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Swedish Dental Journal

Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Jane Westerberg, Kristina Hellén-Halme
OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the diagnostic accuracy of digital dental radiograpny for detecting carious lesions on approximal surfaces before and after optimization of the environ- ment, and after joint training on evaluation and review of x-rays. A further aim was to evaluate differences in diagnostic accuracy between general dental practitioners (GDPs) and dental hygienists (DHs). MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred extracted teeth (premolars and molars) underwent standardized radiography...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Andreas Cederlund, Frida Lundgren, Sofia Tranaus, Anders Norlund
At a national level, planning and management of dental services should be based on assess- ments of equity, effectiveness and costs. In Sweden, data for the adult population are now acces- sible through The Swedish dental health register, at The National Board of Health and Welfare. This study, on two large cohorts of Swedish adults, is based on longitudinal follow-up data, retrieved from the Swedish dental health register.The aims were twofold: to assess frequencies and costs of fillings and crowns, including subsequent repair; secondly to study the relationship between preventive and restorative dental treatment...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Eva Wolf, Maria Nilner, Kerstin Petersson
Chronic orofacial pain is a complex condition with consequences that affect daily living. The aim was to analyse nonspecific chronic orofacial pain patients'experiences of everyday life situations, using a qualitative approach. Eleven women and 3 men (21 to 77years) were selected through a purposive sampling among chronic orofacial pain patients referred to the Faculty of Odontology's orofacial pain unit at Malmö University, Malmö Sweden. All selected subjects agreed to participate. Data were obtained via two thematic in-depth interviews with each subject...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Lisa Printzell, Carl Fredrik Haseid, Anders Ekfeldt, Carl Hjortsjö
The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the clinical survival and success of five dif- ferent types of adhesive bonded all-ceramic restorations, in a postgraduate clinic. All ceramic enamel-dentin adhesive bonded restorations, either partial (n=94) or full coverage (n=145), were assessed by clinical examination using a modified Californian Dental Association (CDA) system for quality evaluation of dental care and a questionnaire assessing patient satis- faction (VAS) of 29 subjects with 239 restorations...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Ioanna Dallari Jacobsen, Harald M Eriksen, Ivar Espelid, Andreas Schmalfuss, Christer Ullbro, Claes-Göran Crossner
The investigation documents caries prevalence and associated factors in a sample of16-year- olds from Troms County, Northern Norway. DMFT/S-values were 4.2/6.1, indicating dental health being similar to the south of Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. No ethnic differences were recorded. Out of a total of 22 tested variables, the following nine showed an independent strong association (p=0,001) with prevalence of dental caries: parental education, tooth brushing frequency, parental control of oral hygiene in young age, dental fear, self-rated dental health, BMI, self-rated general health, use of smokeless tobacco, and initial approximal caries...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Eva-Karin Bergström, Ulla Moberg Sköld, Dowen Birkhed, Margret Lepp
In many parts of Sweden today, school-based fluoride varnish programmes (FVP) are perfor- med by dental nurses. Studies have shown that the dental personnel are largely responsible for creating the atmosphere related to children's and adolescents'experiences of the program- mes. Knowledge of dental nurses'experiences of performing FVP is therefore crucial in order to develop and improve these programmes and the dental health of children and adolescents.The aim of this study was to describe dental nurses'experiences of performing FVP for children and adolescents in Sweden...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Gunnar Ekbäck, Sven Ordell, Maria Palmetun-Ekbäck, Gustav Ekbäck, Lennart Unell, Ann-Katrin Johansson
In general, most infectious and/or lifestyle-related diseases are defined as being present when sufficient signs or symptoms occurs in an individual. The term "sufficient".is a relative concept and a disease can therefore be measured with different degrees of certainty.These symptoms are commonly defined in such a way that it is possible to determine the incidence and prevalence of the disease and also the proportion of individuals that are cured from the dis- ease. If dental caries is an individual disease which can be compared to other diseases regarding incidence and prevalence, it is important to determine for how long an individual must be free from new signs of the disease before being considered cured or free from the disease and to define the "sufficient" signs or symptoms needed for a diagnose...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Daniel Svensk, Lars-Inge Norevall
Miniscrew implants (MSI) can be a useful tool when maximal anchorage is desired in ortho- dontic treatment.The aim of this study was to describe the opinions and experiences of mini- screw implants among orthodontists currently practising in Sweden. A web-based anonymous questionnaire containing 17 multiple choice questions was sent to 218 listed members of the Swedish Association of Orthodontists during fall 2012. Descriptive statistics were used for analysing the collected data set. In a total of 147 (67%) respondents 80 were women, 62 were men and five did not specify gender...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Inger Svensson, Jőrgen Gustafsson, Emmeli Uleskog, Carola Mathisson, Neriman Mollai, Annika Kahlmeter, Lars Matsson
The aim of the present study was to obtain baseline information about oral health, oral health behaviours and knowledge about prevention of oral diseases in newly arrived Somali children. All 310 Somali children arriving in four municipalities in Kronoberg County, Sweden, during 2013 participated. We collected interview data (background factors related to oral health) and performed a clinical examination (oral hygiene, marginal bone loss, malocclusion, dental caries) within the first two months after arrival...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Per Ramberg, Katarina Wikén Albertsson, Jan Derks, Jan Van Dijken
Aim of the study was to determine the effect of an alcohol-free chlorhexidine mouth rinse and an essential oils containing mouth rinse on pro-inflammatory cytokine levels in gingival crevicularfluid in participants who continue to perform their regular mechanical oral hygiene regimes and normal dietary practice. Twenty adult volunteers (mean age: 59 years) participated in the double-blind randomised controlled cross-over study.Three mouth rinses were used during 16-day periods as an adjunctiveto regular mechanical oral hygiene: a solution with alcohol-free chlorhexidine (CHX; Paroex), a solution with essential oils (EO; Listerine), and water (negative control)...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Rahaf Almohareb, Michael Ahlquist, Gunilla Sandborgh Englund
The aim of the study was to evaluate the technical quality of endodontic treatment per- formed by postgraduate students in Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden during the years (2008-2011) and to evaluate the treatment outcome. In addition, possible influencing factors to treatment outcome were analyzed. All maxillary first molars that received endo- dontic treatment between 2008 and 2011 were included in the study. Pre, post and follow up radiographs were collected.The apical status (PAI-score),the quality of the root canal treat- ment (RCT) and the treatment outcome were assessed...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Bertil Friberg, Michael Hana, Haidar Rasoul Mahdi, Torsten Jemt
The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of lateral sinus floor elevation (LSFE). A total of 347 medium rough surface implants were placed in both xenogenic bone and natural bone in 103 patients. A two-stage surgical technique was performed with a lateral window approach followed by a healing period of 9 months prior to implant placement. Patients were analysed with regard to pre- and post-augmentation bone height data (Group A), levels of mar- ginal bone (Group B) and implant survival rates/complications...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Parisa Tohidast, Xie-Qi Shi
OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to present the subjective knowledge level and the use of image processing on digital intraoral radiographs amongst general dental practitioners at Distriktståndvrden AB, Stockholm. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A questionnaire, consisting of12 questions, was sent to 12 dental prac- tices in Stockholm. Additionally, 2000 radiographs were randomly selected from these clinics for evaluation of applied image processing and its effect on image quality...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Håkan Flink, Åke Tegelberg, Judy Arnetz, Dowen Birkhed
The aim of this study was to measure patient-reported outcomes of caries prophylaxis and to compare them with previously documented efforts in dental offices. A questionnaire was mailed to 134 caries active (CA) and 40 caries inactive (CI) adult patients treated at a Swedish public dental service clinic. The overall response rate was 69%. The questionnaire included items regarding patient perceived caries prophylaxis in relation to: 1) treatment and recommendations given by the dental personnel, 2) performed self-care and 3) perceived and expected effects...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Minh Olausson, Nadya Esfahani, Johanna Östlin, Catharina Hägglin
Like many other countries Sweden is becoming more multicultural and many residents do not fully master the national language and are not completely familiar with national norms and habits. The key to good interaction between dentists and patients is communication. Therefore this study aimed to examine whether there are differences in the experience of communication and care between native-born (NB) and foreign-born (FB) patients in the Swedish Public Dental Service (PDS). Consecutive patients at four PDS clinics in a major Swedish city (Gothenburg) were asked to complete the Dental Visit Satisfaction Scale (DVSS), eight additional items concerning communication and care, and a questionnaire eliciting background information...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Jenny Jiayan Luo Nilsson, Xiaochen Shu, Britt Hedenberg Magnusson, Idil Alatli Burt
The aim of this study was to evaluate the compliance and short-term effects of eruption guidance appliance (EGA) in adolescents with class II division 1 malocclusion in comparison with twin-block appliance (TBA) and activator-headgear appliance (A-HG). Dental records of 1886 patients were viewed in this retrospective study 129 patients treated with one of these three functional appliances were identified. 123 fulfilled the inclusion criteria and data were extracted from the dental records. Gender, age, compliance, overjet change at every visit, number of appliance breakages and number of emergency visits apart from appliance breakage were studied...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Camilla Hedlund, Ingalill Feldmann
The aims of this study were to evaluate treatment outcome with activator-headgear combinations carried out by general dental practitioners, overall costs, long-term stability and patients' satisfaction with treatment outcome. Patients who were recommended to start treatment in 2006 were included in this study (n = 97). Inclusion criteria were: Class II Division 1 with at least half a cusp width distal molar relationship, overjet ≥ 6 mm and presence of dental records. Data were collected, pre-treatment, post-treatment and 3 years after treatment for those with favorable outcome...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Anna Ahlvin, Elisabeth Wärnberg Gerdin, Mats Bågesund, Sven Ordell
For decades, Swedish dental professionals have collected clinical epidemiological data from the dental records. To supplement the epidemiology, Ostergötland County Council decided to examine patient perceptions of oral health: self-rated knowledge, self-perceived oral health, and opinions about oral health. The aim was to compare self-perceived oral health among 19-year-olds to determine differences between genders, various municipalities and between 2004 and 2011. This study analysed the responses from two cross-sectional surveys of the entire population of 19-year-olds in Ostergötland County, Sweden, performed in 2004 and 2011...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Kamran Tahmooressi, Peter Jonasson, Lars Heijl
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the outcome of vital root resection followed by immediate pulp capping with MTA in furcation involved maxillary molars. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This pilot clinical study of 12 months duration was designed to evaluate the outcome of vital root resection in maxillary molars with degree II furcation involvement combined with conservative endodontic treatment by means of pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). Seven teeth in six adult patients suffering from adult chronic periodontitis were included in this study...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
Christina Svanberg, Lars-Inge Norevall, Bertil Ekman, Jeanette Wahlberg, Mats Bågesund
Turner syndrome (TS) is a genetic disorder of females with a prevalence of 1/2000-3000 live female births. The aim of this study was to compare cephalometric variables from adult women diagnosed with TS to a standardized reference group of 31-year old healthy women, and to evaluate the possible effects of human growth hormone (hGH) therapy in women with TS. Registered TS subjects in the Southeast region of Sweden were invited to take part in the study. Twenty-one women aged 36 ± 13(18-57) years accepted participation...
2016: Swedish Dental Journal
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