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Chronobiology International

Kui Yang, Yaqin Wang, Yanyun Ding, Haiju Cui, Deixi Zhou, Lu Chen, Zhangqing Ma, Wusan Wang, Wen Zhang, Jiajie Luan
BACKGROUND: Numerous clinical studies have evaluated valsartan and found more efficacious control of blood pressure (BP) variability when administered before sleep. The treatment leads to improved outcomes when compared to administration upon awakening. The mechanism underlying this etiology is not fully understood. The present study investigates the safety and efficacy of asleep administration of valsartan in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) with a non-dipping blood pressure pattern compared to SHRs receiving administration during awake time...
May 17, 2019: Chronobiology International
Maryam Thraya, Maha Hammoud, Daniel Heath, Phillip Karpowicz
Animals have an endogenous circadian clock that temporally regulates 24 hour (h) oscillations in behavior and physiology. This highly conserved mechanism consists of two positive regulators, Bmal and Clock, and two negative regulators, Cry and Per, that run with a 24-h cycle that synchronizes itself with environmental changes in light, food, and temperature. We examined the circadian clock in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), a non-model organism in which the function of the clock has not been studied...
May 17, 2019: Chronobiology International
Khalid El Allali, Hicham Farsi, Mohammed Piro, Mohamed Rachid Achaâban, Mohammed Ouassat, Etienne Challet, Paul Pévet
Daily pattern of locomotor activity (LA), one of the most studied rhythms in humans and rodents, has not been widely investigated in large mammals. This is partly due to the high cost and breakability of used automatic devices. Since last decade, smartphones are becoming ubiquitous. Meanwhile, several applications detecting activity by using internal sensors were made available. In this study, we assumed that this device could be a cheaper and easier way to measure the LA rhythm in humans and large mammals, like camel and goat...
May 15, 2019: Chronobiology International
Aneta Przepiórka, Agata Błachnio, Nicolson Yat-Fan Siu
The main aim of our study was to examine whether there was a relationship between psychological characteristics such as self-efficacy, self-control and chronotype as well as procrastination on the one hand and sleep problems on the other. There were 315 young adults aged between 18 and 27 years (M = 20.57). We used the General Procrastination Scale, the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES), Brief Self-Control Scale, the Composite Scale of Morningness (CSM) and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Our results indicated that low self-efficacy, low self-control and eveningness were positive predictors of procrastination...
May 9, 2019: Chronobiology International
Christoph Randler, Judith Engelke
Chronotype is an individual difference trait that is closely linked to biological variables. Usually, men and women differ in their chronotype with men being more evening oriented than women. The aim of the study was to assess gender differences in chronotype based on a systematic review and meta-analysis. In addition, many recent studies do not report gender differences any more although researchers collected data on men and women. This motivated us to contact many researchers directly to obtain and use these additional data...
May 9, 2019: Chronobiology International
Chisato Suzuki, Kentaro Ushijima, Hitoshi Ando, Hiroko Kitamura, Michiko Horiguchi, Tomomi Akita, Chikamasa Yamashita, Akio Fujimura
We previously reported that a histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi) increases D-site binding protein (Dbp) mRNA expression in adipose tissue and subsequently improved insulin sensitivity of obese (ob/ob) mice. However, the potential mechanism of this phenomenon was unclear. Thus, the aim of this study was to clarify the molecular mechanism involved in enhanced Dbp mRNA expression and improvement of insulin sensitivity in mice. Ob/ob mice were treated with HDACi every second day for 3 weeks. At the end of treatment, an insulin tolerance test was performed and epididymal adipose tissue obtained for fractionation into adipocytes and preadipocytes...
May 9, 2019: Chronobiology International
Markus Canazei, Daniela Bassa, Paulino Jimenez, Ilona Papousek, Andreas Fink, Elisabeth Weiss
Light therapy is a well-established treatment option for seasonal affective disorders and is effective in reducing sleep problems and daytime fatigue. Symptoms of severe burnout include feelings of exhaustion and impaired sleep and mood. Thus, light therapy seems promising for burnout treatment. So far, light therapy effects in burnout were investigated in outpatient settings only, with inconclusive results. The present study targeted light therapy effects in an inpatient setting. Participants with severe burnout were recruited in two psychosomatic clinics and randomly assigned to a control group with multimodal psychiatric treatment or an add-on light treatment group...
May 9, 2019: Chronobiology International
Xiao-Yun Xiong, Jun Liang, Yi-Qiao Xu, Yi Liu
The Tilapia collagen peptide mixture TY001 has been shown to accelerate wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice and to protect against streptozotocin-induced inflammation and elevation in blood glucose. The goals of the present study are to further study TY001 effects on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammation and metabolic syndrome. LPS is known to disrupt circadian clock to produce toxic effects, the effects of TY001 on rhythmic alterations of serum cytokines and hepatic clock gene expressions were examined...
May 6, 2019: Chronobiology International
Melissa A B de Oliveira, Marina Scop, Ana Carolina Odebrecht Abreu, Paulo Roberto Stefani Sanches, Augusto Camargo Rossi, Antoni Díez-Noguera, Maria Elisa Calcagnotto, Maria Paz Hidalgo
The ability to predict and adjust physiology and behavior to recurring environmental events has been necessary for survival on Earth. Recent discoveries revealed that not only changes in irradiance but also light spectral composition can stimulate the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), ensuring the body's synchronization to the environment. Therefore, using a lighting system that modulates spectral composition during the day using combined red-green-blue (RGB) lights, we evaluated the effect of variations in light spectral composition on the rest-activity rhythm of rodents...
May 6, 2019: Chronobiology International
Beata Peplonska, Pawel Kaluzny, Elzbieta Trafalska
Previous research points to some inappropriate nutritional habits among nurses working night shifts. However, the knowledge of specific nutritional components of their diet has been limited. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the association between rotating night shifts of nurses and midwives and their usual dietary intake of energy and nutrients. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 522 Polish nurses and midwives: 251 working rotating night shifts (i.e. working night shift followed by a day off on a subsequent day) and 271 day workers...
May 6, 2019: Chronobiology International
Marcus Oldenburg, Hans-Joachim Jensen
Seafarers working in maritime settings are affected by a great number of psychosocial stressors. The testing of cortisol in saliva is a well-established method for judging the individual strain. Therefore, this study aims to assess the crews' strain on container ships on the basis of this parameter, taking occupational groups and the three voyage episodes of the vessel into account (stay at port, river passage and sea passage). One scientist accompanied 22 sea voyages and examined 304 crew members who had provided a minimum of 5 saliva samples from at least one day...
May 6, 2019: Chronobiology International
Marc Riedel, Michael H Smolensky, Alain Reinberg, Yvan Touitou, Cedric Riedel, Nadine Le Floc'h, René Clarisse
We assessed the 24-h pattern of operations-related injuries (ORI) experienced by scheduled off-site/on-call French volunteer firefighters (VFF) through analysis of an archival database. Occurrence and severity - evaluated by number of lost work days (LWD) and total medical costs (TMC) - of ORI were explored in terms of risk ratios, respectively, number of ORI/number of service operations (RRORI ), number of LWD/number of ORI (RSLWD ,) and TMC/number of ORI (RSTMC ). Additionally, the collective work performance of all involved VFF was measured in terms of the lag time (LT) between emergency call-center firefighter-answered communication for service of observer-presumed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and departure of vehicle from fire station to render aid, designated LTOHCA ...
May 1, 2019: Chronobiology International
Li Zhu, Shuo Feng, Qiao Gao, Wen Liu, Wei-Hua Ma, Xiao-Ping Wang
The rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis Walker, is one of the most important global agricultural pests. C. suppressalis has distinct rice and water-oat host populations. Asynchrony in sexual activity is thought to be the main factor maintaining reproductive segregation between these populations, particularly the obvious difference in the circadian rhythm of female calling activity between populations. However, the mechanism responsible for this difference in the timing of female calling is poorly understood...
May 1, 2019: Chronobiology International
Sally A Ferguson, Sarah L Appleton, Amy C Reynolds, Tiffany K Gill, Anne W Taylor, R Douglas McEvoy, Robert J Adams
Almost one-third of Australians report having made errors at work that are related to sleep issues. While there is significant literature investigating the role of sleep in workplace health and safety in shiftworking and nightwork operations, long working hours, work-family conflict, and commute times getting longer also impact day workers' sleep behaviors and opportunities. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between sleep duration and disorders, sleep health and hygiene factors, work-related factors and errors at work in Australian workers...
April 24, 2019: Chronobiology International
Aki Tomizawa, Kazuhiro Nogawa, Yuuka Watanabe, Mitsuhiro Oishi, Kumihiko Tanaka, Kouichi Sakata, Yasushi Suwazono
We investigated how differences in circadian rhythm type affect the health of workers engaged in shift work. Employees, who were newly hired in a steel company between 2007 and 2011, received the Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ) survey. The target participants were 153 male shift workers who were not being treated with any antihyperlipidemic drugs and underwent periodic physical examinations including blood tests at least twice. According to the score of the MEQ at the time of joining the company, we classified the subjects into five types...
April 24, 2019: Chronobiology International
Meng-Jun Qiu, Li-Ping Liu, Si Jin, Xie-Fan Fang, Xiao-Xiao He, Zhi-Fan Xiong, Sheng-Li Yang
Circadian rhythm describes the 24-h oscillation in physiology and behavior of living organisms and presents a timing controller for life activity. Studies in recent years have reported that the abnormal expression of clock genes is closely related to the development of common abdominal malignant tumors. The expression of the 14 kinds of clock genes in 6 abdominal malignant tumors from Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data was integrated and analyzed using R and Perl programming languages to show the association between clock gene expression and prognosis of cancer patients...
April 24, 2019: Chronobiology International
Mengjun Qiu, Yao-Bing Chen, Si Jin, Xie-Fan Fang, Xiao-Xiao He, Zhi-Fan Xiong, Sheng-Li Yang
Circadian clock genes have become a hot topic in cancer research in recent years, and more and more studies are showing that clock genes are involved in regulating cell proliferation cycle and apoptosis of malignant tumors, neuroendocrine and immune function, and other processes. Lung cancer is a malignant tumor with increasing incidence worldwide. The pathogenesis of lung cancer is extremely complicated and includes genetic factors, living environment, and smoking, and the occurrence of lung cancer is related to the regulation of many oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes...
April 24, 2019: Chronobiology International
Shinnosuke Yasuda, Shiho Iwami, Konomi Tamura, Yuko Ikeda, Mayo Kamagata, Hiroyuki Sasaki, Atsushi Haraguchi, Masako Miyamatsu, Shizuka Hanashi, Yoshiyuki Takato, Shigenobu Shibata
The expression rhythms of clock genes, such as Per1, Per2, Bmal1, and Rev-erb α, in mouse peripheral clocks, are entrained by a scheduled feeding paradigm. In terms of food composition, a carbohydrate-containing diet is reported to cause strong entrainment through insulin secretion. However, it is unknown whether human diets entrain peripheral circadian clocks. In this study, we used freeze-dried diets for type 2 diabetes (DB) and chronic kidney disease (CKD), as well as low-carbohydrate diets. After 24 h of fasting, PER2::LUC knock-in mice were given access to food for 2 days during inactive periods, and bioluminescence rhythm was then measured using an in vivo imaging system...
April 16, 2019: Chronobiology International
Shahab Haghayegh, Sepideh Khoshnevis, Michael H Smolensky, Kenneth R Diller
Elevated asleep heart rate (HR) is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other-cause morbidity and mortality. We assessed the accuracy of Fitbit Inc. PurePulse® photoplethysmography with reference to three-lead electrocardiography (ECG) in determining HR during sleep. HR of 35 (17 female) healthy adults 25.1 ± 10.6 years of age (mean ± SD) was continuously recorded throughout a single night of sleep. There was no significant difference in asleep HR mean (0.09 beats per minute [bpm], P = 0.426) between Fitbit photoplethysmography and ECG; plus, there was excellent intraclass correlation (0...
April 16, 2019: Chronobiology International
Felipe Hideki Arakaki, Sergio Tufik, Monica Levy Andersen
According to the United Nations, in 2017, people aged 60 or over in the world, comprised 13 per cent of the global population. It is a fact that elderly people are keeping a health lifestyle, such as practicing physical exercises and avoiding excessive dosages of medications. However, this population is also more prone to have injuries while practicing exercises. Sleep architecture is physiologically different among elderly, and naps can be very beneficial to improve their mental and physical health. Thus, in this article, we encourage health professionals to recommend regular naps to this population, which could lead to an improve in their well-being and quality of life...
April 16, 2019: Chronobiology International
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