Qing Yao, Tailin He, Jian-You Liao, Rongdong Liao, Xiaohao Wu, Lijun Lin, Guozhi Xiao
Protein-encoding genes only constitute less than 2% of total human genomic sequences, and 98% of genetic information was previously referred to as "junk DNA". Meanwhile, non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) consist of approximately 60% of the transcriptional output of human cells. Thousands of ncRNAs have been identified in recent decades, and their essential roles in the regulation of gene expression in diverse cellular pathways associated with fundamental cell processes, including proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and metabolism, have been extensively investigated...
April 22, 2024: Biological Research
Gonzalo I Gómez, Tanhia F Alvear, Daniela A Roa, Arantza Farias-Pasten, Sergio A Vergara, Luis A Mellado, Claudio J Martinez-Araya, Juan Prieto-Villalobos, Claudia García-Rodríguez, Natalia Sánchez, Juan C Sáez, Fernando C Ortíz, Juan A Orellana
BACKGROUND: Alcohol, a widely abused drug, significantly diminishes life quality, causing chronic diseases and psychiatric issues, with severe health, societal, and economic repercussions. Previously, we demonstrated that non-voluntary alcohol consumption increases the opening of Cx43 hemichannels and Panx1 channels in astrocytes from adolescent rats. However, whether ethanol directly affects astroglial hemichannels and, if so, how this impacts the function and survival of astrocytes remains to be elucidated...
April 4, 2024: Biological Research
Elisa Perez-Moreno, Claudia Oyanadel, Adely de la Peña, Ronny Hernández, Francisca Pérez-Molina, Claudia Metz, Alfonso González, Andrea Soza
Galectins are soluble glycan-binding proteins that interact with a wide range of glycoproteins and glycolipids and modulate a broad spectrum of physiological and pathological processes. The expression and subcellular localization of different galectins vary among tissues and cell types and change during processes of tissue repair, fibrosis and cancer where epithelial cells loss differentiation while acquiring migratory mesenchymal phenotypes. The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) that occurs in the context of these processes can include modifications of glycosylation patterns of glycolipids and glycoproteins affecting their interactions with galectins...
April 4, 2024: Biological Research
Pei Chen, Chaoshuang Ye, Yunke Huang, Bingning Xu, Tianyu Wu, Yuanhang Dong, Yang Jin, Li Zhao, Changchang Hu, Jingxia Mao, Ruijin Wu
BACKGROUND: Endometrial fibrosis, a significant characteristic of intrauterine adhesion (IUA), is caused by the excessive differentiation and activation of endometrial stromal cells (ESCs). Glutaminolysis is the metabolic process of glutamine (Gln), which has been implicated in multiple types of organ fibrosis. So far, little is known about whether glutaminolysis plays a role in endometrial fibrosis. METHODS: The activation model of ESCs was constructed by TGF-β1, followed by RNA-sequencing analysis...
April 1, 2024: Biological Research
Laura Rodríguez-Castro, Roberto E Durán, Valentina Méndez, Flavia Dorochesi, Daniela Zühlke, Katharina Riedel, Michael Seeger
BACKGROUND: Bacterial aromatic degradation may cause oxidative stress. The long-chain flavodoxin FldX1 of Paraburkholderia xenovorans LB400 counteracts reactive oxygen species (ROS). The aim of this study was to evaluate the protective role of FldX1 in P. xenovorans LB400 during the degradation of 4-hydroxyphenylacetate (4-HPA) and 3-hydroxyphenylacetate (3-HPA). METHODS: The functionality of FldX1 was evaluated in P. xenovorans p2-fldX1 that overexpresses FldX1...
April 1, 2024: Biological Research
Karina Cañón-Beltrán, Yulia N Cajas, Vasileios Almpanis, Sandra Guisado Egido, Alfonso Gutierrez-Adan, Encina M González, Dimitrios Rizos
BACKGROUND: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their cargoes, including MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication. We previously demonstrated the upregulation of bta-mir-148b in EVs from oviductal fluid of cyclic cows. This miRNA is linked to the TGF-β pathway in the cell proliferation. Our aim was to verify whether miR-148b is taken up by embryos through gymnosis, validate its target genes, and investigate the effect of miR-148b supplementation on early embryo development and quality...
March 23, 2024: Biological Research
Yuanyuan Luo, Lingxiao Zhang, Ning Su, Lerong Liu, Tongfeng Zhao
BACKGROUND: The senescence of renal tubular epithelial cells (RTECs) is crucial in the progression of diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Accumulating evidence suggests a close association between insufficient mitophagy and RTEC senescence. Yeast mitochondrial escape 1-like 1 (YME1L), an inner mitochondrial membrane metalloprotease, maintains mitochondrial integrity. Its functions in DKD remain unclear. Here, we investigated whether YME1L can prevent the progression of DKD by regulating mitophagy and cellular senescence...
March 17, 2024: Biological Research
Dianmei Yu, Haiyan Wang, Yiwen Zhai, Zhixiang Lei, Minglu Sun, Si Chen, Panfeng Yin, Xianchun Wang
BACKGROUND: Parkinson's disease (PD) is characterized by death of dopaminergic neurons leading to dopamine deficiency, excessive α-synuclein facilitating Lewy body formation, etc. Latroeggtoxin-VI (LETX-VI), a proteinaceous neurotoxin discovered from the eggs of spider L. tredecimguttatus, was previously found to promote the synthesis and release of PC12 cells, showing a great potential as a drug candidate for PD. However, the relevant mechanisms have not been understood completely...
March 16, 2024: Biological Research
Matías Gálvez-Silva, Patricio Arros, Camilo Berríos-Pastén, Aura Villamil, Paula I Rodas, Ingrid Araya, Rodrigo Iglesias, Pamela Araya, Juan C Hormazábal, Constanza Bohle, Yahua Chen, Yunn-Hwen Gan, Francisco P Chávez, Rosalba Lagos, Andrés E Marcoleta
BACKGROUND: The convergence of hypervirulence and carbapenem resistance in the bacterial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae represents a critical global health concern. Hypervirulent K. pneumoniae (hvKp) strains, frequently from sequence type 23 (ST23) and having a K1 capsule, have been associated with severe community-acquired invasive infections. Although hvKp were initially restricted to Southeast Asia and primarily antibiotic-sensitive, carbapenem-resistant hvKp infections are reported worldwide...
March 12, 2024: Biological Research
Piotr Rogujski, Barbara Lukomska, Miroslaw Janowski, Luiza Stanaszek
The central nervous system (CNS) is home to neuronal and glial cells. Traditionally, glia was disregarded as just the structural support across the brain and spinal cord, in striking contrast to neurons, always considered critical players in CNS functioning. In modern times this outdated dogma is continuously repelled by new evidence unravelling the importance of glia in neuronal maintenance and function. Therefore, glia replacement has been considered a potentially powerful therapeutic strategy. Glial progenitors are at the center of this hope, as they are the source of new glial cells...
March 12, 2024: Biological Research
Tianqi Li, Rachel W S Chan, Raymond H W Li, Ernest H Y Ng, Songying Zhang, William S B Yeung
BACKGROUND: The monthly regeneration of human endometrial tissue is maintained by the presence of human endometrial mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (eMSC), a cell population co-expressing the perivascular markers CD140b and CD146. Endometrial regeneration is impaired in the presence of intrauterine adhesions, leading to infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and placental abnormalities. Several types of somatic stem cells have been used to repair the damaged endometrium in animal models, reporting successful pregnancy...
February 13, 2024: Biological Research
Yentel Mateo-Otero, Marc Llavanera, Marc Torres-Garrido, Marc Yeste
BACKGROUND: Basal energetic metabolism in sperm, particularly oxidative phosphorylation, is known to condition not only their oocyte fertilising ability, but also the subsequent embryo development. While the molecular pathways underlying these events still need to be elucidated, reactive oxygen species (ROS) could have a relevant role. We, therefore, aimed to describe the mechanisms through which mitochondrial activity can influence the first stages of embryo development. RESULTS: We first show that embryo development is tightly influenced by both intracellular ROS and mitochondrial activity...
January 30, 2024: Biological Research
Fei Huang, Guozhen Wei, Hai Wang, Ying Zhang, Wenbin Lan, Yun Xie, Gui Wu
BACKGROUND: Fibrous scars frequently form at the sites of bone nonunion when attempts to repair bone fractures have failed. However, the detailed mechanism by which fibroblasts, which are the main components of fibrous scars, impede osteogenesis remains largely unknown. RESULTS: In this study, we found that fibroblasts compete with osteogenesis in both human bone nonunion tissues and BMP2-induced ectopic osteogenesis in a mouse model. Fibroblasts could inhibit the osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) via direct and indirect cell competition...
January 20, 2024: Biological Research
Huan Liu, Huijuan Kuang, Yiru Wang, Lili Bao, Wanxin Cao, Lu Yu, Meihao Qi, Renfeng Wang, Xiaoshan Yang, Qingyuan Ye, Feng Ding, Lili Ren, Siying Liu, Furong Ma, Shiyu Liu
BACKGROUND: Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) poses a major threat to both physical and mental health; however, there is still a lack of effective drugs to treat the disease. Recently, novel biological therapies, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and their products, namely, exosomes, are showing promising therapeutic potential due to their low immunogenicity, few ethical concerns, and easy accessibility. Nevertheless, the precise mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of MSC-derived exosomes remain unclear...
January 13, 2024: Biological Research
Fiona Limanaqi, Silvia Zecchini, Irma Saulle, Sergio Strizzi, Claudia Vanetti, Micaela Garziano, Gioia Cappelletti, Debora Parolin, Sonia Caccia, Daria Trabattoni, Claudio Fenizia, Mario Clerici, Mara Biasin
BACKGROUND: Increasing evidence suggests a double-faceted role of alpha-synuclein (α-syn) following infection by a variety of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Although α-syn accumulation is known to contribute to cell toxicity and the development and/or exacerbation of neuropathological manifestations, it is also a key to sustaining anti-viral innate immunity. Consistently with α-syn aggregation as a hallmark of Parkinson's disease, most studies investigating the biological function of α-syn focused on neural cells, while reports on the role of α-syn in periphery are limited, especially in SARS-CoV-2 infection...
January 9, 2024: Biological Research
Eduardo Durán-Jara, Matías Del Campo, Valentina Gutiérrez, Ignacio Wichmann, César Trigo, Marcelo Ezquer, Lorena Lobos-González
BACKGROUND: Tumor-derived small extracellular vesicles (sEVs) can promote tumorigenic and metastatic capacities in less aggressive recipient cells mainly through the biomolecules in their cargo. However, despite recent advances, the specific molecules orchestrating these changes are not completely defined. Lactadherin is a secreted glycoprotein typically found in the milk fat globule membrane. Its overexpression has been associated with increased tumorigenesis and metastasis in breast cancer (BC) and other tumors...
January 3, 2024: Biological Research
Zhenglong Guo, Yongchang Zhu, Hai Xiao, Ranran Dai, Wenke Yang, Wei Xue, Xueying Zhang, Bingtao Hao, Shixiu Liao
BACKGROUND: Growing evidence has suggested that Type I Interferon (I-IFN) plays a potential role in the pathogenesis of Down Syndrome (DS). This work investigates the underlying function of MX1, an effector gene of I-IFN, in DS-associated transcriptional regulation and phenotypic modulation. METHODS: We performed assay for transposase-accessible chromatin with high-throughout sequencing (ATAC-seq) to explore the difference of chromatin accessibility between DS derived amniocytes (DSACs) and controls...
December 9, 2023: Biological Research
Yi-Chia Wu, Wei-Ting Wang, Ming-Chun Yang, Yu-Tsun Su, Jwu-Lai Yeh, Jong-Hau Hsu, Jiunn-Ren Wu
BACKGROUND: Abnormal remodeling of the pulmonary vasculature, characterized by the proliferation and migration of pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) along with dysregulated glycolysis, is a pathognomonic feature of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). YULINK (MIOS, Entrez Gene: 54468), a newly identified gene, has been recently shown to possess pleiotropic physiologic functions. This study aims to determine novel roles of YULINK in the regulation of PAH-related pathogenesis, including PASMC migration, proliferation and glycolysis...
December 7, 2023: Biological Research
Yanyi Ding, Long Li, Sinuo Wang, Yajun Cao, Minguang Yang, Yaling Dai, Huawei Lin, Jianhong Li, Yulu Liu, Zhifu Wang, Weilin Liu, Jing Tao
BACKGROUND: Impaired pattern separation occurs in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease (AD), and hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG) neurogenesis participates in pattern separation. Here, we investigated whether spatial memory discrimination impairment can be improved by promoting the hippocampal DG granule cell neogenesis-mediated pattern separation in the early stage of AD by electroacupuncture (EA). METHODS: Five familial AD mutations (5 × FAD) mice received EA treatment at Baihui and Shenting points for 4 weeks...
December 2, 2023: Biological Research
Lin Cong, Xiankun Liu, Yiming Bai, Qin Qin, Lili Zhao, Ying Shi, Yunpeng Bai, Zhigang Guo
BACKGROUND: Atherosclerosis (AS), a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease (CVD), is steadily rising with the aging of the global population. Pyroptosis and apoptosis, both caspase-mediated cell death mechanisms, play an essential role in the occurrence and progression of AS. The human pineal gland primarily produces melatonin (MT), an indoleamine hormone with powerful anti-oxidative, anti-pyroptotic, and anti-apoptotic properties. This study examined MT's anti-oxidative stress and anti-pyroptotic effects on human THP-1 macrophages treated with nicotine...
December 2, 2023: Biological Research
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