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Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Liana Spytska
The research relevance is predefined by the fact that, in modern psychology and psychiatry, the concepts of psychopathy and sociopathy are combined and interchanged. These are two concepts that describe different etiologies of the same mental health condition. The research aims to describe in detail the main manifestations and characteristics of personality disorders (psychopathy and sociopathy) in psychiatry and psychology. The research analyzes the main features and manifestations of sociopathy and psychopathy...
January 1, 2024: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Barbara Schildkrout
The field of psychiatry has been limited in its use of patient videos for educational purposes because essential facial information must be obscured to protect patient privacy, confidentiality, and dignity. This article calls attention to emerging technologies for deidentification of patients in video recordings while still preserving facial expression. Fully anonymized videos could be used to augment the education of psychiatric residents and for continuing education of the psychiatric workforce. This article suggests projects that deidentification technology could make possible; it also outlines some complex problems that would need to be addressed before the field could use this potentially transformative technology...
January 1, 2024: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
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January 1, 2024: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Jun Sung Hong, Jungtae Choi, Timothy I Lawrence, Yueqi Yan, Lois M Takahashi, Dexter R Voisin
The present study explores the relationship between bullying victimization and suicidal thoughts among African American adolescents in urban neighborhoods. The study, which was guided by the general strain theory, proposed and tested potential pathways that link bullying victimization with suicidal thoughts through the mediators including emotional distress, low future orientation, hopelessness, and drug use. The study sample included 414 African American adolescents who were between ages 12 and 22 years and residing in low-income Chicago's South Side neighborhoods...
December 19, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Mehmet Baltacioglu
We aimed to examine the psychological reactions of healthcare professionals working in the field of mental health during the pandemic and their relationship with sleep quality, eating attitudes, and burnout. A cross-sectional survey was conducted over online platforms. A total of 128 mental health workers were included. Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, Maslach Burnout Inventory, Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index, and Eating Attitudes Test were administered. Depression was detected in 38.3%, anxiety in 73...
December 18, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Wei Lin Toh, Neil Thomas, Susan Lee Rossell
Nonauditory hallucinations in psychosis have not received as much attention relative to voice-hearing experiences. The current paper aimed to document the characteristics of these hallucinations in affective and nonaffective psychosis. Participants were selected from a primary voice-hearing sample, who had endorsed visual, tactile, or olfactory hallucinations (N = 55-75). A comprehensive, semistructured phenomenological interview was conducted, followed by mixed methods analysis. Visual hallucinations typically occurred daily, for a few minutes per episode, within one's direct line of sight; persons and/or animals were most commonly seen, with low controllability and mostly engendered negative affective outcomes...
December 12, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Nazife Gamze Usta Sağlam, Engin Emrem Beştepe, İlke Sertler, Samet Kurnaz, Batuhan Ayık, Cana Aksoy Poyraz
The purpose of the study was to explore the association among chronotype, seasonality, sleep quality, and night eating syndrome (NES) among patients with bipolar disorder (BD) and the mediating role of sleep quality in this relationship. Ninety-two individuals with BD type 1 who had been euthymic for at least 8 weeks and 87 healthy controls were included. In addition to sociodemographic/clinical data, chronotype, seasonality, sleep quality, and NES were evaluated using the Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ), Seasonal Pattern Assessment Questionnaire, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and Night Eating Questionnaire...
December 12, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Robert P Lennon, Jessica Parascando, Simon G Talbot, Shouhao Zhou, Emily Wasserman, Sneha Mantri, Philip G Day, Ryan Liu, Makayla Lagerman, Annette Appiah, David Rabago, Wendy Dean
COVID-19 has led to marked increases in healthcare worker distress. Studies of these phenomena are often limited to a particular element of distress or a specific subset of healthcare workers. We administered the Moral Injury Symptom Scale for Healthcare Professionals, Copenhagen Burnout Inventory, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 via online survey to 17,000 employees of a large academic medical center between December 2021 and February 2022. A total of 1945 participants completed the survey...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Takahiko Nagamine
The pandemic of coronavirus infection 2019 (COVID-19) is stressing people's daily lives and making them more susceptible to various mental illnesses. Depression and suicide attempt as well as, strangely enough, manic patients are on the rise. The main complication of COVID-19 infection is ischemic stroke. Multiple lacunar infarcts in the white matter of the right middle cerebral artery region induce an imbalance of blood flow in the left and right cerebral cortex and risk causing mania. The increase in mania during the COVID-19 must be considered not only a primary increase due to stress but also poststroke mania secondary to COVID-19 infection...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Gaku Hayasaki, Takeshi Terao, Hirofumi Hirakawa, Masaaki Muronaga, Kentaro Kohno
Herein, we present a case of a female patient with a persistent sore throat, which preceded a hypochondriacal delusion of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. Both the sore throat and hypochondriacal delusion persisted together, despite the repeatedly negative results of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for SARS-CoV-2 and a moderate improvement in her depression. Four possibilities for the patient's sore throat were discussed: pain symptoms of somatic symptom disorder, pain symptoms of depression, delusion of pain in her throat, and somatic hallucination as a sore throat...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Ozlem Olguner Eker, Murat Gultekin, Saliha Demirel Ozsoy
Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) is an extremely rare disorder characterized by the appearance of speech changes that are perceived by the speaker and listeners as an acquired foreign accent. It still remains a poorly understood condition. Three main types of FAS have been reported in the medical literature as neurogenic, psychogenic, and mixed type. Psychogenic FAS includes all cases of FAS in which an organic cause has not been identified and a clear psychological factor has been identified after careful clinical, neurological, and neuroradiological examination...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Chak Fai Ma, Wai Tong Chien, Hao Luo, Daniel Bressington, Eric Yu Hai Chen, Sherry Kit Wa Chan
In Hong Kong, two infectious disease outbreaks occurred in 2003 (SARS) and 2020 (COVID-19), and a large-scale social unrest happened in 2019. These were stressful societal events that influenced the mental well-being of the public. We aimed to explore the impact of these events on psychiatric admissions in Hong Kong. Socioeconomic and population-based psychiatric hospital admission data were retrieved from the government and Hospital Authority. Negative binomial time-series regression analysis was applied and we found overall significant reductions of psychiatric admissions during both the SARS and COVID-19 periods (-7...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Mary F Brunette, Matthew D Erlich, Matthew L Edwards, David A Adler, Jeffrey Berlant, Lisa Dixon, Michael B First, David W Oslin, Samuel G Siris, Rachel M Talley
Recent surveys show rising numbers of young people who report anxiety and depression. Although much attention has focused on mental health of adolescent youth, less attention has been paid to young people as they transition into adulthood. Multiple factors may have contributed to this steady increase: greater exposure to social media, information, and distressing news via personal electronic devices; increased concerns regarding social determinants of health and climate change; and changing social norms due to increased mental health literacy and reduced stigma...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Lihua Yan, Jiahuan Li, Pingzhen Lin, Jiwei Sun
This study aimed to explore coping strategy profiles used by frontline medical workers and the psychological stress reactions associated with each category, in the COVID-19 pandemic context. Participants were 651 frontline medical workers recruited between February and March 2020. Psychological stress reactions (e.g., anxiety, depression) and coping strategies were assessed and analyzed using latent profile analysis and linear regression. Participants had three coping strategy profiles: coping inadequately (28...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Gisela Roxana Edith Lisi, Francisco Appiani, María Eugenia Basile, Marcelo Garro, Juan Manuel Duarte
In December 2019, a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 was discovered in patients with pneumonia of unknown cause. Although respiratory symptoms mainly characterize infection by this virus, neuropsychiatric manifestations of the disease are becoming more and more frequent. Among them, the appearance of psychotic outbreaks in patients experiencing the infection or after a short time after it has resolved is remarkable. This narrative review aims to describe the possible relationship between SARS-CoV-2 and the onset of psychosis by developing the neurotropic capacities of the virus and analyzing the neurobiology of psychoses...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Paulo M G Sales, Melissa J Greenfield, Aaron Pinkhasov, Ramaswamy Viswanathan, Ramotse Saunders, Damir Huremović
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an acute infection caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in its multiple variants that classically presents with cough, fatigue, fever, headache, myalgias, and diarrhea. As vaccination becomes widely available and infection rates facilitate herd immunity across the globe, more attention has been given to long-term symptoms that may persist after the index infection, which include impairments in concentration, executive dysfunction, sensory disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and cough, among other symptoms classified under the umbrella term of postacute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC)...
December 1, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Ilknur Ucuz, Ayla Uzun Cicek, Merve Komurcu Celik, Mustafa Akan, Esma Kesriklioglu, Serdal Gungor, Ozlem Ozel Ozcan
The purpose of this study was to evaluate emotion dysregulation and temperament-character traits in adolescents with functional neurological symptom disorder (FNSD). Forty adolescents with FNSD and 40 healthy adolescents were evaluated by a semiconstructed diagnosis interview, Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS), Regulation of Emotions Questionnaire (REQ), and Children's Somatization Inventory-24 (CSI-24). The external and internal dysfunctional emotion regulation scores of REQ, all subscales of DERS, except the awareness subscale, and CSI-24 scores were significantly higher in FNSD patients compared with healthy controls...
November 30, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Jiang Long, Yueheng Liu, Yingying Wang, Aurore Pottié, Aurélien Cornil, Jory Deleuze, Qiuxia Wu, Shubao Chen, Yuejiao Ma, Qianjin Wang, Yuzhu Hao, Jing Lu, Ilinca-Gabriela Radu, Tieqiao Liu, Joël Billieux
Problematic smartphone use (PSU) is frequently considered a public health issue, especially in East Asia and Europe. Yet, there is a paucity of research focusing on cultural and familial determinants of PSU. This cross-cultural study aimed to investigate smartphone usage patterns and possible mediating effects of perceived family support (PFS) from a stress-coping perspective. Convenience samples of 790 Chinese and 439 Belgian undergraduates completed an online survey that focused on sociodemographics and psychological variables (i...
November 27, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Lillian A Hammer, Cassi R Springfield, Caitlan A Tighe, Sophia Oswalt, Kelsey A Bonfils
Poor sleep quality has been tied to worse social cognition. Social cognitive deficits have been noted in those with high schizotypy. Yet, no study has assessed whether schizotypy moderates the relationship between sleep quality and social cognition, which may be vital to our understanding of contributors to social functioning. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of associations of sleep quality and social cognition, with potential moderation by schizotypy. Participants (n = 906) completed self-report measures of schizotypy, sleep quality, and social cognition...
November 14, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Thomas Wojciechowski
Recent research has indicated that deviant peers may play a role in cognitive development. This is particularly the case for the dual systems model, a key framework for understanding engagement in antisocial behavior during adolescence and emerging adulthood. However, limited research has examined how preexisting mental health concerns may moderate these relationships. This study used the Pathways to Desistance data to examine attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a moderator of the relationships between deviant peer association and dual systems model constructs...
November 13, 2023: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
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