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Medicinski Arhiv

Sead Buturovic
INTRODUCTION: Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) is a rare autosomal, dominant hereditary disease, which affects both sexes equally (1-10). FAP accounts for less than 1% of all colon cancers and is estimated to occur in one of 8,300 live births. It is characterized by numerous adenomas scattered throughout mucosa of the colon and rectum. CASE REPORT: The patient is a 62 years old man, admitted at the Surgical Department of the General Hospital in Konjic on May 18 2010 with gastrointestinal problems including: hard stool, often splattered with fresh blood, irregular and that causes the patient a lot of problems...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Emir Hodzic, Majda Brcic, Mirza Atic, Alma Halilcevic, Amila Jasarevic, Mirna Aleckovic-Halilovic, Davor Trojak, Nedima Atic, Snezana Zulic, Zlatan Mehmedovic, Ivana Iveljic
Although kidney transplantation is by far the best method of renal replacement therapy, organ receiver is still not spared of eventual toxic consequences of drugs that are in charge of keeping the transplanted kidney functional. Both calcineurin inhibitors, of which tacrolimus more often, occasionally lead to neurotoxic side effects, mostly mild and reversible and dose-dependent in nature, but they can also be very severe or even fatal. It is very important to be aware of possible neurotoxic effects, to confirm them radiologically, and to prevent or reduce drug effects on nervous system...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Emir Mujanovic, Jacob Bergsland, Sevleta Avdic, Sanja Stanimirovic-Mujanovic, Tamara Kovacevic-Preradovic, Emir Kabil
INTRODUCTION: Left ventricular pseudoaneurysm is a rare condition because in most instances ventricular free-wall rupture leads to fatal pericardial tamponade. Rupture of the free wall of the left ventricle is a catastrophic complication of myocardial infarction, occurring in approximately 4% of patients with infarcts, resulting in immediate collapse of the patient and electromechanical dissociation. In rare cases the rupture is contained by pericardial and fibrous tissue, and the result is a pseudoaneurysm...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Vahid Jusufovic, Emir Cabric, Allen Popovic-Beganovic, Zlatko Musanovic, Jasmin Zvornicanin
A 5 year old boy was presented at Eye clinic University clinical center Tuzla with congenital aniridia in both eyes. Clinical examination revealed visual acuity of 0.08 without correction in right and 0.7 with -5.0 Dsph and -1.0 Dcyl Axx 109 degrees in left eye. Opthalmologic examination showed bilateral aniridia associated with moderate cataract in the right and incipient cataract in the left eye. In the right eye, zonular weakness with incipient capsular displacement and esotropia of delta6 degrees, were noted...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Mümtaz Taner Torun, Fatih Turan, Umit Tuncel
INTRODUCTION: Osteomas are slow- growing, benign tumors. They are the most common neoplasms of the paranasal sinuses. They are usually originates from the frontal and ethmoid sinus and much less frequently seen in the maxillary and sphenoid sinuses. Although the lamina papyracea is a part of ethmoid bone, a giant osteoma originated from the lamina papyracea is very uncommon. An osteoma of the paranasal sinus is usually asymptomatic. Headache, proptosis, epiphora, diplopia, dizziness, facial deformity, face pain and cerebral complications are possible symptoms...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Milka Mavija, Emina Alimanovic, Vesna Jaksic, Sanja Sefic Kasumovic, Sonja Cekic, Miroslav Stamenkovic
INTRODUCTION: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of irreversible serious vision damage in persons over 50 years of age. In treating AMD many medicaments are applied such as inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), have been very carefully included over the last few years after a series of study research. AIMS: To analyze the past methods of treatment, discuss emerging therapies which could advance the treatment of exudative AMD...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Ibrahim Alickovic, Lejla Calkic, Salih Tandir, Suad Sivic
INTRODUCTION: Meningococcal meningitis now represents a significant public health problem, not only in developing countries but also in developed ones. The disease usually occurs sporadically, and much less in smaller epidemics. Material and methods: We retrospectively analyzed the epidemiological characteristics of meningococcal meningitis in the area of Zenica-Doboj Canton in the five-year period from 2008 to 2012th. In total there were 38 reported and hospitalized patients, with an average of 7-8 patients per year...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee, Roya Kelishadi, Hadi Jelokhanian, Sedigheh Asgary, Alireza Ghannadi, Shirinsadat Badri
OBJECTIVE: Childhood obesity is a major public health concern worldwide while the current epidemic may be secondary to over consumption of high-fat, energy-rich foods. Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) has been traditionally used in medicine for several antioxidant and anti-atherogenic activities. In this study the anti-dyslipidemic effects of Poleracea was evaluated in obese adolescents. METHODS: In this triple-blinded randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial which was done from July 2011 to June 2012, obese adolescent patients whom were referred to the Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute (Iran) were randomly allocated to the two arms of cases and controls...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Slobodan Nikolic, Lidija Todorovskal, Vesela Maleska, Beti Dejanova, Ljudmila Efremova, Vujica Zivkovic, Jasmina Pluncevic-Gligoroska
AIM: This study aims to analyze body composition in adult male football players and its changes during adulthood. METHODS: Adult male football players (n = 942, mean age 24.11 +/- 4.69 y), all members of national competitive clubs from Macedonia were included in the study. The absolute and the relative body components were calculated: lean body mass (LBMkg), muscle mass (MMkg; MM%), bone mass (BMkg; BM%) and fat components (FMkg; FM%), using the anthropometric protocol by Matiegka...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Drita Jaka, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
AIM: The information about prisoners' health in transitional countries including Albania is limited. The aim of our study was to assess the health status and its correlates among adult prisoners in Albania, a post-communist country in Southeast Europe. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study conducted in 2013 including 401 prisoners in Albania [290 (72%) males and 111 (28%) females]. All participants were administered an anonymous and structured questionnaire including information on self-perceived health status, health-related problems, lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol intake and drug use) and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics (age, sex, educational attainment and income level)...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Melisa Lelic, Gordana Bogdanovic, Suada Ramic, Elvira Brkicevic
INTRODUCTION: Sideropenic anemia is a common pregnancy disorder. Depending on severity, maternal anemia can significantly influence morphometric characteristic of placental tissue, pregnancy course and outcome. OBJECTIVES: to estimate if maternal anemia a) results with significant placental changes; b) influence on newborn weight, length and vitality. PATIENTS, MATERIAL AND METHODS: Research included 100 women and their newborns, 50 anemic, and 50 women in the control group...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Zoran Bozinovski, Neron Popovski
INTRODUCTION: Knee flexion is one of the main problems of the lower extremities in cerebral palsy patients. Many operative procedures are recommended for contractures of the knee in cerebral palsy patients. We performed simple operation and analyzed the results after operative treatment with nine years follow up. METHOD: 85 patients with spastic cerebral palsy were treated in period 2001-2010. 40 were ambulatory and 45 non ambulatory with ability to stand with support...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Kamber Zeqiraj, Jera Kruja, Serbeze Kabashi, Sefedin Muçaj
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic recurrent neurological disease that affects the Central Nervous System. This study aims to determine epidemiological factors that affect the appearance of MS, such as: incidence, prevalence, mortality, case appearance in accordance with the disease phase RRMS, SPMS, PPMS, gender, age, age group, and EDSS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Deals with analyzing diagnosed and treated patients in the Clinic of Neurology in Prishtina during the period of 2003-2012...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Sahmir Sadic, Svemir Custovic, Mahir Jasarevic, Mirsad Fazlic, Nedim Smajic, Asmir Hrustic, Aleksandar Vujadinovic, Ferid Krupic
INTRODUCTION: Fractures of the proximal femur and hip are relatively common injuries in adults and common source of morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Many methods have been recommended for the treatment of intertrochanteric fractures. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We retrospective analyzed all the patients with fractures of the hip treated with proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) at the Clinic of Orthopedic and Traumatology, University Clinical Centre Tuzla from the first of January 2012 to 31 December 2012 years...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Ante Bilic, Zeljko Glavic, Branimir Vuckovic, Drazen Ursic, Roko Zivkovic, Zlatko Hrgovic
INTRODUCTION: Portal vein in healthy subjects and in patient with chronic diffuse liver disease was investigated by the combination of real-time technique and Doppler impulsive system. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Control group consisted of 99 healthy subjects of median age of 36,8, and with life raging span from 14 to 77 yrs. Experimental group consisted of 55 patients with histologically proved liver disease approximately aged 48,1 yrs. And with life span from 11 to 77 yrs...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Dzelaludin Junuzovic, Lejla Zunic, Melika Dervisefendic, Amira Skopljak, Almir Pasagic, Izet Masic
INTRODUCTION: Antimicrobials are widely used in infectious diseases. Only the timely intervention will contribute to the positive outcome of the disease. Unjustified use of antimicrobial prophylaxis may have adverse effects, i.e., result in bacterial resistance to existing antimicrobials, as well as toxic effects on leukocyte lineage and other parameters of the blood. GOAL: The goal of this study was to confirm that the antimicrobial therapy of urinary, gynecological and respiratory infections has a toxic effect on leukocyte lineage...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Azra Burekovic, Amela Dizdarevic-Bostandzic, Amina Godinjak
INTRODUCTION: Diabetes mellitus, the most frequent endocrinology disease is a predisposing factor for infections. Diabetic patients have 4,4 times greater risk of systemic infection than non diabetics. AIM: a) To determine the prevalence and characteristics of acute infectious diseases in hospitalized diabetics; b) To correlate values of blood glucose levels and HbA1c with acute infections in hospitalized diabetics; c) To identify the etiology of infectious diseases...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Zora Vukobrat-Bijedic, Azra Husic-Selimovic, Lejla Mehinovic, Dzelaludin Junuzovic, Nina Bijedic, Amela Sofic, Ivana Bjelogrlic, Amila Mehmedovic
BACKGROUND: Various complications occur in patients with advanced stages of liver diseases. Renal dysfunction, a parameter included in the MELD score, is the most important prognostic factor. There is a strong need in clinical practice to estimate the GFR in this patients. OBJECTIVES: The aim of our study was to detect differences in renal function among patients with different stages of chronic liver diseases caused by HBV and HCV, also to determine the impact of viral etiology and gender on the values of eGFR and renal function...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Alisa Krdzalic, Zijah Rifatbegovic, Goran Krdzalic, Elmir Jahic, Visnja Nesek Adam, Darko Golic
AIM: The aim of this study was to investigate a relationship between seasonal variation and incidence of type A acute aortic dissection (AAD) and spontaneous abdominal aneurysm rupture (rAAA) in Canton Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 81 cases, 41 AAD and 40 of ruptured AAA were identified from one center over a 6-year, from 2008 till 2013. In 2012 were admitted (45.6% or 36 patients). RESULTS: Seasonal analysis showed that 19(23...
2014: Medicinski Arhiv
Emir Mujanovic, Jacob Bergsland, Mirza Jahic, Samed Djedovic, Adnan Behrem, Sanja Stanimirovic-Mujanovic, Emir Kabil
Jehovah's witnesses (JW) belong to a religious group refusing to accept blood transfusion Surgical treatment remains a challenge in this subset of patients. From 1945, JW introduced a ban on accepting blood transfusions, even in life-threatening situations while autologous blood must also be refused if it is predeposited-thus excluding preoperative autodonation. However, autologous blood is acceptable if it is not separated from the patients' circulation at any time. The invasive nature of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), the associated decrease of body temperature and the use of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) are major reasons for increased blood loss and high incidence for blood transfusions during and after this procedures...
2012: Medicinski Arhiv
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