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Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Ting Huang, Pin-Tong Huang, Zhi-Yan Luo, Ji-Fang Lv, Pei-Le Jin, Tao Zhang, Yu-Lan Zhao, Yong Wang, Yu-Rong Hong
PURPOSE: Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) with metastatic lymph nodes (LNs) is closely associated with disease recurrence. This study accessed the value of superb microvascular imaging (SMI) in the diagnosis and prediction of metastatic cervical LNs in patients with PTC. METHODS: A total of 183 cervical LNs (103 metastatic and 80 reactive) from 116 patients with PTC were analysed. Metastatic cervical LNs were confirmed by pathology or/and cytology; reactive cervical LNs were confirmed by pathology or clinical features...
May 21, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Yuhang Xiao, Yong Zhi, Guangxu Cao, Heling Ma, Jinli Gao, Fang Li
BACKGROUND: Ewing's sarcoma (ES) is an aggressive cancer of bone and soft tissue, most of which tend to occur in the bone. Extraosseous Ewing's sarcoma (EES) of the cervix is extremely rare. CASE PRESENTATION: In the present work, we reported a 39-year-old cervical EES patient with a 2.5*2.1*1.8 cm tumor mass. According to previous literatures, our case is the smallest tumor found in primary cervical ES ever. The patient initially came to our hospital due to vaginal bleeding, and then the gynecological examination found a neoplasm between the cervical canal and partially in the external cervical orifice...
May 21, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Yingying Zhang, Jiangqin Han, Junpeng Li, Jinming Cao, Yeye Zhou, Shengming Deng, Bin Zhang, Yi Yang
BACKGROUND: Incidental colorectal fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) uptake, observed during positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) scans, attracts particular attention due to its potential to represent both benign and pre-malignant/malignant lesions. Early detection and excision of these lesions are crucial for preventing cancer development and reducing mortality. This research aims to evaluate the correlation between incidental colorectal FDG uptake on PET/CT with colonoscopic and histopathological results...
May 20, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Hyun Kyung Lee, Ha Young Jang, In-Wha Kim, Jung Mi Oh
PURPOSE: Carfilzomib, commonly used for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM), has been associated with various adverse events in randomized controlled trials (RCTs). However, real-world safety data for a more diverse population are needed, as carfilzomib received expedited approval. This study aimed to evaluate carfilzomib's safety in Korea by comparing new users of KRd (carfilzomib, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone) to Rd (lenalidomide and dexamethasone) using a nationwide administrative claims database...
May 20, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Ziang Chen, Yuxi Ou, Fangdie Ye, Weijian Li, Haowen Jiang, Shenghua Liu
BACKGROUND: Bladder cancer (BCa) is among the most prevalent malignant tumors affecting the urinary system. Due to its highly recurrent nature, standard treatments such as surgery often fail to significantly improve patient prognosis. Our research aims to predict prognosis and identify precise therapeutic targets for novel treatment interventions. METHODS: We collected and screened genes related to the TGF-β signaling pathway and performed unsupervised clustering analysis on TCGA-BLCA samples based on these genes...
May 20, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Chunyan Mao, Zhihan Zhang, Ronghua Fang, Wentao Yuan, Yi Wu, Hui Cong
BACKGROUND: Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most prevalent malignant tumors worldwide. The low effectiveness of common biomarkers for the detection of early GC makes it essential to seek new biomarkers to improve diagnostic efficacy. tsRNAs (transfer RNA-derived small RNAs) are related to the growth of malignant tumors. In this article, we focused on whether tsRNAs may be employed as biomarkers for GC. METHODS: tRF-17-18VBY9M was screened in the tsRFun database as a research object...
May 20, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Zhiyuan Lin, Shuxiu Xiao, Yu Qi, Jianming Guo, Lili Lu
PURPOSE: Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) plus tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) has become first-line therapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients. This study aims to investigate the effect of tumor infiltrating B lymphocytes (TIBs) on the combination therapy. METHODS: The retrospective analysis was conducted on the clinical records of 115 metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (mccRCC) patients treated with anti-PD-1 antibody plus Axitinib between March 2020 and June 2023...
May 19, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Tong Liu, Yuedong Ma, Shuo Han, Pengda Sun
BACKGROUND: Gastric cancer (GC) is a significant health issue globally, ranking as the fifth most common cancer with over 10,000 new cases reported annually. Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) has emerged as a critical player in cellular functions, influencing GC's development, growth, metastasis, and prognosis. However, our understanding of lncRNA's role in the pathogenesis of GC remains limited. Therefore, it is particularly important to explore the relationship between lncRNA and gastric cancer...
May 18, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Huilai Lv, Fan Zhang, Chao Huang, Shi Xu, Jiachen Li, Bokang Sun, Chunyue Gai, Zhao Liu, Mingbo Wang, Zhenhua Li, Ziqiang Tian
PURPOSE: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NCT) is the standard preoperative treatment for resectable locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Some studies reported neoadjuvant immunochemotherapy (NICT) could improve pathological response with manageable safety. However, few studies have compared the efficacy and safety of NICT and NCT, especially survival outcomes. In this study, we compared the efficacy and safety of NICT and NCT after a median follow-up of 36.0 months...
May 17, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Samantha Loggenberg, Danielle Twilley, Namrita Lall
PURPOSE: Breast cancer metastasis relies on cellular invasion and angiogenesis facilitated by the downregulation of metastatic suppressor proteins like Cluster of Differentiation 82 (CD82). Currently, no medicines target multiple systems to prevent metastatic progression through CD82 upregulation. This study screened for plant extracts displaying effects on cell proliferation, invasion, and CD82 expression in breast cancer cells, and in vivo angiogenesis, and further correlated between the biological activities and effect on CD82 expression...
May 16, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Bo Zhang, Yunjiao Zhang, Kexin Chang, Niuniu Hou, Pengyu Fan, Cheng Ji, Liuyin Liu, Zhe Wang, Ruolei Li, Yaping Wang, Jian Zhang, Rui Ling
PURPOSE: Breast cancer (BC) is the most prevalent malignant tumor worldwide among women, with the highest incidence rate. The mechanisms underlying nucleotide metabolism on biological functions in BC remain incompletely elucidated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We harnessed differentially expressed nucleotide metabolism-related genes from The Cancer Genome Atlas-BRCA, constructing a prognostic risk model through univariate Cox regression and LASSO regression analyses. A validation set and the GSE7390 dataset were used to validate the risk model...
May 16, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Qing Ma, Sisi Ye, Hong Liu, Yu Zhao, Wei Zhang
High mobility group AT-hook 2 (HMGA2) is a member of the non-histone chromosomal high mobility group (HMG) protein family, which participate in embryonic development and other biological processes. HMGA2 overexpression is associated with breast cancer (BC) cell growth, proliferation, metastasis, and drug resistance. Furthermore, HMGA2 expression is positively associated with poor prognosis of patients with BC, and inhibiting HMGA2 signaling can stimulate BC cell progression and metastasis. In this review, we focus on HMGA2 expression changes in BC tissues and multiple BC cell lines...
May 16, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Liansha Tang, Yueting Zhu, Yang Du, Xiangyu Long, Yixiu Long, Yuan Tang, Jiyan Liu
PURPOSE: Axillary lymph node metastases from adenocarcinoma or poorly differentiated carcinoma of unknown primary (CUPAx) is a rare disease in women. This retrospective study intended to examine the clinicopathological features of CUPAx and compared CUPAx genetically with axillary lymph node metastases from breast cancer (BCAx), investigating differences in their biological behavior. METHODS: We conducted the clinical and prognostic analysis of 58 CUPAx patients in West China Hospital spanning from 2009 to 2021...
May 15, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Junjie Dang, Gang Xu, Ge Guo, Huan Zhang, Lihua Shang
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Recently, the emergence of immune checkpoint inhibitors has significantly improved the survival of patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer. However, not all patients can benefit from immunotherapy; therefore, there is an urgent need for precise predictive markers to screen the population for the benefit of immunotherapy. However, single markers have limited predictive accuracy, so a comprehensive predictive model is needed to better enable precision immunotherapy...
May 15, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Jie Lin, Hao Zheng, Qiyu Jia, Jingjing Shi, Shiwei Wang, Junna Wang, Min Ge
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to conduct a systematic evaluation of the diagnostic efficacy of Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) 4 benign and malignant breast lesions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radiomics. METHODS: A systematic search identified relevant studies. Eligible studies were screened, assessed for quality, and analyzed for diagnostic accuracy. Subgroup and sensitivity analyses explored heterogeneity, while publication bias, clinical relevance and threshold effect were evaluated...
May 15, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Zhehao Fan, Xiaofeng Liu, Ning Wang, Shiyi Yu, Caili Bi, Yue Si, Xinyue Ling, Chenxu Liu, Jingcheng Wang, Haibo Sun
BACKGROUND: Lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) is highly expressed in a variety of malignant tumors, rendering it a crucial epigenetic target for anti-tumor therapy. Therefore, the inhibition of LSD1 activity has emerged as a promising innovative therapeutic approach for targeted cancer treatment. METHODS: In our study, we employed innovative structure-based drug design methods to meticulously select compounds from the ZINC15 database. Utilizing virtual docking, we evaluated docking scores and binding modes to identify potential inhibitors...
May 15, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Katharina C Kähler, Ralf Gutzmer, Yenny Angela, Elisabeth Livingstone, Georg Lodde, Frank Meiss, David A Rafei-Shamsabadi, Sera S Weyer-Fahlbusch, Dorothée Nashan, Carmen Loquai, Jessica C Hassel, Michael M M Sachse, Lara V Maul, Lucie Heinzerling, Markus V Heppt, Chiara Colapietro, Judith Rusch, Christine Blome
INTRODUCTION: Adjuvant treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as PD1-antibodies (ICI) ± CTLA4-antibodies (cICI) or targeted therapy with BRAF/MEK inhibitors (TT), has shown a significant improvement in disease-free survival (DFS) for high-risk melanoma patients. However, due to specific side effects, the choice of treatment is often influenced by the risk of toxicity. Therefore, the role of physicians in treatment decisions of patients is crucial. This study investigated for the first time in a multicenter setting the attitudes and preferences of dermatooncologists in Germany and Switzerland regarding adjuvant treatment with (c)ICI and TT...
May 14, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Karthik Chandra Bassetty, Dimpy Begum, Debabrata Barmon, Upasana Baruah, Sakshi Gupta, Mahendra Kumar, Jyotiman Nath, Duncan Khanikar, Mouchumee Bhattacharyya, P S Roy
BACKGROUND: In 2023 FIGO revised the endometrial cancer staging system after 13 years. There is a lacuna of data regarding the performance and practicality of the revised 2023 FIGO staging schema for endometrial cancer from Low Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). OBJECTIVE: To estimate the shift of stage and adjuvant management of endometrial cancer based on the FIGO 2023 system compared to the FIGO 2009 system and assess the predictive potential of the FIGO 2023 system...
May 11, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Frederik A Stuebs, Matthias W Beckmann, Christian Dannecker, Markus Follmann, Monika Nothacker, Hans-Georg Schnürch, Linn Woelber, Simone Wesselmann
PURPOSE: In 2018, the first guideline-based quality indicators (QI) for vulvar cancer were implemented in the data-sheets of certified gynaecological cancer centres. The certification process includes guideline-based QIs as a fundamental component. These indicators are specifically designed to evaluate the level of care provided within the centres. This article aims to give an overview of the developing process of guideline based-QIs for women with vulvar cancer and presents the QIs results from the certified gynaecological cancer centres...
May 10, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Viktorya Voskanyan, Chiara Marzorati, Diana Sala, Roberto Grasso, Ricardo Pietrobon, Iris van der Heijden, Merel Engelaar, Nanne Bos, Augusto Caraceni, Norbert Couspel, Montse Ferrer, Mogens Groenvold, Stein Kaasa, Claudio Lombardo, Aude Sirven, Hugo Vachon, Galina Velikova, Cinzia Brunelli, Giovanni Apolone, Gabriella Pravettoni
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 10, 2024: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
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