Nivean Madhivanan, Pratheeba Devi Nivean, Veer Singh, Harvinder Singh, M Arthi, V G Madanagopalan
PURPOSE: To report the long term visual outcomes and complications with use of the novel CM-T Flex scleral fixated intraocular lens (CMT-SFIOL). MATERIALS AND METHODS: 116 eyes that underwent CMT-SFIOL were reviewed and 57 eyes with CMT-SFIOL that completed a 2-year follow-up were included. Main outcome measures noted were best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and complications. Postoperatively, follow-ups were done at 1 week (1w), 1 month (1 m), 1 year (1y) and 2-year (2y) intervals...
July 13, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Metin Unlu, Furkan Ozer, Hidayet Sener, Duygu Gulmez Sevim
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate the peripapillary choroidal vascular changes in thyroid orbitopathy (TO). METHODS: The study included 20 eyes of 10 patients with active TO (aTO), 30 eyes of 15 patients with inactive TO (inaTO) and 30 eyes of 30 healthy subjects. The peripapillary choroidal vascular change was assessed with peripapillary choroidal vascular index (pCVI), peripapillary choroidal luminal area (pLA), peripapillary choroidal stromal area (pSA), peripapillary total choroidal area (pTCA)...
July 11, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Abolfazl Kasaee, Mansooreh Jamshidian-Tehrani, Zana Deyhim, Seyed Mohsen Rafizadeh, Zohreh Nozarian, Seyed Ali Sonbolestan
PURPOSE: To evaluate the histopathologic findings of Levator palpebralis superioris (LPS) muscle biopsy after LPS resection for treatment of congenital ptosis and its possible relation with surgical outcomes.Please confirm if the author names are presented accurately and in the correct sequence (given name, middle name/initial, family name). Author 4 Given name: [Seyed Mohsen] Last name [Rafizadeh]. Author 6 Given name: [Seyed Ali] Last name [Sonbolestan].Also, kindly confirm the details in the metadata are correct...
July 10, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Qiaoyun Wang, Yiqian Xu, Yang Guo, Ji Zhang, Manhui Zhu, Laiqing Xie
PURPOSE: To report the comparison of the therapeutic effects of lens capsular flap transplantation (LCT) and autologous retinal transplantation (ART) in refractory macular hole (MH) treatment. METHODS: Thirty-one patients (31 eyes) with refractory MH were retrospectively reviewed. The patients were divided into two groups based on the surgical procedures: the LCT group (13 eyes) and the ART group (18 eyes). Patients were monitored for a minimum of 6 months...
July 9, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Dimitrios Ζ Panagiotou, Laura Van Den Eeckhaute, Achraf Laouani, Pascale Coquelet, Maria Papadaki, Ariane Frère, Walid Baali, Konstantinos T Tsaousis, Laurence Dominique Postelmans
PURPOSE: To compare the proportion of epiretinal membrane (ERM) between individuals with diabetes mellitus (DM) and without DM, who live in Brussels, to investigate possible risk factors for ERM formation and to compare the results with the ones of large population studies. METHODS: Participants were divided into two groups; 99 patients with DM (group A) and 103 individuals without DM (group B). All participants underwent an undilated 7-field color fundus photography and a spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT)...
July 9, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Laiwen Lv, Zhenmao Wang, Xiu Juan Zhang, Haoyu Chen, Jie Ji, Kunliang Qiu, Qing Lin, Xixuan Ke, Chuli Lai, Zhuobin Chen, Zhaoyun Zeng, Lishan Zhang, Hanzhao Huang, Jinzhi Wang, Tian Lin, Yin Huang, Ruifeng Ji, Yun Chen, Xiaolin Chen, Ming Zhang, Mingzhi Zhang, Chi Pui Pang
BACKGROUND: Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide and surgery can restore vision in most patients. Some patients have little access to surgical services due to lack of cataract surgeons and the unaffordable costs. In 2005 we built a service model that trained rural non-ophthalmologist physicians to perform cataract surgeries in rural China. This study evaluates the long-term impacts of this model. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study to analyze patients' hand-written medical records and electronic outpatient record between January 2005 and December 2019 at two rural health clinics in Southern China...
July 9, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Arezoo Miraftabi, Azadeh Yavari, Mohammad Banifatemi, Naveed Nilforushan, Amin Zand, Samira Chaibakhsh
PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of a water drinking test (WDT) on the intraocular pressure (IOP) and vascular density of the optic nerve head and macula in healthy individuals and those with primary open glaucoma using optical coherence tomography angiography. METHODS: In this prospective comparative study, 30 healthy patients and 44 POAG subjects were divided into two groups. The study's outcome measures were the IOP and vessel density of the optic nerve and macular area...
July 8, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Mingjing Hu, Mingzhu Liu, Siyan Jin, Xia Wang, Xiaoli Liu
PURPOSE: To investigate whether the clinical characteristics, treatment and prognosis of endogenous infectious endophthalmitis (EIE) have changed over the past 5 years. METHODS: Retrospectively analyze all articles about EIE published in the PubMed, Web of Science, and Embase databases from 2017 to 2021. RESULTS: A total of 128 patients and 147 eyes (46 left and 60 right) were included in the study. The mean age at diagnosis was 51 ± 19 years...
July 8, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Terence Ang, Wanyin Lim, Viraj Chaggar, Sandy Patel, Dinesh Selva
PURPOSE: Invasive fungal orbital infections (IFOI) may be difficult to differentiate from sinogenic bacterial orbital cellulitis (OC). This study investigates the features differentiating OC from IFOI on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODS: Retrospective study of adult patients with sinogenic OC and IFOI with pre-intervention MRI. Patients without post-septal involvement, non-sinogenic OC (e.g.: secondary to trauma) and poor-quality scans were excluded. Independent Sample's t test and Fisher's exact test were conducted with p < 0...
July 8, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Zehua Jiang, Tian Lin, Aidi Lin, Jianwei Lin, Shirong Chen, Lingling Zhou, Haoyu Chen
PURPOSE: This study aims to introduce the coefficient of spatial variance of choroidal thickness to describe the choroidal variation and investigate its associated factors in healthy eyes. METHODS: This retrospective cross-sectional study included 1031 eyes from 1031 subjects who received a swept-source optical coherence tomography examination. The mean choroidal thickness in the macular 6 × 6 mm region and 900 subregions of 0.2 × 0...
July 8, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Daniele Tognetto, Gabriella Cirigliano, Stefano Gouigoux, Alberto Grotto, Pier Luigi Guerin, Leandro Inferrera, Dario Marangoni
PURPOSE: To evaluate and compare the long-term outcomes of canaloplasty and phaco-canaloplasty in the treatment of open angle glaucoma and assess the prognostic factors associated with surgical outcome. METHODS: A 48-month retrospective analysis was performed on n = 133 open angle glaucoma eyes treated with canaloplasty and n = 57 open angle glaucoma eyes treated with phaco-canaloplasty by a single surgeon. Surgical success was defined according to six criteria, achieving a target intraocular pressure (IOP) ≤ 21, 18 or 15 mmHg on glaucoma medications (qualified success) or without any further treatment (complete success), including laser therapy or surgery...
July 7, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Ledan Wang, Xin Zhang, Huijun Li, Yuehong Mou, Gangfeng Cui
BACKGROUND: Diabetic cataract (DC) is a common complication of diabetes and its etiology and progression are multi-factorial. In this study, the roles of specific protein 1 (SP1) and fibroblast growth factor 7 (FGF7) in DC development were explored. METHODS: DC cell model was established by treating SRA01/04 cells with high glucose (HG). MTT assay was conducted to evaluate cell viability. Transwell assay and wound-healing assay were performed to assess cell migration and invasion...
July 6, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Shuyang Guo, Yulian Zhou, Sida Xi, Chen Zhao, Wen Wen
Acute acquired comitant esotropia (AACE) is mainly characterized by sudden onset, accompanied by diplopia, without extraocular muscles paralysis or ocular motility disorders. In recent years, the incidence of AACE has been increasing, researchers have found that this phenomenon may be related to the widespread use of electronic devices and the increase in the number of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its neural mechanisms have not been fully elucidated. This article primarily reviews the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of AACE from the perspectives of etiology and treatment methods, aiming to provide direction for future in-depth exploration of the pathogenesis and treatment approaches of this disease...
July 5, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Ayşe Dolar Bilge
PURPOSE: To assess the efficacy of lower eyelid retraction surgery utilizing autologous auricular scapha cartilage (located within the anterior surface groove between the helix and anti-helix) and to present the surgical outcomes in a patient cohort. METHODS: Medical records of 21 patients who underwent lower eyelid retraction surgery with scapha cartilage were retrospectively reviewed. Retractions, present for an extended duration (6 months to 20 years), exhibited 1 mm or more inferior scleral show, attributed to prior lower eyelid blepharoplasty, facial palsy, or as a normal anatomical variation...
July 4, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Xiaolong Yang, Xing Qi, Kun Zuo, Yi Huang, Xiyun Bian, Jing Wang, Hao Yu, Qinbei Feng, Xia Lei, Tingli Chen
BACKGROUND: Oxidative stress-induced retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cell damage is a major factor in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Vitamin D3 (VD3 ) is a powerful antioxidant and it has been suggested to have anti-aging properties and potential for treating AMD. This study aimed to investigate the effect of VD3 on RPE cell oxidative apoptosis of RPE cells in order to provide experimental evidence for the treatment of AMD. METHODS: Human retinal pigment epithelial cell 19 (ARPE-19) cells were divided into four groups: blank group (untreated), model group (incubated in medium with 400 μmol/L H2 O2 for 1 h), VD3 group (incubated in medium with 100 μmol/L VD3 for 24 h), and treatment group (incubated in medium with 400 μmol/L H2 O2 for 1 h and 100 μmol/L VD3 for 24 h)...
July 4, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Muhammet Emin Kızılay, Gözde Derin Şengün, Fehim Esen, Ebubekir Durmuş, Halit Oğuz, Veysel Aykut
PURPOSE: To understand factors affecting visual prognosis and the number of intravitreal antivascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) injections needed to stabilize wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS: In this retrospective cohort, 119 treatment-naïve wet AMD patients were followed for two years. In patients with bilateral disease, the eye with worse best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) or that received more intravitreal injections was recruited as the study eye...
July 4, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Ahmed Ameen Ismail, Sherin Sadek, Ragai Hatata, Mahmoud Kamal
PURPOSE: To study the effect of brimonidine on vascular density and flow index of optic nerve head (ONH) and macula in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). METHODS: Twenty-three brimonidine-naïve POAG patients were started on brimonidine. They underwent OCTA ONH and macula before commencing brimonidine and one month thereafter. Systemic arterial blood pressure (SABP) and intraocular pressure (IOP) were measured at each visit to calculate mean ocular perfusion pressure (MOPP)...
July 4, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Roberto G Carassa, Gabriele Corsini, Giacinto Triolo
BACKGROUND: To investigate the long-term effectiveness and safety of XEN45 implant, either alone or in combination with phacoemulsification, in eyes with open-angle glaucoma (OAG). METHODS: Retrospective and single center study conducted on consecutive OAG patients who underwent a XEN45 implant between February-2017 and December-2021. The primary endpoint was the mean intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering from preoperative values. Surgical success was defined as an IOP-lowering from preoperative values ≥ 20% and an IOP absolute value between 6 and 13 mm Hg, without (Complete-success) or with (Qualified-success) antiglaucoma medications...
July 4, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Emre Aydemir, Emine Malkoç Şen, Gözde Aksoy Aydemir, Alper Halil Bayat, Ali Karnaz, Bilge Aydın Türk
PURPOSE: To compare the histopathological findings of patients who had been diagnosed with dermatochalasis (DC) and had undergone upper eyelid blepharoplasty (ULB) as well as those of controls (C-Group) according to their serum vitamin D (SVD) levels. METHODS: The prospective study included 136 upper eyelid skin from 68 patients who underwent surgery for DC and 53 upper eyelid skin from 53 patients who underwent levator surgery with ULB. The DC Group was then divided into 3 subgroups according to the marginal reflex distance (MRD4)...
July 3, 2024: International Ophthalmology
Mojtaba Abrishami, Majid Abrishami, Nahid Hatami, Nasser Shoeibi, Seyedeh Maryam Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Ansari Astaneh, Elham Bakhtiari, Mehrdad Motamed Shariati
PURPOSE: This study aimed to investigate the demographics, clinical characteristics, and management outcomes of patients with acute infectious endophthalmitis (AIE). METHODS: This retrospective chart review was conducted on all patients admitted with the clinical diagnosis of infectious endophthalmitis from 2017 to 2022. Demographic data, patients' clinical characteristics, the type of acute infectious endophthalmitis (post-operative, post-traumatic, bleb-associated, and endogenous endophthalmitis), the type of surgical procedure in the post-operative cases, the microbiologic analysis results of vitreous samples, therapeutic measures, and visual outcomes of patients were recorded...
July 3, 2024: International Ophthalmology
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