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Archives of Oral Biology

Ramiro Javier Rincón-Rodríguez, Monica Tatiana Parada-Sanchez, Claudia María Bedoya-Correa, David Arboleda-Toro
OBJECTIVE: To determine the genetic diversity of Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) serotype c isolated from white spot and cavitated caries lesions of schoolchildren. METHODS: S. mutans isolates were obtained and identify by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) from 28 schoolchildren. A total of 92 S. mutans isolates, identified as serotype c by PCR, were analyzed by pulsed field gel electrophoresis after digestion of genomic DNA with SmaI enzyme. 62 isolates were obtained from white spot and cavitated caries lesions of schoolchildren that presented both lesions simultaneously and 30 isolates were from saliva and biofilm samples of schoolchildren without dental caries...
February 8, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Atsara Rawangwong, Suthankamon Khrongyut, Surang Chomphoo, Kohtaro Konno, Miwako Yamasaki, Masahiko Watanabe, Hisatake Kondo, Wiphawi Hipkaeo
We hypothesize variation in expression and localization, along the course of the glandular tubule, of muscarinic cholinergic receptor M1 which plays as a distinct contribution, though minor in comparison with M3 receptor, in saliva secretion. Localization of the M1 receptor was examined using immunohistochemistry in three major salivary glands. Although all glandular cells were more or less M1 -immunoreactive, acinar cells were weakly immunoreactive, while ductal cells exhibited substantial M1 -immunoreactivity...
February 4, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Qian Li, Gaofeng Han, Dawei Liu, Yanheng Zhou
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to investigate the responsiveness of transcription factor TEA domain family member 1 (TEAD1) to mechanical force and its impact on osteoclastogenesis as well as expression of Osteoprotegerin (OPG), an inhibitor for osteoclastogenesis playing crucial roles in mechanical stress-induced bone remodeling and orthodontic tooth movement (OTM). METHODS: We first analyzed the correlation between several transcription factors and OPG expression in human periodontal ligament cells (PDLCs)...
January 31, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Dimitrios Michelogiannakis, Deema Al-Shammery, Zohaib Akram, P Emile Rossouw, Fawad Javed, Georgios E Romanos
OBJECTIVE: The aim was to assess the influence of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on orthodontically-induced inflammatory root resorption (OIIRR). METHODS: A systematic search was conducted in indexed databases following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines. The eligibility criteria were as follows: (a) original clinical and animal/experimental studies; (b) prospective studies; (c) intervention: effect of LLLT on OIIRR; (d) control group (OIIRR without LLLT); (e) statistical analysis; and (f) tomographic or histologic assessment of OIIRR...
January 30, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Xu-Zhao Li, Shuai-Nan Zhang, Xu-Yan Yang
OBJECTIVE: Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory mucosal lesion and systemic disease. In OLP, reticular type is the most common presentation of the disease. However, little is known about it. The aim of this study was to analyze the pathogenesis of reticular OLP and its possible associations with the pathological changes in other organ systems through serum-based metabolomics. METHODS: Blood samples were obtained from 16 reticular OLP patients and 24 control subjects...
January 30, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Pablo Ramos-García, Miguel Ángel González-Moles, Lucía González-Ruiz, Ángela Ayén, Isabel Ruiz-Ávila, Manuel Bravo, José Antonio Gil-Montoya
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association of cyclin D1 overexpression with clinicopathological parameters classically considered of prognostic value in OSCC (T, N, M, clinical stage, degree of differentiation, invasive morphology and, cellular proliferation index). DESIGN: A retrospective immunohistochemical study was conducted of cyclin D1 and ki-67 expression in 68 OSCCs from 54 patients. Cases were scanned using a digital pathology system. The tumor expression of markers was assessed in four randomly selected fields (40x), and a semi-automatized count was conducted of cyclin D1-positive and -negative cells...
January 30, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Boyu Tang, Tao Gong, Xuedong Zhou, Miao Lu, Jumei Zeng, Xian Peng, Shida Wang, Yuqing Li
OBJECTIVE: The goal of this study was to analyze the impact of cas3 gene on the biofilm formation and virulence gene expression in S. mutans, since our previous studies have found a connection between CRISPR/Cas systems and biofilm formation in S. mutans. METHODS: The cas3 gene in-frame deletion strains of S. mutans UA159 was constructed by a two-step transformation procedure and the cas3 mutant strain was complemented in trans. The biofilm biomass was measured by crystal violet staining, and the synthesis of exopolysaccharides (EPS) was measured by the anthrone-sulfuric method...
January 29, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Susanne Schulz, Martin Porsch, Ivo Grosse, Katrin Hoffmann, Hans-Günter Schaller, Stefan Reichert
OBJECTIVE: The primary objectives of the study were to assess differences in complex subgingival bacterial composition between periodontitis-free persons and patients with generalized aggressive periodontitis (gAgP). BACKGROUND: The composition of the oral microbiota plays an important role for both oral and systemic diseases. However, the complex nature of the oral microbiome and its homeostasis is still poorly understood. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We compared the microbiome of 13 periodontitis-free persons to 13 patients with gAgP...
January 28, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Jianru Yi, Li Mei, Xue Li, Wei Zheng, Yu Li, Zhihe Zhao
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of continuous parathyroid hormone (cPTH) and intermittent parathyroid hormone (iPTH) on bone formation and bone resorption in midpalatal suture during maxillary expansion. METHODS: Forty-eight male SD rats were randomly divided into four groups (n = 12 each), including the control, the expansion (E), the E + cPTH, and the E + iPTH. A thermosensitive controlled-release hydrogel was synthesized for cPTH administration...
January 25, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Bin Ge, Hongrui Liu, Qianyu Liang, Lingling Shang, Ting Wang, Shaohua Ge
OBJECTIVE: To explore the effect of oxytocin (OT) on the proliferation, migration, and osteogenic differentiation of periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) in vitro. DESIGN: PDLSCs were obtained by limiting dilution method. Immunofluorescence (IF), cell-counting kit-8 (CCK8), cell migration assay, Alizarin Red S staining, cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) colorimetry, quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR), and western blot analysis were used to examine the effect of OT on oxytocin receptor (OTR) expression, cell proliferation, migration and osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs...
January 19, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Thanaphum Osathanon, Jeeranan Manokawinchoke, Noppadol Sa-Ard-Iam, Rangsini Mahanonda, Prasit Pavasant, Jaijam Suwanwela
OBJECTIVES: The present study aimed to investigate the expression of Notch signaling components during osteogenic differentiation in vitro and bone healing in vivo. In addition, the influence of Notch signaling on osteogenic differentiation of human bone-derived cells was examined. METHODS: Gene expression profiling of osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in vitro (GSE80614) and bone healing period of murine tibial fracture in vivo (GSE99388) was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus database...
January 18, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Vilmara Rocha Mendes da Silva, Ítallo Emídio Lira Viana, Raquel Marianna Lopes, Denise Maria Zezell, Taís Scaramucci, Ana Cecília Corrêa Aranha
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of Er,Cr:YSGG laser associated or not with acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) on the control of enamel erosion progression. DESIGN: Enamel slabs (4 mm × 4 mm × 2 mm) from bovine incisors were flattened, polished, and received a tape on their test surfaces, leaving a 4 mm × 1 mm area exposed. Specimens were eroded (10 min in 1% citric acid solution) and randomly assigned into 8 experimental groups (n = 10): Control (no treatment); F (APF gel, 1...
January 17, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Christian Morsczeck
OBJECTIVE: This short review summarizes our current knowledge about dental stem cell aging and about possible targets for the regulation of cellular senescence. DESIGN: A literature search was performed using a combination of keywords, e.g., stem cells, replicative senescence, differentiation potential, dental pulp, dental follicle and periodontal ligament. RESULTS: Previous studies have shown that cellular senescence occurs while the proliferation of dental stem cells...
January 17, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Farhan Shah, Per Stål, Jian Li, Barry J Sessle, Limor Avivi-Arber
OBJECTIVE: to determine if tooth loss and dental implant placement in rats induce changes in the morphological and histochemical features of the Anterior Digastric muscle. DESIGN: Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats had their right maxillary molar teeth extracted. 'Extraction-1' and 'Extraction-2 groups were sacrificed, respectively, 4 or 8 weeks later, and an Implant group had an implant placement 2 weeks after the molar extraction, and rats were sacrificed 3 weeks later (n = 4/group)...
January 16, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Yago Leira, Ramón Iglesias-Rey, Noemí Gómez-Lado, Pablo Aguiar, Francisco Campos, Francesco D'Aiuto, José Castillo, Juan Blanco, Tomás Sobrino
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this investigation was to determine the circulating levels of amyloid beta (Aβ) peptides using the Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) lipopolysaccharide (LPS) model to induce periodontitis. METHODS: Experimental periodontitis was induced in 6 male Sprague-Dawley rats. Alveolar bone loss was measure by micro computed tomography. Serum concentrations of Aβ1-40 and Aβ1-42 prior to periodontal induction, at 24 h, 7, 14, and 21 days the last injection of Pg-LPS...
January 16, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Hyunjin Kim, Seok-Seong Kang
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the antifungal activities of cell-free supernatants of a probiotic strain, Pediococcus acidilactici HW01, against Candida albicans. DESIGN: C. albicans was cultured in the presence of different concentration of cell-free supernatants obtained from P. acidilactici HW01 (HW01 CFS) and the growth of C. albicans was determined. C. albicans was incubated with HW01 CFS for 24 h and the biofilm formation of C. albicans was determined by staining crystal violet and by using a scanning electron microscope...
January 11, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Pitsapaporn Wangpermtam, Songsak Petmitr, Phaibul Punyarit, Boworn Klongnoi, Sirima Sanguansin
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine mitochondrial mRNA expression levels and the relationships between these expression levels and various adverse clinicopathological characteristics. METHODS: The mRNA expression levels of all 12 genes encoded protein, located on the heavy-strand of mitochondrial DNA including cytochrome b, NADH1, NADH2, NADH3, NADH4, NADH4L, NADH5, ATPase6, ATPase8, cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1, cytochrome c oxidase subunit 2, cytochrome c oxidase subunit 3 were analyzed in 30 head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and the corresponding normal tissues using reverse transcriptase quantitative real time PCR...
January 10, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Iwona Gregorczyk-Maga, Marek Kaszuba, Marta Olszewska, Sabina Lichołai, Teresa Iwaniec, Dorota Kościelniak, Wirginia Krzyściak, Anna Jurczak
OBJECTIVE: External inflammatory root resorption (EIRR) is a common complication of traumatic dental injury (TDI) that can be detected radiologically. During EIRR, various proteins are released into gingival sulcus fluid (GCF). The aim of the study was to monitor the levels of selected proteins in GCF in children (8-16 years of age) in order to assess their utility in the early diagnosis of EIRR. DESIGN: Twenty five children who experienced TDI to permanent incisors with ended root development were enrolled...
January 7, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Isaac O Pérez-Martínez, Casandra R Acevedo-Roque, Claudia D Montes-Angeles, Mariana Martínez, Florencio Miranda
OBJECTIVE: Dental treatment and orofacial surgeries may induce chronic neuropathic orofacial pain (CNOP). This kind of pain affects adaptability to environmental changes in both model animals and humans. Part of the adaptation process depends on the ability to distinguish between familiar and novel stimuli. CNOP induces novelty seeking behaviour as a deficit in environmental adaptation. Alternatively, novelty seeking is a sign for susceptibility to the development of substance abuse. Evidence shows that CNOP leads to alcoholism in animal models...
January 7, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Simple Mohanta, Samanta Sekhar Khora, Amritha Suresh
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to identify the cancer stem cell specific biomarkers that can be effective candidate prognosticators of oral squamous cell carcinoma. DESIGN: Microarray-based meta-analysis derived transcriptional profile of head and neck cancers was compared with the Cancer Stem Cell database to arrive at a subset of markers. This subset was further co-related with clinico-pathological parameters, recurrence and survival of oral cancer patients (n = 313) in The Cancer Genome Atlas database and in oral cancer (n = 28) patients...
January 4, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
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