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Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis

S Saleh
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1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A H el-Kalouby, R Amer, M F Abdel-Wahab, E H el-Raziky
181 cases with schistosomiasis were skin tested with S. mansoni antigen and tuberculin (PPD) after complete clinical and parasitological examination. Their results were compared to a control group of 89 non bilharzial cases. The positivity of tuberculin reaction was found to be less frequent in schistosomiasis (37.5%) when compared to non schisto. controls (55.0%). This low reactivity was more manifest in the advanced stages of the disease. The delayed skin reaction with S. mansoni antigen was seen in 52.4% of schisto...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
S M Hathout, A H el-Karim, A A el-Masry
Serum calcium, magnesium, phosphate and albumin were estimated in 74 bilharzial patients and 14 normal individuals as control. A significant hypocalcaemia and hyperphosphataemia was found in bilharzial patients with liver fibrosis and ascites. The authors suggest that these changes may be due to hypoparathyroidism. Both ascitic and non ascitic patients showed hypomagnesaemia. This hypomagnesaemia was more obvious in the ascitic group. The hypomagnesaemia is probably due to excess aldosterone secretion in these patients, combined with hypoparathyroidism in the cirrhotic patients with ascites...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
M F Abdel Wahab, N el-Kady, N M Arafa, Z Salama, A K Kotib, A Nasef, M Abdou, S Hamam, K el-Din Hussein
B mode and real time ultrasonography have been used in a trial to demonstrate the patency of distal splenorenal shunt done in Warren's operation. Thirty seven patients with portal hypertension, and bleeding oesophageal varices were the subject of this study. Using B-mode ultrasonography in 70% of cases (26 patients), the splenic, left renal vein and the site of anastomosis were demonstrated. In 8% (3 patients), both splenic and left renal veins were seen patent, but the site of anastomosis was not detected...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
S Zakaria, E H el-Raziky, A H el-Kalouby, Z A Shaker, S Hunter, A A Ata, Y el-Battawy
The study included 916 schistosomal patients and 97 controls. The prevalence of HBs-Ag and anti-HBs was significantly higher in the bilharzial patients compared to controls. Their frequency was higher in the ascitic than the hepatosplenic group, and the difference between each and the simple group was highly significant. Cases with current jaundice showed highly significant frequency of both HBs-Ag and anti-HBs compared to those with no history or manifest jaundice at the time of study. In addition, cases with raised bilirubin, SGPT and SGOT showed significantly higher frequency of HBs-Ag and anti-HBs compared to cases having normal levels...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
E H el-Raziky, S Zakaria, A H el-Kalouby, Z A Shaker, A A Ata, Y el-Battawy
Nine hundred and sixteen schistosomal patient together with 97 non-schistosomal controls were examined for the presence of HBs-Ag and anti-HBs in their sera by counter-immunoelectrophoresis (CIEP). The results are reported and statistically analysed. HBs-Ag, anti-HBs and the exposure rate were found significantly higher in schistosomal patients than in controls. The frequency of HBs-Ag was not significantly different in the active and inactive schistosomal groups, while the anti-HBs was significantly higher in the inactive group...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
M A el-Emam, A M Mohamed
The influence of 10 degrees, 18 degrees, 26 degrees, 28 degrees and 33 degrees C, different periods of complete darkness and starvation on growth and survival of H. duryi, B. alexandrina and B. truncatus were studied. The optimum temperature for the growth and survival was about 26 degrees C. Survivorship and growth rates decreased proportionately according to starvation period. However, darkness had no significant effect on the growth of B. truncatus and H. duryi. Under the chosen experimental conditions H...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
S Saleh, M A Hamdy
Morphological and histopathological changes in the testis have been reported to result from bilharzial infestation. There should be certain changes in the biochemical composition of the cells which might lead to these changes in the structure. This study was undertaken to compare the lipid composition of the testis and the serum level of FSH of normal and infected white Swiss albino mice at 8, 10 and 12 weeks after infection. The results indicate that infection produced a marked and persistent decrease in serum FSH indicating hypofunction of the anterior pituitary gland...
1979: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
M T Khayyal, A H Mousa, S Saleh, M A Abo-HASHISH, A A Metwally
THE LIPID pattern of blood and liver of mice infected with S. mansoni as well as in male and female worms was studied. Experiments were also carried out on non-infected and infected mice after treatment with Niridazole. It was found that Niridazole caused a significant increase in liver triglycerides and serum free acids. These changes were more pronounced in non-infected animals than in infected ones. The drug was found to reduce worm phospholipids and to increase their triglyceride level. The male worms were more affected than the female ones...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
M Z Nooman, M Khalil, M Nafeh, S I Elwan, M el-Sharkawi, A M Omar, S M Atta, I Reda
A TOTAL of 204 cases with acute viral hepatitis were studied: 93 bilharzial and 111 non-bilharzial. This study is concerned with the 106 cases showing positive HBS Ag test. Follow up of the cases after discharge from the Fever Hospital was carried out by repeated clinical and laboratory examinations 3 montly in the first year and 6 monthly subsequently. The bilharzial and non-bilharzial patients were found to be equally susceptible to HBS Ag positive hepatitis (p=0.25). However, antigenaemia tended to last longer as a whole in the bilharzial patients (p=0...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A A Ata, E H el-Raziky, A Gaber, Z A Shaker, A H el-Kalouby, S Z Eissa
THE AUSTRALIA antigen was studied by the use of a reversed passive latex agglutination test in the sera of 250 cases, mostly bilharzial. The results were analysed in relation to age, clinical presentation, bilharzial infestation, antibilharzial treatment, jaundice and serum bilirubin. It was found that, the test was significantly more positive in hepatosplenic cases, in those with past history of bilharziasis, in those with jaundice and in those with higher serum bilirubin level. While no significant difference was found in relation to age, and to history of antibilharzial treatment...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A H Mousa
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A A Sharaf, A el-Sherbini, W A Abdulla
THE INHIBITION of succinate oxidation by Piperazine diantimonyl tartarate (Bilharcid) could be in part attributed to accumulation of oxaloacetate. This is discussed with reference to the effect of ATP, glutamate and cysteine on the reversal of the inhibitory action, of the drug on succinate oxidation.
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
W A Abdulla, H Kadry, S G Mahran, E H el-Raziky, S el-Nakib
AMMI MAJUS L., a plant belonging to the family Umbellifereae was found to possess a certain antischistosomal effect in mice infected with S. mansoni. This was proved by applying two techniques, the worm burden and the Oogram change. Bergapten, a pure furocoumarin naturally present in Ammi majus was found to have certain schistosomicidal effect.
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
S A el-Fiki, A M Mohamed
Studies dealing with the effect of some herbicides on the molluscicidal action of certain molluscicides against B. alexandrina have been carried out. In the first part of the study the toxicity of 3 molluscicides (Copper sulphate, Niclosamide and Frescon) and 3 herbicides (Gramaxone, Preforan and Treflan) was tested individually. Results indicated that the molluscicides were more potent than the herbicides. In the second part, snails were exposed for 24 hr to one of the tested herbicides using LC0 or (Sub. lethal conc) then the toxicity of molluscicides was determined among the same snails...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
M H Badr, G M Zayadi, F K Harras
Left ventricular dysfunction had been reported in many patients suffering from schistosomal cor pulmonale. The nocuous agents affecting the left ventricle have not been defined. Antischistosomal therapy is suspected to contribute in the adverse effects on the myocardium, particularly antimonials and niridazole. In this study, the left ventricular performance was studied in 29 patients suffering from schistosomiasis before and 30 min after i.v. therapeutic dose of a tartar emetic. After the injection, the PEPI and PEPI/LVETI were increased, the LVETI was abbreviated, EF...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A M Mohamed, F M el-Sharkawi, S A el-Fiki
A survey was carried out to investigate the presence of Bilharziasis among the fishermen of the lake Maryut. Schistosoma mansoni is more prevalent, than S. haematobium among fishermen of lake Maryut. Biomphalaria alexandrina, snails were prevalent around the lake specially in places of low salinity, where fresh water discharges exist. Bulinus truncatus snails were not found during the time of the present survey and more frequent surveys are needed. There is an inverse relation between the number of snails and the salinity of the water...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
E H el-Raziky, Z A Shaker, A F Abbassy, F M Aboul-Ezz, Y A Naguib
Twenty five pregnant simple bilharzial patients together with 8 non-bilharzial pregnant women and 14 bilharzial non-pregnant females were included in this study. Circulating bilharzial antigens were tested in all groups by the IHA technique. Both IHA and COP were used for detection of bilharzial antibodies in the same groups. Bilharzial antigenaemia was higher in pregnant bilharzial women than in non-pregnant ones. The bilharzial antibodies were detectable in a smaller percentage of bilharzial pregnant women than in non-pregnant ones...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A F Abbassy, Z A Shaker, E H el-Raziky, F M Aboul-Ezz, Y A Naguib
Twenty five simple bilharzial pregnant females together with eight control non-bilharzial gravid women were included in this study. Quantitation of immunoglobulins G and M was performed on both maternal and cord blood sera. The transmission of IgG through the placenta was suggested by the trend for positive correlation between foetal and maternal IgG levels. Maternal IgG was significantly higher in the active bilharzial group compared with the non-active group. Foetal IgM was significantly higher in the active bilharzial group compared with the control non-bilharzial cases...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
A A Sharaf, M T Khayyal, A Kheir-el-Din, A A Sharaf, F Kassem
The effects of the antischistosomal drug, niridazole, on the rate of gluconeogenesis in kidney cortex slices and on the rate of oxidation of pyruvate and some Krebs cycle intermediates in liver homogenates of infected mice were described. The effect of schistosoma mansoni infection on the previously mentioned parameters was also described. The infection per se did not affect the rate of gluconeogenesis from pyruvate, succinate and alpha-ketoglutarate when used as gluconeogenic precursors. In case of the rates of oxidation of pyruvate, succinate alpha-ketoglutarate and citrate, the infection decreased them significantly...
1978: Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis
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