Zhongyan Sun, Yadi Liu, Yonghua Zhao, Youhua Xu
Diabetes mellitus is a multifactorial metabolic disease, of which type 2 diabetes (T2D) is one of the most common. The complications of diabetes are far more harmful than diabetes itself. Type 2 diabetes complications include diabetic nephropathy (DN), diabetic heart disease, diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), and diabetic retinopathy (DR) et al . Many animal models have been developed to study the pathogenesis of T2D and discover an effective strategy to treat its consequences...
November 10, 2023: Endocrine Research
Yuzhen Cen, Dana Feng, Rasoul Kowsar, Zhen Cheng, Yu Luo, Qingyu Xiao
BACKGROUND: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is one of the most prevalent diseases that also show sexual dimorphism in many different aspects. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to distinguish the mRNA expression of genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in men or women with T2D using a multistep analysis. METHODS: A total of 95 patients with T2D were compared based on their sex in terms of clinical variables and mRNA expression in their PBMCs...
November 10, 2023: Endocrine Research
Pankaj Pant, Havagiray Chitme, Reema Sircar, Ritu Prasad, Hari Om Prasad
BACKGROUND: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a commonly occurring reproductive disorder among the reproductive-aged women. Its global occurrence varies based on diagnostic guidelines, ethnicities, and locations of concern. Insulin resistance (IR) is commonly observed around 65-70% of women diagnosed with PCOS, representing a prevalent association. Consequently, the study was designed with an objective of illustrating the effect of insulin on mural and cumulus granulosa cells (GCs) of PCOS patients in comparison to normal ovulating women...
October 24, 2023: Endocrine Research
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October 23, 2023: Endocrine Research
Ana B Vargas-Antillón, Mildren Porchas-Quijada, Eloy A Zepeda-Carrillo, Rafael Torres-Valadez, José F Muñoz-Valle, Rafael Vázquez-Solórzano, Elia Valdés-Miramontes, Luis A Hernández-Palma, Zyanya Reyes-Castillo
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) have shown alterations in the affinity of IgG anti-leptin antibodies which are possibly related to metabolic alterations. In the present exploratory study, we analyzed serum samples from adults with T2D classified by body mass index (BMI) and evaluated the relationship of IgG anti-leptin antibodies with body composition, metabolic and cardiovascular risk parameters. METHODS: Serum IgG anti-leptin antibodies (total, free and immune complexes fractions) were measured by in-house ELISA...
October 21, 2023: Endocrine Research
Cong Zhang, Qian Xu, Chengye Xu, Kun Yang, Tian Xia, Wuying Hasi, Ming Hao, Hongyu Kuang
OBJECTIVES/INTRODUCTION: The purpose of the current study was to investigate the association between Aspartate Transaminase (AST)/Alanine transaminase(ALT) and type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients and to determine whether there were sex differences. METHODS: In the retrospective study, we collected data on NAFLD patients (1, 896 men and 465 women) at Murakami Memorial Hospital from 2004 to 2015. Data were stratified by sex to investigate the association between AST/ALT and T2DM incidence by sex...
September 26, 2023: Endocrine Research
Satoshi Kurose, Katsuko Onishi, Takumi Miyauchi, Kazuhisa Takahashi, Yutaka Kimura
OBJECTIVE: Follistatin (FST)/myostatin (MST) myokine-signaling axis is important for muscle metabolism and pathogenesis of obesity. FST, mainly secreted by skeletal muscle and liver, inhibits MST and affects skeletal muscle synthesis. This study aimed to identify the characteristics of myokines and independent predictors of serum FST levels in patients with obesity. METHODS: In this retrospective cross-sectional study, 226 patients (mean age, 46.6 years; men, 35...
September 5, 2023: Endocrine Research
Weihan Xiao, Xiaomin Hu, Chaoxue Zhang, Xiachuan Qin
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to investigate the preoperative prediction of large-number central lymph node metastasis (CLNM) in single thyroid papillary carcinoma (PTC) with negative clinical lymph nodes. METHODS: A total of 634 patients with clinically lymph node-negative single PTC who underwent thyroidectomy and central lymph node dissection at the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University and the Nanchong Central Hospital between September 2018 and September 2021 were analyzed retrospectively...
August 22, 2023: Endocrine Research
Mercedes Perusquía, Nieves Herrera, Jaime Jasso-Kamel, Lorena González, Nohemí Alejandre
BACKGROUND: Androgens induce vasorelaxation and reduce blood pressure in different mammals, including humans. Most women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), with hyperandrogenism, are obese and exhibit hypertension; thus, the fact that androgens increase blood pressure (BP) is controversial. Our aim was to determine whether hypertension is produced by androgen excess and/or obesity. METHODS: Experiments were performed in dehydroepiandrosterone; (DHEA, s.c)-induced PCOS model...
August 20, 2023: Endocrine Research
Heba S Kassab, Nermin A Osman, Shimaa M Elrahmany
OBJECTIVE: Triglyceride-based indices have gained much attention over the past few years. Relation of triglyceride - glucose (TyG) index with insulin resistance and diabetic macrovascular complications was thoroughly studied; nevertheless its relation to microvascular complications is still unclear. This provoked us to carry out the present study. METHODS: This cross-sectional study included 500 patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), who were enrolled from the outpatient clinic of the Diabetes and Metabolism Unit at Alexandria Main University Hospital...
August 11, 2023: Endocrine Research
Rashmi K G, Nandhini Perumal, Anusha Cherian, Mukta Wyawahare, Aravind Prasad, Jayaprakash Sahoo, Sadish Kumar Kamalanathan, Anusuya R, Dukhabandhu Naik
CONTEXT: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) predominantly involves the lungs, albeit many other organ systems, including the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, can be affected due to the expression of the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) binding receptor. Few studies have reported the involvement of adrenal gland and the HPA axis during the acute phase of COVID-19; however, the data on the long-term effect of COVID-19 on the HPA axis after acute infection is scarce. OBJECTIVE: To assess and compare the changes in HPA axis in mild, moderate and severe COVID-19 categories at ≥ 3 months after acute infection...
August 11, 2023: Endocrine Research
Hiba Masri-Iraqi, Yaron Rudman, Carmel Friedrich Dubinchik, Idit Dotan, Talia Diker-Cohen, Liat Sasson, Tzipora Shochat, Ilan Shimon, Eyal Robenshtok, Amit Akirov
Limited data are available regarding the association between pre-admission thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels and prognosis in hospitalized surgical patients treated for hypothyroidism. We retrospectively evaluated a cohort of 1,451 levothyroxine-treated patients, hospitalized to general surgery wards. The 30-day mortality risk was 2-fold higher for patients with TSH of 5.0-10.0 mIU/L (adjusted OR, 2.3; 95% CI 1.1-5.1), and 3-fold higher for those with TSH > 10.0 mIU/L (3.4; 95% CI 1...
July 3, 2023: Endocrine Research
Qiang Wang, Xixuan Lu, Li Xu, Haiyan Liang
This study aimed to examine the impact of hyperuricemia on various thyroid disorders with emphasized focus on differences resulting from different genders. 16094 adults aged ≥18 years were enrolled in this cross-sectional study using a randomized stratified sampling strategy. Clinical data including thyroid function and antibodies, uric acid, and anthropometric measurements were measured. Multivariable logistic regression was used to determine the association between hyperuricemia and thyroid disorders...
June 29, 2023: Endocrine Research
Huixia Li, Bin Wang, Qin Li, Qing Li, Jie Qiao, Dongping Lin, Chunhua Sui, Lin Ye, Hualing Zhai, Boren Jiang, Ningjian Wang, Bing Han, Mengda Jiang, Xiaofeng Tao, Ziyang Shao, Chenfang Zhu, Yubo Ma, Ping Xiong, Jing Sun, Huifang Zhou, Yingli Lu
BACKGROUND: Intravenous glucocorticoid (IVGC) remains the main treatment for moderate-to-severe and active thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO). However, a substantial number (20-30%) of active moderate-to-severe TAO patients may not respond to IVGC. Some patients may have disease progression despite IVGC treatment or relapse after steroid withdrawal. OBJECTIVES: To analyze risk factors for clinical activity and predictive factors for clinical outcomes of 4.5 g IVGC therapy in patients with moderate-to-severe TAO...
June 22, 2023: Endocrine Research
Ziynet Alphan Uc, Pinar Yagcı, Zelal Adibelli, Cevdet Duran
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to investigate thyroid function test (TFT) results and anti-thyroid antibody titers in acutely infected COVID-19 patients, as well as the changes in TFT and autoantibody results during the 6-months recovery period among survivors. PATIENTS AND DESIGN: A total of 163 adult COVID-19 patients and 124 COVID-19 survivors were evaluated in terms of TFT (thyroid stimulating hormone [TSH], free triiodothyronine [fT3], and free thyroxine [fT4]) and anti-thyroid antibodies (anti-thyroglobulin [anti-Tg] and anti-thyroid peroxidase [anti-TPO])...
March 8, 2023: Endocrine Research
Burcu Candemir, İbrahim İleri, Mehmet Muhittin Yalçın, Aydın Tuncer Sel, Berna Göker, Özlem Gülbahar, İlhan Yetkin
BACKGROUND: Frailty, is a geriatric syndrome that reduces the resistance to stress situations caused by activities of daily living and increases morbidity and mortality. We hypothesized that a decrease in orexigenic peptides or an increase in anorexigenic peptides might be associated with frailty. We aimed to investigate the relationship between frailty and six appetite-related peptides: ghrelin, neuropeptide Y (NPY), agouti-related peptide (AgRP), cocaine-amphetamine-associated peptide (CART), peptide YY, and alpha MSH (α-MSH)...
February 17, 2023: Endocrine Research
Shehrban Sobeh Khalil, Mohammad Sheikh Ahmad, Talia Sarah-Hefer, Ekaterina Yovanovich, Maria Reut, Limor Chen-Konak, Nariman Saba-Khazen, Leonard Saiegh
PURPOSE: In Cushing's disease (CD) patients, the aim of the present study is to confirm sensitivity of several ACTH and cortisol concentration values in different time points, during corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) stimulation test and during CRH stimulation following dexamethasone suppression (DEX-CRH) test. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed cortisol and ACTH concentration increment during CRH and DEX-CRH tests in 23 patients with confirmed CD. Cortisol and ACTH concentrations were determined immediately before, 15 min and 30 min after CRH stimulation...
February 2023: Endocrine Research
Tarak Dhaouadi, Imen Rojbi, Sameh Ghammouki, Ibtissem Ben Nacef, Meriem Adel, Sabrine Mekni, Karima Khiari, Taïeb Ben Abdallah, Imen Sfar, Yousr Gorgi
BACKGROUND: B cell activating factor (BAFF), a crucial factor for B cell survival and differentiation, has been linked to several autoimmune conditions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of BAFF gene's polymorphisms with its serum levels and to assess their effect on Graves' disease (GD) susceptibility and presentation. METHODS: Sixty-two GD patients and 152 healthy controls have been enrolled to investigate BAFF rs9514827 (-2841 T/C), rs1041569 (-2701 T/A) and rs9514828 (-871 C/T) gene's polymorphism by PCR-RFLP and serum BAFF level's kinetics under medical treatment by ELISA...
February 2023: Endocrine Research
Muhammet Cuneyt Bilginer, Abbas Ali Tam, Sevgul Faki, Nagihan Bestepe, Fatma Dilek Dellal, Didem Ozdemir, Oya Topaloglu, Reyhan Ersoy, Bekir Cakir
BACKGROUND: Patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) are exposed to subclinical exogenous hyperthyroidism for the suppression of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). In this study, we aimed to evaluate the adrenal reserve in DTC patients receiving suppression therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included 55 DTC patients on suppression therapy and 32 healthy volunteers. Basal serum cortisol of all participants and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) of the patient group were measured...
December 16, 2022: Endocrine Research
Jeong Min Seong, Mi Young Gi, Ju Ae Cha, Hyun Ho Sung, So Young Park, Cho Hee Park, Hyun Yoon
AIMS: This study was conducted to assess the association of uric acid (UA) with the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and beta-cell function (HOMA- B ) by gender in nondiabetic Korean adults. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was carried out using data from the 2019 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and included nondiabetic Korean men, premenopausal women, and postmenopausal women aged 20 years or older. RESULTS: First, after adjusted for the related variables (excluding obesity), the prevalence of hyperuricemia (UA ≥ 7...
November 2, 2022: Endocrine Research
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