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European Journal of Radiology

Takeshi Kamitani, Hidetake Yabuuchi, Yoshihide Kanemaki, Mitsuhiro Tozaki, Tetsuo Sonomura, Waka Mizukoshi, Waka Nakata, Taro Shimono, Misugi Urano, Toshiko Yamano, Fumi Kato, Megumi Kuchiki, Nobuyuki Shiraga, Hisami Yanagita, Eisuke Katsuda, Masako Kataoka, Ken Yamaguchi, Takuro Horikoshi, Tatsuya Gomi, Miwako Nozaki, Motoi Shiotani, Maki Amano, Hirokazu Saigusa, Shunichi Sadaoka, Hisashi Kamiya, Makoto Kubo, Nami Yamashita, Hidetaka Yamamoto, Hiroshi Honda
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 3, 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Ji Young Jeon, Sheen-Woo Lee, Yu Mi Jeong, Sunghyun Yu
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this article is to assess whether dual-energy CT (DECT) collagen material decomposition technique could reliably depict graft integrity in patients with knee ligament reconstruction. METHODS: Seventy patients (mean age, 29.8 years; age range, 15-57 years; 61 men, 9 women) who underwent knee DECT, from June 2016 to January 2018, after knee ligament reconstruction were included in our study. A total of 92 intact tendon grafts (autograft, n = 37; allograft, n = 50), confirmed by MRI and clinical assessment or second-look arthroscopy of the operated knee, were evaluated...
March 22, 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Anne-Laure Faucon, Guillaume Bobrie, Olivier Clément
Iodinated contrast media (ICM) induced acute kidney injury (AKI) accounts for 11% of cases of AKI and is its third most common cause in hospitalized patients. However, the pathophysiological mechanisms are not yet completely understood. The nephrotoxicity of ICM is partly the consequence of a direct cytotoxic effect on renal tubular epithelial and endothelial cells. It is also the consequence of impaired intrarenal hemodynamics, these two mechanisms being closely linked. The rheological properties of ICM, the volume infused, and the route of administration increase the intrinsic toxicity generated by the contrast media used...
March 15, 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Auni Lindgren, Maarit Anttila, Otso Arponen, Suvi Rautiainen, Mervi Könönen, Ritva Vanninen, Hanna Sallinen
OBJECTIVES: To investigate whether semi-quantitative and pharmacokinetic perfusion dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) parameters are associated with traditional prognostic factors and can predict clinical outcome in ovarian cancer (OC). METHODS: This prospective study, approved by local ethical committee, enrolled 38 patients with primary OC, 2011-2014. After preoperative DCE-MRI (3.0 T), two observers measured perfusion (Ktrans , Kep , Ve , Vp ) and semi-quantitative parameters (area under the curve, peak, time-to-peak) by drawing regions of interest (ROIs) covering the large solid lesion (L-ROI) and the most enhancing small area (S-ROI) (NordicICE platform)...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Nataliia Moshina, Sofie Sebuødegård, Kate Torild Evensen, Caroline Hantho, Kari Alette Iden, Solveig Hofvind
OBJECTIVES: We aimed to compare pain experienced during screening mammography, using three different compression paddles: a fixed paddle standardizing pressure (study paddle), a flexible, and a fixed paddle. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Using a numeric rating scale (NRS), ranged 0-10, we collected information on pain experienced during mammography from a questionnaire completed by 4,675 women screened in Stavanger, May-November 2017, as a part of BreastScreen Norway. The questionnaire also provided information on factors possibly associated with pain...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Fabian K Lohöfer, Georgios A Kaissis, Michael Rasper, Christoph Katemann, Andreas Hock, Johannes M Peeters, Christoph Schlag, Ernst J Rummeny, Dimitrios Karampinos, Rickmer F Braren
OBJECTIVES: To compare the image quality between compressed sensing (CS) 3D-magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) using respiratory-triggered (RT) and breath-hold (BH) acquisitions and 2D single-shot breath-hold (SSBH) MRCP at 3 T MRI. METHODS: 53 datasets were retrospectively assessed. 3D-MRCP with CS (RT-CS10, BH-CS24) and 2D-SSBH MRCP were acquired. Overall image quality, blurring/motion artifacts and discernibility of the pancreaticobiliary tree (PBT) structures were scored on a 4-point scale by 2 radiologists...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
D J Murphy, S M Mak, A Mallia, S Jeljeli, J J Stirling, V Goh, A Bille, G J R Cook
AIM: To examine the performance of 18 F-FDG PET/MRI in the loco-regional staging of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). METHODS: Consecutive subjects with MPM undergoing pre-operative staging with 18 F-FDG PET/CT who underwent a same day integrated 18 F-FDG PET/MRI were prospectively studied. Clinical TNM staging (AJCC 7th edition) was performed separately and in consensus by two readers on the 18 F-FDG PET/MRI studies, and compared with staging by 18 F-FDG PET/CT, and with final pathological stage, determined by a combination of intra-operative and histological findings...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Huihui Xie, Juan Hu, Xiaodong Zhang, Shuai Ma, Yi Liu, Xiaoying Wang
OBJECTIVES: To explore whether MRI and radiomic features can differentiate uterine sarcoma from atypical leiomyoma. And to compare diagnostic performance of radiomic model with radiologists. METHODS: 78 patients (29 sarcomas, 49 leiomyomas) imaged with pelvic MRI prior to surgery were included in this retrospective study. Certain clinical and MRI features were evaluated for one lesion per patient. Radiological diagnosis was made based on MRI features. A radiomic model using automated texture analysis based on ADC maps was built to predict pathological results...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Erkin Aribal, Patricia Mora, Arvind K Chaturvedi, Kristijana Hertl, Jasna Davidović, Dina H Salama, Vesna Gershan, Maksimilian Kadivec, Clara Odio, Manju Popli, Harriet Kisembo, Zahida Sabih, Saša Vujnović, Arda Kayhan, Harry Delis, Diana Paez, Francesco Giammarile
AIM: The aim of this paper is to present baseline imaging data and the improvement that was achieved by the participating centers after applying practice-specific interventions that were identified during the course of a multicentric multinational research coordinated project. INTRODUCTION: The incidence and mortality rates from breast cancer are rising worldwide and particularly rapidly across the countries with limited resources. Due to lack of awareness and screening options it is usually detected at a later stage...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Yoshiharu Ohno, Yasuko Fujisawa, Masao Yui, Daisuke Takenaka, Hisanobu Koyama, Naoki Sugihara, Takeshi Yoshikawa
PURPOSE: To prospectively compare the capability of dynamic first-pass contrast-enhanced (CE) perfusion MR imaging with ultra-short TE and area-detector CT (ADCT), analyzed with the same mathematical methods, and that of FDG-PET/CT for diagnosis and management of solitary pulmonary nodules (SPNs). METHODS AND MATERIALS: Our institutional review board approved this study and written informed consent was obtained from all subjects. A total 57 consecutive patients with 71 nodules prospectively underwent dynamic CE-perfusion ADCT and MR imaging with ultra-short TE, FDG-PET/CT, as well as microbacterial and/or pathological examinations...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Xiangde Min, Min Li, Di Dong, Zhaoyan Feng, Peipei Zhang, Zan Ke, Huijuan You, Fangfang Han, He Ma, Jie Tian, Liang Wang
PURPOSE: To evaluate the performance of a multi-parametric MRI (mp-MRI)-based radiomics signature for discriminating between clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) and insignificant PCa (ciPCa). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two hundred and eighty patients with pathology-proven PCa were enrolled and were randomly divided into training and test cohorts. Eight hundred and nineteen radiomics features were extracted from mp-MRI for each patient. The minority group in the training cohort was balanced via the synthetic minority over-sampling technique (SMOTE) method...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Chao Ma, Yupeng Zhang, Tuerdialimu Niyazi, Jian Wei, Guo Guocai, Jianan Liu, Shikai Liang, Fei Liang, Peng Yan, Kun Wang, Chuhan Jiang
PURPOSE: To explore the feasibility of predicting hematoma expansion at acute phase via a radiomics approach. METHODS: 254 cases with hypertensive intraparenchymal hematomas were retrospectively reviewed. Baseline non-contrast enhanced CT scan (NECT) were obtained on admission and compared to follow up CT to confirm the occurrence of hematoma expansion. Cases were split into training dataset with 149 cases and a test dataset with 105 cases. Radiomics features were extracted and informative features were selected by least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) with 3-fold-cross validation...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Jingyu Lu, Daoyu Hu, Hao Tang, Xuemei Hu, Yaqi Shen, Zhen Li, Yang Peng, Ihab Kamel
PURPOSE: To investigate the utility of whole-lesion histogram analysis from multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) for discrimination of duodenal adenocarcinoma (DAC), pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) around the periampullary area. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 171 patients suspicious of periampullary tumors were examined by MDCT (arterial and venous phases) and treated with surgery. A total of 74 patients were finally included in this retrospective study (26 DACs, 20 PDACs, and 28 GISTs)...
June 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Xin-Xing Hu, Wen-Tao Wang, Li Yang, Zhao-Xia Yang, He-Yue Liang, Ying Ding, Yuan Ji, Meng-Su Zeng, Sheng-Xiang Rao
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Masashi Kimura, Isao Kato, Kenichiro Ishibashi, Akio Shibata, Shusuke Nishiwaki, Masahiro Fukumura, Yasuhiro Sone, Toru Nagao, Masahiro Umemura
PURPOSE: This study aimed to evaluate the prognostic significance of two major indices of intratumoral heterogeneity of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography (CT), namely heterogeneity index (HI) and heterogeneity factor (HF), in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma. METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of 62 patients who underwent resective surgery. HI, HF, maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax ), metabolic tumor volume (MTV), and total lesion glycolysis (TLG) were obtained from pretreatment PET...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Isabeau Hermie, Jeroen Van Besien, Pieter De Visschere, Nicolaas Lumen, Karel Decaestecker
OBJECTIVE: To investigate which clinical and radiological characteristics can predict clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) in PI-RADS 3 lesions. To investigate which clinical and radiological characteristics influence the clinician to biopsy a PI-RADS 3 lesion. MATERIALS AND METHODS: mpMRI PI-RADS 3 lesions scored by 1 out of 3 highly specialized radiologists in a single high-volume center during the period March 2015 to August 2017 were investigated. This score was based on T2 weighted and diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) sequences...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Diana Hoang, Stephen Fisher, Orhan K Oz, Javier La Fontaine, Avneesh Chhabra
AIM: To evaluate the utility of percutaneous CT guided bone biopsy (PCBB) for suspected osteomyelitis (OM) and its eventual impact on patient management and recovery. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients who received a PCBB for suspected osteomyelitis from years 2012-2018. Patient demographics, lesion location, ulcer grade, signs of toxemia, serology, wound and blood cultures, bone biopsy and cross-sectional imaging results were recorded. Diagnostic yield of the bone biopsy and its role in influencing the final treatment plan and patient recovery were evaluated...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Pedro Augusto Gondim Teixeira, Anne-Sophie Formery, Gwenaël Balazuc, Guillaume Lux, Isabelle Loiret, Gabriela Hossu, Alain Blum
OBJECTIVE: to compare quantitative kinematic 4-D CT parameters between healthy volunteers and pathologic patients (joint stiffness or chronic ankle instability). METHODS: Thirteen healthy volunteers without previous ankle trauma, 18 patients with clinical subtalar joint stiffness and 10 patients with chronic ankle instability diagnosed based on clinical and imaging findings were prospectively evaluated with 4-D CT. This study was approved by the local ethics committee and all patients signed an informed consent...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Liyan Lu, Fengfang Li, Yuehu Ma, Huiyou Chen, Peng Wang, Mingyang Peng, Yu-Chen Chen, Xindao Yin
PURPOSE: Mild traumatic brain injury is known to have frequent cognitive impairment. Accumulating evidence is pointing to the malfunctioning of the substantia nigra (SN) as an important factor for head trauma. However, it remains unknown whether changes in the SN-based resting state functional connectivity following mTBI at acute stage and its relationship with cognitive function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 58 patients with mTBI and 30 age-, gender-, and years of education-matched healthy controls were enrolled in the current study...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Mercy Afadzi, Elisabeth Kirkeby Lysvik, Hilde Kjernlie Andersen, Anne Catrine T Martinsen
PURPOSE: To optimize image quality and radiation dose of chest CT with respect to various iterative reconstruction levels, detector collimations and body sizes. METHOD: A Kyoto Kagaku Lungman with and without extensions was scanned using fixed ultra-low doses of 0.25, 0.49 and 0.74 mGy CTDIvol , and collimations of 40 and 80 mm. Images were reconstructed with the lung kernel, filtered back projection (FBP) and different ASIR-V levels (10-100%). Contrast-to-noise ratios (CNR) were calculated for 12 mm simulated lesions of different densities in the lung...
May 2019: European Journal of Radiology
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