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Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Yallappa B Saunshi, Corbon Godfrey David, Heartwin A Pushpadass, Magdaline Eljeeva Emerald Franklin, Vaibhav Bhagwan Awachat, Veeranna R Kadakol
OBJECTIVE: This work provides characterization of withanolides and bacoside A proniosomes, and evaluating their potency in rat model for combating oxidative stress induced blood brain barrier (BBB) damage and their survival under hypergravity.Significance: The delivery system was aimed for sustained drug release in plasma and brain, which could improve their efficiency and provide a therapeutic approach to combat oxidative damage and restore BBB integrity. METHODS: Proniosomes were prepared using withanolides extracted from the roots of W...
December 1, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Swapnali Vasant Birajdar, Farhan Mazahir, Awesh K Yadav
Object: We report the preparation, characterization, and in-vitro therapeutic evaluation of Metformin-Loaded, Transferrin-Poloxamer-Functionalized Chitosan Nanoparticles (TPMC-NPs) for their repurposing in Alzheimer's disease (AD).S ignificance: Usefulness of this work to establish the repurposing of metformin for the treatment of AD. Methods: The TPMC-NPs were prepared by ionic gelation method using sodium tripolyphosphate. The modification and functionalization were confirmed by FTIR and 1 H- NMR spectroscopy...
November 20, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Basmah N Aldosari, Mohamed Abd El-Aal, Essam F Abo Zeid, Tarek M Faris, Ashraf Aboelela, Ahmed A H Abdellatif, Hesham M Tawfeek
INTRODUCTION: Bacterial infections caused by different strains of bacteria still one of the most important disorders affecting humans worldwide. Polymers nanocomposite systems could be considered as an alternative to conventional antibiotics to eradicate bacterial infections.Significance: In an attempt to enhance the antibacterial performance of silver and iron oxide nanoparticles, decrease their aggregation and toxicity, a polymeric hybrid nanocomposite system combining both nanoparticles is produced...
October 31, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Emiliano Frenquelli, Daniel A Real, Juan M Llabot, Liliana Pierella, María L Formica, Juan P Real, Santiago D Palma
OBJECTIVE AND SIGNIFICANCE: This research aims to design and develop a pilot plant-type pharmaceutical reactor with a strong focus on its volumetric capacity and heat transfer capabilities. The primary goal is to replicate design and control strategies at the laboratory or pilot scale to analyze and produce generic semisolid formulations. METHODS: Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer modeling, utilizing the finite volume method, were employed to determine the reactor's performance and particle trajectory during the mixing and stirring...
October 26, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Changying Xin, Kai Duo, Xinying Yu, Liqun Liu
Objective: The aim was to evaluate the difference of the in vitro behavior between the commercially available generic adapalene gel and original product with Topical Classification System (TCS), and to analyze the effect of changes of excipients on the release behavior. Significance: Establishing in vitro performance assays to understand the impact of formulation variables on the critical quality attributes (CQA) is critical for the quality assessment of semi-solid generic drug. Methods: In vitro release (IVR), in vitro permeation (IVP), viscosity, and pH measurement methods for adapalene gels were established and validated...
October 17, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Makoto Otsuka, Tokiro Ogata, Yusuke Hattori, Tetsuo Sasaki
OBJECTIVE: The effects of granule size of raw materials on tablet hardness (TH) and weight (TW) in the continuous tablet manufacturing process (CTMP) were investigated using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). METHODS: Granule materials of different sizes were prepared by extrusion granulation from a standard granule formula powder containing lactose/starch and 4.5% acetaminophen. Large-, small-, and medium-sized granules were sequentially filled in a hopper, and tablets were produced continuously using a single-shot tableting machine...
October 17, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Yash Sharma, Rupa Mishra, Amritpal Kaur, Mausumi Bharadwaj, Kumud Bala
OBJECTIVE: Present study was to observe the therapeutic aspects of seed cake extracts of Ocimum sanctum against the oral cancer cell line with the activation of p53 apoptotic pathway. METHOD: Seed cake extracts were characterized using GC-MS analysis. Cytotoxic activity was observed on KB cells and L929 cell through MTT assay and scratch assay. Antioxidant activity on KB cells were determined using enzymatic and non enzyme content in the treated cells. Chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) was established to check the presence of blood vessel formation and neuvasculature pattern in the treated fertilized eggs...
October 12, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Mahshad Mollaei, Masoud Homayouni Tabrizi, Ali Es-Haghi
BACKGROUND: Kaempferol, the natural bioactive flavonoid, has been utilized as an efficient anti-breast cancer compound. In the current study, the Kaempferol's cellular uptake and its aqueous solubility were improved by using human serum albumin (HSA) as the Kaempferol adjuvant and encapsulating it with the folate-linked chitosan polymer to evaluate the apoptotic, activity of the novel-formulated Kaempferol in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells. METHODS: The folate-linked chitosan-coated Kaempferol/HSA nano-transporters (FCKH-NTs) were synthesized and characterized using FTIR, FESEM, DLS, and Zeta potential analysis...
October 10, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Heybet Kerem Polat, Sedat Ünal, Eren Aytekin, Nasıf Fatih Karakuyu, Esra Pezik, Muhammet Kerim Haydar, Nihat Kurt, Osman Doğan, Behzad Mokhtare
OBJECTIVE: In the current research, lornoxicam-loaded in situ gels were developed, and their potential usage in ocular inflammation was evaluated. SIGNIFICANCE: Lornoxicam cyclodextrin complex prepared with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and poloxamer P407 because of the low viscosity of in situ gels to provide easy application. However, washing and removing it from the ocular surface becomes difficult due to the gelation formation with heat. METHODS: A three-level factorial experimental design was used to evaluate the effects of poloxamer 407 concentration, polymer type, and polymer concentration on viscosity, pH, gelation capacity, gelation time, and gelation temperature, which were considered the optimal indicators of lornoxicam-containing formulations...
October 3, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Sema Arısoy, Emine Şalva
OBJECTIVE: The manuscript aims to prepare and comprehensively characterize curcumin-loaded chitosan-hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) hydrogels through in vitro assessments. By elucidating the formulation process, physicochemical attributes, and drug release kinetics, the study contributes to the producing of curcumin loaded new drug delivery system. SIGNIFICANCE: This approach shows the unique synergy of the chosen polymers with curcumin. The meticulous in vitro analysis of the hydrogels cements their novel attributes, underlining their potential as efficacious and biocompatible curcumin carriers...
October 2, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Salimeh Mirzaei, Zahra Khademi, Reza Zolfaghari, Mohammad Ramezani, Mona Alibolandi, Khalil Abnous, Seyed Mohammad Taghdisi
OBJECTIVE: Herein, a dual-targeting delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles with hollow structures (HMSNs) was developed for the specific delivery of epirubicin (EPI) to cancer cells and introducing a H+ -triggered bubble generating nanosystem (BGNS). HMSNs containing EPI are covered by hyaluronic acid (HA) shell and AS1411 aptamer to create the BGNS-EPI-HA-Apt complex, which is highly selective against CD44 marker and nucleolin overexpressed on the surface of tumor cells...
September 29, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Ming Chu, Jingjing Deng, Hao Hu, Ruoxi Wang, Ding Li, Zuxin Chen, Xin-An Liu, Jin Lu
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to investigate the transport capability of nicotine across Calu-3 cell monolayer in various nicotine forms, including nicotine freebase, nicotine salts, and flavored e-liquids with nicotine benzoate. SIGNIFICANCE: Nicotine is rapidly absorbed from the respiratory system into systemic circulation during e-cigarettes use. However, the mechanism of nicotine transport in the lung has not been well understood yet. This study may offer critical biological evidence and have implications for the use and regulation of e-cigarettes...
September 26, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Avinash R Tekade, Mayuri R Suryavanshi, Ashutosh B Shewale, Vilas S Patil
Objective The primary objective of this study was to develop nanostructured lipid carriers of donepezil hydrochloride (DNZ HCl) for effective management of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Significance: Intranasal administration of DNZ NLC containing Nigella sativa (NS) oil as a liquid lipid may significantly improve nasal penetration and deliver the drug directly to the brain avoiding blood brain barrier (BBB). Method : High pressure homogenization was used to prepare nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs), followed by ultrasonication...
September 21, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Yong He, Shiyun Chen, Mengmeng Li, Yonghao Gao, Huiyi Feng, Qasim Umar, Dengke Yin, Yisi Feng
OBJECTIVE: To synthesis a novel "Pharmaceutical Cocrystal" of berberine (BBR) with coformer 3-methylcinnamic acid (3MCA) for increasing its solubility and intestinal absorption property. SIGNIFICANCE: BBR-HCl has poor liposolubility, difficulty in penetrating the cell membrane and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, low bioavailability, and its clinical application is limited. A new cocrystal is formed by the interaction between 3-MCA and BBR through molecular interaction, which improves the physicochemical properties, intestinal absorption property, and hygroscopicity...
September 19, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Mervat Shafik Ibrahim, Nihal Mohamed Elmahdy Elsayyad, Abeer Salama, Shereen H Noshi
INTRODUCTION: Countless individuals experience negative emotions as hair loss pattern affects their self-esteem and well-being. Rosuvastatin calcium (Ca-RUV) was reported to stimulate the growth of the hair in the applied area, hence, it was selected as a potential hair loss treatment drug.Significance: This study aims to develop and optimize (Ca-RUV) loaded squarticles (SQRs) and assess their ability to deliver and release Ca-RUV in the hair follicle for the promotion of hair growth...
September 19, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Reem Abou Assi, Ibrahim M Abdulbaqi, Siew Mei Tan, Habibah A Wahab, Yusrida Darwis, Siok-Yee Chan
OBJECTIVE: Breast cancer affects women globally, regardless of age or location. On the other hand, Tamoxifen (TXN), a class II biopharmaceutical drug is acting as a prophylactic/treating agent for women at risk of and/or with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. However, its oral administration has life-threatening side effects, which have led researchers to investigate alternative delivery methods. One such method is transdermal drug delivery utilising bile salts as penetration enhancers, aka Bilosomes...
September 18, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Ahmed A H Abdellatif, Mansour Alsharidah
BACKGROUND: Chemotherapeutic agents have numerous side effects. There is a major interest in using natural and safe plants as food or drink to protect from cancer. Origanum marjoram (OMAE) is a medicinal plant that can be used as a tea, food, and additive in traditional medicine. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate the potential anticancer effects of OMAE against a model cancer. METHOD: MCF-7 cells were chosen as model cancer cells. The MTT assay was used to assess the in vitro inhibitory effects of OMAE on cell growth...
September 9, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Mu-Han Chen, Xin-Ze Liu, Xiu-Wu Qu, Rui-Bo Guo, Lu Zhang, Liang Kong, Yang Yu, Yang Liu, Juan Zang, Xiu-Ying Li, Xue-Tao Li
OBJECTIVE: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease that is associated with aging and is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Several studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that resveratrol (Res) and salidroside (Sal) are not only biologically safe but also influence AD biomarker trajectories. However, their clinical applications have been quite limited due to poor specificity, low solubility, and insufficient blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration...
August 31, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Tao Wang, Enhao Lu, Qiwen Dai, Xueli Huang, Qiquan Yao, Xianyi Sha
OBJECTIVES: Sub-visible particle, or particulate matter, is an important indicator in the safety assessment of clinical infusions. The present study aims to evaluate the effect of the packaging formats of antibiotic on the distribution of sub-visible particles in the small particle size range (<10 μm), to provide evidence for explanation to clinical adverse reactions and guidelines for rational drug use. METHODS: The conventional light blockage and the single particle optical sensing (SPOS) technology were applied to determine the size distribution of the sub-visible particles in the redissolved injections in different packages (dual-chamber bag and vial) from different manufacturers...
August 30, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Shubham Kataria, Supriya Roy, Mohini Chaurasia, Himani Awasthi, Zeeshan Fatima, Rammani Prasad, Dipti Srivastava
OBJECTIVE: The present work aims to formulate nanoemulgel of crisaborole (CB) and evaluate its effectiveness against 2,4-Di-nitrochlorobenzene induced (DNCB) atopic dermatitis (AD) in mice. SIGNIFICANCE: AD is a chronic inflammation of the skin affecting the quality of life. CB is a topical PDE4 inhibitor marketed as a 2% ointment. It, however, possesses poor aqueous solubility. An o/w nanoemulsion shall exhibit an enhanced therapeutic effect owing to the increased solubility of CB and an augmented skin penetration...
August 11, 2023: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
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