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Zhengjing Lu, Lauriane Nikuze, Zhoulin Zhong, Fang Li, Fuyong Zhang, Kairong Liang, Manlv Wei, Hongying Wei
Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT) is an inherited disorder of platelet aggregation resulting from quantitative and/or qualitative abnormalities of the glycoprotein IIb/IIIa complex. We analyzed the expression of GPIIb/IIIa and the gene sequencing in two pedigrees with GT, so as to determine the type and the relationship between genotype and clinical phenotype. Platelet aggregation tests and flow cytometric studies were performed, along with gene sequencing. Both probands were classified as grade III of bleeding...
May 14, 2019: Platelets
Annabella Braschi
Following acute exercise, normotensive and hypertensive subjects both undergo changes in hemostatic and fibrinolytic properties, but the hypertensive patient's response to exercise is exaggerated and prolonged, exposing them to increased cardiovascular risk during or immediately after unusual and strenuous exercise. Thrombotic complications are triggered by the activation of the autonomic sympathetic nervous system in a pathological milieu characterized by platelet α2 -adrenergic receptors with increased responsiveness to circulating catecholamine, altered platelet profile and function, abnormal hemostatic parameters, impaired fibrinolytic potential, and endothelial dysfunction...
May 12, 2019: Platelets
Ana C Antunes Naime, Pedro H L Bonfitto, Carolina Solon, Maria Elisa Lopes-Pires, Gabriel F Anhê, Edson Antunes, Sisi Marcondes
Increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production leads to tissue damage observed in sepsis and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-exposed animals. LPS stimulates cytokines releasing, including tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), that is important to ROS production. Platelets, considered inflammatory cells, generate ROS when exposed to LPS in vivo, but not when they are incubated in vitro with this compound. Therefore, we investigated the role of TNF-α on the increased intraplatelet ROS levels after LPS treatment...
May 10, 2019: Platelets
Martine Jandrot-Perrus, Cedric Hermans, Diego Mezzano
Platelet membrane glycoprotein VI (GPVI) is increasingly recognized as an important receptor for thrombus formation and growth. Numerous arguments have been published indicating that GPVI plays a major role in thrombosis without being essential for physiological hemostasis. In humans, GPVI deficiencies are rarely reported. These are most often deficiencies occurring in the context of autoimmunity and, more rarely, genetic deficits. The purpose of this review is to compile data on the quantitative and qualitative genetic abnormalities of GPVI...
May 8, 2019: Platelets
Takeshi Hagino, Nelson Hirokazu Tsuno, Fumihiro Azuma, Hideo Ohtani, Reina Matsui, Chie Someya, Yutaka Kato, Satoko Osanai, Hiroko Hidai, Hisashi Tsutsumi, Hideki Akiyama, Sayuri Motomura, Tetsunori Tasaki
The efficacy of 30 platelet concentrate (PC) products transfused to a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) was evaluated by calculating the 1-hour post-transfusion corrected count increment (1h-CCI). Of the 30 transfusions, all HLA-A/B-matched, the cross-match (CM) test was negative in 23 (CM(-)-PC) and weakly positive (CM(+)-PC) in 2, and the CM test was not conducted in 5 (non-CM-PC). The effective rate was higher with CM(-)-PC compared to non-CM-PC (82.6% vs 60%), but statistical significance was not achieved, which suggested that the CM test of PC may still be a not satisfactorily effective predictor of PC refractoriness...
May 8, 2019: Platelets
Nuccia Morici, Stefano Nava, Alice Sacco, Giovanna Viola, Jacopo Oreglia, Paolo Meani, Fabrizio Oliva, Marco Ranucci, Sergio Leonardi, Roberta Rossini
Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) complicating ischemic stroke is a well known and undertreated event. A conservative management is not infrequent in these settings, due to the fear of hemorrhagic complications related to antithrombotic therapy. Notably, an invasive approach with a primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has been shown to be associated with a lower in-hospital mortality in patients with concomitant ischemic stroke and AMI. The optimal antiplatelet regimen in these cases has been not clearly defined, yet...
May 8, 2019: Platelets
Jacob L Léger, Jean-Luc Jougleux, Fanta Savadogo, Nicolas Pichaud, Luc H Boudreau
The isolation of mitochondria is gaining importance in experimental and clinical laboratory settings. The mitochondrion is known as the powerhouse of the cell as it produces the energy to power most cellular functions but is also involved in many cellular processes. Of interest, mitochondria and mitochondrial components (i.e. circular DNA, N-formylated peptides, cardiolipin) have been involved in several human inflammatory pathologies, such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis...
May 5, 2019: Platelets
Camilla Brødsgaard Nielsen, Christian Nielsen, Mads Nybo, Søren Andreas Just, Pernille Just Vinholt
Several antirheumatic drugs lower the cardiovascular risk among rheumatoid arthritis patients. It is, however, unknown whether inhibition of platelet function contributes to this risk reduction. Only few studies have investigated the potential role of platelets as a target of antirheumatic drugs. In this study, platelet function was tested in vitro in samples from 24 healthy individuals spiked with antirheumatic drugs in clinically relevant concentrations or vehicle. Platelet aggregation was tested with 96-well light transmission aggregometry (LTA), and when an effect ≥20% compared to vehicle was observed, flow cytometric platelet aggregation and activation were evaluated and closure time was measured by Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA-200)...
May 2, 2019: Platelets
Chenggang Wang, Wen Zheng, Ayman Shaqdan, Chunmei Wang, Xiuchuan Qin, Xuedong Zhao, Xu Wang, Lin Yuan, Shaoping Nie, Ran Liu
In patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), treatment using ticagrelor demonstrated significant ischemic benefits over clopidogrel; however, it was associated with increased bleeding complications leading to frequent de-escalation to clopidogrel. The objective of the present study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of de-escalation in early and late phase after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). We performed a retrospective study of 4678 ACS patients from March 2016 to April 2017 who initially received ticagrelor then de-escalated to clopidogrel and categorized them into Group 1: early phase (1-30 days) and Group 2: late phase (>30 days-1 year) switching groups...
May 1, 2019: Platelets
Angelia C Kirkpatrick, Andrea S Vincent, George L Dale, Calin I Prodan
Coated-platelets are a subset of highly procoagulant platelets elevated in patients with non-lacunar ischemic stroke and associated with stroke recurrence. Cross-sectional studies in controls have shown that smoking is associated with higher coated-platelet levels while chronic use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), statins or aspirin is associated with lower coated-platelet levels. We now investigate if initiation of treatment with SSRIs, statins, clopidogrel, aspirin or oral anticoagulants and smoking cessation impacts coated-platelet levels at 90 days after ischemic stroke...
May 1, 2019: Platelets
Mercedes Lopez, Goetz Nowak
The main pathological process associated to increased intestinal permeability is the translocation of toxic products, predominantly endotoxins/lipopolysaccharide (LPS), from the intestinal tract into the microcirculation. In blood, LPS binds to surface receptors on immune cells initiating an inflammatory response. LPS can also bind to platelets leading to preactivated platelets that have a lower threshold to be aggregated in presence heparin. The aim of this study was to validate a simple, fast and reliable test for screening LPS-loaded platelets...
May 1, 2019: Platelets
Jong-Hwa Ahn, Yongwhi Park, Jae Seok Bae, Jeong Yoon Jang, Kye-Hwan Kim, Min Gyu Kang, Jin-Sin Koh, Jeong Rang Park, Seok-Jae Hwang, Choong Hwan Kwak, Jin-Yong Hwang, Young-Hoon Jeong
Although acid suppressants are needed to attenuate gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), pharmacodynamic interaction between clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitor (PPI) can increase the risk of high platelet reactivity (HPR). We sought to evaluate serial changes of platelet measures and influence of rabeprazole on platelet measures. After 600-mg clopidogrel loading for elective PCI, clopidogrel-sensitive patients were recruited and randomly assigned to add rabeprazole of daily 20 mg (n = 40) or famotidine of daily 40 mg (n = 40)...
April 30, 2019: Platelets
Kirk A Taylor, Martyn P Mahaut-Smith
TMEM16F is a surface membrane protein critical for platelet procoagulant activity, which exhibits both phospholipid scramblase and ion channel activities following sustained elevation of cytosolic Ca2+ . The extent to which the ionic permeability of TMEM16F is important for platelet scramblase responses remains controversial. To date, only one study has reported the electrophysiological properties of TMEM16F in cells of platelet/megakaryocyte lineage, which observed cation-selectivity within excised patch recordings from murine marrow-derived megakaryocytes...
April 22, 2019: Platelets
Carina Jakobsen, Julie Brogaard Larsen, Jens Fuglsang, Anne-Mette Hvas
Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy-related complication. Platelets are potentially important in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia, and platelet function analyses may prove as sensitive preeclampsia biomarkers. This study aimed to systematically review and summarise the literature on platelet function markers in preeclampsia. This systematic review was conducted according to PRISMA and registered in PROSPERO. Relevant studies were identified through PubMed and Embase on 15/08/17. As platelet function markers platelet activation, platelet aggregation and platelet adhesion markers were included...
April 14, 2019: Platelets
Anton Fedorov, Kirill Kondratov, Vasilii Kishenko, Vladimir Mikhailovskii, Igor Kudryavtsev, Margarita Belyakova, Sergey Sidorkevich, Tatyana Vavilova, Anna Kostareva, Olga Sirotkina, Alexey Golovkin
Platelet concentrates are used in clinic for therapy and prophylaxis of conditions associated with platelet deficiency or malfunction. The characteristics of platelet concentrates gradually change during pretransfusion storage, affecting their clinical effectiveness and the risk of adverse transfusion reactions. The presence of platelet-derived membrane vesicles is an important characteristic of platelet concentrates. Due to their functionality, changes in the number and molecular compositions of platelet-derived vesicles have major effects on the clinical properties of platelet preparations...
April 12, 2019: Platelets
Dylan Perry-Nguyen, Richard G Jung, Alisha Labinaz, Anne-Claire Duchez, Omar Dewidar, Trevor Simard, Denuja Karunakaran, Kamran Majeed, Kiran Sarathy, Ruonan Li, F Daniel Ramirez, Pietro Di Santo, Rebecca Rochman, Derek So, Nicolas Foin, Benjamin Hibbert
Stent thrombosis remains an infrequent but significant complication following percutaneous coronary intervention. Preclinical models to rapidly screen and validate therapeutic compounds for efficacy are lacking. Herein, we describe a reproducible, high throughput and cost-effective method to evaluate candidate therapeutics and devices for either treatment or propensity to develop stent thrombosis in an in vitro bench-top model. Increasing degree of stent malapposition (0.00 mm, 0.10 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.50 mm) was associated with increasing thrombosis and luminal area occlusion (4...
April 11, 2019: Platelets
Peter H Nissen, Mette Tiedemann Skipper, Anne-Mette Hvas
Point of care testing of residual effect of antiplatelet therapy in trauma patients or during major surgery may result in improved clinical management of significant bleeding. We included 121 healthy individuals (57 females and 64 males, aged 22-65 years) in order to establish reference intervals for platelet aggregation induced by adenosine diphosphate (ADPTEM, 10 µM), arachidonic acid (ARATEM, 0.42 mM) and thrombin activating peptide (TRAPTEM, 36 µM) employing the ROTEM platelet module. Further, the impact of citrate (3...
April 1, 2019: Platelets
Jean-François Kaux, Vincent Libertiaux, Laura Dupont, Alain Colige, Vincent Denoël, Christelle Lecut, Alexandre Hego, Maxime Gustin, Luc Duwez, Cécile Oury, André Gothot, Laura Greimers, Pierre Drion
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is increasingly used in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Its preservation by freezing it for the realization of multiple injections in clinical use has never been discussed. Calcaneal tendons of rats were surgically sectioned. Platelet concentration of the PRP was 2.5 x 106 /µl with autologous plasma of rats. Frozen-thawed PRP was prepared by performing two cycles of freezing and thawing on PRP aliquots. Both platelet preparations were injected in the lesion. Biomechanical and histological evaluations were carried out after 7, 20 or 40 days post surgery...
March 27, 2019: Platelets
Justyna Rosinska, Joanna Maciejewska, Robert Narożny, Krystyna Osztynowicz, Beata Raczak, Sławomir Michalak, Cezary Watała, Wojciech Kozubski, Maria Łukasik
Platelet-derived microvesicles (pMVs) are released from platelets in physiological and pathological conditions and exhibit a wide range of prothrombotic, antithrombotic, proatherogenic, and pro-inflammatory properties. Antiplatelet agents, such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), are widely used for the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases, but their impact on pMV release remains poorly understood and contradictory mainly because of discrepancies in the methodology and lack of well-standardized MV assessment protocols...
March 21, 2019: Platelets
Federico Lussana, Eti Alessandra Femia, Mariateresa Pugliano, Gianmarco Podda, Cristina Razzari, Norma Maugeri, Anna Lecchi, Sabrina Caberlon, Giancarla Gerli, Marco Cattaneo
BACKGROUND: Studies of platelet aggregation (PA) in essential thrombocythemia (ET) reported contrasting results, likely due to differences in analytical conditions. OBJECTIVE: We investigated platelet aggregation using different techniques and analytical conditions. PATIENTS AND METHODS: PA was studied by light-transmission aggregometry (LTA) in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and impedance aggregometry in PRP and whole blood (WB). ADP, collagen, thrombin receptor activating peptide (TRAP-14) and adrenaline were used as agonists...
March 20, 2019: Platelets
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