in obesity. In accordance with the evidence that time is overestimated in patients with a history of impulsivity and/or drug addiction, we tested the hypothesis that duration is overestimated in obesity. A total of 92 obese participants and 182 healthy controls completed a timing task of visual stimuli. In line with our prediction, obese participants overestimated the duration of the displayed visual stimuli than controls. Our result has potential clinical implications in the field of obesity, as it suggests a potential contribution of this cognitive dysfunction in the emergence and maintenance of obesity-related behaviour...
April 16, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Mehdi Zemestani, Morteza Abbarini, Andree L Castonguay
This study examined the psychometric properties of a Persian translation of the Body and Appearance Self-conscious Emotions Scale. A total of 393 university students from Iran completed the Body and Appearance Self-conscious Emotions Scale, along with measures of depression, self-esteem, affect, body appreciation, physical self-perceptions, personality, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and body dysmorphic disorder. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the four-factor structure had adequate fit. Further analyses indicated that the Body and Appearance Self-conscious Emotions Scale scores evidenced internal consistency, convergent validity, and test-retest reliability...
April 16, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Vaughn Barry, Mary E Stout, Mary Ellen Lynch, Shanna Mattis, Duc Q Tran, Ana Antun, Maria Ja Ribeiro, Sidney F Stein, Christine L Kempton
Distress effects are widely examined in cross-sectional studies with less known about effects on future health. This review summarizes distress impacts on health among adults in prospective studies and describes available distress measurement tools. Four inter-disciplinary databases were searched. Effects of distress on mortality and other outcomes were reviewed and estimated in a meta-analysis. A total of 19 studies were assessed which incorporated 10 distress tools. Distress had a detrimental effect on health regardless of the population studied, distress tool used, and health outcome examined...
April 11, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Alfonso Mercado, Amanda Venta, Craig Henderson, Norma Pimentel
This study examined Ruiz et al.'s sociocultural model of Hispanic health resilience by assessing trauma exposure and symptoms and Hispanic cultural values in relation to the physical health of 97 Central American immigrant families, within 24 hours of arrival to the United States. Increased posttraumatic stress symptoms, but not exposure, were associated with increased physical health concerns for parents and children. Hispanic cultural values moderated trauma-health relations for adult health only. Identifying posttraumatic stress symptoms as a significant correlate of physical health in Latino immigrant parents and children is critical to identifying vulnerabilities in need of future research and interventions...
April 11, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Daniel L Rosenfeld, A Janet Tomiyama
Research on the psychology of eating behavior often treats vegetarians as a monolithic group. Yet, a considerable proportion of people (17% in Study 1) who self-identify as vegetarian are actually pescatarians-those who forgo all meats except fish. Research on the psychology of pescatarianism is profoundly lacking, which may hinder future interventionists' efforts to improve diet. Through two preregistered studies of adults from the United States recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk (total N = 490), we investigated pescatarianism with respect to dietary identity, motivation, and attitudes toward animals...
April 10, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Sannisha K Dale, Rachelle Reid, Steven A Safren
In the United States, Black women living with HIV face various individual (e.g. trauma) and structural (e.g. racism) adversities. However, resilience is understudied among Black women living with HIV. A total of 100 Black women living with HIV in the United States completed measures of resilience, general self-efficacy, self-esteem, post-traumatic growth, trauma symptoms, trauma-related cognitions, and depressive symptoms. Regressions controlling for age and education indicated that higher resilience was associated with higher general self-efficacy (β = ...
April 8, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Roni Elran-Barak
The aim of this research is to study young adults who try to lose weight using only healthful weight-control behaviors. Secondary analyses of the US National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add-Health, N = 3,882) were performed. Females who used only healthful weight-control behaviors had lower self-esteem than females who did not try to lose weight, and less depressive symptoms than females who used unhealthful weight-control behaviors. Data suggested that females who used only healthful weight-control behaviors were at higher risk for gains in body mass index than females who did not try to lose weight...
April 8, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Kendall Soucie, Tanja Samardzic, Kristin Schramer, Zoha Salam, Cindy Ly
Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common endocrine disorder among women aged from 18 to 40 years. Its debilitating menstrual/obesity-related symptoms challenge conceptions of femininity. To date, age-related differences in women's body esteem and physicians' symptom management recommendations have not been investigated. Age moderated the relationships between symptom concerns and both sexual attractiveness and physical condition, but only for midlife, not for emerging adult women. Midlife women received holistic management information from physicians, while emerging adult women received weight management information...
April 8, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Line Wisting, Astrid Rø, Torild Skrivarhaug, Knut Dahl-Jørgensen, Øyvind Rø
This study investigated associations between psychological aspects and metabolic control among adults with type 1 diabetes ( n = 282). Linear regression analyses demonstrated that the illness perception personal control and the coping strategy seeking emotional social support explained 23.2 percent of the variance in hemoglobin A1c among females ( β = 0.40, p < 0.001 and β = -0.22, p < 0.01, respectively). Among males, only personal control remained significant, explaining 13.9 percent of the variance in hemoglobin A1c ( β = 0...
April 3, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Sarah Catchpole, Gulcan Garip
Myalgic encephalopathy/chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition and many people rely heavily on family carers. This study explored the caring experiences of seven family carers. Four themes were established: relations with others, role and identity changes, coping with change and uncertainty, and information and support seeking. Caring disrupted multiple areas of carers' lives, including their identities and relationships. Scepticism from others about myalgic encephalopathy/chronic fatigue syndrome was particularly distressing...
March 21, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Alexandra Grace Morley-Hewitt, Alison Leah Owen
A systematic review was conducted to examine female body image in relation to the intention, initiation and duration of post-partum infant feeding methods. A search of 10 databases was conducted to identify studies. A total of nine studies were included in the systematic review. All studies were of a non-randomised control design with a total of 13,046 participants. Findings suggest that exclusive breastfeeding is more likely in pregnant women with a higher body image, while those with body concerns had less intention to breastfeed or initiate, with those who start having a shorter duration...
March 15, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
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March 13, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Nadine Ungar, Fiona S Rupprecht, Karen Steindorf, Joachim Wiskemann, Monika Sieverding
Expectancies of cancer patients regarding their physical activity before they took part in a behavior change intervention were compared with their experiences during the intervention period. A total of 66 cancer patients completed either a randomly assigned 4-week physical activity or a stress-management counseling intervention. On average, participants had positive expectancies toward physical activity. Outcome expectancies predicted outcomes (e.g. physical activity) at a 10-week follow-up. Outcome realization (discrepancy between expectancies and experiences) further increased explained variance in self-efficacy and physical activity enjoyment...
March 11, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
André de Araújo Pinto, Kwaku Oppong Asante, Rita Maria Dos Santos Puga Barbosa, Markus Vinicius Nahas, Duana Torquato Dias, Andreia Pelegrini
Loneliness is an individual and social problem associated with an unhealthy lifestyle among adolescents. We examined the association between loneliness, physical activity, and participation in physical education lessons among school-going adolescents. Participants included 2517 adolescents aged 14-19 years selected from state public high schools in Amazonas, Brazil. Participants answered a questionnaire containing demographic information, physical activity, and participation in physical education lessons and loneliness...
March 7, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Candice Whitaker, Brendan Gough, Helen Fawkner, Nova Deighton-Smith
Associated with numerous adverse health outcomes, body dissatisfaction in young men requires close examination. This study explores online accounts relating to male body image, including young men's personal disclosures within one online newspaper article, and posts responding to this topic. Discursively informed thematic analysis indicated that non-disclosure was considered a problematic social expectation by the young men featured in the article. Also, reader posts variously constructed body dissatisfaction as a symptom of adolescence, a lack of self-care and an incapacity to capitalise on compensatory qualities...
February 28, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
David F Marks
The Journal of Health Psychology publishes here Dr Anthony Pelosi's analysis of questionable science by one of the world's best-known psychologists, the late Professor Hans J Eysenck. The provenance of a huge body of data produced by Eysenck and Ronald Grossarth-Maticek is highly controversial. In Open letters to King's College London and the British Psychological Society, this editor is requesting a thorough investigation of the facts together with retraction or correction of 61 publications. Academic institutions have a conflict of interest concerning allegations of misconduct, which is why I believe that the only way forward is to have a National Research Integrity Ombudsperson to investigate allegations...
February 22, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Christina L Rush, Stephanie A Hooker, Kaile M Ross, Amy K Frers, John C Peters, Kevin S Masters
Meaning and purpose in life are related to a reduced risk of mortality and cardiovascular events, and meaning has been established as a correlate of physical activity. However, it is not clear what mechanisms account for the relationship between meaning and physical activity. A cross-sectional analysis ( N = 94) indicated that self-efficacy in improving physical fitness is a statistically significant mediator of the relationship between meaning and physical activity.
February 22, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Anthony J Pelosi
During the 1980s and 1990s, Hans J Eysenck conducted a programme of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of fatal diseases in collaboration with one of his protégés, Ronald Grossarth-Maticek. This led to what must be the most astonishing series of findings ever published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature with effect sizes that have never otherwise been encounterered in biomedical research. This article outlines just some of these reported findings and signposts readers to extremely serious scientific and ethical criticisms that were published almost three decades ago...
February 22, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Brooke Bryson, Kathleen Bogart, Makenzie Atwood, Kelly Fraser, Taylor Locke, Kiley Pugh, Mohamed Zerrouk
Living with a rare disease can present unique challenges not shared by individuals with common diseases. A content analysis explored which challenges, in participants' own words, are most prevalent across a sample of individuals ( n = 1157) with diverse rare diseases in the United States. Symptoms, activity limitations, treatments, uncertainty, and companionship support were mentioned most. Differences across the most frequently mentioned codes were found among disease types, gender, income, years since diagnosis, and symptom duration...
February 21, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
Anna E Epperson, Jan L Wallander, Anna V Song, Sarah Depaoli, Melissa F Peskin, Marc N Elliott, Mark A Schuster
Dual-process theories may be effective at predicting adolescent smoking; however, little is known about the effectiveness of these models across race/ethnicity and gender. Adolescents ( N = 4035) completed biopsychosocial and tobacco-related perception measures in Grade 7 and reported on smoking initiation in Grade 10. Using structural equation modeling and comparing models by gender and race/ethnicity showed differences, where both intentions and willingness predicted smoking initiation for only Black and male adolescents, compared to their Latino and White and female counterparts...
February 17, 2019: Journal of Health Psychology
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