Dongxu Han, Nasir Ibrahim, Feng Lu, Yicheng Zhu, Hongbo Du, Alaa AlZoubi
Thyroid cancer is one of the common types of cancer worldwide, and Ultrasound (US) imaging is a modality normally used for thyroid cancer diagnostics. The American College of Radiology Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (ACR TIRADS) has been widely adopted to identify and classify US image characteristics for thyroid nodules. This paper presents novel methods for detecting the characteristic descriptors derived from TIRADS. Our methods return descriptions of the nodule margin irregularity, margin smoothness, calcification as well as shape and echogenicity using conventional computer vision and deep learning techniques...
October 21, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Maninder Singh, Vishal Gupta, Rajeev Gupta, Basant Kumar, Deepak Agrawal
The paper presents a novel framework for the prediction of the raised Intracranial Pressure (ICP) from ocular ultrasound images of traumatic patients through automated measurement of Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter (ONSD) and Eyeball Transverse Diameter (ETD). The measurement of ONSD using an ocular ultrasound scan is non-invasive and correlates with the raised ICP. However, the existing studies suggested that the ONSD value alone is insufficient to indicate the ICP condition. Since the ONSD and ETD values may vary among patients belonging to different ethnicity/origins, there is a need for developing an independent global biomarker for predicting raised ICP condition...
September 12, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Charles F Babbs, Mary V Lang
This biophysical analysis explores the first-principles physics of movement of white blood cell sized particles, suspended in an aqueous fluid and experiencing progressive or standing waves of acoustic pressure. In many current applications the cells are gradually nudged or herded toward the nodes of the standing wave, providing a degree of acoustic focusing and concentration of the cells in layers perpendicular to the direction of sound propagation. Here the underlying biomechanics of this phenomenon are analyzed specifically for the viscous regime of water and for small diameter microscopic spheroids such as living cells...
August 29, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Wenting Xie, Yaoqin Wang, Zhongshi Du, Yijie Chen, Yu Wu, Dongdong Zhu, Lina Tang
Metastases to the thyroid gland (MTT) are uncommon in clinical practice. The ultrasound (US) features are easily confused with primary thyroid malignancy, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and other thyroid diseases. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the role of US and analysis of prognosis of MTT. A total of 45 patients with MTT in the database between July 2009 and February 2022 at the Fujian Cancer Hospital were reviewed. US examinations were performed only on 20 patients, who were finally included in our study...
July 5, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Anne-Lise Duroy, Valérie Detti, Agnès Coulon, Olivier Basset, Elisabeth Brusseau
Accurately estimating all strain components in quasi-static ultrasound elastography is crucial for the full analysis of biological media. In this study, 2D strain tensor imaging was investigated, focusing on the use of a regularization method to improve strain images. This method enforces the tissue property of (quasi-) incompressibility, while penalizing strong field variations, to smooth the displacement fields and reduce the noise in the strain components. The performance of the method was assessed with numerical simulations, phantoms, and in vivo breast tissues...
May 25, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Derek Y Chan, Daniel Cody Morris, Thomas J Polascik, Mark L Palmeri, Kathryn R Nightingale
This study demonstrates the implementation of a shear wave reconstruction algorithm that enables concurrent acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) imaging and shear wave elasticity imaging (SWEI) of prostate cancer and zonal anatomy. The combined ARFI/SWEI sequence uses closely spaced push beams across the lateral field of view and simultaneously tracks both on-axis (within the region of excitation) and off-axis (laterally offset from the excitation) after each push beam. Using a large number of push beams across the lateral field of view enables the collection of higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) shear wave data to reconstruct the SWEI volume than is typically acquired...
May 2, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Rui Wang, Haoyuan Zhou, Peng Fu, Hui Shen, Yang Bai
Ultrasonography has become an essential part of clinical diagnosis owing to its noninvasive, and real-time nature. To assist diagnosis, automatically segmenting a region of interest (ROI) in ultrasound images is becoming a vital part of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). However, segmenting ROIs on medical images with relatively low contrast is a challenging task. To better achieve medical ROI segmentation, we propose an efficient module denoted as multiscale attentional convolution (MSAC), utilizing cascaded convolutions and a self-attention approach to concatenate features from various receptive field scales...
April 28, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Andrew P Santoso, Ivan Rosado-Mendez, Quinton W Guerrero, Timothy J Hall
Methods to assess ultrasound backscatter anisotropy from clinical array transducers have recently been developed. However, they do not provide information about the anisotropy of microstructural features of the specimens. This work develops a simple geometric model, referred to as the secant model , of backscatter coefficient anisotropy. Specifically, we evaluate anisotropy of the frequency dependence of the backscatter coefficient parameterized in terms of effective scatterer size. We assess the model in phantoms with known scattering sources and in a skeletal muscle, a well-known anisotropic tissue...
April 27, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Mirela Liana Gliga, Cristian Chirila, Paula Maria Chirila
Our paper presents the ultrasound (US) patterns of a rare kidney disease-medullary sponge kidney (MSK)-that have not been described before in comparison with other causes of medullary hyperechogenicity and correlates them with the severity of the disease and prognosis. This is a clinical observational study of all US examinations in the Nephrology Department over a period of 6 years. The abdominal US focused on the kidneys was recorded. US characteristics of the medulla and cortex were analyzed. We found 10 patients with characteristic daisy flower (DF) kidneys...
April 14, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Priyanka Arora, Parminder Singh, Akshay Girdhar, Rajesh Vijayvergiya
Cardiovascular disease serves as the leading cause of death worldwide. Calcification detection is considered an important factor in cardiovascular diseases. Currently, medical practitioners visually inspect the presence of calcification using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images. The study aims to detect the extent of calcification as belonging to class I, II as mild calcification, and class III, IV as dense calcification from IVUS images acquired at 40 MHz. To detect calcification, the features were extracted using improved AlexNet architecture and then were fed into machine learning classifiers...
April 13, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 12, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Hasti Rostamikhanghahi, Sayed Mahmoud Sakhaei
Synthetic aperture (SA) technique is very attractive for ultrafast ultrasound imaging, as the entire medium can be insonified by a single emission. It also permits applying the dynamic focusing as well as adaptive beamforming both in transmission and reception, which results in an enhanced image. In this paper, we firstly show that the problem of designing the transmit and receive beamformers in SA structure can be formulated as a problem of designing a one-way beamformer on a virtual array with a lateral response equal to that of the two-way beamformer on SA...
April 3, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Sinan Li, Zhuhuang Zhou, Shuicai Wu, Weiwei Wu
The homodyned-K (HK) distribution is a generalized model of envelope statistics whose parameters α (the clustering parameter) and k (the coherent-to-diffuse signal ratio) can be used to monitor the thermal lesions. In this study, we proposed an ultrasound HK contrast-weighted summation (CWS) parametric imaging algorithm based on the H-scan technique and investigated the optimal window side length (WSL) of the HK parameters estimated by the XU estimator (an estimation method based on the first moment of the intensity and two log-moments, which was used in the proposed algorithm) through phantom simulations...
March 30, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
You-Wei Wang, Tsung-Ter Kuo, Yi-Hong Chou, Yu Su, Shing-Hwa Huang, Chii-Jen Chen
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer and is still the second leading cause of death for women in the world. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can reduce mortality rates. Breast ultrasound is always used to detect and diagnose breast cancer. The accurate breast segmentation and diagnosis as benign or malignant is still a challenging task in the ultrasound image. In this paper, we proposed a classification model as short-ResNet with DC-UNet to solve the segmentation and diagnosis challenge to find the tumor and classify benign or malignant with breast ultrasonic images...
March 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Mengmeng Zhang, Aibin Huang, Debiao Yang, Rui Xu
Breast cancer is considered as the most prevalent cancer. Using ultrasound images is a momentous clinical diagnosis method to locate breast tumors. However, accurate segmentation of breast tumors remains an open problem due to ultrasound artifacts, low contrast, and complicated tumor shapes in ultrasound images. To address this issue, we proposed a boundary-oriented network (BO-Net) for boosting breast tumor segmentation in ultrasound images. The BO-Net boosts tumor segmentation performance from two perspectives...
March 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Lili Zhu, Renjun Huang, Zhiyong Zhou, Qingmin Fan, Junchen Yan, Xiaojing Wan, Xiaojun Zhao, Yao He, Fenglin Dong
Kidney transplantation is the most effective treatment for advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). If the prognosis of transplantation can be predicted early after transplantation, it might improve the long-term survival of patients with transplanted kidneys. Currently, studies on the assessment and prediction of renal function by radiomics are limited. Therefore, the present study aimed to explore the value of ultrasound (US)-based imaging and radiomics features, combined with clinical features to develop and validate the models for predicting transplanted kidney function after 1 year (TKF-1Y) using different machine learning algorithms...
March 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Francisco J Molina-Payá, José Ríos-Díaz, Francisco Carrasco-Martínez, Jacinto J Martínez-Payá
Ultrasonographic signs of tendinopathies are an increase in thickness, loss of alignment in collagen fibers and the presence of neovascularization. Nevertheless, analysis of intratendinous vascular resistance (IVR) can be more useful for understanding the physiological state of the tissue. To show thermal, echotextural, and Doppler signal differences in athletes with patellar tendinopathy and controls. Twenty-six athletes with patellar tendinopathy (PT) participants (30.1 years; SD = 9.0 years) and 27 asymptomatic athletes (23...
February 13, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Fraser Hamilton, Peter Hoskins, George Corner, Zhihong Huang
Recent advances in electronics miniaturization have led to the development of low-power, low-cost, point-of-care ultrasound scanners. Low-cost systems employing simple bi-level pulse generation devices need only utilize binary phase modulated coded excitations to significantly improve sensitivity; however the performance of complementary codes in the presence of nonlinear harmonic distortion has not been thoroughly investigated. Through simulation, it was found that nonlinear propagation media with little attenuative properties can significantly deteriorate the Peak Sidelobe Level (PSL) performance of complementary Golay coded pulse compression, resulting in PSL levels of -62 dB using nonlinear acoustics theory contrasted with -198 dB in the linear case...
January 12, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Ren Koda, Hayato Taniguchi, Kei Konno, Yoshiki Yamakoshi
This paper proposes a method to determine the elasticity of the lung parenchyma from the B-line Doppler signal observed using continuous shear wave elastography, which uses a small vibrator placed on the tissue surface to propagate continuous shear waves with a vibration frequency of approximately 100 Hz. Since the B-line is generated by multiple reflections in fluid-storing alveoli near the lung surface, the ultrasonic multiple-reflection signal from the B-line is affected by the Doppler shift due to shear waves propagating in the lung parenchyma...
January 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yongmei Wang, Yongzhu Pu, Mei Yin, Yawen Wang, Song Zhao, Jianli Wang, Rong Ma
Twenty patients with pathologic nipple discharge underwent conventional galactography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) galactography. Images were reviewed for detection of suspicious lesions. Lesion localization information from CEUS galactography was recorded. We included 25 lesions from the 20 included patients. The pathological results revealed 13 intraductal papillomas. The detective rates of intraductal papilloma by conventional galactography and CEUS galactography were 92.31% and 100%, respectively...
January 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
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