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Jason J Schwartz, Edward Lee, Ashley P Butler, David P Facklam, Billy Franks, James R Spalding, Maria E Vassilakis, Gary D Thal, William D Irish
INTRODUCTION: It was hypothesized that patients experiencing at least one tacrolimus formulation switch may require more frequent therapeutic drug monitoring, subsequent dose adjustments, and a potential for untoward clinical outcomes than patients who remain on a single formulation. METHODS: Eligible patients were adult kidney transplant recipients with stable renal function at month 3 post-transplant and no evidence of acute rejection, receiving an oral, tacrolimus-based regimen...
April 19, 2019: Advances in Therapy
LiNong Ji, LiMing Chen, YanGang Wang, ZhongShu Ma, XingWu Ran, ZiLin Sun, XiangJin Xu, GuiXia Wang, LiXin Guo, ZhongYan Shan
INTRODUCTION: China has the largest number of diabetic patients in the world. In the past 2 decades, the prevalence of diabetes in China has increased dramatically, and the current status of diabetes control in the diabetic population is not satisfactory. Although insulin is currently recognized in diabetes treatment guidelines as the therapeutic option for patients not adequately controlled by diet/exercise and oral agents, the proportion of patients with type 2 diabetes using insulin is still very low, and the time when insulin therapy is initiated is relatively late...
April 19, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Noemi Muszbek, Clare Proudfoot, Marie Fournier, Chieh-I Chen, Andreas Kuznik, Zsofia Kiss, Peter Gal, Kaleb Michaud
INTRODUCTION: Assess the cost-effectiveness (US healthcare payer perspective) of sarilumab subcutaneous (SC) 200 mg + methotrexate versus conventional synthetic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (csDMARDs) or targeted DMARD + methotrexate for moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in adults with inadequate response to methotrexate. METHODS: Microsimulation based on patient profiles from MOBILITY (NCT01061736) was conducted via a 6-month decision tree and lifetime Markov model with 6-monthly cycles...
April 19, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Fanny Ledys, Valentin Derangère, Manon Réda, Jean-Florian Guion, Romily Milliex, Valérie Roux, Emeric Limagne, Laurent Arnould, Leila Bengrine, François Ghiringhelli, Cédric Rébé
KRAS (Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene) or BRAF (v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B1) constitutive activation leads to anti-EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) therapy resistance of metastatic colorectal cancer patients. In this article we investigate the effects of anti-MEK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) antibody (trametinib) combined with anti-EGFR (cetuximab) on colon cancer cell lines with different RAS statuses. Even though cetuximab has no effect on RAS cell viability and ERK (extracellular-signal-regulated kinase) phosphorylation (one of the last kinases of the EGFR pathway), trametinib can induce cell death and inhibit the activation of ERK alone or in combination with cetuximab...
April 12, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Pierre Johansen, Barnaby Hunt, Neeraj N Iyer, Tam Dang-Tan, Richard F Pollock
The article "A Relative Cost of Control Analysis of Once-Weekly Semaglutide Versus Exenatide Extended-Release and Dulaglutide for Bringing Patients to HbA1c and Weight Loss Treatment Targets in the USA", written by Pierre Johansen, Barnaby Hunt, Neeraj N. Iyer, Tam Dang-Tan, Richard F. Pollock was originally published electronically on the publisher's internet portal (currently SpringerLink) on November 27, 2018 without Open Access.
April 12, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Ann C Childress, Jeffrey H Newcorn, Andrew J Cutler
INTRODUCTION: A laboratory classroom study in children aged 6-12 years with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) found that racemic amphetamine sulfate (RA-AMPH) significantly improved performance versus placebo from 45 min through 10 h post-dose (NCT01986062). A secondary analysis assessed gender as a potential moderator of response to treatment comparing the ADHD Rating Scale-IV (ADHD-RS-IV) and Swanson, Kotkin, Agler, M-Flynn and Pelham (SKAMP) rating scales. METHODS: After 8 weeks of open-label RA-AMPH dose optimization using improvement in ADHD-RS-IV symptoms as a guide, 97 subjects (38 females and 59 males) were randomized to the sequence of 2 weeks of double-blind treatment with the optimized dose of RA-AMPH followed by placebo or vice versa during a laboratory classroom day...
April 10, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Le Manh Cuong, Tran Thu Ha, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Tien Thanh, Vu Duy Kien, Nguyen Duc Lam
INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to assess the short- and long-term outcomes of Doppler-guided transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) for grade III and IV hemorrhoidal disease in Vietnam. METHODS: In a prospective observational design, patients treated for grade III and IV hemorrhoidal disease with the THD method at the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine (Hanoi, Vietnam) were included between June 2012 and December 2013. Patients were evaluated postoperatively at the time they were discharged from the hospital (short-term outcome) and 6 months after surgery (long-term outcome)...
April 10, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Michael J Langworthy, Philip G Conaghan, Joseph J Ruane, Alan J Kivitz, Joelle Lufkin, Amy Cinar, Scott D Kelley
INTRODUCTION: Osteoarthritis (OA) is common and its prevalence is increased in military service members. In a phase 3 randomized controlled trial (NCT02357459), a single intra-articular injection of an extended-release formulation of triamcinolone acetonide (TA-ER) in participants with unilateral or bilateral knee OA demonstrated substantial improvement in pain and symptoms. Bilateral knee pain has emerged as a confounding factor in clinical trials when evaluating the effect of a single intra-articular injection...
April 9, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Hongxin Zhao, Yi Ning, James Cooper, Rodrigo Refoios Camejo, Xiajun Ni, Bingming Yi, Daniel Parks
INTRODUCTION: To evaluate the comparative efficacy and safety of ropinirole and pramipexole as adjunctive therapies to levodopa (L-dopa) for the management of advanced Parkinson's disease (PD), via a systematic review and network meta-analysis. METHODS: Twenty-one double-blind randomised controlled trials of patients with advanced PD with motor fluctuations receiving L-dopa comparing ropinirole or pramipexole with comparators were identified from 2550 publications...
April 8, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Christopher Ll Morgan, Sara Jenkins-Jones, Craig Currie, Garth Baxter
INTRODUCTION: This study compared adverse outcomes and resource use for patients with a diagnosis of pain treated with tapentadol prolonged-release (PR) versus those treated with morphine controlled-release (CR) and oxycodone CR. METHODS: Data were sourced from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), a database derived from UK primary care. Patients prescribed tapentadol PR between May 2011 and December 2016 were selected and matched to two groups of controls treated with either morphine CR or oxycodone CR on gender, age, pain duration, pain site, pain aetiology, Charlson index and prior analgesia...
April 8, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Manuel Dómine, Bartomeu Massuti, Javier Puente, Antonio Calles, Emilio Esteban, Eduardo Triguboff, Yashmin Silvana Afonzo, Regina Gironés, Francisco Aparisi, Juana Oramas
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the evolution of disease-related symptoms and its relationship with the control of the disease in first-line treatment in patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS: This was an observational, prospective, national and multicentre study with two visits in which the following were collected: (1) baseline visit: sociodemographic and clinical variables (2) visit after completing the 4-6 chemotherapy cycles: criteria for ending treatment, control of the disease and clinical variables...
April 8, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Tadao Akizawa, Manabu Iwasaki, Tetsuro Otsuka, Michael Reusch, Toshihiro Misumi
INTRODUCTION: This study evaluated efficacy and safety/tolerability of roxadustat, an oral hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor, in Japanese anemic non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease (NDD-CKD) patients. METHODS: In this phase 2, double-blind, 24-week study, NDD-CKD patients were randomized to oral placebo or roxadustat (50, 70, or 100 mg) three times weekly (TIW) for 6 weeks followed by dose adjustments to maintain hemoglobin (Hb) at 10-12 g/dL for 18 weeks; patients meeting pre-defined criteria were re-randomized to TIW or once-weekly dosing...
April 5, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Carina Schey, Genevieve Meier, Janice Pan
INTRODUCTION: Metastatic renal cell carcinoma is a complex cancer for which several drugs have been developed over the years. More recently, drugs that target the specific cancer cell mutations have been developed for metastatic cell carcinoma. However, even with the recent influx of targeted therapy options, significant unmet needs exist in around half of treated renal cell carcinoma patients following the failure of first-line therapy. The aim of this study was to review the health technology appraisals of renal cell carcinoma treatments in several countries to establish what factors might affect the reimbursement decisions...
April 5, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Francesco Spannella, Federico Giulietti, Chiara Di Pentima, Riccardo Sarzani
INTRODUCTION: We evaluated the prevalence and control of dyslipidemia in a wide sample of patients referred to our ESH "Hypertension Excellence Centre" for high blood pressure (BP). Furthermore, we evaluated the role of adiposity on the serum lipid profile. METHODS: Observational study on 1219 consecutive outpatients with valid ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) referred for high BP. Patients with body mass index (BMI) ≥ 25 kg/m2 were defined as overweight/obese (OW/OB)...
April 5, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Chiung-Chih Chang, Giia-Sheun Peng, Te-Jen Lai, Chien-Hsun Li, Ching-Kuan Liu
INTRODUCTION: Rivastigmine is a cholinesterase inhibitor, approved for the treatment of mild-to-moderate dementia of Alzheimer's type. This study assessed the short- and long-term effectiveness and safety of rivastigmine in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD) in a real-world clinical setting in Taiwan. METHODS: This was a 48-week, single-arm, open-label, prospective, observational, post-marketing surveillance, multicenter study. The primary outcomes were change from baseline to week 48 in the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) scores...
April 5, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Bing Ho, Hardik Bhagat, Jason J Schwartz, Kofi Atiemo, Amna Daud, Raymond Kang, Samantha E Montag, Lihui Zhao, Edward Lee, Anton I Skaro, Daniela P Ladner
INTRODUCTION: Real-world data with extended-release tacrolimus (ER-T) are lacking in the USA. This study examined clinical outcomes and healthcare resource utilization in kidney transplant patients receiving ER-T in clinical practice. METHODS: This was a retrospective, single-center analysis (February-June 2016) using data from Northwestern University's Enterprise Data Warehouse. Adult patients receiving a kidney transplant in the preceding 4 years, treated de novo or converted to ER-T from immediate-release tacrolimus (IR-T) within 10 days post-transplantation, and maintained on ER-T (at least 3 months) were included...
April 2, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Senthil Rajappa, M Vamshi Krishna, Prasad Narayanan
Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is evolving with the use of precision medicine for patients with sensitizing epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation. First- and second-generation EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) remained the standard of care for patients with EGFR-mutated advanced NSCLC for about a decade. However, treatment resistance eventually develops for most patients who experience initial response to these agents. The most commonly acquired resistance mechanism is the T790M gatekeeper mutation...
April 2, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Jörgen Syk, Ines Vinge, Mikael Sörberg, Mikko Vahteristo, Paula Rytilä
INTRODUCTION: In real-life practice, asthma remains poorly controlled, with a considerable burden on patients' quality of life. Budesonide/formoterol (B/F) Easyhaler® has demonstrated similar dose consistency, therapeutic equivalence, and equivalent bronchodilator efficacy to B/F Turbuhaler® , but no real-life comparisons are yet available in patients switching from B/F Turbuhaler® to B/F Easyhaler® . METHODS: The primary objective of this real-life, non-interventional, observational study was to show non-inferiority of asthma control when adult patients in Swedish primary care with persistent asthma switched from B/F Turbuhaler® to B/F Easyhaler® ...
April 2, 2019: Advances in Therapy
Andrea Fabbri, Giuseppe Carpinteri, Germana Ruggiano, Elisabetta Bonafede, Antonella Sblendido, Alberto Farina, Amedeo Soldi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 30, 2019: Advances in Therapy
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