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Roni M Shtein, Joanne F Shen, Anthony N Kuo, Kristin M Hammersmith, Jennifer Y Li, Mitchell P Weikert
PURPOSE: To describe the safety and effectiveness of using autologous serum-based eye drops for the treatment of severe dry eye and persistent corneal epithelial defect. METHODS: Literature searches of the PubMed and Cochrane Library databases were conducted most recently in March 2019. The searches identified 281 citations, which were reviewed in abstract form. Of these, 48 were selected for a full-text review, and 13 met the inclusion criteria and were assigned a quality-of-evidence rating by the panel methodologist...
September 24, 2019: Ophthalmology
Sonia Phene, R Carter Dunn, Naama Hammel, Yun Liu, Jonathan Krause, Naho Kitade, Mike Schaekermann, Rory Sayres, Derek J Wu, Ashish Bora, Christopher Semturs, Anita Misra, Abigail E Huang, Arielle Spitze, Felipe A Medeiros, April Y Maa, Monica Gandhi, Greg S Corrado, Lily Peng, Dale R Webster
PURPOSE: To develop and validate a deep learning (DL) algorithm that predicts referable glaucomatous optic neuropathy (GON) and optic nerve head (ONH) features from color fundus images, to determine the relative importance of these features in referral decisions by glaucoma specialists (GSs) and the algorithm, and to compare the performance of the algorithm with eye care providers. DESIGN: Development and validation of an algorithm. PARTICIPANTS: Fundus images from screening programs, studies, and a glaucoma clinic...
September 24, 2019: Ophthalmology
Verena R Juncal, Quratulain Paracha, Motaz Bamakrid, Carolina L M Francisconi, Julia Farah, Amin Kherani, Rajeev H Muni
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 12, 2019: Ophthalmology
Ahmed Al-Janabi, Amgad El Nokrashy, Lazha Sharief, Vivekka Nagendran, Sue Lightman, Oren Tomkins-Netzer
PURPOSE: To examine a large cohort of patients treated with biologic agents for active noninfectious intermediate uveitis, posterior uveitis, or panuveitis (NIPPU) and to compare their efficacy and long-term effect. DESIGN: Retrospective, longitudinal study. PARTICIPANTS: Eighty-two patients (156 eyes) with active NIPPU after failure of treatment with corticosteroids and a second-line immunosuppression drug and treated with biologic agents who were treated at Moorfields Eye Hospital between 2001 and 2016...
September 6, 2019: Ophthalmology
Stephen C Pflugfelder, Mina Massaro-Giordano, Victor L Perez, Pedram Hamrah, Sophie X Deng, Ladan Espandar, C Stephen Foster, John Affeldt, John A Seedor, Natalie A Afshari, Wendy Chao, Marcello Allegretti, Flavio Mantelli, Reza Dana
PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical cenegermin (recombinant human nerve growth factor) in patients with neurotrophic keratopathy. DESIGN: Multicenter, randomized, double-masked, vehicle-controlled trial. PARTICIPANTS: Patients with neurotrophic persistent epithelial defect with or without stromal thinning. METHODS: The NGF0214 trial, conducted among 11 sites in the United States, randomized 48 patients 1:1 to cenegermin 20 μg/ml or vehicle eye drops, 6 drops daily for 8 weeks of masked treatment...
August 26, 2019: Ophthalmology
Andrew M J Turnbull, Geoffrey J Crawford, Graham D Barrett
PURPOSE: To compare methods of calculating the required intraocular lens (IOL) power for patients undergoing cataract surgery after radial keratotomy (RK), including the 2016 update of the True K formula. DESIGN: Retrospective case series. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 52 eyes of 34 patients who had sequential RK and cataract surgery performed in the same institution by 1 of 2 surgeons. METHODS: Seven IOL calculation formulae were evaluated: True K [History], True K [Partial History], True K [No History], Double-K Holladay 1 (DK-Holladay-IOLM), Potvin-Hill, Haigis, and Haigis with a -0...
August 23, 2019: Ophthalmology
Anthony P Khawaja, Sharon Chua, Pirro G Hysi, Stelios Georgoulas, Hannah Currant, Tomas W Fitzgerald, Ewan Birney, Fang Ko, Qi Yang, Charles Reisman, David F Garway-Heath, Chris J Hammond, Peng T Khaw, Paul J Foster, Praveen J Patel, Nicholas Strouthidis
PURPOSE: To describe and compare associations with macular retinal nerve fiber layer (mRNFL), ganglion cell complex (GCC), and ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer (GCIPL) thicknesses in a large cohort. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. PARTICIPANTS: We included 42 044 participants in the UK Biobank. The mean age was 56 years. METHODS: Spectral-domain OCT macular images were segmented and analyzed. Corneal-compensated intraocular pressure (IOPcc) was measured with the Ocular Response Analyzer (Reichert, Corp...
August 21, 2019: Ophthalmology
Sameh E Soliman, Cynthia VandenHoven, Leslie D MacKeen, Brenda L Gallie
PURPOSE: Invisible retinoblastoma tumors are now detected with screening for retinal tumors in at-risk neonates (those inheriting RB1 pathogenic alleles from affected parents) using handheld OCT. Laser photocoagulation is challenging, requiring exact localization of a tumor invisible to indirect ophthalmoscopy and standard imaging. We describe OCT-guided localization and photocoagulation of these invisible tumors with 1-year follow-up. DESIGN: Retrospective, noncomparative, single-institutional, observational case series...
August 21, 2019: Ophthalmology
Congyao Y Wang, Guoshan Zhang, Bobby Tang, Ling Jin, Wenyong Huang, Xiuqin Wang, Tingting Chen, Wenhui Zhu, Baixiang Xiao, Jun Wang, Zhongqiang Zhou, Zhizheng Tang, Yan Liang, Mabel Crescioni, David Wilson, Helen McAneney, Joshua D Silver, Bruce Moore, Nathan Congdon
PURPOSE: To compare wear of standard, adjustable, and ready-made glasses among children. DESIGN: Randomized, controlled, open-label, noninferiority trial. PARTICIPANTS: Students aged 11 to 16 years with presenting visual acuity (VA) ≤6/12 in both eyes, correctable to ≥6/7.5, subjective spherical equivalent refractive error (SER) ≤-1.0 diopters (D), astigmatism and anisometropia both <2.00 D, and no other ocular abnormalities. METHODS: Participants were randomly allocated (1:1:1) to standard glasses, ready-made glasses, or adjustable glasses based on self-refraction...
August 14, 2019: Ophthalmology
April Y Maa, Charles M Medert, Xiaoqin Lu, Rabeea Janjua, Ashley V Howell, Kelly J Hunt, Sarah McCord, Annette Giangiacomo, Mary G Lynch
PURPOSE: Ophthalmologic telemedicine has the ability to provide eye care for patients remotely, and many countries have used screening tele-ophthalmology programs for several years. One such initiative at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System is Technology-based Eye Care Services (TECS). The TECS services are located in primary care clinics and provide basic screening eye care, including vision, refraction, and retinal photography. Eye care providers ("readers") review the clinical data and recommend appropriate follow-up...
August 13, 2019: Ophthalmology
Bianca N Susanna, Nara G Ogata, Alessandro A Jammal, Carolina N Susanna, Samuel I Berchuck, Felipe A Medeiros
PURPOSE: To investigate the incidence and risk factors for glaucomatous visual field progression in eyes with well-controlled intraocular pressure (IOP). DESIGN: Prospective cohort. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 460 eyes of 334 patients with glaucoma under treatment. METHODS: Study subjects had a mean follow-up of 4.3±0.8 years. Patients were classified as well controlled if all IOP measurements were less than 18 mmHg. Rates of visual field progression were calculated using ordinary least-squares linear regression of standard automated perimetry (SAP) mean deviation (MD) values over time...
August 9, 2019: Ophthalmology
Amitha Domalpally, Elvira Agrón, Jeong W Pak, Tiarnan D Keenan, Fredrick L Ferris, Traci E Clemons, Emily Y Chew
PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of reticular pseudodrusen (RPD) in eyes with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), assess the role of RPD as an independent risk factor for late AMD development, and evaluate genetic association with RPD. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. PARTICIPANTS: Participants with intermediate AMD in 1 or both eyes enrolled in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2), a 5-year multicenter study of nutritional supplement...
July 29, 2019: Ophthalmology
Rachel K Sobel, Vinay K Aakalu, Edward J Wladis, Jurij R Bilyk, Michael T Yen, Louise A Mawn
PURPOSE: To assess the efficacy of endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) compared with external DCR. METHODS: A literature search was conducted in the PubMed database in March 2016 and updated in October 2017 and February 2019. The search strategy was designed to update the first Ophthalmic Technology Assessment on endonasal DCR from 2001 by identifying new peer-reviewed human studies reported since 2000 in the English language that compare results of endonasal DCR with those of external DCR...
July 26, 2019: Ophthalmology
Kyle A Rogers, Andrew A Wilson, Mark A Wyckoff, R Michael Siatkowski
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 25, 2019: Ophthalmology
Marko Oydanich, Maureen G Maguire, Maxwell Pistilli, Pedram Hamrah, Jack V Greiner, Meng C Lin, Penny A Asbell
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 25, 2019: Ophthalmology
Raafay Sophie, Pin-Wen Wang, Roomasa Channa, Carlos Quezada-Ruiz, Ann Clark, Peter A Campochiaro
PURPOSE: To investigate characteristics associated with visual and anatomic outcomes in branch and central retinal vein occlusion (BRVO and CRVO) patients treated with ranibizumab. DESIGN: Post hoc analysis of patients with BRVO and CRVO from 2 multicenter clinical trials who completed month 12 of the HORIZON extension trial. PARTICIPANTS: 205 patients with BRVO and 181 patients with CRVO who completed month 12 of the extension trial. METHODS: With the use of logistic regression, covariates with a P value < 0...
July 23, 2019: Ophthalmology
Min-Woo Lee, Ju-Mi Kim, Yong-Il Shin, Young-Joon Jo, Jung-Yeul Kim
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2019: Ophthalmology
Osamah J Saeedi, Tobias Elze, Loris D'Acunto, Ramya Swamy, Vikram Hegde, Surabhi Gupta, Amin Venjara, Joby Tsai, Jonathan S Myers, Sarah R Wellik, Carlos Gustavo De Moraes, Louis Pasquale, Lucy Q Shen, Michael V Boland
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2019: Ophthalmology
Alessandro Rabiolo, Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, Joseph Caprioli
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2019: Ophthalmology
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