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International Nursing Review

C Herion, L Egger, R Greif, C Violato
AIM: To investigate whether the CanMEDS-based International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists' Standards could adequately define the scope of practice and reliably be used to train and evaluate Swiss nurse anesthetists (NAs). BACKGROUND: Although nurse anesthetists represent a majority of the global workforce in anesthesia, policies that define the scope of practice are frequently non-existent. In low- and middle-income countries, the lack of anesthesia providers with adequate training is a major challenge...
February 15, 2019: International Nursing Review
S Grosso, S Tonet, I Bernard, J Corso, D De Marchi, L Dorigo, G Funes, M Lussu, N Oppio, L Pais Dei Mori, A Palese
BACKGROUND: Different concepts have been used to date (e.g. non-nursing tasks, organizational work) to define tasks performed by clinical nurses other than nursing care. However, the true essence of nursing work is still poorly understood mostly because nurses are lacking an appropriate lexicon to describe their practice. AIMS: To describe non-nursing tasks as experienced by nurses, exploring antecedents and consequences as perceived in daily practice. METHODS: A descriptive qualitative study from 2015 to 2016...
February 12, 2019: International Nursing Review
K Gaalan, W Kunaviktikul, T Akkadechanunt, O-A Wichaikhum, S Turale
BACKGROUND: An increasing nursing shortage, high workloads and poor working environments are affecting the quality of nursing care in many countries including Mongolia. AIM: To explore the level of quality of nursing care, nursing competency and nursing practice environment, as well as the predictability of nurses' personal factors, nursing competency and nursing practice environment on quality of nursing care as perceived by nurses in Mongolia. METHODS: We collected data from 346 registered nurses, randomly selected and working in seven general public tertiary care hospitals in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, and four regions of Mongolia...
February 12, 2019: International Nursing Review
K H Yoo, Y A Zhang, E K Yun
AIM: This study study aimed to investigate the effects of explicit and tacit knowledge sharing on clinical decision-making abilities and the mediating role of trust among registered nurses at Korean hospitals. BACKGROUND: Decision-making abilities comprise a key area of nursing practice and link nurses' perceptions with behaviours. INTRODUCTION: Tacit knowledge is embedded within an individual and cannot be expressed or transmitted to other people in a specific form...
February 11, 2019: International Nursing Review
K Abdul-Kareem, J L M Lindo, R Stennett
AIM: This study sought to review documentation of client teaching and discharge planning performed on the medical wards of an urban Jamaican hospital. BACKGROUND: Amid a chronic disease epidemic in Jamaica, adequate discharge planning and client education among hospitalized clients are essential to ensure optimal health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. METHOD: A total of 131 records from six medical wards were audited. The audit instrument was developed based on the Ministry of Health, Jamaica guidelines, and appraised the completeness of assessment, use of the nursing process, client teaching and discharge planning...
February 7, 2019: International Nursing Review
G Taskiran, U Baykal
AIM: This descriptive correlational study aimed to identify nurses' perceptions of their own disaster preparedness and core competencies. BACKGROUND: As disasters have increased in number and severity in recent years, it is crucial that nurses should be appropriately prepared. There is still limited research on this issue in Turkey. INTRODUCTION: With changes in disaster policies in the last decade, the need to improve the disaster core competencies of nurses has also increased...
February 7, 2019: International Nursing Review
J Seesawang, B Bowers, N Sansiriphun
BACKGROUND: For older men with hypertension living in rural areas, non-adherence to treatment is a common phenomenon. The experience on risk perception of individuals with their condition is recognized as playing a critical role in promoting treatment adherence. However, the experience on risk perception in a cohort of older men with hypertension seems unclear. AIM: To develop a theory concerning risk perception experience in a cohort of older men with hypertension from a rural area of Thailand...
February 6, 2019: International Nursing Review
G C Boersema, N C Van Wyk, E M Louw
AIM: To adapt the Youth-Friendly Health Services-World Health Organization+ questionnaire to suit the health needs of youth in the South African context, and estimate its psychometric properties. BACKGROUND: Youth-friendly health services promote health-seeking behaviour amongst young people. The perceptions of youth and adolescents are thus important whilst assessing the youth-friendliness of health services. METHODS: We conducted six focus group interviews to evaluate the clarity and relevance of the questionnaire items and adapted the questionnaire which was was administered to 101 youth who visited primary healthcare clinics...
February 6, 2019: International Nursing Review
M-H Kim, Y-J Yi
AIM: To investigate the impacts of leader-member exchange and team-member exchange on job satisfaction and turnover intention of nurses. BACKGROUND: Leader-member exchange refers to the quality of relationships between leaders and members of a team and studies on this have generally focused on the aspect of member-leader-member exchanges. In nursing, the latter can refer to a situation where nurses (members) evaluate their relationship with their head nurse (leader)...
November 25, 2018: International Nursing Review
Sue Turale
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2018: International Nursing Review
Howard Catton
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2018: International Nursing Review
Linda H Aiken, Claire M Fagin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2018: International Nursing Review
S Barrientos-Trigo, E Gil-García, J M Romero-Sánchez, B Badanta-Romero, A M Porcel-Gálvez
AIM: To evaluate the psychometric properties of instruments measuring Nursing-sensitive Outcomes in acute care hospitals. INTRODUCTION: Nursing-sensitive outcomes have been shown to play an active role in the quality of care and cost-effectiveness of health systems. Tools for assessing nursing-sensitive outcomes are necessary to evaluate the nurses' contributions to the health of patients. METHODS: Psychometric systematic review. The SCOPUS, PubMed, CINAHL, PsychoINFO, EMBASE, Science Direct and Web of Science databases were used...
October 31, 2018: International Nursing Review
L Marcinowicz, E K Andersson, D M Bohman, M Hjelm, A Skarbalien, A Shpakou, P Kalinowska, J Jamiolkowski
BACKGROUND: Understanding how nursing students in European countries perceive their future professional role is an important step in creating awareness of the diversity and similarities between countries. Investigating nursing students' perceptions of their future profession could help in the design of education and the retention of nurses. AIM: To compare nursing students' perceptions of the professional nurse's role between Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden...
October 31, 2018: International Nursing Review
P D B Gonçalves, C A C Sequeira, M A T C P E Silva
AIMS: To identify the diagnoses documented by nurses in Portugal to describe the nursing needs within the scope of mental health nursing and the main problems in documenting these needs. BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION: The diagnosis process is an essential step in nursing care planning. This process should be carried out by nurses in a rigorous and standardized manner, in order to ensure quality practices and to obtain indicators that can increase the visibility of nursing care...
October 17, 2018: International Nursing Review
L Marcellus
AIM: To describe the current state of evidence on the care of neonates with neonatal abstinence syndrome in countries with low to virtually no medical opioid analgesic consumption. BACKGROUND: While access to opioids for medical use improves globally, misuse grows as a health concern. One unintended consequence has been an increase in the incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome. Because most evidence is generated in countries with adequate opioid analgesic consumption, a picture of evidence in lower opioid-consuming countries is not available...
October 14, 2018: International Nursing Review
M S Barreto, C Garcia-Vivar, M Mitchell, S S Marcon
AIM: The study explored the views and attitudes of nurses and physicians on family presence during resuscitation in emergency departments in Brazil. BACKGROUND: International emergency associations endorse family presence during resuscitation; however, the extent to which it is practiced remains unclear, particularly in the Brazilian context. Research of emergency staff views and attitudes towards this practice is desirable so that actions can be identified to support families at the bedside...
October 12, 2018: International Nursing Review
J P Cruz, N Alquwez, H M Albaqawi, S M Alharbi, R C Moreno-Lacalle
AIM: This study investigated the spiritual climate of a hospital in Saudi Arabia as perceived by nurses. BACKGROUND: A spiritually conducive environment improves patient, nurse and organizational outcomes. Despite being important, no studies have investigated this area in the Muslim-dominated Middle Eastern countries. INTRODUCTION: A snapshot on the degree of spiritual climate perception may provide insight into the aspects that may need improvement and may become basis for the creation of health and nursing policies directed towards creating a spiritually-accepting and respecting clinical workplace...
September 21, 2018: International Nursing Review
R L Difazio, J A Vessey, O A Buchko, D V Chetverikov, V A Sarkisova, N V Serebrennikova
AIM: The aim of this study was to describe bullying experienced by professional nurses working in the Russian Federation. The frequency and type of bullying behaviours experienced, the personal and professional consequences of bullying and the actions taken to address bullying were all examined. BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION: Workplace bullying negatively affects nurses, patients and healthcare organizations. To date, no research has been conducted on workplace bullying among nurses in the Russian Federation...
September 7, 2018: International Nursing Review
A A Mammbona, A H Mavhandu-Mudzusi
BACKGROUND: Most public hospitals in African countries are overpopulated with patients suffering from conditions related to HIV and AIDS. These patients increase the burden on healthcare providers, among which are enrolled nurses. AIM: To explore enrolled nurses' experiences of caring for patients living with HIV and AIDS at a public rural community hospital in the Vhembe district of Limpopo Province, South Africa. DESIGN: The study was underpinned by the interpretative phenomenological design...
September 5, 2018: International Nursing Review
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