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Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Abdulkerim Kasim Baltaci, Rasim Mogulkoc, Saltuk Bugra Baltaci
Zinc is essential in the regulation of a variety of physiological and biochemical events in the organism. It plays a critical role in maintaining the cell membrane integrity, protein-carbohydrate-lipid metabolism, immune system, wound injury and in the regulation of a number of other biological processes associated with normal growth and development. Physiological and biochemical levels of many hormones are affected by zinc metabolism. Therefore, growth impairment, hypogonadism, and some endocrine diseases are associated with the deficiency of zinc...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Iqra Akhtar, Sumera Javad, Zubaida Yousaf, Sumera Iqbal, Khajista Jabeen
The final quality of pharmaceutically active herbal preparation is significantly contributed by extraction procedures. Hence in the last decade Microwave assisted extraction (MAE) has been introduced. This is an efficient and modern tool with multiple benefits as compared to the traditional methods of extraction. The benefits are in terms of reduction in cost, time of extraction, amount of solvent used, energy consumptions and low CO2 emission. Therefore present study was planned to give brief overview on applications of microwave assisted extraction of natural products...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Thattakudian Sheikuduman Mohamed Saleem, Kakavakam Jyothi, S Chandra Babu
Drug induced adverse drug reactions is more common in long term therapy particularly in immune compromised patients. Most of the drugs causing dermatological reactions like skin rashes, pruritus, steven johnson syndrome and exfoliative dermatitis. Nevirapine is the first line drug for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection from the category of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase enzyme inhibitor (NNRTI). In the present cases, we have reported the nevirapine induced severe exfoliative dermatitis. A patient admitted in the hospital with the symptoms of scaling on the skin and he received Nevirapine as a drug for his diagnosis of HIV for past three years...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tajur Rahman, Ghias Uddin, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary
Millettia ovalifolia is traditionally used in variety of diseases including inflammation. In our investigation in to the phytochemical constituents of Millettia ovalifolia an effort was made to find out bioactive constituent from medicinal Plant M. ovalifolia to scientifically validate its use in inflammatory disorders. The compound 7-hydroxy-6-methoxy-2H-chromen-2-one was isolated from the bark of M. ovalifolia and was found to exhibited significant lipoxygenase (LOX) inhibitory activity with (IC50 value: 116...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kousalya Prabahar, Teja Katikam, Saranya Punniyakotti, Praveen Devanandan
To evaluate the anti-hypertensive drugs used in pregnancy induced hypertension and to determine the safety of the anti-hypertensive drugs administered in gestational hypertensive patients. Pregnancy induced hypertension are very common in women and if unnoticed may lead to severe complications. The appropriate therapy is very much essential for the welfare of both the mother and the child. Hence this study was undertaken to identify the commonly used and safe drugs in pregnancy induced hypertension. This retrospective study was carried out in the Medical Records Department of a specialized gynecological hospital...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mubshara Saadia, Muhammad Sher, Sajid Bashir, Mian Anjum Murtaza, Amin Shah, Mahmood Ahmad Khan
Synthetic drugs are associated with adverse side-effects and rapid increase in resistance to most of them inspires to evaluate plants for their therapeutic values. We have been aimed to suggest the medicinal use of Nigella sativa seed aqueous extract to minimize the severity of liver damage via its antioxidant properties and its role in maintenance of cell ion-homeostasis. Annoyances in serum levels of some antioxidants and trace metals in human hepatitis C infected patients were compared with that from acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxic rabbits...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Muhammad Farhan, Mehwish Parveen
Apomorphine is a classical psychostimulant and used throughout the world as prescribed medicine. Despite of their therapeutic effects, use of psychostimulants is restricted because some psychosis and impulse control disorders are the consequence of their long term use. Studies suggest that serotonin (5-Hydroxytryptamine; 5-HT) has a critical role in psychosis and drug abuse. Center of the present article is to assess the impacts of serotonin in the easing of misuse potential; the sensitization prompted by recommended psychostimulant apomorphine...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cen Chen, Qian Zhang, Feng-Qin Wang, Chun-Hong Li, Yuan-Jia Hu, Zhi-Ning Xia, Feng-Qing Yang
In the present study, the anti-platelet aggregation activity of 14 vegetables and fruits was tested in vitro. The aqueous, 90% ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts, as well as concentrated juices of 14 foods (fruits and vegetables) were prepared, and the anti-platelet aggregation activity of those extracts was analyzed on a platelet aggregation analyzer in vitro with adenosine 5'-diphosphate (ADP), bovine thrombin (THR) and arachidonic acid (AA) as aggregation inducers, respectively. Aspirin (ASP) was used as the positive control...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jehan Bakht, Maryam Qureshi, Arshad Iqbal, Mohammad Shafi
Different solvent extracted samples from the leaves and fruits tissues of D. stramonium were tested against five pathogenic microorganisms by disc diffusion susceptibility method using 1, 2 and 3mg disc-1 concentrations. Methanol and chloroform extracted fractions from both leaves and fruits measured good growth inhibition of all the tested microorganisms at all concentrations. Bacillus subtilis was very resistant to n-butanol and aqueous extracted fractions of fruits tissues at all the tested three concentrations...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Majid Ali, Muhammad Shakeel, Khalid Mehmood
Chitosan and chitosan based materials offer diverse applications in the field of biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection and tissue engineering due to their various biological and physicochemical properties. Major sources of chitosan are shrimps, crabs and lobsters. Properties of chitosan differ with the degree of deacetylation and the molecular weight. Researchers are investigating to produce high quality chitosan in cost effective and time efficient way which was the aim of present study...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chenxing Zhao, Baocai Li, Dan Liu, Weifeng Dai, Lang Cao, Mi Zhang
Cananga odorata (Lamk.) Hook. f. et Thoms., belonging to Annonaceae, is an evergreen tree. The oils extracted from its flower are a famous perfume and used in daily chemical and food industry. Although this plant has been widely cultivated in tropical regions of the world, the yield of oils from its flower is very limited. In order to develop the other parts of this plant, the chemical constituents of the volatile oils from the leaves of C. odorata was analyzed by gas chromatography/flame ionization detector (GC-FID) and GC/mass spectrometry (GC-MS)...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taghreed A Ibrahim, Rabab A El Dib, Hanan M Al-Youssef, Musarat Amina
It was deemed of interest to investigate Antidesm bunius aerial parts from phytochemical and biological points of view due to limited previous studies. Isolation and identification of phenolic compounds and evaluation of the potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects of A. bunius aerial parts was investigated. The petroleum ether (PEE) and 80% EtOH extracts (EE), as well as, n-hexane (HF), CHCl3 (CF), EtOAc (EAF), n-BuOH (BF) and H2O soluble fractions (WF) of the latter were prepared. Phytochemical study has been performed for isolation and identification of the major polyphenols...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kishwar Sultana, Muhammad Kashif Zahoor, Muhammad Sagheer, - Farhat
The efficacy of Chrozophora plicata and Trianthema portuclacastrum extracts was investigated against Trogoderma granarium at 10%, 20% and 30% concentrations and 2, 4 and 6 days of exposure periods. It was found that T. portuclacastrum extract caused significantly higher larval mortality (37.47%) than C. plicata (27.03%). Maximum number of T. granarium larvae (91.11% and 82.22%) was repelled when exposed to 30% concentration. A significant reduction in percentage larval emergence was also found in F1 generation...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Humaira Majeed Khan, Syeda Maryam Raza, Aftab Ahmad Anjum, Muhammad Asad Ali
Antiviral activity of Astragalus membranaceus aqueous and methanol root extracts was determined against Avian influenza H9 virus. Toxicity profile of extracts was evaluated using chicken embryos and BHK-21 cell line. Different concentrations (400, 200, 100, 50, 25. 12.5, 6.25 and 3.12μg/mL) of both aqueous and methanol extracts were mixed with standard virus inoculum (4HAunits) and incubated for 30minutes at 37°C prior to inject the chicken embryos. Chorioallantoic fluid harvested 72 hours post inoculation and evaluated for virus growth using hemagglutination assay...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cheng Jiayi, Ning Tianyi, Teng Dan, Kang Tingguo, Wang Qingfeng, Zhang Qianqian
To explore the protective effect and mechanism of isorhamnetin against oxidative injury caused by H2 O2 to endothelial cell strain CRL1730 of human umbilical vein. H2 O2 and endothelial cell strain CRL1730 were used, as a model of injured endothelial cell. Three levels of crude drugs areorhamnetin, 22.8μg/ml, 11.4μg/mL and 5.7μg/mL was added to the injured cell strain CRL1730 respectively. The cell injury was measured in terms of necrotic rate, quantities of von Wilebr and factor (vWf) and thrombomodulin (TM), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and intracellular free calcium ions through flow cytometry, ELISA, fluorescent spectrometer and laser scanning confocal microscopy respectively...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nusrat Bano, Rahila Ikram
This retrospective study reports impact of diabetes on incidence rate of dose limiting symptoms of neurological toxicity and chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Post-surgical colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with metastatic disease, treated with four different schedules of FOLFOX were included in this study. Neurological adverse effects were assessed by CTC v2.0. The incidence rate of adverse neurological symptoms in CRC patients, clinically diagnosed with diabetes (n=6) were compared with non-diabetic CRC patients (n=32)...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Riffat Yasmin, Muhammad Harris Shoaib, Faaiza Qazi, Muhammad Iqbal Nasiri, Tariq Ali, Huma Ali, Farya Zafar
The objective of study was to develop Aceclofenac fast dispersible compacted pellets with improved taste and fast drug release. Pellets were prepared by extrusion spheronization technique followed by direct compression to make compacted pellets. Formulations were comprised of sucrose, mannitol, ac-di-sol, aspartame, pine apple flavor and magnesium stearate. A mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (1:1) was used for wet massing. The effect of ac-di-sol on the drug release pattern was examined and dissolution profile comparison was established...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sabrin Ragab Mohamed Ibrahim, Nagwa Salah Al-Din Ahmed El-Shaer, Hani Zakaria Asfour, Khalid Zaki Elshali, Mona Ibrahim Awad Shaaban, Ahmed Alawi Mohsen Al-Attas, Gamal Abd Allah Mohamed
The quorum sensing inhibitory (QSI) and antimicrobial potentials of the total methanol extract (TME) and different extractives as well as the sesquiterpenes: dehydrodihydrocostus lactone (1), dehydrocostus lactone (2), arbusculin A (3), santamarine (4), reynosin (5), and specioic acid (6) isolated from Costus speciosus rhizomes were evaluated. The CHCl3:EtOAc (1:1), EtOAc, and TME fractions exhibited potent antibacterial activity toward B. cereus with inhibition zone diameter 13 mm. While the CHCl3 fraction showed strong activity towards S...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Asad Khan Tanoli, Zahid Khan, Tuba Kamal, Mohsin Ali, Mehreen Latif, Zahida Tasneem Maqsood
New series of Co+2, Ni+2, Cu+2 and Zn+2 complexes have been synthesized using a bio-active hydrazone compound 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde-N-(5-chloro-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3H-indol-3-ylidene), abbreviated as [HL]. Complexes were characterized using elemental analysis, FT-IR, UV-visible spectroscopy conductivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Results showed that the bi-dentate [HL] coordinated in a square planner manner with Cu+2 while for the rest of the M+2 ions, it coordinated in a octahedral fashion. Free ligand and its metal complexes were also studied for their antioxidant potential by employing two methods i...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ariba Shah, Zaheeruddin Khan, Shanzay Saleem, Sidra Farid
The antioxidant potential of leaf, stem, root and flower extracts of Quisqualis indica Linn. was assessed to verify its ethnopharmacological importance. Both polar and non-polar solvents like n-hexane, chloroform, ethanol and distilled water were used to obtain crude extracts. The chloroform extract of leaves showed the maximum %age yield, i.e. 27.3% while the n-hexane extract of stem showed the minimum yield, i.e. 0.2%. Five activities including DPPH free radical scavenging activity, ABTS+ assay, Total flavonoid components (TFC), Total phenolic components (TPC) and Metal chelating Assay (MC) were employed to evaluate the antioxidant activity of the plant...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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