Matteo Carella, Vittorio Stefoni, Cinzia Pellegrini, Lisa Argnani, Michele Cavo, Pier Luigi Zinzani
BACKGROUND: Follicular lymphoma (FL) is characterized by frequent relapses and need for multitude lines of therapy, which includes different immunochemotherapy regimens, novel monoclonal antibodies, novel drugs, and autologous or allogenic stem cell transplant. Early use of autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) improves prognosis in patients with FL who may be candidates for an aggressive approach. CASE PRESENTATION: We report the case of a 49-year-old woman with thrombophilia with relapsed/refractory grade 3A FL, heavily pretreated, who achieved third complete remission after high-dose chemotherapy and ASCT, despite experiencing life-threatening adverse events during her treatment history...
May 22, 2020: Tumori
Federica Grosso, Stefania Crivellari, Marinella Bertolotti, Michela Lia, Antonina De Angelis, Antonella Cassinari, Carmela Riccio, Pier Luigi Piovano, Mauro Cappelletti, Antonio Maconi
INTRODUCTION: Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) can help clinicians better evaluate chemotherapy and immunotherapy toxicity based on patient perspectives. In this exploratory study, we tested a simplified PRO questionnaire (sPQ) in routine clinical practice and patient satisfaction with this tool. METHODS: We included 16 items related to the main toxicities of chemotherapy and immunotherapy to be filled in by patients. A baseline sPQ was completed by patients before starting treatment and then in the interval between courses for a total of 4 sPQs...
May 20, 2020: Tumori
Luca Boldrini, Giuseppe F Colloca, Emanuele Villani, Giuditta Chiloiro, Andrea Bellieni, Stefania Manfrida, Francesco Cellini, Maria Antonietta Gambacorta, Vincenzo Valentini
BACKGROUND: Elderly patients are often excluded from advanced treatments owing to clinical complexity or frailty. Magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy (MRgRT) represents a new frontier of radiotherapy delivery that can play an important role in the management of these patients. AIM: To assess MRgRT feasibility in elderly patients, describe their compliance with this treatment, and provide a scoring system for elderly patient selection. METHODS: Patients aged >75 years were enrolled...
May 15, 2020: Tumori
Cigdem Kiliç, Dilek Yuksel, Caner Cakir, Osman Turkmen, Gunsu Kimyon Comert, Derman Başaran, Taner Turan
BACKGROUND: Primary cervical leiomyosarcomas (CLMS) constitute 21% of all cervical sarcomas. Because of their rarity, to our knowledge, fewer than 40 cases have been reported. The aim of this study is to evaluate the clinical and surgical-pathological features, prognosis, treatment options, and survival of primary CLMS. METHODS: A systematic review of the medical literature was conducted to evaluate articles about primary CLMS. The literature was searched between 1959 and May 2019...
May 13, 2020: Tumori
Sinem Yalcintepe, Hakan Gurkan, Selma Demir, Hilmi Tozkir, Huseyin Ahmet Tezel, Emine Ikbal Atli, Engin Atli, Damla Eker, Irfan Cicin
BACKGROUND: Recent advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology have enabled multigene testing and changed the diagnostic approach to hereditary gastrointestinal cancer/polyposis syndromes. The aim of this study was to analyze different cancer predisposition genes in hereditary/sporadic gastrointestinal cancer/polyposis. METHODS: Cancer predisposition genes were analyzed with an Illumina MiSeq NGS system in 80 patients with gastrointestinal cancer/polyposis who were examined between the years 2016 and 2019...
May 11, 2020: Tumori
Hua-Fei Chen, Li-Xin Wu, Xiao-Feng Li, You-Cai Zhu, Wei-Wei Pan, Wen-Xian Wang, Chun-Wei Xu, Jian-Hui Huang, Min-Hua Wu, Kai-Qi Du
BACKGROUND: The immune checkpoint ligand, programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1), is expressed in various tumors and associated with response to drugs that target programmed cell death protein 1. Previous studies have estimated the level of PD-L1 expression among different stages of thymoma and thymic carcinoma to evaluate its potential use as a diagnostic factor; however, its varying expression level has been problematic. We conducted this meta-analysis of published literature to evaluate PD-L1 expression in thymomas and thymic carcinomas...
May 5, 2020: Tumori
Franco Valenza, Gabriele Papagni, Alfonso Marchianò, Maria Grazia Daidone, Filippo DeBraud, Mario Paolo Colombo, Andrea Frignani, Gustavo Galmozzi, Vito Ladisa, Giancarlo Pruneri, Roberto Salvioni, Pierangelo Spada, Michele Torresani, Oliviero Rinaldi, Stefano Manfredi, Marco Votta, Giovanni Apolone
BACKGROUND: The rapid spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is affecting many countries. While healthcare systems need to cope with the need to treat a large number of people with different degrees of respiratory failure, actions to preserve aliquots of the healthcare system to guarantee treatment to patients are mandatory. METHODS: In order to protect the Fondazione IRCCS-Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano from the spread of COVID-19, a number of to-hospital and within-hospital filters were applied...
May 4, 2020: Tumori
Camillo Porta, Elena Verzoni, Silvia Zai, Caterina Messina, Vittorio Ferrari, Nicole Gri, Giuseppe Procopio
BACKGROUND: Stomatitis is highly prevalent in patients with cancer treated with the mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor everolimus; it usually has an early onset and may compromise treatment dose intensity and patients' quality of life. Within the randomized controlled Stomatitis Prevention trial (STOP, ISRCTN14568888), we investigated the possibility of using a commercial natural multicomponent mouthwash (Orasol Plus® ) to prevent the development of stomatitis of any grade in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) treated with everolimus...
May 3, 2020: Tumori
Peng-Fei Zhang, Dan Xie, Qiu Li
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of addition of fruquintinib to best supportive care (BSC) in third-line treatment for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC). METHODS: To conduct the cost-effectiveness analysis, a Markov model was established to simulate the course of metastatic CRC. Three health states-progression-free survival (PFS), progressive disease (PD), and death-were included. Clinical data were derived from the FRESCO trial and health utility values were extracted from previous literature...
April 30, 2020: Tumori
Silvano Gallus, Elisa Borroni, Xiaoqiu Liu, Laura Carrozzi, Gianfranco Dalla Pietra, Shokoofe Eslami Varzaneh, Sergio Harari, Giovanni Inciso, Paola Martucci, Maria Papale, Francesco Pistelli, Biagio Polla, Maria Francesca Polo, Rosastella Principe, Nolita Pulerà, Stefania Raschi, Riccardo Sarzani, Antonella Serafini, Anna Odone, Piet van den Brandt, Alessandra Lugo
OBJECTIVE: Information is scanty on the patterns and settings of electronic cigarette use and on its possible adverse events. To fill the knowledge gap on these issues, we conducted a survey among ever-smokers attending smoking cessation services (SCS) in Italy. METHODS: In 2016-2018, we enrolled 395 ever-smokers aged ⩾18 years who were current or former electronic cigarette users in 12 SCS from northern, central, and southern Italy. RESULTS: In all, 12...
April 26, 2020: Tumori
Havva Yesil Cinkir, Umut Elboga
OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of systemic inflammation indexes and fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose (18 FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) metabolic parameters on survival in advanced lung adenocarcinoma. METHODS: A total of 133 patients who underwent 18 FDG PET for initial staging were investigated retrospectively. Baseline patient characteristics, routine blood test results, 18 FDG PET metabolic parameters, and treatment history were examined. Overall survival (OS) was demonstrated by Kaplan-Meier analysis, and the curves were compared by the log-rank test...
April 24, 2020: Tumori
Marco Rispoli, Roberta Tamburri, Moana Rossella Nespoli, Marianna Esposito, Dario Maria Mattiacci, Domenico Pietro Santonastaso, Dino Casazza, Dario Amore, Antonio Corcione
OBJECTIVE: Erector spine plane block (ESPB) is a newly defined regional anesthesia technique performed by injection of local anesthetic beneath the erector spine muscle. We tested ESPB as a regional rescue analgesia bedside technique to be performed in the thoracic surgical ward, reporting a 7-patient case series. METHODS: We report our experience in rescue analgesia after thoracic surgery. During the postoperative stay, numeric rating scale (NRS) score >3 and inability to perform physiotherapy or effective cough due to postoperative pain represented the criteria for proposing rescue analgesia with ESPB...
April 24, 2020: Tumori
Veronica Grigoletto, Arianna Tagarelli, Catia Atzeni, Giovanni Cecchetto, Paolo Indolfi, Maria Debora De Pasquale, Francesco De Leonardis, Beatrice Coppadoro, Silvia Sorbara, Stefano Chiaravalli, Andrea Ferrari, Gianni Bisogno
INTRODUCTION: Pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB) is a rare, aggressive mesenchymal tumor of childhood. The Italian Tumori Rari in Età Pediatrica (TREP) Registry was the first in Europe dedicated to prospective data collection on rare pediatric tumors. We analyzed data from an Italian series of patients with PPB, focusing on the role of the TREP Project. METHODS: We considered patients aged 0-14 with histologically confirmed diagnosis, registered in population-based cancer registries (before 2000) or the TREP Registry (2000 to 2014), and analyzed data on clinical characteristics, treatment, and outcome...
April 2020: Tumori
Emanuele Piraccini, Giulia Biondi, Eleonora De Lorenzo, Ruggero M Corso, Stefano Maitan
This article describes our experience with 5 patients with post-thoracotomy pain syndrome after video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomies, treated with weekly erector spinae plane block. We injected corticosteroid and local anesthetic. At the end of the treatment period, pain scores decreased significantly. Our experience suggests that erector spinae plane block may have a role in the treatment of post-thoracoscopy pain syndrome.
March 20, 2020: Tumori
Valentina D'Ambrosio, Roberto Brunelli, Lucia Musacchio, Valentina Del Negro, Flaminia Vena, Gaia Boccuzzi, Chiara Boccherini, Violante Di Donato, Maria Grazia Piccioni, Pierluigi Benedetti Panici, Antonella Giancotti
Adnexal masses are not common in pregnancy. They are often discovered incidentally during routine ultrasound examinations. In general, 24%-40% of the cases are benign tumors; up to 8% are malignant tumors. Adnexal masses are usually asymptomatic, but sometimes can be responsible for abdominal or pelvic pain. Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound is essential to define the morphology of pelvic masses and to distinguish between benign and malignant cases. Magnetic resonance imaging can be a complementary examination when ultrasound findings are equivocal and a useful additional examination to better define tissue planes and relations with other organs...
March 17, 2020: Tumori
Giuseppe Sanguineti, Luca Bertini, Adriana Faiella, Maria Consiglia Ferriero, Simona Marzi, Alessia Farneti, Valeria Landoni
OBJECTIVE: To assess the predictive role of response on dynamic contrast enhancement on magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) of visible local lesions in the setting of salvage radiotherapy (sRT) after radical prostatectomy. METHODS: All patients referred for sRT for biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy from February 2014 to September 2016 were considered eligible if they had been restaged with DCE-MRI and had been found to have a visible lesion in the prostatic bed, but no distant/nodal disease on choline positron emission tomography (PET)-computed tomography (CT)...
March 17, 2020: Tumori
Marta Podda, Elena Pagani Bagliacca, Giovanna Sironi, Laura Veneroni, Matteo Silva, Martina Angi, Maura Massimino, Andrea Ferrari, Carlo Alfredo Clerici
OBJECTIVE: To present an investigation into the intake of cannabinoids in a population of adolescents and young adults with cancer. METHODS: Sixty-six patients took part in the research: 27 reported having used cannabinoids, 21 before diagnosis; among the latter, 10 increased use during treatment. RESULTS: Benefits were reported by 19% of responders regarding anxiety control, 24% for nausea, 29% for pain control and improvement of sleep, and 48% for appetite improvement...
March 17, 2020: Tumori
Tao Zhu, Zhaojia Gao, Kai Yuan, Yong Wang
PURPOSE: To investigate the expression profile and prognostic value of RAD21 in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS: A tissue microarray (TMA) containing 60 paired NSCLC tissues and peritumor tissues was purchased and another TMA containing 140 NSCLC tissues was constructed. Then, immunohistochemical staining was performed and scored. Finally, the expression profile and prognostic value of RAD21 were evaluated. RESULTS: RAD21 was predominantly detected in the nucleus of tumor and peritumor cells...
March 17, 2020: Tumori
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 16, 2020: Tumori
Manlio Monti, Ilaria Massa, Flavia Foca, Paolo Morgagni, Massimo Framarini, Alessandro Passardi, Fabio Falcini, Giovanni Luca Frassineti
INTRODUCTION: In a gastric cancer (GC) setting, phase II and III studies refer to an ideal patient population and only describe a specific category of patients. Older patients or those in poorer clinical condition are generally excluded from clinical trials. We aimed to evaluate therapeutic approaches to GC in a real-world setting at our institute (Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori [IRST] IRCCS) over a 10-year period. METHODS: A total of 621 consecutive patients with GC diagnosed between January 2000 and December 2009 were considered retrospectively...
March 13, 2020: Tumori
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