Marlon Graf, Edward Kim, Iris Brewer, Jennifer Hernandez, Jacquelyn W Chou, Jessica Cirillo, Christopher Jensen, Richard Lipton
OBJECTIVE: To characterize treatment decision-making processes and formalize consensus regarding key factors headache specialists consider in treatment decisions for patients with migraine, considering novel therapies. BACKGROUND: Migraine therapies have long been subject to binary classification, acute versus preventive, due to limitations of available drugs. The emergence of novel therapies that can be used more flexibly creates an opportunity to rethink this binary classification...
March 15, 2023: Headache
Sarah M Bobker
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 14, 2023: Headache
Maya T Gerstein, R J Wirth, Alyssa A Uzumcu, Carrie R Houts, James S McGinley, Dawn C Buse, Kelly P McCarrier, Alexis Cooke, Nancy M Touba, Tracy K Nishida, Peter J Goadsby, David W Dodick, Richard B Lipton
OBJECTIVES: To capture patients' perspectives on migraine-related cognitive symptoms during pre-headache, headache, post-headache, and interictal periods. BACKGROUND: Migraine-related cognitive symptoms are reported by people with migraine both during and between attacks. Associated with disability, they are increasingly viewed as a priority target for treatment. The Migraine Clinical Outcome Assessment System (MiCOAS) project is focused on developing a patient-centered core set of outcome measures for the evaluation of migraine treatments...
March 10, 2023: Headache
Paul S Nabity, David E Reed, Cindy A McGeary, Timothy T Houle, Carlos A Jaramillo, Patricia A Resick, Blessen C Eapen, Brett T Litz, Jim Mintz, Donald B Penzien, Terence M Keane, Stacey Young-McCaughan, Alan L Peterson, Donald D McGeary
OBJECTIVE: To explore whether the association between change in headache management self-efficacy and posttraumatic headache-related disability is partially mediated by a change in anxiety symptom severity. BACKGROUND: Many cognitive-behavioral therapy treatments for headache emphasize stress management, which includes anxiety management strategies; however, little is currently known about mechanisms of change in posttraumatic headache-related disability...
March 10, 2023: Headache
Geneviève Demarquay, Emilie Sala, Ahmed Adham, Jean-Philippe Camdessanché, Philippe Convers, Laure Mazzola
BACKGROUND: Ictal epileptic headache (IEH) is caused by a focal epileptic seizure. The diagnosis can be challenging when the headache is isolated without any other symptoms. CASE REPORT: A 16-year-old girl presented with a 5-year history of bilateral frontotemporal headaches with severe intensity lasting for 1-3 min. Past medical, physical, and developmental histories were unremarkable. Head magnetic resonance imaging showed right hippocampal sclerosis. The diagnosis of pure IEH was confirmed by video-electroencephalographic monitoring...
March 10, 2023: Headache
Michael P Phelan, Nicolas R Thompson, Zubair Ahmed, Brittany Lapin, Belinda Udeh, Eric Anderson, Irene Katzan, Laura E Walker
OBJECTIVES: To compare clinical characteristics among outpatient headache clinic patients who do and do not self-report visiting the emergency department for headache. BACKGROUND: Headache is the fourth most common reason for emergency department visits, compromising 1%-3% of visits. Limited data exist about patients who are seen in an outpatient headache clinic but still opt to frequent the emergency department. Clinical characteristics may differ between patients who self-report emergency department use and those who do not...
March 2, 2023: Headache
Masahito Katsuki, Muneto Tatsumoto, Kazuhito Kimoto, Takashige Iiyama, Masato Tajima, Tsuyoshi Munakata, Taihei Miyamoto, Tomokazu Shimazu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between weather and headache occurrence using big data from an electronic headache diary smartphone application with recent statistical and deep learning (DL)-based methods. BACKGROUND: The relationship between weather and headache occurrence remains unknown. METHODS: From a database of 1 million users, data from 4375 users with 336,951 hourly headache events and weather data from December 2020 to November 2021 were analyzed...
February 28, 2023: Headache
Paige M Estave, Caitlyn Margol, Summerlyn Beeghly, Reid Anderson, Mariam Shakir, Alexandra Coffield, Julia Byrnes, Nathaniel O'Connell, Elizabeth Seng, Paula Gardiner, Rebecca Erwin Wells
OBJECTIVE: To understand the mechanisms of mindfulness' impact on migraine. BACKGROUND: Promising mindfulness research demonstrates potential benefit in migraine, but no data-driven model exists from the lived experiences of patients that explains the mechanisms of mindfulness in migraine. METHODS: Semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted with adults with migraine who participated in two mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) clinical trials (n = 43)...
February 28, 2023: Headache
Richard B Lipton, Dawn C Buse, Claire H Sandoe, Janet H Ford, Austin L Hand, Jakub P Jedynak, Martha D Port, Holland C Detke
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate changes in interictal burden with galcanezumab versus placebo in patients with episodic (EM) or chronic migraine (CM). BACKGROUND: The disruptive effects of migraine occur both during attacks (ictal period) and between attacks (interictal period), affecting work, school, family, and social life. Migraine clinical trials typically assess ictal burden endpoints, neglecting interictal burden. METHODS: CONQUER was a 3-month, double-blind study that randomized adult patients with EM or CM who had experienced failure of two to four standard-of-care migraine preventive medication categories to receive monthly galcanezumab (n = 232) or placebo (n = 230), followed by 3 months of open-label galcanezumab...
February 16, 2023: Headache
Robert C Gibler, James L Peugh, Christopher S Coffey, Leigh Ann Chamberlin, Dixie Ecklund, Elizabeth Klingner, Jon Yankey, Leslie L Korbee, Marielle Kabbouche, Joanne Kacperski, Linda L Porter, Brooke L Reidy, Andrew D Hershey, Scott W Powers
OBJECTIVE: To examine group differences in self-reported migraine days among youth who completed the Childhood and Adolescent Migraine Prevention (CHAMP) trial prior to its closure and explore the relationship between self-reported and "nosology-derived" (i.e., International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd edition [ICHD-3]) migraine days. BACKGROUND: The CHAMP trial compared amitriptyline and topiramate to placebo for migraine prevention in youth and proposed to analyze change in migraine days as a secondary outcome...
February 9, 2023: Headache
Gabriel Bsteh, Stefan Macher, Nik Krajnc, Philip Pruckner, Wolfgang Marik, Christoph Mitsch, Klaus Novak, Berthold Pemp, Christian Wöber
OBJECTIVE: To assess the prognostic impact of migraine headache in idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). BACKGROUND: Migraine headache is common in IIH, but it is unclear whether it has prognostic relevance. METHODS: We investigated patients with IIH from the Vienna-IIH-database and differentiated migraine (IIH-MIG) from non-migraine headache (IIH-nonMIG) and without headache (IIH-noHA). Using multivariable models, we analyzed the impact of IIH-MIG on headache and visual outcomes 12 months after diagnosis...
February 8, 2023: Headache
Todd J Schwedt, Ashley Martin, Steven Kymes, Brian Talon, Xin Ying Lee, Roger Cady, Divya Asher, Meghana Karnik-Henry, Emily Mulvihill, Dawn Bates, Kathleen Beusterien
OBJECTIVE: To assess preferences among adults with migraine for differentiating attributes of injected or infused preventive treatment options and evaluate their importance in determining a treatment choice. BACKGROUND: Adults with migraine and health-care providers consider many factors when making treatment decisions. Injected or infused preventive migraine treatment options differ in several attributes, including mode of administration and dosing frequency, which may be preferentially selected or avoided by patients...
February 8, 2023: Headache
Nicole Butler, Ivy C Snyder, Talia G Korn, Robert A Nicholson, Matthew S Robbins, Elizabeth K Seng
OBJECTIVE: In this secondary analysis of mobile health headache diary data, we evaluated the relationship between adherence to medication used for the acute treatment of migraine and lifetime history of an anxiety or depression disorder. BACKGROUND: Medication non-adherence can produce poor clinical efficacy and may be associated with medication overuse. Medication overuse was defined by taking a migraine-specific medication (MSM) for ≥10 days/month, an opioid or barbiturate for ≥10 days/month, or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for ≥15 days/month and having ≥15 headache days/month...
February 8, 2023: Headache
Pelin Batur, Meng Yao, Julia Bucklan, Payal Soni, Aarushi Suneja, Ruth Farrell, Maryann Mays
OBJECTIVE: To clarify how factors such as estrogen dose and migraine history (including migraine subtype) impact ischemic stroke risks associated with combined hormonal contraceptive (CHC) use. BACKGROUND: CHC use in those with migraine with aura has been restricted due to concerns about stroke risk. METHODS: We conducted a case-control analysis of stroke risk associated with estrogen dose and migraine history among CHC users in a large tertiary care center...
February 8, 2023: Headache
Mohammad Al-Mahdi Al-Karagholi, Veberka Kalatharan, Hashmat Ghanizada, Gregory Dussor, Messoud Ashina
OBJECTIVE: To systemically review preclinical studies investigating the implication of prolactin signaling in headache and migraine pathophysiology. BACKGROUND: The features of migraine attacks, including characteristics, duration, frequency, and prevalence, are sex-dependent with variability across a lifetime, indicating the involvement of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis. Prolactin is a key regulator of this axis, and a new line of evidence implicates prolactin signaling in sex-related differences in pain perception...
February 8, 2023: Headache
Ali Ezzati, Kristina M Fanning, Michael L Reed, Richard B Lipton
OBJECTIVE: To identify predictors of acute treatment optimization for migraine with "over-the-counter" (OTC) or prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as well as other widely used OTCs including acetaminophen, caffeine combination products (CCP), and acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, aspirin) among people with episodic migraine and to develop models that predict treatment response to each class of OTCs. BACKGROUND: Efficacy of acute OTC medications for migraine varies greatly...
February 7, 2023: Headache
Susan P Mollan, Anuradhaa Subramanian, Mary Perrins, Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar, Nicola J Adderley, Alexandra J Sinclair
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate mental health burden in women with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) compared to matched women with migraine and population controls. BACKGROUND: Depression and anxiety are recognized comorbid conditions in those with IIH and lead to worse predicted medical outcomes. The mental health burden in IIH has not been previously evaluated in a large, matched cohort study. METHODS: We performed a population-based matched, retrospective cohort study to explore mental health outcomes (depression and anxiety)...
February 7, 2023: Headache
Yukishige Hashimoto, Toshinori Matsushige, Reo Kawano, Michitsura Yoshiyama, Takeshi Hara, Shohei Kobayashi, Chiaki Ono, Shigeyuki Sakamoto, Nobutaka Horie
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this preplanned primary analysis was to investigate the clinical manifestations of headache to screen for CAD patients with acute onset headache only. BACKGROUND: Spontaneous cervicocerebral artery dissection (CAD) with acute onset headache is not rare in clinical practice; however, it is underdiagnosed. On the other hand, subsequent infarction or subarachnoid hemorrhage mainly occurs within 1 week of headache onset. METHODS: Between April 2017 and January 2022, we conducted a single-center, cross-sectional retrospective study on 197 consecutive referred patients from neurosurgical outpatient clinics with acute onset unusual headache (stronger or longer headache than usual)...
February 6, 2023: Headache
Masahito Katsuki, Yasuhiko Matsumori, Junko Kawahara, Chinami Yamagishi, Akihito Koh, Shin Kawamura, Kenta Kashiwagi, Tomohiro Kito, Masato Oguri, Shoji Mizuno, Kentaro Nakamura, Katsushi Hayakawa, Osamu Ohta, Noa Kubota, Hina Nakamura, Jun Aoyama, Isamu Yamazaki, Satoshi Mizusawa, Yasuhide Ueki, Maiko Nanri, Yuki Miyakoshi, Shuto Gobo, Akio Entani, Toshiko Yamamoto, Miyako Otake, Takashi Ikeda, Mitsuhiro Matsuo, Fuminori Yamagishi
OBJECTIVE: We prospectively performed the Itoigawa Headache Awareness Campaign from August 2021 to June 2022, with two main interventions, and evaluated its effectiveness. BACKGROUND: Headache is a common public health problem, but its burden could be reduced by raising awareness about headache and the appropriate use of acute and prophylactic medication. However, few studies on raising headache awareness in the general public have been reported. METHODS: The target group was the general public aged 15-64...
January 27, 2023: Headache
Hauke Basedau, Thalea Oppermann, Elisa Gundelwein Silva, Kuan-Po Peng, Arne May
OBJECTIVE: We hypothesized that the response of trigeminal dermal blood flow (DBF) in the trigeminal system and consecutive expansion of flare response to capsaicin would differ from the somatosensory system (arm). We also investigated whether there are differences between patients with migraine and healthy controls (HC). BACKGROUND: Functional differences between the trigeminal and extracephalic somatosensory systems may partly explain the susceptibility for headaches in patients with migraine...
January 27, 2023: Headache
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