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Morphologie et Embryologie

T P Pessacq
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January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
Z Gârban, S Sandor, G Daranyi, A Prunkl, V Precob, I Gergen, I Eremia
The late fetal effect of ethanol administered during the preimplantation period (in acute experiment) was investigated. Ethanol was injected i.v. (33.16% v/v in a.d., 4.80 ml/kg b.w.) to pregnant female rats on day 2 and 4 of pregnancy. Some effects concerning biochemical and morphological homeostasis on at-term fetuses (day 20 of pregnancy) were studied. Data obtained were compared with those of the control group. Biochemical investigation performed on hepatic DNA and on some serum metabolites revealed the following statistically non-significant changes: the increase of fetal hepatic DNA; the increase of total protein determined from pooled fetal serum of the whole litters; hypoalbuminemy and hyperglobulinemy; hypo-alpha 1-globulinemy and hyper-alpha 2-, beta-, gamma-globulinemy; the increase of total lipids, decrease of cholesterol; increase of uric acid and urea...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
E Mandache, A Negoescu
The stimulation of coeliac rat lymph nodes was performed by intraperitoneal injections of typhoid vaccine and was unique for the primary immune response and repeated after 6 weeks for the secondary response. The light and electron microscopic observations showed for the primary response, an early germinal center reaction, which might be accounted for by a background of continuous stimulation of the coeliac nodes, stemming from the digestive tract. The dendritic reticulum cells (DRC), considered typical for the B area, were located at the borderline between the germinal center and the mantle zone...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
R Vasiu, C D Olinici
The DNA nuclear content of apocrine cells was studied in 5 cases of fibrocystic disease, 3 cases of invasive duct carcinoma and 3 cases of invasive lobular carcinoma. Both diploid and aneuploid values were found in each group. The possible significance of apocrine change in breast lesions is discussed.
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
C D Olinici, R Vasiu
A case of gastric Burkitt's lymphoma with pancreatic infiltration in a 15-year-old boy is reported. Local lymph nodes were not involved. Review of the literature disclosed that the reported cases of Burkitt's lymphoma were localized in the intestine. The origin, evolution and prognosis of gastrointestinal lymphoma are briefly discussed.
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
V V Tomson, A G Türin
Cellular components of the bronchovascular barrier have been studied in human lungs obtained after death of some patients with acute and chronic lung inflammatory diseases, hypertonic disease, atherosclerosis and chronic glomerulonephritis. Certain oxidative-reductive and hydrolytic enzymes, including NAD-, NADP- diaphorases, lactic dehydrogenase, acid and alkaline monophosphoesterase, ATP-ase, adenylate cyclase and nonspecific esterase were evaluated quantitatively after the histochemical processing of the specimens for the above reactions...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
N Rottenberg, F Rottenberg, P Matusz
The thyroid gland vascularization has been studied on 58 pieces belonging to young organisms (human and animal) by means of both morphometric methods (macro- and microscopic) and injection of radioisotopes (86Rb). The statistical-mathematical study of the dimensional values characterizing the thyroid vascular branch at different levels assumed for study allowed to determine the thyroid central area as the best vascularized of the thyroid parenchyma. Estimating the specific activity and the absorption constant value of the 86Rb in the vascular wall and the glandular parenchyma, the radioisotope-based study attests the data obtained morphologically...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
I Macavei, N Galatâr
Bone marrow biopsies have been investigated in 330 cases of Hodgkin's disease totalising 298 patients, out of which 32 with repeated biopsies. Positive biopsies with typical lesions were found in 32% of patients, the majority in stages III and IV (88.6%), rarely in stage I or II (11.4%). Nonspecific lesions were very frequent (75%), either isolated or accompanied by typical lesions. The majority of the positive biopsies were found in patients with lymphocytic predominance and lymphocytic depletion, or in polytreated patients in an advanced stage of the disease...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
D Laky, V Cândea, A Popa, I Tintoiu, B T Cândea, S Socolovschi
A study was carried out on the evolution of histological and ultrastructural lesions of liver fragments harvested at different time intervals in the course of extracorporeal circulation in 62 patients operated for acquired and congenital heart disease, as well as that of serologic tests, pre-, intra- and postoperatively up to seven days. Morphologically, it is only the ultrastructural examination that detects the accentuation of preexisting hypoxic lesions within the framework of a state of "controlled shock", noting especially accentuated dilation of the endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomal activation, mitochondrial lesions and a tendency to ribosomal and glycogenic depletion...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
L Georgian, G Ghyka, I Savi
Concentrations of 50, 500 and 5,000 iu/ml of natural human alpha leukocyte interferon (IFN) were added into the culture medium of KB cells, 4 h after serial passage, in the presence of 5-bromo-desoxyuridine (Brdu) at 10 micrograms/ml. Similar cultures without IFN were set up as controls. After 72 h of incubation, the harlequin technique (differential staining of sister chromatids) was applied in order to discriminate among the metaphases of different generations and to appreciate the frequency of sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) in the second generation cells...
January 1990: Morphologie et Embryologie
Z Gârban, G Daranyi, I Borza-Teicu, R Nemeş, V Precob
The possible late maternal effect on biochemical homeostasis of acute administration of ethanol during the preimplantation period was studied on pregnant albino female rats (Wistar strain). Females were injected i.v. with a 33.16% (v/v) solution of ethanol (4.80 ml/kg body weight) on day 2 and 4 of pregnancy, the animals being sacrificed on day 20. The effects on hepatic DNA biosynthesis and on some serum metabolites (proteins, lipids and some non-protein nitrogen compounds) were determined in the treated and in an untreated control group...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
C D Olinici, R Vasiu
Three cases of malignant myxoid melanomas are described. That feature may simulate other malignant tumors with myxoid changes, especially in amelanotic metastases. The problems of differential diagnosis are briefly discussed.
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
M Bârsu, V Ghiurcă, D Poruţiu, R Badea
Fourteen liver tumor samples, obtained by echographically-guided thin needle aspiration biopsy were electron microscopically studied, pointing out the ultrastructural aspects that allowed the diagnosis of primary and secondary liver neoplasia, and those providing indications for malignancy degrees. Criteria of electronoptic differential diagnosis between dysplastic and malignant lesions are presented. The paper suggests that electron microscopy may be helpful in establishing the forms of liver carcinoma, difficult to be determined only by cytologic examination, and for the early diagnosis mandatory to increase the resectability rate of malignant hepatoma...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
M Raica, I Ioart, A Gurtavenco
The study covered 34 patients with tumors of the urinary bladder treated surgically by transurethral resection and, as an adjuvant therapy, with Corynebacterium parvum intravesically administered. Microscopic observations were performed on smears stained with blue polychrome-tannin and the histologic study used preparata stained with hematoxylin-eosin and van Gieson. After the second series of instillations, many biopsies from the same patient were taken. The investigation revealed the negativity for malignant cells on the cytologically studied smears, and histologically a chronic infiltrate formed of lymphocytes and plasma cells along the basement membrane could be observed; sometimes the infiltrate was follicularly organized...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
D Laky, V Cândea, A Popa, I Tintoiu, B T Cândea, M Porumb, S Socolovschi
A study was carried out on the histological and ultrastructural aspects of liver fragments harvested from 62 patients with acquired or congenital heart disease before open heart surgery under extracorporeal circulation. Against a background of passive congestion in the pericentrolobular and mediolobular areas, various mitochondrial lesions and dilation of the endoplasmic reticulum with a reduced number of ribosomes, the presence of microbodies, biliary pigments, lipid vacuoles, lysosomol hyperplasia and activation, glycogen depletion could be seen, as well as extensive collagenization of Disse's spaces, fibroblast hyperplasia and Kupffer cell activation...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
A Eskenasy
The theoretical analysis of the characteristic features of pathological processes is being continued with the experimental modelling of the pathological process, with emphasis on gnoseological and heuristic aims. The paper discusses: the compulsory working hypothesis which includes the known and the probable data resulting from the observation of phenomena, the qualities and value of the experimentation for the verification of the working hypothesis, the general features of the experimental modelling in pathology and its purposes, the types of experimental models (simple, two times perturbing and complex) with exemplification and discussion of qualities and limits, the general evaluation and limits of experimental models, the practical elaboration of experimental models with emphasis on the main rational operations, like the choice of animals, of the ways of administration of perturbing agents, of experimental and control lots, of sacrification modalities, as well as the relevance of the experimental results for enlarging the knowledge of the pathological process investigated...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
D Onicescu, C Vidulescu
Specimens of human fetal hearts from the 9th to the 27th week of intrauterine life were processed by the technique of Karnowski and Roots as modified by Lewis for the demonstration of acetylcholinesterase-positive nerve fibers by light microscopy. Cholinergic innervation was present in both atria and ventricles even in the 9th week of intrauterine life. In the ventricles the number of cholinergic fibers augmented with increasing age; they spread in the ventricular wall surrounding the vascular network including capillaries, or following their course in the close proximity of cardiac muscle fibers...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
I Fazakas-Todea
The preimplantation effect of acute intoxication during the preimplantation period of pregnancy (i.p. or i.v. injection on day 4) with beer and wine has been investigated on female albino rats (Wistar strain). The following criteria were applied for checking preimplantation development: mean number of embryos/animal; topographical distribution of the embryos; developmental stage attained; occurrence of pathological embryonic forms. The control on day 5 of pregnancy revealed no significant effect upon the developmental criteria used...
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
L Surchev, K Ichev, S Dolapchieva
The intramembranous organization of the interparanodal myelin lamellae in CNS was investigated by means of the freeze-etching technique. The density of the IMPs is about equal on both P- and E- fracture faces of every myelin sheath, but varies between the myelin sheaths. The morphology of the myelin tight junctions is also described. The nature of the IMPs and the functional significance of their mode of distribution are discussed.
October 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
S Dolapchieva, K Ichev, L Surchev
ATPase activity was localized by means of Wachstein-Meisel's method in rat sciatic nerve fibers. Using controls with ouabain, the presence of alpha + (neuronal) Na+, K+-ATPase was examined. The enzyme occurs in the ATPase reaction of the myelin-forming membranes, axoplasm and Schwann cell cytoplasm. Its presence in the Schwann cell plasma membrane is only admittable. The ATPase activity of the compact myelin and axolemma was exclusively of alpha + type of Na+, K+-ATPase.
July 1989: Morphologie et Embryologie
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