Tuo Shao, Qichang Gao, Weilong Tang, Yiming Ma, Jiaao Gu, Zhange Yu
Immune infiltration plays a crucial role in intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD). In this study, we explored the immune microenvironment of IDD through single-cell bioinformatics analysis. Three single-cell datasets were integrated into this study. Nucleus pulposus cells (NPCs) were divided into subgroups based on characteristic genes, and the role of each subgroup in the IDD process was analyzed through pseudo-time trajectory analysis. The hub genes were obtained using hdWGCNA, further identified by bulk datasets and pseudo-time sequence...
April 17, 2024: Inflammation
Shuling Guo, Liangliang Fu, Chenghu Yin, Wenjun Shao, Quan Sun, Liangwen Chen, Ting Xia, Min Wang, Haibin Xia
Periodontal disease is the pathological outcome of the overwhelming inflammation in periodontal tissue. Cellular senescence has been associated with chronic inflammation in several diseases. However, the role of cellular senescence in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease remained unclear. This study aimed to investigate the role and the mechanism of cellular senescence in periodontal disease. Using single-cell RNA sequencing, we first found the upregulated level of cellular senescence in fibroblasts and endothelial cells from inflamed gingival tissue...
April 17, 2024: Inflammation
Qingqing Sun, Xiao Han, Lingtong Meng, Hongru Li, Yijia Chen, Lizheng Yin, Chang Wang, Jiachao Wang, Miao Li, Xue Gao, Wenjian Li, Lin Wei, Cuiqing Ma
Innate immune response is the first line of defense for the host against virus invasion. One important response is the synthesis and secretion of type I interferon (IFN-I) in the virus-infected host cells. Here, we found that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection induced high expression of TRIM25, which belongs to the tripartite motif-containing (TRIM) family of proteins. TRIM25 bound and activated retinoic acid-inducible gene I (RIG-I) by K63-linked ubiquitination. Accordingly, RIG-I mediated the production of IFN-I mainly through the nuclear factor kappa-B (NF-κB) pathway in respiratory epithelial cells...
April 17, 2024: Inflammation
Jun Tong, Genhong Yao, Yueqin Chen, Hairong Xie, Xinyu Zheng, Lingyun Sun, Zhenping Huang, Zhenggao Xie
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is recognized as the most prevalent retinal degenerative disorder. Inflammatory response usually precedes microvascular alteration and is the primary factor of diabetic retinopathy. Activated microglia express many pro-inflammatory cytokines that exacerbate retina inflammation and disruption. In the present study, we found that MSCs alleviated blood-retina barrier (BRB) breakdown in diabetic rats, as evidenced by reduced retinal edema, decreased vascular leakage, and increased occludin expression...
April 16, 2024: Inflammation
Ying Cai, Zhiyuan Chen, Ermei Chen, Dongdong Zhang, Tao Wei, Mingyang Sun, Yifan Lian
Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a severe immune-mediated inflammatory liver disease that currently lacks feasible drug treatment methods. Our study aimed to evaluate the protective effect of succinic acid against AIH and provide a reliable method for the clinical treatment of AIH. We performed an in vivo study of the effects of succinic acid on concanavalin A (ConA)-induced liver injury in mice. We examined liver transaminase levels, performed hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining, and observed apoptotic phenotypes in mice...
April 13, 2024: Inflammation
Yadong Liu, Guiqi Zhang, Jiani Wu, Yi Meng, Jianyu Hu, Hao Fu, Dongfang Yang
Intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) diseases are common and frequent diseases in orthopedics. The caspase recruitment domain (CARD) and membrane-associated guanylate kinase-like protein 3 (CARMA3) is crucial in the activation of the NF-κB pathway. However, the biological function of CARMA3 in IDD remains unknown. Here, CARMA3 expression was elevated in nucleus pulposus (NP) tissues of IDD rats and nutrient deprivation (ND)-induced NP cells. The main pathological manifestations observed in IDD rats were shrinkage of the NP, reduction of NP cells, fibrosis of NP tissues, and massive reduction of proteoglycans...
April 12, 2024: Inflammation
Wanliang Zhang, Wenyun Chen, Jingwei Lei, Jie Li, Mengliu Yang, Ling Li
Immune cell-mediated chronic inflammation is one of the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Therefore, identifying inflammatory markers in circulating immune cells is highly important for predicting insulin resistance (IR) and the occurrence of T2DM. In this study, we discovered that differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from T2DM patients were associated with innate immunity and chronic inflammatory responses through bulk transcriptome sequencing (bulk RNA-seq)...
April 11, 2024: Inflammation
Hao Zuo, Wanting Zhou, Yijing Chen, Binqian Zhou, Zhengkai Wang, Shuai Huang, Tahereh Alinejad, Chengshui Chen
Particulate matter (PM) induces and enhances oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to a variety of respiratory diseases, including acute lung injury. Exploring new treatments for PM-induced lung injury has long been of interest to researchers. Palmatine (PAL) is a natural extract derived from plants that has been reported in many studies to alleviate inflammatory diseases. Our study was designed to explore whether PAL can alleviate acute lung injury caused by PM. The acute lung injury model was established by instilling PM (4 mg/kg) into the airway of mice, and PAL (50 mg/kg and 100 m/kg) was administrated orally as the treatment groups...
April 10, 2024: Inflammation
Jian Yang, Yuhong Zhai, Cuiyuan Huang, Zujin Xiang, Haiyin Liu, Jingyi Wu, Yifan Huang, Li Liu, Wenqiang Li, Wei Wang, Jun Yang, Jing Zhang
Although our previous studies have established the crucial role of RP105 in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury (MI/RI), its involvement in regulating oxidative stress induced by MI/RI remains unclear. To investigate this, we conducted experiments using a rat model of ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury. Adenovirus carrying RP105 was injected apically at multiple points, and after 72 h, the left anterior descending coronary artery was ligated for 30 min followed by 2 h of reperfusion. In vitro experiments were performed on H9C2 cells, which were transfected with recombinant adenoviral vectors for 48 h, subjected to 4 h of hypoxia, and then reoxygenated for 2 h...
April 3, 2024: Inflammation
Mirjana Grujic, Md Abdul Alim, Lars Hellman, Magnus Peterson, Gunnar Pejler
Mast cells (MCs) are known to have a pathological impact in a variety of settings, in particular in allergic conditions. There is also limited evidence implicating MCs in diabetes, raising the possibility that MC function may be influenced by alterations in glucose levels. However, it is not known whether MCs are directly affected by elevated glucose concentrations. Moreover, it is not known which glucose transporters that are expressed by MCs, and whether MCs are dependent on glucose transporters for activation...
April 3, 2024: Inflammation
Ankita Sharma, Dhruva D Dhavale, Paul T Kotzbauer, Conrad C Weihl
Lysosomal membrane permeabilization caused either via phagocytosis of particulates or the uptake of protein aggregates can trigger the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome- an intense inflammatory response that drives the release of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-1β by regulating the activity of CASPASE 1. The maintenance of lysosomal homeostasis and lysosomal membrane integrity is facilitated by the AAA+ ATPase, VCP/p97 (VCP). However, the relationship between VCP and NLRP3 inflammasome activity remains unexplored...
April 2, 2024: Inflammation
Jiahui Lei, Yujie Feng, Wenwen Zheng, Mwadini Khamis, Jinyuan Zhang, Xiao Hou, Fei Guan
Schistosomiasis is the second most debilitating neglected tropical disease in the world. Liver egg granuloma and fibrosis are the main damage of schistosomiasis. In this study, the role of allograft inflammatory factor-1 (AIF-1) in liver pathology and its regulation in immune responses were investigated in a transgenic mouse infected with Schistosoma japonicum. We found that AIF-1 overexpression reduced worm burden and decreased egg granuloma sizes and serum alanine aminotransferase levels, along with inhibited hepatic collagen deposition and serum hydroxyproline levels during S...
March 30, 2024: Inflammation
Keyvan Amirshahrokhi, Mahsa Imani
Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a serious brain disorder which associated with neurological and psychiatric manifestations. Oxidative stress and neuroinflammation and apoptosis play main roles in the development of brain damage in HE. Levetiracetam is an antiseizure drug with established antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. In the present study we investigated the therapeutic effects of levetiracetam against brain injury in HE and its underlying mechanisms of action. Male C57BL/6 mice were subjected to the induction of HE by the injection of thioacetamide (200 mg/kg) for 2 days...
March 26, 2024: Inflammation
Yuening Chen, Wanlin Liu, Xiaohan Xu, Hongying Zhen, Bo Pang, Zhe Zhao, Yanan Zhao, Hongxiao Liu
Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a common chronic progressive inflammatory autoimmune disease. T helper 17 (Th17) cells are the major effector cells mediating AS inflammation. Histone 3 Lys 27 trimethylation (H3K27me3) is an inhibitory histone modification that silences gene transcription and plays an important role in Th17 differentiation. The objective of this study was to investigate the expression of H3K27me3 in patients with AS and to explore its epigenetic regulation mechanism of Th17 differentiation during AS inflammation...
March 22, 2024: Inflammation
Shaohua Wang, Zhengzhuang Zou, Zanmei Tang, Jian Deng
Our previous studies indicated that calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) alleviates hyperoxia-induced lung injury and suggested the possible involvement of autophagy in this process. Herein, we aimed to further explore the potential involvement of tumor protein p53 (TP53) and autophagy in the mode of action of CGRP against hyperoxia-induced lung injury in vitro and in vivo. The study conducted tests on type II alveolar epithelial cells (AECII) and rats that were subjected to hyperoxia treatment or combined treatment of hyperoxia with CGRP, CGRP inhibitor, rapamycin (an autophagy agonist), 3-methyladenine (3-MA, an autophagy inhibitor), TP53 silencing/inhibitor (pifithrin-α), or expression vector/activator (PRIMA-1 (2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)-3-quinuclidinone)) and their corresponding controls...
March 19, 2024: Inflammation
Chunnian Ren, Quan Wang, Shulei Fan, Tao Mi, Zhaoxia Zhang, Dawei He
The apoptosis-prone property of alveolar epithelial cells plays a crucial role in pulmonary fibrosis(PF), but the role of pyroptosis in it is still unclear. Toll-like receptor 9(TLR9) has been reported to play a vital role in the pathogenesis of many diseases. However, the effect of TLR9 on alveolar epithelial cells in PF has not been fully elucidated. Gene expression microarray related to Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF) was obtained from the Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO) database. In the mouse model of bleomycin-induced PF, adeno-associated virus(AAV6) was used to interfere with TLR9 to construct TLR9 knockdown mice to study the role of TLR9 in PF, and the specific mechanism was studied by intratracheal instillation of NLR family pyrin domain containing 3(NLRP3) activator...
March 18, 2024: Inflammation
Fatemeh Asgari, Abdolrahim Nikzamir, Kaveh Baghaei, Siamak Salami, Andrea Masotti, Mohammad Rostami-Nejad
Celiac Disease (CeD) is an autoimmune disorder with various symptoms upon gluten exposure. Dendritic cells (DCs) play a crucial role in gliadin-induced inflammation. Vitamin A (retinol; Ret) and its metabolite, retinoic acid (RA), along with tryptophan (Trp) and its metabolite, kynurenic acid (KYNA), are known to influence the immune function of DCs and enhance their tolerogenicity. This research aims to assess the impact of gliadin on DC maturation and the potential of vitamin A and tryptophan to induce immune tolerance in DCs...
March 16, 2024: Inflammation
Sihui Zhu, Chenxi Liu, Yunchen Jin, Hailong Zhang, Mingzhen Zhou, Chen Xu, Jie Shao, Qin Liu, Jia Wei, Jie Shen, Baorui Liu
Advanced intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) is a highly aggressive malignancy characterized by limited response to standard therapeutic modalities, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. The prognosis for patients with advanced ICC is exceedingly bleak, with an overall survival of less than 1 year. In recent years, personalized neoantigen vaccines have emerged as a promising approach to augment the immune response against tumors. Clinical investigations are currently underway to evaluate the efficacy of neoantigen-based peptide, DNA, and dendritic cell vaccines...
March 16, 2024: Inflammation
Chao Lan, Xuan Zhou, Ximei Shen, Youfen Lin, Xiaoyuan Chen, Jiebin Lin, Yongze Zhang, Lifeng Zheng, Sunjie Yan
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 15, 2024: Inflammation
Haiting Wang, Chenyu Fan, Xuelian Chen, Wei Zhou, Li Guo, Feng Zhao, Shuang Ye, Shuangjun He, Yi Chen
Cytokine storm (CS) is linked with macrophage dysfunction and acute lung injury (ALI), which can lead to patient mortality. Glycolysis is preferentially exploited by the pro-inflammatory macrophages, in which pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) is a critical enzyme. The mechanism underlying the link between CS and ALI involves cell death, with the recently discovered programmed cell death known as ferroptosis being involved. However, the relationship between the glycolysis and ferroptosis in the context of CS-related ALI remains unclear...
March 14, 2024: Inflammation
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