Nouha Trad, Emna Bel Hadj Mabrouk, Asma Mensi, Yosra Zaimi, Mariem Ksantini, Yosra Said
INTRODUCTION: Pseudoachalasia is a rare clinical condition, often caused by malignancy. Rarely, this entity can reveal the underlying neoplasia. To the best of our knowledge, we report the first case of pseudoachalasia revealing a metastatic signet-ring cell carcinoma of the non-ampullary duodenum. CASE REPORT: A previously healthy 67-year-old patient presented with a 3-month history of rapidly progressive intermittent dysphagia with 20kg weight loss. An upper endoscopy showed multiple duodenal ulcerations on congestive mucosa...
February 12, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Narjes Abid, Ella Nemsi, Manel Loukil, Nada Gader, Mechaal Ben Ali, Hedia Ghrairi
INTRODUCTION: Spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SPM) is a rare affection in general population. Only few cases have been reported during this ongoing global pandemic of Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19). The ethipathogeny of this complication is poorly understood. OBSERVATIONS: we reported ten cases of SPM complicating coronavirus pneumonia. There were six me and four women. Age varies from 32 to 66 years. Pneumonia was severe for all cases defined by a bloo oxygen saturation < 90% on admission...
February 12, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Saoussen Antit, Ridha Fekih, Cyrine Antit, Marwa Abdelhedi, Elhem Boussabeh, Lilia Zakhama
INTRODUCTION: Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (AMBP) has become a valuable tool for analyzing patient blood pressure (BP) pro-file to make a more accurate prognosis compared to clinical office BP. AIM: To identify the prognostic value of different parameters of ABPM and the future course of cardiovascular events (CVE) in treated hypertensive patients. METHODS: We conducted a prospective, descriptive study, including treated hypertensive patients which had consulted between 2015 and 2016 and had a systematic ABPM during their follow-up...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Abir Boussetta, Nouha Kharbach, Abir Abdellatif, Amina Karray, Manel Jellouli, Tahar Gargah
AIM: To identify the predictive factors for the occurrence of community-acquired urinary tract infections caused by Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli in children. METHODS: This was a single-center prospective observational study of children and young adults with community-acquired urinary tract infections caused by Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli. The study was conducted in the pediatric nephrology department in Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia from January 1st, 2019, to December 31, 2020...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Hsouna Zgolli, Chiraz Abdelhedi, Racem Choura, Mouna Abdaoui, Olfa Fekih, Imene Zghal, Leila Nacef
AIM: To estimate metamorphopsia prevalence, predictors and etiologies in patients operated for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) with detached macula with successful results. METHODS: Retrospective study including 50 eyes of 50 patients who underwent pars plana vitrectomy for RRD with detached macula with standard silicone oil (SO) tamponade. Patients who had successful surgery with durable anatomic reapplication of the retina after SO removal were included...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Mohamed Oueslati, Nadia Sassi, Ilhem Bettaieb, Amor Gamoudi, Khaled Rahal, Ridha Oueslati
INTRODUCTION: Tumor Growth Factor-β (TGF-β) is a multifunctional cytokine that plays a crucial role in various biological processes. TGF-β is also involved in various pathologies including breast cancer (BC). BC is strongly dependent on hormone receptors such as Estrogen receptors (ERa, ERb) and Progesterone Receptor (PR). AIM: To audit the potential cross-talk between TGF-β and the molecular distribution of hormone receptors (ERs and PR)...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Haifa Zaibi, Asma Allouche, Emna Ben Jemia, Hend Ouertani, Meriem Ferchichi, Jihen Ben Amar, Hichem Aouina
INTRODUCTION: Despite therapeutic advances, morbidity attributed to asthma continues to increase. This seems partly to be due to poor adherence. AIM: To assess therapeutic adherence and the association between poor compliance and asthma control. METHODS: We carried out a descriptive cross-sectional study on a sample of 150 asthmatics, followed in the pneumology department of Charles Nicolle hospital for more than 6 months. The survey took place over 1 month...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Rym Maamouri, Meriam Beldi, Yasmine Houman, Mehdi Somai, Fatma Boussema, Monia Cheour
INTRODUCTION: Infectious uveitis (IU), one of the main causes of ocular inflammation in Tunisia, has various etiologies and clinical presentations. AIM: To report the causes and clinical features of IU in a Tunisian population. METHODS: Patients with IU referred to our department from February 2019 to January 2022 were included in a retrospective observational study. Ophthalmic examination and appropriate ancillary tests were performed. RESULTS: Eighty eyes of 63 patients were included (37 female and 26 male)...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Asma Hadhri, Sanda Mrabet, Narjes Ben Aicha, Asma Fradi, Awatef Azzabi, Wissal Sahtout, Raja Boukadida, Yosra Guedri, Dorsaf Zellama, Nihed Abdessaied, Helmi Ben Saad, Abdellatif Achour
INTRODUCTION: In adults, minimal change disease (MCD) accounts for 15 to 25% of nephrotic syndrome (NS). Numerous reports have suggested a link between NS and atopy. However, data on treatment and prognosis of NS associated with allergy are limited. AIM: To examine the presenting characteristics, treatments and outcomes of adults with allergic MCD in a North African center. METHODS: This was an observational study using retrospectively collected data...
February 11, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Fatma Hebaieb, Rayène Arfaoui, Rania Hmaïssi, Sofiène Gzara, Sonia Aissa
INTRODUCTION: Asthma is a widespread chronic respiratory disease. It affects all age groups, mainly youth. Its management aims to prevent exacerbations and ensure normal daily-life activity. Current international recommendations attach particular importance to the therapeutic education to improve asthma control and reduce emergency room visits. AIM: To assess the impact of online therapeutic education for youth asthmatics initiated in the emergency department on the level of asthma's control...
February 10, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Mehdi Khalfallah, Ikram Kort, Moncef Hamdoun, Ramzi Nouira, Mohamed Allouche
NTRODUCTION: Writing medical certificates is part of the doctor's daily practice. AIM: To analyze the complaints related to medical certificates filed to the Regional Council of the Order of Doctors (RCOD) of Tunis and to identify the predictive factors of disciplinary sanctions. METHODS: We collected the complaints filed to the RCOD of Tunis between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2017, in relation to a problem with the establishment and/or the issuance of medical certificates by registered certifying doctors at RCOD, Tunis...
February 10, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Abderrahmane Moundir, Abderrahmane Errami, Jalila El Bakkouri, Ahmed Ben Abdelaziz, Ahmed Aziz Bousfiha
INTRODUCTION: The future of the COVID-19 pandemic depends on the evolution of the virus and immune protection stimulated by vaccination or upon exposure to natural infection. While most research focuses on vaccine efficacy, data remain unclear on the efficacy and duration of natural immune protection against infection. AIM: In this article, we aim to determine the efficacy of natural immune protection against reinfection with COVID-19 or severe COVID-19. METHODS: We performed a systematic review of available studies in electronic databases followed by a meta-analysis to determine the efficacy of natural immune protection against COVID-19 reinfection and severe infection...
February 10, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
A Yacoub, A Ayadi, W Ayed, S Ayari, S Chebbi, I Magroun, L Ben Afia, M Mersni, N Mechergui, D Brahim, H Ben Said, G Bahri, I Youssef, N Ladhari, N Mziou, A Grassa, M M'rad, N Khessairi, A Krir, M Chihaoui, S Mahjoub, A Bahlous, M Jridi, Y Cherif, S Derbal, D Chebbi, O Hentati, F Ben Dahmen, M Abdallah, I Hamdi, F Sahli, Y Ouerdani, Y Mnekbi, H Abaza, M Ajmi, A Guedria, A Randaline, H Ben Abid, N Gaddour, A Maatouk, I Zemni, A Gara, M Kacem, I Maatouk, M Ben Fredj, H Abroug, C Ben Nasrallah, W Dhouib, I Bouanene, A Sriha, M Mahmoudi, G Gharbi, A Khsiba, M Azouz, A Ben Mohamed, M Yakoubi, M Medhioub, L Hamzaoui, M Azouz, Y Ben Attig, S Hamdi, R Essid, E Ben Jemia, B Rezgui, M S Boudaya, H Hassine, H Dabbabi, Y Fradi, D Cherif, I Lassoued, H Yacoub, H Kchir, N Maamouri, W Khairi, H Ben Ammar, H Abaza, E Chelbi, S Merhaben, W Neffati, M Ajmi, S Tarchalla, S Boughzala, M Gazzeh, S Gara, A Labidi, H Touati, A M Nefzi, N Ben Mustpha, M Fekih, M Serghini, J Boubaker, L Zouiten, A Driss, N Meddeb, I Driss, S Walha, H Ben Said, E Bel Hadj Mabrouk, Y Zaimi, A Mensi, N Trad, S Ayadi, Y Said, L Mouelhi, R Dabbèche, H Belfkih, M Bani, A Moussa, S Souissi, B Trabelsi Werchfeni, S Chelly, O Ezzi, A Ammar, M Besbes, M Njah, M Mahjoub, H Ghali, A Neffati, S Bhiri, R Bannour, S Ayadi, F E Khouya, A Kamel, E Hariz, S Aidani, S Kefacha, A Ben Cheikh, H Said, S Dogui, A Atig, A Gara, S Ezzar, M Ben Fradj, I Bouanène, H M'kadmi, M Farhati, N Dakhli, K Nalouti, M B Chanoufi, S H Abouda, C Louati, Y Zaaimi, R Dabbeche, A Hermi, A Saadi, S Mokaddem, H Boussaffa, M Bellali, S Zaghbib, H Ayed, A Bouzouita, A Derouiche, M Allouche, M Chakroun, R Ben Slama, N Gannoun, I Kacem, G Tlili, M Kahloul, N Belhadj Chabbah, F Douma, M Bouhoula, A Chouchene, A Aloui, M Maoua, A Brahem, H Kalboussi, O El Maalel, S Chatti, M Jaidane, W Naija, N Mrizek, I Sellami, A Feki, A Hrairi, N Kotti, S Baklouti, K Jmal Hammami, M L Masmoudi, M Hajjaji, A Naaroura, J Ben Amar, H Ouertani, O Ben Moussa, H Zaibi, H Aouina, S Ben Jemaa, Z Gassara, M Ezzeddine, M H Kallel, H Fourati, R Akrout, H Kallel, M Ayari, A Chehaider, F Souli, I Abdelaali, H Ziedi, C Boughzala, W Haouari, M Chelli, M Soltani, H Trabelsi, H Sahli, R Hamdaoui, Y Masmoudi, A Halouani, A Triki, A Ben Amor, C Makni, M Eloillaf, S Riahi, R Tlili, L Jmal, L Belhaj Ammar, S Nsibi, A Jmal, R Boukhzar, M Somai, F Daoud, I Rachdi, B Ben Dhaou, Z Aydi, F Boussema, H Frikha, R Hammami, S Ben Cheikh, S Chourabi, E Bokri, D Elloumi, N Hasni, S Hamza, O Berriche, M Dalhoum, H Jamoussi, L Kallel, A Mtira, Z Sghaier, M A Ghezal, S Fitouri, S Rhimi, N Omri, S Rouiss, A Soua, D Ben Slimene, I Mjendel, I Ferchichi, R Zmerli, E Belhadj Mabrouk, R Debbeche, M Makhloufi, A Chouchane, C Sridi, F Chelly, A Gaddour, I Kacem, S Chatti, N Mrizak, H Elloumi, H Debbabi, S Ben Azouz, R Marouani, I Cheikh, M Ben Said, M Kallel, A Amdouni, N Rejaibi, L Aouadi, K Zaouche, F E Khouya, S Aidani, S Khefacha, N Jelleli, A Sakly, W Zakhama, M Y Binous, H Ben Said, E Bouallegue, S Jemmali, S Abcha, H Wahab, A Hmida, I Mabrouk, M Mabrouk, M Elleuch, M Mrad, N Ben Safta, A Medhioub, M Ghanem, K Boughoula, B Ben Slimane, H Ben Abdallah, R Bouali, S Bizid, M N Abdelli, Y Ben Nejma, S Bellakhal, S Antit, R Bourguiba, L Zakhama, M H Douggui, E Bahloul, F Dhouib, H Turki, M Sabbah, S Baghdadi, D Trad, N Bellil, N Bibani, H Elloumi, D Gargouri, M Ben Said, R Hamdaoui, R Chokri, M Kacem, M Ben Rejeb, A Miladi, J Kooli, S Touati, S Trabelsi, M Klila, H Rejeb, H Kammoun, I Akrout, D Greb, H Ben Abdelghaffar, H Hassene, L Fekih, H Smadhi, M A Megdiche, J Ksouri, H Kasdalli, A Hayder, M Gattoussi, L Chérif, F Ben Saida, M Gueldich, H Ben Jemaa, A Dammak, I Frikha, A Saidani, J Ben Amar, W Aissi, A B Chatti, I Naceur, T Ben Achour, F Said, M Khanfir, M Lamloum, I Ben Ghorbel, Mh Houman, T Cherif, A Ben Mansour, H Daghfous, A Slim, S Ben Saad, F Tritar, W Naffeti, J Abdellatif, M Ben Fredj, M Selmi, G H Kbir, M Maatouk, L Jedidi, F Taamallah, M Ben Moussa, L Halouani, S Rejeb, N Khalffalah, J Ben Ammar, S Hedhli, M M Azouz, S Chatti, Z Athimni, M Bouhoula, O Elmaalel, N Mrizak, M Maalej, R Kammoun, F Gargouri, S Sallemi, A Haddar, K Masmoudi, A Oussaifi, A Sahli, M Bhouri, R Hmaissi, M Friha, H Cherif, C Baya, M Triki, F Yangui, M R Charfi, H Y Ben Hamida, S Karoui, F Aouini, A Hajlaoui, H Jlassi, M Sabbah, M N Fendri, N Kammoun, S Fehri, H Nouagui, A Harzalli, H Snène, S Belakhal, L Ben Hassine, I Labbene, M Jouini, S Kalboussi, Y Ayedi, C Harizi, A Skhiri, R Fakhfakh, B Jelleli, A Belkahla, M Fejjeri, M Zeddini, S Mahjoub, M Nouira, N Frih, S Debiche, H Blibech, S Belhaj, N Mehiri, N Ben Salah, B Louzir, J Kooli, R Bahri, A Chaka, S Abdenneji, S Majdoub Fehri, J Hammadi, D Dorgham, N Hriz, H Kwas, N Issaoui, S Jaafoura, H Bellali, M Shimi, E Belhaj Mabrouk, R Sellami, I Ketata, W Medi, M Mahjoub, S Ben Yacoub, A Ben Chaabene, Emna Touil, H Ben Ayed, S Ben Miled, E El Zine, H Khouni, S Ben Kadhi, J Maatoug, R Boulma, R Rezgui, M Boudokhane, T Jomni, S Chamekh, S Aissa, E Touhiri, N Jlaiel, B Oueslati, N Maaroufi, S Aouadi, S Belkhir, H Daghfous, S Merhaben, N Dhaouadi, Y Ounaes, K Chaker, S Yaich, M Marrak, M Bibi, K Mrad Dali, A Sellami, Y Nouira, S Sellami, I Anane, H Trabelsi, R Ennaifer, Z Benzarti, B Bouchabou, N Hemdani, A Nakhli, Y Cherif, M Abdelkef, K Derbel, B Barkous, A Yahiaoui, A Sayhi, F Guezguez, S Rouatbi, H Racil, C Ksouri, T Znegui, S Maazaoui, A Touil, S Habibech, N Chaouech, O Ben Hmid, S Ismail, H Chouaieb, M Chatti, N Guediri, M Belhadj Mohamed, C Bennasrallah, Y Bouzid, F Zaouali, M Toumia, N El Khemiri, A El Khemiri, H Sfar, S Farhati, F Ben Chehida, R Yamoun, N Braham, Y Hamdi, A Ben Mansour, M Mtir, M Ayari, M Toumia, S Rouis, H Sakly, R Nakhli, H Ben Garouia, D Chebil, H Hannachi, L Merzougui, S Samet, A Hrairi, I Mnif, O Hentati, L Bouzgarrou, D Souissi, R Boujdaria, R Kadoussi, H Rejeb, I Ben Limem, I Ben Salah, D Greb, H Ben Abdelghaffar, H Smadhi, H Laatiri, S A Manoubi, M Gharbaoui, O Hmandi, M Zhioua, F Taboubi, Y Hamza, W Hannach, H Jaziri, R Gharbi, A Hammami, W Dahmani, W Ben Ameur, M Ksiaa, A Ben Slama, A Brahem, N Elleuch, A Jmaa, I Kort, S Jlass, S Benabderrahim, E Turki, A Belhaj, D Kebsi, M Ben Khelil, N Rmadi, H Gamaoun, F Alaya Youzbechi, T Brahim, S Boujnah, N Abid, N Gader, S Kalboussi, S Ben Sassi, M Loukil, H Ghrairi, Nadia Ben Said, O Mrad, M Ferjaoui, L Hedhli, B Ben Kaab, A Berriche, R Charfi, O Mourali, I Smichi, L Bel Haj Kacem, M Ksentini, R Aloui, L Ferchichi, H Nasraoui, M Maoua, F Chérif, Y Belil, M A Ayed, Y Alloulou, S Belhadj, J Daghfous, N Mehiri, B Louzir, A Abbes, A Ghrab, A Chermiti, A Akacha, O Mejri, A Debbiche, C Yahiaoui, M Binous, A Tissaoui, K Mekni, C El Fekih, M A Said, S Chtioui, S Mestiri, H Smaoui, Sonia Ben Hamida, A Haddar, N Mrizek, N Gares, A Zaibi, N Bouazizi, S Gallas, A Lachhab, M Belhadj, N Hadj Salem, A Garrouch, Z Mezgar, M Khrouf, H Abbassi, D Souissi, I Hamra, N Ben Mustapha, I Abessi, F Boubaker, S Bouchareb, H ElOmma Mrabet, I Touil, L Boussoffara, J Knani, N Boudawara, W Alaya, M H Sfar, S Fekih, H Snène, N Boudawara, I Gargouri, W Benzarti, A Knaz, A Abdelghani, S Aissa, A Hayouni, I Mejri, M Kacem, S Mhamdi, S Daboussi, C Aichaouia, Z Moatemri, A Chaachou, R Fsili, H Ben Ghezala, A Ben Jazia, N Brahmi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 9, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Soumaya Ben Saad, Amani Ben Mansour, Azza Slim, Henda Neji, Mahdi Abdenadher, Hafaoua Daghfous, Fatma Tritar
INTRODUCTION: Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening medical emergency. Its occurrence in the hospital environment should lead to the first evocation of a drug allergy or a latex allergy. However, many other etiologies need to be investigated early. We publish this case report to highlight a rare differential diagnosis of drug allergy, namely hypersensitivity caused by Ecchinoccocus granulosis. CLINICAL CASE: An 18-year-old female patient with no previous pathological history, from a rural environment, consulted for a 4-month history of right basi-thoracic pain without any other associated clinical sign...
January 9, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Chadli Dziri, Ibrahim Amara, Mouna Ben Rhouma, Wejden Mnasri, Mamoun Ben Cheikh
INTRODUCTION: In Tunisia, during the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face teaching was replaced by online teaching. AIM: This study aimed to compare three teaching periods: face-to-face teaching in October 2020, screen-based simulation in November 2020 and screen-based simulation in April 2021. METHODS: It was a comparison of the three periods of face-to-face teaching "October 2020" versus online teaching "November 2020" versus "April 2021" online teaching using Chi-square and Fisher Exact test when appropriate for categorical variables and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for quantitative variables...
January 8, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Aymen Noamen, Ahmed Ben Amara, Mokhles Lajmi, Nadhem Hajlaoui, Wafa Fehri
INTRODUCTION: Simulation-based education (SE) in interventional cardiology improves knowledge acquisition and mastery of procedures including the conventional radial access (CRA). AIM: To evaluate the contribution of SE in CRA compared with theoretical learning alone. METHODS: This is a prospective randomized controlled study including cardiology residents and patients with normal radial pulses. Experienced residents as well as patients with contraindications to CRA, requiring urgent intervention, or with hemodynamic instability were not included...
January 7, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Hassnae Benyahia, Abdellah El Benaissi, Louba Bahij, Nadia Merzouk, Anissa Regragui
INTRODUCTION: Various impression techniques are used in the realization of free-end extension partial denture, one of the imperatives is to respect the compressibility and behavior of the tissue during impression making as well as during function. AIM: To evaluate the knowledge and practices of private practitioners regarding secondary impressions made during the management of terminal edentulism with metallic removable partial denture, and to search for possible correlations between prosthetic complaints and non-compliance with the various final impression standards in terms of materials, equipment and techniques...
January 6, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Saliou Saliou, Daméga Wenkourama, Sonia Kanekatoua, Charfoundine Affo, Gnargonna Bawi, Simliwa Dassa Kolou
INTRODUCTION: Addiction to psychoactive substances (PAS) is nowadays a public health problem. In Togo, data on the use of PAS are scattered, and do not give the national scope of the phenomenon. AIM: To describe the epidemiological characteristics of psychoactive substances users (PASU) in Togo. METHOD: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted from January 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2019 among PASU, using the standardized WENDU data collection form...
January 5, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Sana Ameayou, Meriem Ouali, Samira Hassoune, Ahmed Ben Abdelaziz, Ahmed Aziz Bousfiha
INTRODUCTION: Several studies suggest that teaching medicine in the national language is essential for quality training and for communication with patients. AIM AND METHODS: To measure the students' level of understanding of their French language training and skills acquisition, as well as the difficulties they encounter in communicating with patients and their families, and the extent to which they accept medical studies in Arabic, we conducted a descriptive crosssectional study on a random sample of 450 students from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca...
January 4, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
Mohamed Diomandé, Yaya Coulibaly, Jean Jacques Goua, Aboubakar Bamba, Nina Carmelle Kpami You, Edmond Eti
INTRODUCTION: Pott's disease continues to be rife primarily in ivorian's setting. This large-scale study presents the Ivorian experience in the management of this disease. AIM: To determine the epidemiological, clinical, paraclinical, therapeutic and evolutionary profile of Pott's disease in Abidjan and to identify the factors associated with neurological compressions. METHODS: Retrospective and analytical study of 420 files of patients suffering from presumptive or confirmed Pott's disease, hospitalized in the rheumatology department of Cocody University Hospital from January 2010 to December 2019...
January 3, 2023: La Tunisie Médicale
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