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Journal of Health and Human Services Administration

Jung Wook Kim, Hee Soun Jang, Lisa A Dicke
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2017: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Thomas A Bryer, Pamela Medina
Civic engagement and volunteerism in post-communist societies is poor; there are limited traditions of civic activity, and those traditions that have existed have meanings associated with a historical period when free engagement was risky and volunteerism was coerced. Today, in nations like Lithuania, there are efforts underway to reclaim the labels "volunteerism" and "participation" and to craft more civically healthy communities. This paper will address two questions: (1) How has Lithuania's civic health evolved since independence from the Soviet Union? (2) What lessons are in the emergence of a civic and volunteer culture provide for scholars, government and nonprofit officials, and civic leaders interested in moving communities within the United States out of their civic ruts? Underlying the second question is an assumption, which will be argued within the paper, that officials in the United States have more to learn from emergent civic cultures than those emergent cultures do from us, though there are certainly lessons from the United States that may be applicable...
2017: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Patsy Kraeger, Robbie Robichau
Philanthropic organizations contribute to important work that solves complex problems to strengthen communities. Many of these organizations are moving toward engaging in public policy work, in addition to funding programs. This paper raises questions of legitimacy for foundations, as well as issues of transparency and accountability in a pluralistic democracy. Measures of civic health also inform how philanthropic organizations can be accountable to stakeholders. We propose a holistic model for philanthropic accountability that combines elements of transparency and performance accountability, as well as practices associated with the American pluralistic model for democratic accountability...
2017: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Kandyce Fernandez, Jennifer Alexander
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2017: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Mary Ann Feldheim
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2017: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Tyrone Perreira, Whitney Berta
BACKGROUND: The Workplace Affective Commitment Multidimensional Questionnaire (W ACMQ) measures affective commitment towards eight work-related targets. While this questionnaire was developed in the business sector, we believe that the multi-target conceptualization of affective commitment has applicability to complex health care contexts where providers of care, in the production and delivery of care, likely develop commitment toward a multiplicity of targets. Affective commitment is a strong predictor of extra-role workplace behavior; indispensable behaviors which enable health systems to function...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Ronald J Burke, Parbudyal Singh
The health care system, and hospitals, underwent considerable restructuring and downsizing in the early to mid-1900s in several countries as governments cut costs to reduce their budget deficits. Studies of the effects of these efforts on nursing staff and hospital functioning in various countries generally reported negative impacts with threats to job security emerging as an important outcome of these changes. Health care restructuring and hospital downsizing is again being implemented as governments struggle to reduce deficits at a time of worldwide economic recession in 2008/2010...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Doohee Lee, Andrew Sikula, Tongsoo Lee, Alissa A Dodds, Young Na
The role of information technology (IT) remains important within the medical community. However, little is known about the extent to which practicing physicians improve practice performance by having and utilizing IT at the national level. The present study, analyzing a national physician survey (n = 4,720), seeks to explore associations of IT availability and utilization with practice performance at the national level. The multivariate regression analysis results suggest that patient information IT functionality upholds physician advantages in annual income but prescription drug IT functionality was reversely linked to annual income...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Nathan Myers
In the last five years, the American public health emergency preparedness and response system has been tested by two significant threats, H1N1 and Ebola. While neither proved as dangerous as initially feared, these viruses highlighted on-going issues with collaborations in the field of public health and health care. Strengths were identified within the network, but also challenges that must be resolved before the U.S. faces a major pandemic. Employing interview data from public health emergency response practitioners and documentary evidence from the H1N1 and Ebola responses, this qualitative analysis uses the grounded theory approach to identify key areas for collaborative improvement...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Swenda Moreh, Henry O'Lawrence
Depression is one of the leading causes of disability for all ages and genders in the United States. Historically, depression had been viewed as a condition that only affected older adults; however, in recent years health professionals have recognized depression as a serious condition also affecting adolescence and young adults. The purpose of this study was to identify whether gender was a risk factor of depression within the adolescent and young adult population as literature shows that depression can impact growth and development, school performance, peer or family relationship and at times can be fatal...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Mary Eleanor Wickersham, Stepanie Basey
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2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Richard J Castillo, Kristina L Guo
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has made major changes in the way mental illness is conceptualized, assessed, and diagnosed in its new diagnostic manual, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), published in 2013, and has far reaching implications for health care organizations and mental health policy. This paper reviews the four new principles in DSM-5: 1) A spectrum (also called "dimensional") approach to the definition of mental illness; 2) recognition of the role played by environmental risk factors related to stress and trauma in predisposing, precipitating, and perpetuating mental illness; 3) cultural relativism in diagnosis and treatment of mental illness; and 4) recognizing the adverse effects of psychiatric medications on patients...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Dilaver Tengilimo─člu, Wafaa Menawi Metin Din├žer, Adnan Kisa, M Z Younis
Turkey's family physician or practice system was established in the beginning of the 2010 across Turkey's 81 provinces and provides low- cost health care, preventive and curative basic medical services to the population. Public health centers across Turkey have now become Family Health Centers (ASMs) as part of Turkey's efforts to harmonize its health care system with that of the European Union. The aim of This study is to analyze and evaluate the implementation and performance of Family Practice in Ankara province by family physicians...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Sabeena Jalal, Najib Ullah Khan, Mustafa Z Younis
Global disparities in health form a complex issue adversely affecting much of the world's population. What has been found is that national income and other general socio-economic factors are strong determinants of population health (Houweling, 2005 & Schell, 2007). In countries where resources are less, people are much less healthy than people living in rich countries. In wealthier countries that have made immense progress in health indicators, the resulting change in age structure and morbidity and mortality patterns portends even greater financial demands on the health sector...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
James Gamble, Henry O'Lawrence
This study was designed to determine if 12-Steps groups efficacy for substance abuse treatment significantly improve abstinence rates of heroin addicts in the short run and long run (1-year and 5-year period); and if abstinence rates are found to be lower for heroin addicts that have attended 12-Step groups at the 1-year mark, and if similar results would be expected at the 5-year mark. Secondary data from the Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research (ICPSR) was extracted and analyzed for the aforementioned hypothesis...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Joseph N Inungu, Cyprien E Zinsou, Younis Mustafa, Narcisse Singbo
Improving access to safe drinking water is a critical step in mitigating diarrheal diseases that affect millions of children under 5 years throughout the developing world each year. While the delivery of safe water is out of the reach of many countries, the utilization of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) is a proven cost-effective alternative to prevent diarrhea caused by waterborne pathogens. However, its uptake remains low in many developing countries, such as the Republic of Benin. This study examines the trends and the determinants of NaDCC uptake in Benin...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Hamda Khansaheb, Ayman Hussein, Samer Hamidi, David Brown, Mustafa Z Younis
The United Arab Emirate (UAE) of Dubai, faces significant adolescent health problems. In 2009, evidence based clinical guidelines were developed for primary health care professionals in Dubai to help reduce adolescent health problems. This research study explores adolescents' self-reports about health education services received between 2008 and 2010. The sample consisted of 730 public high school students in grades 10 through 12 between the ages of 15 and 19. 357 (48.9%) of the sample were males and 373 (51...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Pierre K Alexandre, Seungyoung Hwang, Kimberly B Roth, Joseph J Gallo, William W Eaton
BACKGROUND: Many persons with depressive disorder are not treated and associated costs are not recorded. AIMS OF THE STUDY: To determine whether major depressive disorder (MDD) is associated with higher medical cost among Medicare recipients. METHODS: Four waves of the Baltimore-Epidemiologic Catchment Area (Baltimore ECA) Study conducted between 1981 and 2004 were linked to Medicare claims data for the years 1999 to 2004 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Gang Nathan Dong
OBJECTIVE: This paper examines the hospital management practices of manipulating financial earnings within the bounds of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). STUDY DESIGN: We conduct regression analyses that relate earnings management to hospital characteristics to assess the economic determinants of hospital earnings management behavior. METHOD AND DATA: From the CMS Cost Reports we collected hospital financial data of all U.S...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
Brooke D Borrayo, Henry O'Lawrence
This study uses the data set from Kaiser Permanente to examine the post implementation of a preventive and chronic care that utilizes clinical information system, delivery system design, and clinical decision support to maximize the office visit. The analysis suggests a significant positive relationship between frequency of utilization rates to address preventive and chronic care gaps. There is no implication of a significant positive relationship with the successfully captured rate, which satisfies closing the care gap within 45 days...
2016: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration
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