Xining Wu, Ke Lv, Shuicai Wu, Dar-In Tai, Po-Hsiang Tsui, Zhuhuang Zhou
The homodyned-K (HK) distribution model is a generalized backscatter envelope statistical model for ultrasound tissue characterization, whose parameters are of physical meaning. To estimate the HK parameters is an inverse problem, and is quite complicated. Previously, we proposed an artificial neural network (ANN) estimator and an improved ANN (iANN) estimator for estimating the HK parameters, which are fast and flexible. However, a drawback of the conventional ANN and iANN estimators consists in that they use Monte Carlo simulations under known values of HK parameters to generate training samples, and thus the ANN and iANN models have to be re-trained when the size of the test sets (or of the envelope samples to be estimated) varies...
March 20, 2023: Ultrasonics
Yuefu Chen, Shuxin Sun, Xinyan Zhou, Min He, Ying Li, Chengcheng Liu, Dean Ta
Due to aging and long-term estrogen deficiency, postmenopausal women suffer muscle atrophy (MA), which is characterized by decreased muscle mass and muscle quality. Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) is an acoustic wave inducing biological effects mainly by the mechanical stimulation and used as a non-invasive physical therapy for muscle repair. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is an 84-amino-acid polypeptide, and its bioactive fragment [PTH (1-34)] has potential application in the treatment of MA. We speculate that the combination of physical therapy (i...
March 16, 2023: Ultrasonics
Jun He, Xuekun Liu, Qichao Cheng, Shixi Yang, Miaoshuo Li
Laser ultrasonic technology has been widely used in surface defect detection attribute to its non-contact, non-destructive and high spatial resolution characteristics. This paper proposes a surface defect quantitative detection method using laser-generated Rayleigh wave with broadband local wavenumber estimation. In this method, considering the broadband characteristics of laser-generated Rayleigh wave, the broadband local wavenumber estimation is presented to achieve the defect imaging accurately, and then the defect geometric parameters are estimated based on image segmentation...
March 15, 2023: Ultrasonics
Anastasia Antoniou, Kyriakos Spanoudes, Christakis Damianou
In recent years, veterinary medicine has expanded its practices beyond conventional methods, gradually integrating the Focused Ultrasound (FUS) technology in the care of companion animals like dogs and cats. The current study aimed to examine the feasibility and provide insights into the application of thermal FUS in canine and feline mammary cancer therapy. FUS was delivered by a 2-MHz single-element spherically focused ultrasonic transducer as integrated with an existing robotic positioning device. The functionality of the FUS system and sonication protocol in efficiently and safely ablating live tissue was initially validated in a rabbit thigh model in a laboratory environment...
March 10, 2023: Ultrasonics
G Feuillard, H Achdjian, T Richard, F Vander Meulen, C Prax, J P Pineau, J C Valiere
In this work, a flush ultrasonic probe has been developed for the measurement of the velocity and the angle of attack (AOA) of an aircraft. The probe is made of one emitting transducer located at the center of a rotating stage and several receiving transducers located downstream, all transducers radiating in a normal direction perpendicular to the airflow. The determination of speed and AOA are deduced from the time of flight measurement of an ultrasonic wave between the emitter and the receivers propagating in the boundary layer...
March 8, 2023: Ultrasonics
Mohammad Wasih, Sahil Ahmad, Mohamed Almekkawy
Reconstruction of ultrasound data from single plane wave Radio Frequency (RF) data is a challenging task. The traditional Delay and Sum (DAS) method produces an image with low resolution and contrast, if employed with RF data from only a single plane wave. A Coherent Compounding (CC) method that reconstructs the image by coherently summing the individual DAS images was proposed to enhance the image quality. However, CC relies on a large number of plane waves to accurately sum the individual DAS images, hence it produces high quality images but with low frame rate that may not be suitable for time-demanding applications...
March 8, 2023: Ultrasonics
Shenxin Yin, Huapan Xiao, Caibin Xu, Mingxi Deng, Tribikram Kundu
In this paper, the formation of theoretical error is presented to investigate the acoustic source localization (ASL) error that can be expected from traditional L-shaped, cross-shaped, square-shaped, and modified square-shaped sensor cluster arrangements. The response surface model based on the optimal Latin hypercube design is developed to theoretically study the effects of sensor placement parameters on the error evaluation index of root mean squared relative error (RMSRE) for the four techniques. The ASL results from the four techniques with the optimal placement parameters are analyzed theoretically...
March 8, 2023: Ultrasonics
Dongxi Lv, Gang Chen, Dong Liu, Haibing Xu, Mingda Chen, Yingdan Zhu, Imran Ali
This paper represented some fundamental investigations on the potential effects of the high-frequency vibration on material removal mechanisms in ultrasonic transverse scratching of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs). It was found that the ultrasonic superimposition brought about the evident reduction of the ductile-brittle transition depth of the unidirectional CFRPs. For the scratched groove generated without ultrasonic, the tensile stress and compressive stress caused by the indenter penetration were respectively responsible for the formations of the radial cracks at the leading edges and the central region...
March 5, 2023: Ultrasonics
Fei Du, Liang Zeng, Liping Huang, Jing Rao
The Lamb wave reciprocity-based method is an effective candidate for the health monitoring of composite plates. However, if the damage is located symmetrically between the transmitter-receiver pair, the reciprocity still holds true and the method misjudges its presence. In the present work, a new method for computing the reciprocity index (RI) from Lamb wave signals with extended data length is proposed. This method exploits extra indirect waves that bounce one or more times between the damage and other reflectors...
March 4, 2023: Ultrasonics
Qin Lin, Rujun Zhang, Feiyan Cai, Yanyi Chen, Jinwei Ye, Jinping Wang, Hairong Zheng, Huailing Zhang
Here, a physics-enhanced multi-frequency acoustic hologram deep neural network (PhysNet_MFAH) method is proposed for designing multi-frequency acoustic holograms, which is built by incorporating multiple physical models that represent the physical processes of acoustic waves propagation for a set of design frequencies into a deep neural network. It is demonstrated that one needs only to feed a set of frequency-specific target patterns into the network, the proposed PhysNet_MFAH method can automatically, accurately, and rapidly generate a high-quality multi-frequency acoustic hologram for holographic rendering of different target acoustic fields in the same or distinct regions of the target plane when driven at different frequencies...
March 4, 2023: Ultrasonics
Xiuwen Zhang, Qing Wang
Due to the severe lateral lobe artifact by coherent plane-wave compounding (CPWC) and the low signal-to-noise ratio of radiofrequency (RF) data collected from the plane wave, the adaptive beamforming methods based on focused wave imaging (FWI) are improper to be directly applied to CPWC. To obtain a high-quality image with high resolution and contrast, this study combined the threshold phase coherence factor (THR-PCF) with the reconstructed covariance matrix minimum variance (RCM-MV) and then proposed a novel CPWC-based adaptive beamforming algorithm, THR-PCF + RCM-MV...
February 28, 2023: Ultrasonics
Xinyan Zhou, Shuxin Sun, Yuefu Chen, Chengcheng Liu, Dan Li, Qun Cheng, Min He, Ying Li, Kailiang Xu, Dean Ta
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) has been proved to be an effective technique for the treatment of osteoporosis. To better activate the bone formation-related markers, promote the different stages of osteogenesis, and further enhance the therapeutic effects of ultrasound, this study employed pulsed frequency modulated ultrasound (pFMUS) to treat mice with osteoporosis, which was caused by ovarian failure due to 4-vinylcyclohexene dioxide (VCD) injection. Healthy 8-week-old female C57BL/6J mice were randomly divided into four groups: Sham (S), VCD-control (V), VCD + LIPUS (VU), and VCD + pFMUS (VFU)...
February 27, 2023: Ultrasonics
Xiangwei Geng, Chengcheng Zhang, Bo Zhou, Jian Zhang, Guoqiang Luo, Qiang Shen
The study of ultrasonic wave propagation is a crucial foundation for the application of ultrasonic testing in particle-reinforced composites. However, in the presence of the complex interaction among multiple particles, the wave characteristics are difficult to be analyzed and used for parametric inversion. Here we combine the finite element analysis and experimental measurement to investigate the ultrasonic wave propagation in Cu-W/SiC particle-reinforced composites. The experimental and simulation results are in good agreement and quantitatively correlate longitudinal wave velocity and attenuation coefficient with SiC content and ultrasonic frequency...
February 27, 2023: Ultrasonics
Lasse Thurmann Jørgensen, Matthias Bo Stuart, Jørgen Arendt Jensen
Tensor velocity imaging (TVI) performance with a row-column probe was assessed for constant flow in a straight vessel phantom and pulsatile flow in a carotid artery phantom. TVI, i.e., estimating the 3-D velocity vector as a function of time and spatial position, was performed using the transverse oscillation cross-correlation estimator, and the flow was acquired with a Vermon 128+128 row-column array probe connected to a Verasonics 256 research scanner. The emission sequence used 16 emissions per image, and a TVI volume rate of 234 Hz was obtained for a pulse repetition frequency (fprf ) of 15 kHz...
February 25, 2023: Ultrasonics
Zhen Liu, Qianwei Fu, Peng Yang, Zhiyan Dong, Lihua Zhang, Zhiyuan Yao
In this study, a novel miniature I-shaped linear ultrasonic motor is proposed. The motor is constructed by two rectangular piezoelectric vibrators which are mounted in parallel with the slider to make the structure look like the letter "I". The symmetric and antisymmetric modes of the motor based on the first-order flexural vibrations of the two vibrators are chosen as the working modes. The finite element method is adopted to optimize the structure and study the vibration behavior of the motor. A prototype of the proposed linear ultrasonic motor is fabricated and its mechanical characteristics are tested...
February 24, 2023: Ultrasonics
Stine Hverven Thon, Andreas Austeng, Roy Edgar Hansen
Detection of point scatterers in textured ultrasound images can be challenging. This paper investigates how four multilook methods can improve the detection. We analyze many images with known point scatterer locations and randomly textured backgrounds. The normalized matched filter (NMF) and multilook coherence factor (MLCF) methods are normalized methods that do not require any texture correction prior to detection analysis. They are especially propitious when optimal texture correction of the ultrasound images is difficult to obtain...
February 24, 2023: Ultrasonics
Igor Solodov, Mike Kornely, Jens Philipp, Elisabeth Stammen, Klaus Dilger, Marc Kreutzbruck
Kissing bonds in adhesive joints are precursors to damage and failure in materials and components used in safety-critical industries. They are zero-volume, low-contrast contact defects widely regarded as "invisible" in conventional ultrasonic testing. In this study, the recognition of the kissing bonds is examined in automotive industry-relevant aluminum lap-joints with standard bonding procedures using epoxy- and silicone-based adhesives. The protocol to simulate kissing bonds comprised customary surface contaminants PTFE oil and PTFE spray...
February 23, 2023: Ultrasonics
Anastasia Antoniou, Anastasia Nikolaou, Andreas Georgiou, Nikolas Evripidou, Christakis Damianou
Tissue mimicking phantoms (TMPs) play an essential role in modern biomedical research as cost-effective quality assurance and training tools, simultaneously contributing to the reduction of animal use. Herein, we present the development and evaluation of an anatomically accurate mouse phantom intended for image-guided thermal ablation and Focused Ultrasound (FUS) applications. The proposed mouse model consists of skeletal and soft tissue mimics, whose design was based on the Computed tomography (CT) scans data of a live mouse...
February 23, 2023: Ultrasonics
S A Titov, A B Burlakov, P V Zinin, A N Bogachenkov
An acoustic microscopy method for measuring the velocity of ultrasound in the yolk and blastula of bony fish embryos at early stages of development was proposed. The yolk and blastula were approximated as a sphere and a spherical dome, respectively, consisting of a homogeneous liquid. A theoretical model of ultrasonic wave propagation through a spherical liquid drop located on a solid substrate was developed in the ray approximation. The dependence of the wave propagation time on the speed of sound in the drop, its diameter, and the position of the focus of the ultrasonic transducer has been determined...
February 22, 2023: Ultrasonics
Dezhi Li, Chunli Zhang, Shufang Zhang, Huiming Wang, Weiqiu Chen, Chuanzeng Zhang
Terahertz elastic waves travelling in piezoelectric semiconductors (PSs) with the deformation-polarization-carrier coupling have a huge potential application in elastic wave-based devices. To reveal wave propagation characteristics of terahertz elastic waves in rod-like PS structures, we present three typical rod models based on the Hamilton principle and the linearization of the nonlinear current, which are extensions of the classical, Love, and Mindlin-Herrmann rod models for elastic media to those for PS materials...
February 20, 2023: Ultrasonics
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