You-Wei Wang, Tsung-Ter Kuo, Yi-Hong Chou, Yu Su, Shing-Hwa Huang, Chii-Jen Chen
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer and is still the second leading cause of death for women in the world. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can reduce mortality rates. Breast ultrasound is always used to detect and diagnose breast cancer. The accurate breast segmentation and diagnosis as benign or malignant is still a challenging task in the ultrasound image. In this paper, we proposed a classification model as short-ResNet with DC-UNet to solve the segmentation and diagnosis challenge to find the tumor and classify benign or malignant with breast ultrasonic images...
March 23, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Mengmeng Zhang, Aibin Huang, Debiao Yang, Rui Xu
Breast cancer is considered as the most prevalent cancer. Using ultrasound images is a momentous clinical diagnosis method to locate breast tumors. However, accurate segmentation of breast tumors remains an open problem due to ultrasound artifacts, low contrast, and complicated tumor shapes in ultrasound images. To address this issue, we proposed a boundary-oriented network (BO-Net) for boosting breast tumor segmentation in ultrasound images. The BO-Net boosts tumor segmentation performance from two perspectives...
March 23, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Lili Zhu, Renjun Huang, Zhiyong Zhou, Qingmin Fan, Junchen Yan, Xiaojing Wan, Xiaojun Zhao, Yao He, Fenglin Dong
Kidney transplantation is the most effective treatment for advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). If the prognosis of transplantation can be predicted early after transplantation, it might improve the long-term survival of patients with transplanted kidneys. Currently, studies on the assessment and prediction of renal function by radiomics are limited. Therefore, the present study aimed to explore the value of ultrasound (US)-based imaging and radiomics features, combined with clinical features to develop and validate the models for predicting transplanted kidney function after 1 year (TKF-1Y) using different machine learning algorithms...
March 18, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Francisco J Molina-Payá, José Ríos-Díaz, Francisco Carrasco-Martínez, Jacinto J Martínez-Payá
Ultrasonographic signs of tendinopathies are an increase in thickness, loss of alignment in collagen fibers and the presence of neovascularization. Nevertheless, analysis of intratendinous vascular resistance (IVR) can be more useful for understanding the physiological state of the tissue. To show thermal, echotextural, and Doppler signal differences in athletes with patellar tendinopathy and controls. Twenty-six athletes with patellar tendinopathy (PT) participants (30.1 years; SD = 9.0 years) and 27 asymptomatic athletes (23...
February 13, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Fraser Hamilton, Peter Hoskins, George Corner, Zhihong Huang
Recent advances in electronics miniaturization have led to the development of low-power, low-cost, point-of-care ultrasound scanners. Low-cost systems employing simple bi-level pulse generation devices need only utilize binary phase modulated coded excitations to significantly improve sensitivity; however the performance of complementary codes in the presence of nonlinear harmonic distortion has not been thoroughly investigated. Through simulation, it was found that nonlinear propagation media with little attenuative properties can significantly deteriorate the Peak Sidelobe Level (PSL) performance of complementary Golay coded pulse compression, resulting in PSL levels of -62 dB using nonlinear acoustics theory contrasted with -198 dB in the linear case...
January 12, 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Ren Koda, Hayato Taniguchi, Kei Konno, Yoshiki Yamakoshi
This paper proposes a method to determine the elasticity of the lung parenchyma from the B-line Doppler signal observed using continuous shear wave elastography, which uses a small vibrator placed on the tissue surface to propagate continuous shear waves with a vibration frequency of approximately 100 Hz. Since the B-line is generated by multiple reflections in fluid-storing alveoli near the lung surface, the ultrasonic multiple-reflection signal from the B-line is affected by the Doppler shift due to shear waves propagating in the lung parenchyma...
January 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yongmei Wang, Yongzhu Pu, Mei Yin, Yawen Wang, Song Zhao, Jianli Wang, Rong Ma
Twenty patients with pathologic nipple discharge underwent conventional galactography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) galactography. Images were reviewed for detection of suspicious lesions. Lesion localization information from CEUS galactography was recorded. We included 25 lesions from the 20 included patients. The pathological results revealed 13 intraductal papillomas. The detective rates of intraductal papilloma by conventional galactography and CEUS galactography were 92.31% and 100%, respectively...
January 2023: Ultrasonic Imaging
Jingwen Pan, Hu Peng, Zhihui Han, Dan Hu, Yadan Wang, Yuanguo Wang
Due to the advantages of non-radiation and real-time performance, ultrasound imaging is essential in medical imaging. Image quality is affected by the performance of the transducer in an ultrasound imaging system. For example, the bandwidth controls the pulse length, resulting in different axial resolutions. Therefore, a transducer with a large bandwidth helps to improve imaging quality. However, large bandwidths lead to increased system cost and sometimes a loss of sensitivity and lateral resolution in attenuating media...
December 16, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Zhuhuang Zhou, Zijing Zhang, Anna Gao, Dar-In Tai, Shuicai Wu, Po-Hsiang Tsui
The homodyned-K distribution is an important ultrasound backscatter envelope statistics model of physical meaning, and the parametric imaging of the model parameters has been explored for quantitative ultrasound tissue characterization. In this paper, we proposed a new method for liver fibrosis characterization by using radiomics of ultrasound backscatter homodyned-K imaging based on an improved artificial neural network (iANN) estimator. The iANN estimator was used to estimate the ultrasound homodyned-K distribution parameters k and α from the backscattered radiofrequency (RF) signals of clinical liver fibrosis ( n = 237), collected with a 3-MHz convex array transducer...
August 26, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Sinan Li, Zhuhuang Zhou, Shuicai Wu, Weiwei Wu
Percutaneous thermal therapy is an important clinical treatment method for some solid tumors. It is critical to use effective image visualization techniques to monitor the therapy process in real time because precise control of the therapeutic zone directly affects the prognosis of tumor treatment. Ultrasound is used in thermal therapy monitoring because of its real-time, non-invasive, non-ionizing radiation, and low-cost characteristics. This paper presents a review of nine quantitative ultrasound-based methods for thermal therapy monitoring and their advances over the last decade since 2011...
August 21, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yuexin Qi, Hui Cao, Guanjun Yin, Beilei Zhang, Jianzhong Guo
Photoacoustic (PA) imaging technology is of some value in medical diagnoses such as breast cancer detection, vasculature imaging, and surgery navigating. While as most imaging objects are bounded, the received RF signals consist of the direct-arrived signals (DAS) from the PA sources and the boundary-reflected signals (BRS). The undesired BRS will severely impair the quality during the image reconstruction. They will bring in many artifacts and confuse the actual shape and location of the PA sources. We improved the reconstruction procedure by removing the BRS before the regular reconstruction process to suppress those artifacts...
August 11, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Fubao Zhu, Zhengyuan Gao, Chen Zhao, Hanlei Zhu, Jiaofen Nan, Yanhui Tian, Yong Dong, Jingfeng Jiang, Xiaohong Feng, Neng Dai, Weihua Zhou
Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging allows direct visualization of the coronary vessel wall and is suitable for assessing atherosclerosis and the degree of stenosis. Accurate segmentation and lumen and median-adventitia (MA) measurements from IVUS are essential for such a successful clinical evaluation. However, current automated segmentation by commercial software relies on manual corrections, which is time-consuming and user-dependent. We aim to develop a deep learning-based method using an encoder-decoder deep architecture to automatically and accurately extract both lumen and MA border...
July 21, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yang Liu, Yufeng Zhang, Bingbing He, Zhiyao Li, Xun Lang, Hong Liang, Jianhua Chen
The homodyned K distribution (HK) can generally describe the ultrasound backscatter envelope statistics distribution with parameters that have specific physical meaning. However, creating robust and reliable HK parameter estimates remains a crucial concern. The maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) usually yields a small variance and bias in parameter estimation. Thus, two recent studies have attempted to use MLE for parameter estimation of HK distribution. However, some of the statements in these studies are not fully justified and they may hinder the application of parameter estimation of HK distribution based on MLE...
June 8, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Kun Wang, Zhiyao Li, Yufeng Zhang
Designing a technique with higher speckle noise suppressing capability, better edge preserving performance, and lower time complexity is a research objective for the common carotid artery (CCA) ultrasound despeckling. Total variation based techniques have been widely used in the image denoising and have good performance in preserving the edges in the images. However, the total variation based filters can produce the staircase artifacts. To address this issue, second-order total variation based techniques have been proposed for the image denoising...
June 8, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yasufumi Asao, Kenichi Nagae, Koichi Miyasaka, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Sadakazu Aiso, Shigeaki Watanabe, Marika Sato, Shinae Kizaka-Kondoh, Yukari Nakajima, Kazuo Kishi, Takayuki Yagi
Photoacoustic (PA) technology can be used for non-invasive imaging of blood vessels. In this paper, we report on our prototype PA imaging system with a newly designed ultrasound sensor and its visualization performance of microvascular in animal. We fabricated an experimental system for animals using a high-frequency sensor. The system has two modes: still image mode by wide scanning and moving image mode by small rotation of sensor array. Optical test target, euthanized mice and rats, and live mice were used as objects...
May 13, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Hua Yan, Yuankun Wei, Yinggang Zhou, Yifan Wang
Acoustic tomography (AT) is one of a few non-contact measurement techniques that can present information about the temperature distribution. Its successful application greatly depends on the performance of the reconstruction algorithm. In this paper, a temperature distribution reconstruction method based on compressed sensing (CS) is proposed. Firstly, a measurement matrix of an AT system in a CS framework is established. Secondly, a sparse basis is selected based on the mutual coherence between the measurement matrix and sparse basis...
May 7, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Yingni Wang, Wenbin Chen, Tianhong Tang, Wenquan Xie, Yong Jiang, Huabin Zhang, Xiaobo Zhou, Kehong Yuan
Echocardiography plays an important role in the clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac function assessment by echocardiography is a crucial process in daily cardiology. However, cardiac segmentation in echocardiography is a challenging task due to shadows and speckle noise. The traditional manual segmentation method is a time-consuming process and limited by inter-observer variability. In this paper, we present a fast and accurate echocardiographic automatic segmentation framework based on Convolutional neural networks (CNN)...
May 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Chen Jiang, Chengcheng Liu, Yiqiang Zhan, Dean Ta
Fast and efficient imaging techniques are important for real-time ultrasound imaging. The delay and sum (DAS) beamformer is the most widely-used strategy in focused ultrasound imaging (FUI) modality. However, calculating the time delays and coherently summing the amplitude response in DAS is computationally expensive and generally require a high-performance processor to realize real-time processing. In this study, an efficient spectrum beamformer, namely full-matrix capture (FMC)-stolt, is proposed in FUI system with a linear phased array...
May 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Jignesh Chowdary, Pratheepan Yogarajah, Priyanka Chaurasia, Velmathi Guruviah
Breast cancer is one of the most fatal diseases leading to the death of several women across the world. But early diagnosis of breast cancer can help to reduce the mortality rate. So an efficient multi-task learning approach is proposed in this work for the automatic segmentation and classification of breast tumors from ultrasound images. The proposed learning approach consists of an encoder, decoder, and bridge blocks for segmentation and a dense branch for the classification of tumors. For efficient classification, multi-scale features from different levels of the network are used...
February 7, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
Aleksandra Wilczewska, Szymon Cygan, Jakub Żmigrodzki
Although the two dimensional Speckle Tracking Echocardiography has gained a strong position among medical diagnostic techniques in cardiology, it still requires further developments to improve its repeatability and reliability. Few works have attempted to incorporate the left ventricle segmentation results in the process of displacements and strain estimation to improve its performance. We proposed the use of mask information as an additional penalty in the elastic image registration based displacements estimation...
January 16, 2022: Ultrasonic Imaging
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