Darinka Korovljev, Nikola Todorovic, Marijana Ranisavljev, Bogdan Andjelic, Nebojsa Kladar, Valdemar Stajer, Sergej M Ostojic
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September 1, 2023: Nutrition
Wei Li, Xiaojun Huang, Jieying Liu, Limin Liang, Lina Wei, Jiamei Lu
OBJECTIVES: It is necessary to construct an evaluation index for patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma during peri-radiotherapy to provide a reference for the evaluation of the quality of nutritional management of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma during peri-radiotherapy. The aim of this study was to construct a set of scientific, comprehensive, and feasible indicators for evaluating the quality of nutrition management in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma during peri-radiotherapy to provide a unified reference basis for objective nutritional evaluation of these patients during the peri-radiotherapy period and to provide insights to the clinical treatment and care of these patients...
August 23, 2023: Nutrition
Yanchun Peng, Meihua Chen, Hong Ni, Sailan Li, Liangwan Chen, Yanjuan Lin
OBJECTIVES: Current guidelines recommend that enteral nutrition (EN) be implemented as early as possible in patients after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), but the optimal time to initiate EN remains controversial. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of timing of EN initiation on poor prognosis in patients after CPB. METHODS: This was a prospective observational study with patients who underwent CPB in a tertiary hospital from September 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022...
August 18, 2023: Nutrition
Bruna L Endl Bilibio, Welerson R Dos Reis, Letícia Compagnon, Diovana G de Batista, Lucas M Sulzbacher, Juliana F Pinheiro, Mirna S Ludwig, Matias N Frizzo, Vinicius Cruzat, Thiago G Heck
OBJECTIVES: Obesity is a multifactorial condition associated with metabolic alterations that can be aggravated during female aging. Calorie restriction via intermittent fasting (IF) diets may reduce body weight and therefore have the potential to decrease obesity and associated comorbidities, such as insulin resistance. This study investigated the effects of two IF protocols, alternate-day fasting (ADF) and time-restricted feeding (TRF) in middle-aged obese female rats. METHODS: Wistar rats (age 15 mo) were fed with standard chow or high-fat diet for 8 wk and then separated into the following groups (n = 5-8 each) for another 8 wk: control (received standard chow), obese (received high-fat diet), obese + ADF (24-h fasting protocol), and obese + TRF (14 h daily)...
August 16, 2023: Nutrition
Gislaine Aparecida Ozorio, Lia Mara Kauchi Ribeiro, Bárbara Chaves Santos, Wânnia Ferreira de Sousa Bruzaca, Gabriela Del Gallo Vieira da Rocha, Luani Maria da Fonseca Marchi, Fernando Magri Santos, Maria Manuela Ferreira Alves de Almeida, Marco Aurélio Vamondes Kulcsar, Ulysses Ribeiro Junior, Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia, Dan Linetzky Waitzberg
OBJECTIVES: The Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition (GLIM) criteria establish a diagnosis of malnutrition based on the presence of at least one phenotypic and one etiologic criterion. This study aimed to assess the concurrent and predictive validity of the GLIM criteria in hospitalized cancer patients. METHODS: This is an observational retrospective study, including 885 cancer patients, ages >18 y, admitted to a medical oncology inpatient unit between 2019 and 2020...
August 16, 2023: Nutrition
Yumeng Shi, Margaret Allman-Farinelli
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this article is to explore the differences in the prevalence, sociodemographic determinants, and effects of food insecurity between international and domestic students in an Australian university during the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: This study uses a cross-sectional online survey. The questionnaire contained the 18-item Household Food Security Survey Module to assess food security status. Logistic regression models were used to analyze the associations between student characteristics and food insecurity...
August 16, 2023: Nutrition
Juliana Davini Mori, Milene Saori Kassai, Cibele Wolf Lebrão, Fernando Luiz Affonso-Fonseca, Roseli Oselka Saccardo Sarni, Fabíola Isabel Suano-Souza
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] levels at birth in postnatal growth at discharge and 12 mo of corrected age in preterm infants. METHODS: This prospective cohort included 63 preterm newborns born before 34 gestational weeks evaluated from birth until 12 mo of corrected age. The serum 25(OH)D levels in umbilical cord blood and from their mothers were evaluated at delivery. RESULTS: The mean 25(OH)D levels in preterm newborns were higher than maternal levels (24...
August 14, 2023: Nutrition
Telma Souza E Silva Gebara, Ingrid Felicidade, Giselle Nobre Costa, Marilia Zaparolli de Ramos, Ana Carolina Bonde, Giovani Palermo, Samuel Guemra, José Henrique de Souza Peres, Mário Sérgio Mantovani, Rodrigo Picheth Di Napoli, Antônio Carlos Ligocki Campos
OBJECTIVES: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is related to obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and metabolic syndrome. The increasing prevalence of NAFLD results in a significant number of patients manifesting chronic liver disease over time. The aim of this study was to analyze the predictive factors to estimate NAFLD severity in patients who are candidates for Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. METHODS: This descriptive observational study was conducted with 136 obese patients who were candidates for Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and had mild, moderate, or severe NAFLD...
August 11, 2023: Nutrition
Heyang Zhang, Jinyu Shi, Hailun Xie, Xiaoyue Liu, Guotian Ruan, Shiqi Lin, Yizhong Ge, Chenan Liu, Yue Chen, Xin Zheng, Mengmeng Song, Ming Yang, Xiaowei Zhang, Han-Ping Shi
OBJECTIVES: The new C-reactive protein (CRP)-albumin-lymphocyte (CALLY) index is an immune nutrition scoring system based on serum CRP) serum albumin, and lymphocyte counts. The aim of this study was to verify the prognostic value of the CALLY index in patients with gastric cancer and to evaluate the superiority of this new system. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed the data of patients with gastric cancer who were followed up from the INSCOC database between May 2013 and December 2018...
August 10, 2023: Nutrition
Xiao Wang, Hongxia Peng, Congying Xia, Yunfeng Zhou, Liqing Shen, Xinran Cheng, Chunxia Yang, Yanfang Yang, Lu Long
OBJECTIVES: Future primary prevention strategies may benefit from understanding the connection between mortality in individuals with central obesity and modifiable lifestyle factors like dietary intake. This study sought to determine whether there was a separate relationship between folate, vitamin B6 , and vitamin B12 intake and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the US population with central obesity. METHODS: The study analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1999 and 2016...
August 7, 2023: Nutrition
Fumiya Kawase, Yoshiyuki Masaki, Hiroko Ozawa, Manami Imanaka, Aoi Sugiyama, Hironari Wada, Shinya Kobayashi, Takayoshi Tsukahara
OBJECTIVES: Accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) prediction is needed to prevent over- or underfeeding in older hospitalized patients. However, few validated REE prediction Equations are known for such patients. Therefore, this study aimed to develop new REE prediction Equations and evaluate their validity. METHODS: This single-center, cross-sectional study enrolled 134 patients ages ≥70 y. For holdout validation, patients were randomized in a 3:1 ratio; for the development data set, a new Equation was developed according to the measured REE using indirect calorimetry...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Aleksandra Krzywon, Anna Kotylak, Alexander Jorge Cortez, Jolanta Mrochem-Kwarciak, Krzysztof Składowski, Tomasz Rutkowski
OBJECTIVES: Nutritional intervention, including nutritional counseling (NC), plays a significant role in the comprehensive management of patients with head and neck cancer (HNC). The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of NC combined with oral nutritional supplements during radical treatment on weight loss and survival outcomes in patients with HNC. METHODS: The study included 310 patients who received radical treatment for HNC. Among these patients, 119 underwent NC along with oral nutritional supplements (NCONS); 191 were supported with oral nutritional supplements only (ONS)...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Ayda Atefatfar, Siavash Babajafari, Noushin Mohammadifard, Fatemeh Nouri, Maryam Boshtam, Masoumeh Sadeghi, Mohammad Hossein Sharifi, Asma Kazemi, Nizal Sarrafzadegan
OBJECTIVES: The aim of our study was to compare four lifestyles-healthy diet and low activity, unhealthy diet and high activity, unhealthy diet and low activity, and healthy diet and high activity-in relation to the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause mortality. METHODS: A total of 6504 adults ages ≥35 y were recruited to participate in the Isfahan Cohort Study and followed for 13 y. Diet was assessed using a validated 48-item food frequency questionnaire, and the quality of diet was assessed using the Dietary Quality Index...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Miyu Kubo, Sonoko Yasui-Yamada, Haruka Hayashi, Midori Kitao, Kyoko Wada, Ayaka Yamanaka, Nao Ohmae, Momoyo Matsuoka, Seiichiro Kamimura, Aki Shimada, Yoshiaki Kitamura, Yasuhiro Hamada
OBJECTIVE: Muscle mass is typically assessed by abdominal computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. However, these tests are not routinely performed in patients with head and neck cancer (HNC), making sarcopenia assessment difficult. The aim of this study was to develop and validate equations for predicting appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) from data obtained in daily medical practice, with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)-measured appendicular skeletal muscle mass (BIA-ASM) as a reference...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Yoichi Sato, Yoshihiro Yoshimura, Takafumi Abe, Fumihiko Nagano, Ayaka Matsumoto
OBJECTIVES: Hospital-associated sarcopenia is prevalent and associated with poor outcomes in acutely admitted patients. Prevention of developing sarcopenia during hospitalization is an important factor in stroke management. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate whether energy intake and rehabilitation duration contribute to the prevention of hospital-associated sarcopenia in patients with acute stroke. METHODS: Patients with acute stroke were included in this study...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Ahmad Jayedi, Mahdi Shafiei Neyestanak, Mostafa Qorbani, Abbas Abbasi-Ghahremanloo, Kurosh Djafarian, Sakineh Shab-Bidar
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to compare characteristics of habitual and meal-specific dietary patterns identified by latent class analysis (LCA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). METHODS: Participants included 778 adults selected for the present cross-sectional study from local health care centers in Tehran, Iran. Three 24-h dietary recalls evaluated dietary intake. LCA was used to group study participants into exclusive subgroups of individuals with similar patterns of dietary intake...
August 6, 2023: Nutrition
Qiwei He, Xinran Qi, Tiange Zhang, Kun Tang
OBJECTIVE: Malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has declined over the past 2 decades. However, malnutrition inequality persists. Evaluating trends of socioeconomic disparities in malnutrition among children under 5 y of age in the DRC can help target meaningful interventions. METHOD: Data from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (2001, 2010, 2018) assessed the prevalence of underweight, stunting, and wasting among children under 5. The Slope Index of Inequality (SII) and the Relative Index of Inequality (RII) measured socioeconomic inequalities...
August 2, 2023: Nutrition
Savitesh Kushwaha, Rachana Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar Bhadada, Nizamuddin Khan, Atreyo Mondal, Poonam Khanna
OBJECTIVES: Lipids and micronutrients play a major role in the pathophysiology of diabetes, and several studies have established the association between lipids and diabetes. The aim of this study was to determine the interaction between lipid profile and micronutrient status with different prediabetes and diabetes diagnosis criteria among school-aged children in India. METHODS: The data used in this study was from Comprehensive National Nutritional Survey conducted in India from 2016 to 2018...
July 26, 2023: Nutrition
Daniel Antonio de Luis, Olatz Izaola, David Primo, Juan Jose López Gómez
OBJECTIVES: The beta-2 adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) is involved in energy balance regulation. The objective of our study was to evaluate the role of the rs1042714 genetic variant of ADRB2 gene on weight loss, body composition, and metabolic changes secondary to partial meal replacement (pMR) hypocaloric diet in women with obesity. METHODS: We conducted an interventional study in 95 premenopausal women with body mass index ≥ 35 kg/m2 . The subjects received two intakes per day of a normocaloric hyperproteic formula during 12 wk of a pMR diet...
July 23, 2023: Nutrition
Li Zhang, Ting Zhang, Hui-Juan Liu, De-Qiang Xing, Ya-Nan Zhao, Yi-Bing Zhang, Yan Li
OBJECTIVES: Body composition is an integral part of the nutritional assessment during infancy as it is closely related to future health. The three-dimensional photonic body surface scanning (3-DPS) method is a promising new technique for measuring body composition in children because of its advantages of easy operation, low cost, and no exposure to radiation. Using 3-DPS, this study aimed to illustrate the growth trajectories of body composition indicators during infancy according to sex and age...
July 22, 2023: Nutrition
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