Haijun Liu, Qianhua Li, Kangxia Long, Ouyang Xia, Yufeng Ye, Hao Wang, Lie Dai
Pulmonary accelerated rheumatoid nodules (ARN) represent a rare occurrence within the context of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with conventional treatment typically involving corticosteroids. In this report, we present a unique case of pulmonary ARN managed with baricitinib, a Janus kinase inhibitor. The patient, a 46-year-old woman diagnosed with RA, initially displayed no evident pulmonary nodules upon pulmonary imaging. Her treatment regimen encompassed corticosteroids, methotrexate, and leflunomide. Nevertheless, a chest computed tomography (CT) scan conducted after a year unveiled the presence of multiple bilateral pulmonary nodules...
September 23, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Dilek Sayin, Gulsah Gundogdu, Ozgen Kilic-Erkek, Koksal Gundogdu, Hatice Siyzen Coban, Gulcin Abban-Mete
OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the efficacy of sericin in treating experimental Achilles tendinopathy (AT) in rats via the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β)/mothers against decapentaplegic (Smad) pathway compared with diclofenac sodium (DS). METHOD: An AT model was induced in rats using collagenase enzyme type I and divided into 5 groups: C (control), AT (diseased control), ATS (AT treated with sericin), ATN (AT treated with DS), and ATSN (AT treated with sericin and DS)...
September 21, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Mohamad Bittar, Simonne S Nouer, Elizabeth A Tolley, Maureen Dubreuil, Marina Magrey
OBJECTIVE: Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the axial skeleton. Recent studies have shown that mortality risk is higher in AS patients and that it is possibly related to disease activity and duration. Our aim was to investigate the leading causes and factors associated with mortality in hospitalized AS patients in the USA. METHODS: This is a case-control study using the Cerner Health Facts® database between 2015 and 2017...
September 21, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Charalampos Papagoras, Nikoleta Zioga, Vasileios Papadopoulos, Nafsika Gerolymatou, Eleni Kalavri, Christos Bounos, Theodora Simopoulou, George E Fragoulis, Stylianos Panopoulos, Kalliopi Fragiadaki, Gerasimos Evangelatos, Vasiliki-Kalliopi Bournia, Aikaterini Arida, Anastasios Karamanakos, Maria Pappa, Evrydiki Kravvariti, Kleopatra Deftereou, Nikolaos Kougkas, Evangelia Zampeli, Evangelia Kataxaki, Konstantinos Melissaropoulos, Georgia Barouta, Alexandros Panagiotopoulos, Christos Koutsianas, Stamatis-Nick Liossis, Panagiotis Georgiou, Theodoros Dimitroulas, Maria G Tektonidou, Dimitrios P Bogdanos, Antonia Elezoglou, Paraskevi V Voulgari, Petros P Sfikakis, Dimitrios Vassilopoulos
INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to determine whether the introduction of anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and the dominance of the omicron variant had a significant impact on the outcome of COVID-19 in patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases (SAIRDs). METHODS: Using data entered to the Greek Rheumatology Society COVID-19 registry, we investigated the incidence of hospitalization and death due to COVID-19, during the successive periods of the pandemic according to the prevalent strain (wild-type, Alpha, Delta, Omicron) in vaccinated and unvaccinated patients...
September 21, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Masanori Nakayama, Takefumi Furuya, Eisuke Inoue, Eiichi Tanaka, Katsunori Ikari, Hisashi Yamanaka, Masayoshi Harigai
To investigate the prevalence of and factors associated with sarcopenia in Japanese patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We analyzed a cross-section of patients with RA participating in the Institute of Rheumatology Rheumatoid Arthritis cohort survey in 2021. Participants completed self-administered questionnaires, including a 5-item sarcopenia screening index (SARC-F). Patients with a SARC-F score of 4 or higher were categorized as having sarcopenia. Among 2416 Japanese patients with RA (2113 women and 303 men; mean age 63...
September 21, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Ahmed E Hafez, AlShaimaa M Taha, Abdelhfeez Moshrif, Hany M Aly, Rasha Abdel Noor, Mohamed Mortada, Radwa Elkhouli
INTRODUCTION/OBJECTIVES: systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune disorder with multiple organs destruction. This study aimed to identify the ultrasonographic changes of major salivary glands in Egyptian scleroderma patients and to detect their association to different disease manifestations. METHODS: Forty-seven SSc patients and 43 apparent healthy volunteers were enrolled. Demographics, inflammatory markers, and autoimmune status were recorded. Ultrasound evaluation of salivary glands was performed...
September 18, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Ezgi Çimen Güneş, Seda Çolak, Emre Tekgöz, Muhammet Çınar, Sedat Yılmaz
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a neurotoxic state which is characterized by seizures, headache, visual disturbances, paresis, and altered mental status. Golimumab is anti-tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitor (anti-TNF-α) that can be used in the treatment of rheumatologic diseases. Here, we present a patient who had developed PRES after golimumab treatment for ankylosing spondylitis (AS). A 45-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency service with a newly onset severe headache, loss of vision in both eyes, and two generalized tonic-clonic seizures that lasted for 3 to 4 min...
September 16, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Xiaocong Huo, Zhiyu Zeng, Yongjun Lin, Jinying Lin, Dong Xu
To explore the clinical characteristics of systemic sclerosis complicated with silicosis. The systemic sclerosis patients treated in the Guangxi Workers' Hospital and the People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from January 2000 to December 2020 were divided into the systemic sclerosis with silicosis group and the systemic sclerosis without silicosis group. Survival analysis was performed using Kaplan-Meier estimates the Cox proportional hazards model. A propensity score matching was applied in order to avoid the selection bias...
September 15, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Amir A Razmjou, Jennifer M Wang, Ani Shahbazian, Srinivasa Reddy, Christina Charles-Schoeman
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 14, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Manuel Martínez-Lavín, Adriana Miguel-Álvarez
There is a clear clinical overlap between fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalomyelitis, and post-COVID 19 condition. Chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, and widespread pain characterize these 3 syndromes. A steady line of investigation posits fibromyalgia as stress-evoked sympathetically maintained neuropathic pain syndrome and places dorsal root ganglia dysregulation with the ensuing small fiber neuropathy at the epicenter of fibromyalgia pathogenesis. This article discusses emerging evidence suggesting that similar mechanism may operate in post-COVID 19 condition...
September 14, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Matthew M K Woo, Daniel Levin, Dorothy Y Li, Joel David, Michelle Buresi, Milli Gupta, Yasmin Nasser, Christopher N Andrews, Caylib Durand, Mohammed S Osman, Kareem Jamani, Jason Weatherald, Kerri A Johannson, Jonathan G Howlett, Iman Hemmati, Hyein Kim, Michael Curley, Jan Storek
INTRODUCTION: Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is associated with esophageal dysmotility. Autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) results in improvement of skin tightness and lung function. Whether esophageal motility improves after HCT is unknown. METHODS: Esophageal motility was studied using high-resolution esophageal manometry in 21 SSc patients before and at multiple time points after autologous HCT. Median posttransplant follow-up was 2 years (range, 6 months to 5 years)...
September 13, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Ning Chen, Yijun Dai, Hui Li, Xianming Long, Jun Ke, Jiuyun Zhang, Hong Sun, Fei Gao, He Lin, Qing Yan
OBJECTIVE: Numerous immune cell types, such as B and T lymphocytes, natural killer cells (NK), and NKT cells, are related to the pathogenesis of diseases in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Our goal in this investigation is to examine the phenotype of NK cells and NKT cells alterations in individuals with SLE. METHODS: Typically, 50 SLE patients and 24 age-matched healthy people had their PBMCs obtained. Employing flow cytometry, the phenotype of NK and NKT cells and immunoglobulin-like transcript 2 (ILT2) expressions were identified...
September 11, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Yang-Yang Tang, Wang-Dong Xu, Lu Fu, Xiao-Yan Liu, An-Fang Huang
OBJECTIVE: Systemic lupus erythematosus is a complex autoimmune disorder, and evidence supports the significance of genetic polymorphisms in SLE genetic susceptibility. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of BTN3A1 (butyrophilin 3A1), SHP2 (Src homology-2 containing protein tyrosine phosphatase), CD274 (programmed cell death 1 ligand 1), and STAT3 (signal transducer-activator of transcription 3) gene interactions on SLE risk. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two hundred and ninety patients diagnosed with SLE and 370 healthy controls were recruited...
September 9, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Lucía Mayordomo, Juan Molina-Collada, Jacqueline Uson, María Luz García Vivar, Gustavo Adolfo Áñez Sturchio, Alfonso Corrales, Concepción Castillo-Gallego, Félix Francisco Hernández, Esther F Vicente-Rabaneda, Francisco Gabriel Jiménez Núñez, Ignacio Vázquez Gómez, María Alcalde Villar, Carmen Moragues, David Castro Corredor, Francisco Javier Toyos Sáenz de Miera, Juan José De Agustín, María Rosa Expósito Molinero, Juan José Alegre Sancho, Luis Coronel, Marco Aurelio Ramírez Huaranga, María Dolores Ruiz-Montesino, Paz Collado-Ramos, Marina González Peñas, Roberto Miguélez, Eduardo Flores Fernández, Carlos Valera-Ribera, Esperanza Naredo
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this observational, descriptive, cross-sectional, multicentre study was to assess the perceived quality and grade of satisfaction expressed by patients with chronic arthropathies regarding the use of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasonography by rheumatologists as an integrated clinical care tool. METHODS: All Spanish rheumatology departments with MSK ultrasonography incorporated in their healthcare services were invited to participate in the study...
September 9, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Yue Shen, Xue Yu, Qiao Wang, Xinyi Yao, Dingqi Lu, Donghai Zhou, Xinchang Wang
Evidence of gut microbiota disruption for numerous autoimmune diseases has accumulated. Recently, the relationship between the microbiota and primary Sjögren's disease has been increasingly investigated but has yet to be systematically elucidated. Therefore, a meta-analysis of publications dealing on topic was conducted. Case-control studies comparing primary Sjögren's syndrome patients and healthy controls (HCs) were systematically searched in nine databases from inception to March 1, 2023. The primary result quantitatively evaluated in this meta-analysis was the α-diversity...
September 8, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Ummusen Kaya Akca, Erdal Sag, Busra Aydın, Nur Kubra Tasdemir, Muserref Kasap Cuceoglu, Ozge Basaran, Ezgi Deniz Batu, Yelda Bilginer, Seza Ozen
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the plasma levels and cell surface expression of two checkpoint molecules, TIM-3 (T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-containing protein 3) and PD-1 (programmed cell death protein 1), in pediatric patients with chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis (CNO). METHODS: Plasma samples of CNO patients were collected at diagnosis or during biologic agent treatment. Plasma levels of TIM-3 and PD-1 were measured using the sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method, and the expression of the two immune checkpoint molecules on the cell surface was analyzed by isolating peripheral blood mononuclear cells by density gradient centrifugation technique...
September 7, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Carlos Pineda, Hugo Sandoval
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 6, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Ernesto Damiani, Francesco M Galassi, Martina Elice
Current scientific literature often defines gout as morbus dominorum, in agreement with the Greek-Roman representation of podagra (ποδάγρα, literally "foot-trap") as a consequence of gluttony and libertinage. Several authors place the origins of this expression with the Roman writer Suetonius, without however quoting any specific primary source. We have investigated this problem again and scrutinized primary sources ranging from the Roman World to the early Middle Ages...
September 6, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Xintong Xie, Hao Yu, Youxian He, Mengxiang Li, Feng Yin, Xue Zhang, Qiuyu Yang, Guangliang Wei, Huidong Chen, Chengsong He, Yue He, Jie Chen
BACKGROUND: Bibliometric analysis is a mature method for quantitative evaluation of academic productivity. In view of the rapid development of research in the field of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in the past decade, we used bibliometric methods to comprehensively analyze the literature in the field of SLE from 2013 to 2022. METHODS: The relevant literature in the field of SLE from 2013 to 2022 was screened in the Web of Science Core Collection database. After obtaining and sorting out the data, CiteSpace and VOSviewer software were used to visualize the relevant data, and SPSS software was used for scientific statistics...
September 5, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
Yun-Wen Chen, Hsin-Hua Chen, Wen-Nan Huang, Jun-Peng Chen, Yi-Hsing Chen, Yi-Ming Chen
OBJECTIVE: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is characterized by localized bone loss, general osteoporosis and increased fracture risks. Tumour necrosis factor inhibitors (TNFi), non-tumour necrosis factor inhibitors (non-TNFi) biologic, Janus kinase inhibitors (JAKi) had shown the suppression effects to osteoclast activation and improvement of bone mineral density (BMD). Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody (ACPA) is associated with osteoclast activation and the resultant bone loss. However, few studies have compared BMD changes among patients with RA treated with targeted therapies that have different mechanisms of action...
September 2, 2023: Clinical Rheumatology
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