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International Journal of Artificial Organs
Tomonori Shigemura, Koya Kamikawa, Yohei Yamamoto, Yasuaki Murata
BACKGROUND: Dislocation is a major complication of total hip arthroplasty (THA). The modular femoral neck system provides practical advantages by allowing adjustment of neck version and length in the presence of intraoperative instability. Anatomical studies have identified morphological differences in the hip joint between men and women. Despite sex-based differences in hip morphology, it remains unclear whether such differences affect neck selectivity in THA using a modular neck system and whether this approach achieves anatomical reconstruction, thereby reducing complications such as dislocation...
April 7, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Andrew Davenport
INTRODUCTION: Several studies have reported that patients with low levels of Vitamin D3 have impaired responses to vaccination, including COVID-19 vaccines, so we reviewed the response to COVID-19 vaccination in haemodialysis patients, who typically have reduced Vitamin D3 levels. METHODS: The inhibitory antibody (IC50) responses to several COVID-19 variants following vaccination in a cohort of United Kingdom haemodialysis patients receiving two vaccinations between March 2021 and May 2021 were reviewed...
April 1, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Jacopo D'Andria Ursoleo, Marina Pieri, Francesco Calvo, Savino Altizio, Mario Gramegna, Domenico Pontillo, Silvia Ajello, Anna Mara Scandroglio
With the general population aging, both life expectancy and the number of left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantations in elderly patients are growing. Nevertheless, their perceived long-term quality of life, including psychological aspects, coupled with the respective caregiver's burden, remain under-reported. In light of the rising number of octogenarians with LVAD who necessitate broader healthcare provider involvement, we assessed the long-term quality of life, as defined by both the 36-item short-form health (SF-36) survey and the EuroQol 5 dimensions, 5-level questionnaire (EQ-5D-5L)-including the visual analog scale-in octogenarian LVAD patients who had received treatment at our institution...
March 23, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Tomonori Shigemura, Yohei Yamamoto, Yasuaki Murata
This article describes three cases in which a dislocated hip prosthesis was reduced by a new reduction technique - that we previously described - using traction table. The dissociation of a prosthesis is a rare but serious complication of closed reduction manoeuvre. The new reduction manoeuvre using a traction table may be a good option to avoid dissociation of the prosthesis during closed reduction for treatment of dislocation after total hip arthroplasty.
March 22, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Igor Gostyuzhev, Adham Mohamed, Carole E Freiberger-O'Keefe, Michelle M Haines, Jonathan B Kozinn
OBJECTIVE: Our study aimed to compare the outcomes of COVID-19 patients who met a low-risk inclusion criteria for veno-venous extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (VV ECMO) with those who did not meet criteria due to higher risk but were subsequently cannulated. METHODS: This was a retrospective observational cohort study that included adult patients who were placed on VV ECMO for COVID-19 related acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at a tertiary care academic medical center...
March 20, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Shen Lv, Zhi-Peng He, Guang-Mao Liu, Sheng-Shou Hu
Centrifugal blood pumps can be used for treating heart failure patients. However, pump thrombosis has remained one of the complications that trouble clinical treatment. This study analyzed the effect of impeller shroud on the thrombosis risk of the blood pump, and predicted areas prone to thrombosis. Multi-constituent transport equations were presented, considering mechanical activation and biochemical activation. It was found that activated platelets concentration can increase with shear stress and adenosine diphosphate(ADP) concentration increasing, and the highest risk of thrombosis inside the blood pump was under extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) mode...
March 20, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Fausto Biancari, Tatu Juvonen, Sung-Min Cho, Francisco J Hernández Pérez, Camilla L'Acqua, Amr A Arafat, Mohammed M AlBarak, Mohamed Laimoud, Ilija Djordjevic, Robertas Samalavicius, Marta Alonso-Fernandez-Gatta, Sebastian D Sahli, Alexander Kaserer, Carmelo Dominici, Timo Mäkikallio
Reliable stratification of the risk of early mortality after postcardiotomy veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (V-A-ECMO) remains elusive. In this study, we externally validated the PC-ECMO score, a specific risk scoring method for prediction of in-hospital mortality after postcardiotomy V-A-ECMO. Overall, 614 patients who required V-A-ECMO after adult cardiac surgery were gathered from an individual patient data meta-analysis of nine studies on this topic. The AUC of the logistic PC-ECMO score in predicting in-hospital mortality was 0...
March 10, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Tuncay Sahutoglu, Osman Erinc, Fevzi Necati Avsar
BACKGROUND: Middle uremic toxins (MUTs) can cause anemia and erythropoietin hyporesponsiveness. Theranova dialyzers may improve anemia management by removing MUTs. Hence, the impact of Theranova dialyzers on erythropoietin responsiveness was studied. METHODS: This exploratory single-center prospective observational study, encompassing 50 patients undergoing dialysis with either the Theranova-400 or FX80 membrane for 6 months, involved monthly tracking of hemoglobin levels, weight-adjusted erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (w-ESA) dosing, and erythropoietin resistance index (ERI), with ESA treatment decisions guided by a proprietary algorithm...
March 8, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Liang Wang, Zhong Yun, Xiaoyan Tang, Chuang Xiang
BACKGROUND: The hydrodynamic suspension structure design of the axial blood pump impeller can avoid the problems associated with using mechanical bearings. However, the particular impeller structure will impact the hydraulic performance and hemolysis of the blood pump. METHOD: This article combines computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with the Lagrange particle tracking method, aiming to improve the blood pump's hydraulic and hemolysis performance. It analyzes the flow characteristics and hemolysis performance inside the pump...
March 7, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Masataka Inoue, Yuki Udono, Yugo Kato, Koji Fukui, Nobuo Watanabe
Several similarities have been found between shear stress-induced erythrocyte damage and physiological aging of erythrocytes in terms of elevated mechanical fragility, increased erythrocyte aggregation, and decreased membrane surface charge. Accordingly, we hypothesized that blood pump circulation, which generates shear stress, would accelerate erythrocyte aging, manifesting as oxidation. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of blood pump circulation on erythrocyte oxidation. Fresh porcine blood was acquired from a slaughterhouse and anticoagulated with sodium citrate...
February 29, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Kaito Fukuda, Junichi Kaneko, Sho Kiritani, Yui Sawa, Masaaki Morito, Mariko Tanaka, Tetsuo Ushiku, Chieh-Jen Cheng, Takashi Tanaka, Ryo Tanaka, Tetsuo Asakura, Yoshikuni Kawaguchi, Nobuhisa Akamatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Abdominal vein replacement with synthetic tissue-engineered vascular grafts constructed from silk-based scaffold material has not been reported in middle-sized mammals. Fourteen canines that underwent caudal vena cava replacement with a silk fibroin (SF) vascular graft (15 mm long and 8 mm diameter) prepared with natural silk biocompatible thread were allocated to two groups, thin and thick SF groups, based on the graft wall thickness. The short-term patency rate and histologic reactions were compared...
February 28, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
John C Grotberg, Jon Greenberg, Mary Sullivan, Amit A Pawale, Kunal D Kotkar, Muhammad F Masood
BACKGROUND: A subset of patients with COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) require extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Veno-pulmonary (VP) ECMO provides support to the right ventricle and decreased risk of recirculation. METHODS: A retrospective analysis of patients with COVID-19 ARDS and VP ECMO was performed. Patients were separated into groups by indication (1) "right ventricular (RV) failure," (2) "refractory hypoxemia," and (3) "recurrent suck-down events (SDEs)...
February 28, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Ryosuke Hayashi, Yoshiyuki Takami, Hidetsugu Fujigaki, Kentaro Amano, Kiyotoshi Akita, Koji Yamana, Atsuo Maekawa, Kuniaki Saito, Yasushi Takagi
BACKGROUND: mRNA vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) became common. We investigated the optimal timing for inoculation against SARS-COV-2 in the candidates for cardiac surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). METHODS: In 100 patients with preoperative vaccination, who underwent CPB surgery between July 2021 and February 2022, the IgG against the receptor binding domain (RBD-IgG), with a threshold of >100 binding antibody unit (BAU)/mL for adequate immunity, was measured...
February 28, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Komal Kaur Saroya, Vishal Kumar, Surbhi Sharma, Sonam Kalsi
This case study delineates the proficient creation of a silicone finger prosthesis, tailored for a patient contending with partial digit amputation. The prosthesis was devised with the overarching goal of reinstating not only the physiological dexterity of the hand but also its aesthetic integrity and the patient's psychological equilibrium. The crafting process entailed a meticulous technique to replicate the intricate texture of the skin in order to guarantee a near normal appearance. Post-prosthesis integration, the patient exhibited enhancements in manual functionality and articulated a heightened self-assuredness because of the indiscernible prosthesis...
February 21, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Christopher Pritting, Danial Ahmad, Keyur Patel, Takuma Miyamoto, Taufiek K Rajab, Indranee N Rajapreyar, Howard T Massey, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili
AIM: Use of microaxial mechanical circulatory support (MCS) has been reported for severe graft rejection or dysfunction after heart transplantation (HTx). We aimed to assess utilization patterns of microaxial MCS after HTx in adolescents (ages 18 and younger) and adults (ages 19 and older). METHODS: Electronic search was performed to identify all relevant studies on post-HTx use of microaxial support in adults and adolescents. A total of 18 studies were selected and patient-level data were extracted for statistical analysis...
February 19, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Bhanu Priya Dandumahanti, Murali Subramaniyam
Musculoskeletal diseases are often related with postural changes in the neck region that can be caused by prolonged cervical flexion. This is one of the contributing factors. When determining the prevalence, causes, and related risks of neck discomfort, having a solid understanding of the biomechanics of the cervical spine (C1-C7) is absolutely necessary. The objective of this study is to make predictions regarding the intervertebral disc (IVD) stress values across C2-C7 IVD, the ligament stress, and the variation at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, and 60° of cervical neck angle using finite element analysis (FEA)...
February 16, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Zhihua Wang, Junlong Hu, Zeyuan Zhao, Junjie Sun, Jianchao Li, Xiaoliang Qian, Zhaoyun Cheng
The incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection in patients with mechanical circulatory support devices is extremely rare. We present a case involving a 38-year-old male who experienced a delayed sternal Mtb infection following left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation. More than 5 months post-surgery, the patient was readmitted to the hospital presenting a subxiphoid abscess. The incision site displayed an unsatisfactory healing process after the incision and drainage of the abscess...
February 16, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Masashi Tagaya, Shinya Okano, Takuo Murataka, Hiroki Handa, Shunsuke Ichikawa, Shunsuke Takahashi
INTRODUCTION: To understand the behavior of platelet volume indices and the von Willebrand factor (VWF), in vitro experiments using whole human blood were performed with extracorporeal circulation (ECC) circuits, including membrane oxygenators coated with acrylate copolymer (ACP) or immobilized heparin (IHP). METHODS: Heparinized blood was circulated through two distinct experimental circuits: an ACP-coated reservoir and tubes, as well as membranes coated with either ACP or IHP (comprising five pieces of each type)...
February 7, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Liliana de Meira Lins Kassar, João Paulo Senna, Karoline Wayla, Luiza Karla Rp Araujo, Benedito J Pereira, Hugo Abensur, Rosilene M Elias
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 5, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
Paul Dobry, Stephanie B Edwin, Tsz Hin Ng, Karey Dutcheshen, Amir Kaki, Theodore L Schreiber
With rates of ECMO utilization on the rise, prevention of nosocomial infections is of paramount importance. Candida auris , an emerging highly pathogenic multidrug resistant fungus, is of particular concern as it is associated with persistent colonization of environmental surfaces, inability to be recognized by many diagnostic platforms, inconsistent laboratory susceptibility results, and high mortality rates. We describe a case of C. auris in a VV-ECMO patient successfully managed with a combination of anidulafungin, amphotericin B, and flucytosine...
January 28, 2024: International Journal of Artificial Organs
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