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Journal of International Medical Research

Chen Yang, Xiulan Han, Jie Wang, Zheng Yuan, Tao Wang, Mingdong Zhao, Guowei Han
OBJECTIVE: To compare medium-term clinical and radiological outcomes of primary unilateral uncemented (UN) or cemented (CE) femoral component total hip arthroplasty (THA) in elderly patients with osteoporosis. METHODS: Consecutive patients with osteoporosis who underwent primary unilateral UN or CE THAs at our institution from 2006 to 2013 were retrospectively reviewed. All consecutive procedures were managed by high-volume surgeons, using UN or CE THA approaches...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Satheesh B Haralur, Muhammad Irfan Majeed, Saurabh Chaturvedi, Nasser M Alqahtani, Mohammed Alfarsi
OBJECTIVES: Evaluation of dynamic occlusal parameters can help dentists to understand the association of occlusion with the preferred chewing side (PCS) and enable optimal restoration of masticatory efficiency. This study evaluated the association between PCS and dynamic occlusal parameters. METHODS: One hundred participants (50 each, right and left PCS) were included in this study. PCS was determined by the visual spot-checking method, and occlusal analysis was conducted by T Scan...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Sébastien Delhasse, Ines Debove, Gabriella Arnold-Kunz, Joseph-André Ghika, Joelle Nsimire Chabwine
Graves' disease (GD) is an autoimmune pathology characterized by hyperthyroidism and the presence of specific anti-thyroid antibodies. Neurological symptoms such as seizures, cognitive impairment, and tremor can be observed during the course of GD, but more complex movement disorders such as chorea and myoclonus are less frequent. The mechanisms underlying movement disorders in GD are not fully understood. While some authors relate movement disorders to thyroid dysfunction, others claim an autoimmune origin...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Bingjin Wang, Weifang Liu, Xianlin Zeng
This report describes a case of idiopathic cervical spinal subdural haematoma (SSDH) in which the haematoma was spontaneously absorbed without any treatment. A 68-year-old male patient presented with persistent neck pain and no obvious cause. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a space-occupying lesion at the C4-T1 levels. The lesion was initially misdiagnosed as a tumour. An operation was arranged to remove the tumour, but a preoperative computed tomography scan showed no obvious abnormal soft tissue density in the cervical spinal canal...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Xianjun Huang, Mei Wan, Qian Yang, Xianhui Ding, Zhiming Zhou
OBJECTIVE: The stromal cell-derived factor-1α/cysteine-X-cysteine chemokine receptor 4 (SDF-1α/CXCR4) axis promotes neuroprotection and angiogenesis in animal studies. Few studies have investigated the potential clinical implications of the SDF-1α/CXCR4 axis in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS). We evaluated the prognostic values of the SDF-1α/CXCR4 axis in patients with proximal middle cerebral artery occlusion. METHODS: Fifty-five patients and 18 age- and sex-matched volunteers were enrolled...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Wang Haochen, Wang Jian, Song Li, Lv Tianshi, Tong Xiaoqiang, Zou Yinghua
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine if superselective renal artery embolization is a safe and effective method of treating bleeding complications after percutaneous renal biopsy. METHODS: From January 2006 to December 2017, 43 patients (22 men and 21 women, mean age: 44.5 ± 14.0 years) underwent angiography for post-biopsy bleeding complications following percutaneous biopsy. Patients underwent angiography and superselective artery embolization. We recorded serum creatinine and hemoglobin values to assess the effect of embolization...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Jing Lin, Wenbiao Xian, Rong Lai, Jiaoxing Li, Yufang Wang, Xunsha Sun, Wenli Sheng
Large artery atherosclerosis and cardioembolism are the two major subtypes of ischemic stroke. We herein describe a 75-year-old man with acute complete cerebral infarction in the typical territories of the bilateral anterior cerebral artery (ACA) and left middle cerebral artery. Brain magnetic resonance angiography showed that the right A1 segment of the ACA was affected by severe arteriosclerosis and that the right ACA other than the A1 segment was compensated by the left ACA through the anterior communicating artery...
February 14, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Li-Qu Huang, Jun Wang, Zheng Ge, Geng Ma, Ru-Gang Lu, Yong-Ji Deng, Song-Ming Huang, Yun-Fei Guo
OBJECTIVE: Transverse island pedicle flap (TIPF) plus transected urethral plate-preserving urethroplasty is increasingly used for treatment of severe hypospadias. We aimed to reduce the occurrence of urethral strictures in patients undergoing such procedures. METHODS: Sixty-five patients with severe hypospadias were enrolled. Thirty-two patients underwent onlay-tube-onlay urethroplasty (Group A), and 33 patients underwent modified Duplay urethroplasty (Group B)...
February 12, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Hua-Zhu Wang, Jian-Yong Zhao, Zhi-Sheng Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of a novel dynamic distraction external fixator for proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ) fracture-dislocation. METHODS: From March 2005 to March 2014, 20 patients with PIPJ fracture-dislocation were treated with our technique. Function scores according to the Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire (MHQ) score, union time, grip strength, and range of motion (ROM) were recorded before and after treatment. RESULTS: All patients completed a mean follow-up of 22 months (range, 12-60 months)...
February 12, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Cheng Sun, Bo Lv, Wei Zheng, Linhui Hu, Xin Ouyang, Bei Hu, Yanlin Zhang, Hao Wang, Heng Ye, Xiunong Zhang, Huilan Lan, Lifang Chen, Chunbo Chen
OBJECTIVE: This study sought to quantify the learning curve for the blind bedside postpyloric placement of a spiral tube in critically ill patients. METHODS: We retrospectively analysed 127 consecutive experiences of three intensivists who performed comparable procedures of blind bedside postpyloric placement of a spiral tube subsequent to failed self-propelled transpyloric migration in a multicentre study. Each intensivist's cases were divided chronologically into two groups for analysis...
February 12, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Xiaojing Ma, Xi Zeng, Yang Wu, Li Dong, Zhengchun Yu, Jing Li, Jun He, Yafeng He
Blood cysts of the mitral valve are rare in adults. These blood cysts are often asymptomatic. Blood cysts resulting in severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction leading to syncope have not been previously report. We report an adult who developed frequent syncope due to mitral valve blood cysts occluding the aortic orifice. This condition was detected by transthoracic and contrast echocardiography. The blood cysts were successfully removed. A pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of blood cysts...
February 12, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Ji-Bing Du, Wei Zhang, Na Li, Hua Jiang, Yin Liu, Jing Gao, Shu-Tao Chen, Hong-Liang Cong, Yi-Liang Wei
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the association between the 5A/6A promoter polymorphism in the matrix metalloproteinase 3 ( MMP3) gene and in-stent restenosis (ISR) in a regional Chinese population. METHODS: A total of 818 patients who underwent primary implantation of drug-eluting stents were enrolled and received a 6-month follow-up angiography and DNA genotyping of the 5A/6A polymorphism. RESULTS: ISR was found in 36.9% of all patients (302 ISR vs...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Xinxin Zhang, Shuangwei Zou, Baohui Gao, Wanglei Qu
A uterine tumor resembling an ovarian sex cord tumor (UTROSCT) is a rare type of neoplasm that is almost thoroughly differentiated towards ovarian sex cord elements. Because of abnormal uterine bleeding, a 64-year-old postmenopausal woman received total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Under a microscope, the tumor cells showed an anastomosing fascicular and trabecular pattern with a reticular architecture. Immunohistochemistry showed that the tumor cells were positive for calretinin, Wilm's tumor-1, and vimentin...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Fabrizia Caminiti, Rosella Ciurleo, Simona De Salvo, Francesco Galletti, Placido Bramanti, Silvia Marino
Hydrocephalus is one of the lesser known causes of central olfactory loss. The pathogenesis of hydrocephalus involves the olfactory bulbs or tracts, and more rarely, other frontotemporal cortical regions. We describe a case of olfactory dysfunction in a macrocephalic 63-year-old female patient with arrested hydrocephalus. Her olfactory function was assessed by using the Sniffin' Sticks test, olfactory event-related potentials (OERPs), and 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An OERP examination suggested partial impairment of the central olfactory pathways and central parietal regions where OERP amplitude is maximal...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Mengquan Huang, Yubiao Li, Naiming Guo, Chunlai Liao, Bin Yu
OBJECTIVES: This study was performed to compare the intercondylar notch angle (INA) and tibial slope in patients with and without anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and determine the risk factors and influence of these anatomic variations on ACL injury. METHODS: Participants with and without non-contact ACL injuries were included in the patient and control groups, respectively. The INA (formed by the femoral axis and Blumensaat line), lateral tibial slope (LTS), and medial tibial slope (MTS) were measured on magnetic resonance images...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Guanhua Li, Yu Zhang, Hongmin Ma
Vulvar fibroadenoma is an ectopic mammary-like fibroepithelial tumor of undetermined pathogenesis. Surgery is usually the primary option of treatment for this condition. Recurrent vulvar fibroadenoma is a rare clinical condition, and it has therapeutic challenges for surgeons and pathologists. Three cases of recurrent vulvar fibroadenoma were reviewed and studied (at 25, 39, and 18 years old for each case). We summarize and report our clinical experience on recurrent vulvar fibroadenoma. All patients were surgically managed with a satisfactory outcome and were followed up for at least 6 months...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Beatriz Del Rey Hurtado de Mendoza, Carla Balcells Esponera, Montserrat Izquierdo Renau, Isabel Iglesias Platas
OBJECTIVES: Thrombocytosis is more prevalent in pediatric than in adult patients and is associated with complications or worsened outcomes after vascular events. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of thrombocytosis in very preterm infants who had not received human recombinant erythropoietin treatment (rHuEPO) and its relationship with other hematological parameters and clinical complications. METHODS: We performed a retrospective study of hematological and clinical data of very preterm infants who were admitted to our unit in their first 48 hours of life and stayed for longer than 1 week...
February 8, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Huasong Lu, Nengyong Zeng, Quanfang Chen, Yanbin Wu, Shuanqi Cai, Gengshen Li, Fei Li, Jinliang Kong
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between serum high mobility group box-1 protein (HMGB-1) levels and prognosis in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). METHODS: This prospective study included 35 patients who attended our hospital from January 2016 to December 2016. Pneumonia severity was defined by pneumonia severity index (PSI). Serum levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), cortisol, and HMGB-1 were analyzed in relation to disease severity and clinical outcome...
February 7, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Rui Zhang, Xiangbin Chen, Dong Wang, Xuan Chen, Chao Wang, Yuhong Zhang, Mengnan Xu, Jingcui Yu
OBJECTIVE: High-throughput sequencing based on copy number variation (CNV-seq) is commonly used to detect chromosomal abnormalities including aneuploidy. This study provides evidence for the prevalence of chromosomal abnormalities in target populations. METHODS: A total of 160 samples, including 83 high-risk pregnancies, 37 spontaneous abortions, and 40 suspected genetic disorders, were analyzed by CNV-seq. Relationships between the incidence of these chromosomal abnormalities and risk factors (e...
February 7, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
Chao Liu, Bing Wu, Yue Guo, Kai Song, Xiangyu Tang, Jun Fu, Xuesong Zhang, Guoquan Zheng, Yan Wang
OBJECTIVE: This study was performed to investigate the correlation between pulmonary dysfunction patterns and diaphragmatic sagittal rotation in patients with ankylosing spondylitis accompanied by kyphosis. METHODS: Thirty patients (27 male, 3 female) with kyphotic deformity secondary to ankylosing spondylitis underwent pedicle subtraction osteotomy and were retrospectively reviewed. All patients had undergone preoperative computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction, full-length spine radiographs, and pulmonary function tests...
February 7, 2019: Journal of International Medical Research
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