Claire Guivarch, Anne-Sylvia Sacri, Corinne Levy, Alain Bocquet, Nathanaël Lapidus, Serge Hercberg, Pascale Hebel, Anne Chevé, Christian Copin, Morched Zouari, Laurent Gouya, Mariane de Montalembert, Jérémie F Cohen, Martin Chalumeau
OBJECTIVE: To assess the diagnostic accuracy and to develop prediction tools for iron deficiency in 2-year-old children. STUDY DESIGN: In a national cross-sectional study conducted in primary care pediatricians' practices throughout France, 2-year-old children were consecutively included (2016-2017). Multivariable logistic regression modeling and bootstrapping were used to develop several clinical models to predict ID (serum ferritin <12 μg/L). These models used the best criteria and combinations among the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) criteria adapted to the European context (n=10), then all potential predictors (n=19)...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Yanyan Ni, Helen O'Reilly, Samantha Johnson, Neil Marlow, Dieter Wolke
OBJECTIVE: To examine self-reported and parent-reported health-related quality of life (HRQL) in adults born extremely preterm compared with term-born controls and to evaluate trajectories of health status from adolescence to early adulthood. STUDY DESIGN: The EPICure study comprises all births <26 weeks of gestation in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland in 1995 and term-born controls recruited at age 6. 129 participants born extremely preterm and 65 controls were followed up at the 19-year assessment...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Priyal O Patel, Adriane L Baylis, Scott E Hickey, Joseph Stanek, Richard E Kirschner, Margaret L Rand, Riten Kumar
OBJECTIVES: To prospectively quantify bleeding severity and elaborate hemorrhagic symptoms in children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11DS) using two validated bleeding-assessment-tools (BATs), namely the pediatric bleeding questionnaire (PBQ) and the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis BAT (ISTH-BAT). We additionally sought to compare subjects' bleeding scores to unaffected first-degree family members. STUDY DESIGN: Children with 22q11DS and unaffected first-degree family members were recruited for the study...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Ravi M Patel, Jeanne E Hendrickson, Marianne E Nellis, Rebecca Birch, Ruchika Goel, Oliver Karam, Matthew S Karafin, Sheila J Hanson, Bruce S Sachais, Ronald George Hauser, Naomi L C Luban, Jerome Gottschall, Cassandra D Josephson, Martha Sola-Visner
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the incidence of blood product transfusion, including red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and characterize pre-transfusion hematologic values for infants during their initial hospitalization after birth. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study using data from 7 geographically diverse US academic and community hospitals that participated in the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study-III (REDS-III) from 2013-2016...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Francesca Minoia, Jessica Tibaldi, Valentina Muratore, Romina Gallizzi, Claudia Bracaglia, Alessia Arduini, Elif Comak, Olga Vougiouka, Ralf Trauzeddel, Giovanni Filocamo, Antonio Mastrangelo, Concetta Micalizzi, Ozgur Kasapcopur, Erbil Unsal, Toshiyuki Kitoh, Elena Tsitsami, Mikhail Kostik, Jana Pachlopnik Schmid, Seraina Prader, Guido Laube, Despoina Maritsi, Marija Jelusic, Susan Shenoi, Sebastiaan Vastert, Gianluigi Ardissino, Randy Q Cron, Angelo Ravelli
OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical characteristics, treatment, and outcomes of a multinational cohort of patients with macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) and thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA). STUDY DESIGN: International pediatric rheumatologists were asked to collect retrospectively the data of patients with the co-occurrence of MAS and TMA. Clinical and laboratory features of patients with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA)-associated MAS and TMA were compared with those of an historical cohort of patients with sJIA and MAS...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Genesio M Karere, Laura A Cox, Andrew C Bishop, Andrew M South, Hossam A Shaltout, Maria-Gisela Mercado-Deane, Suzanne Cuda
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate sex differences in microRNA (miRNA) expression, anthropometric measures and cardiometabolic risk factors in Hispanic adolescents with obesity. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study of 68 (60% male) Hispanic adolescents with obesity, aged 13-17 years, recruited from a pediatric weight management clinic. We used small RNA sequencing to identify differentially expressed circulating miRNAs. We used Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and David bioinformatic resource tools to identify target genes for these miRNAs and enriched pathways...
April 5, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Christèle Gras-Le Guen, Véronique Hentgen, François Dubos, Fabienne Kochert, Martine Balençon, Corinne Levy, Ido Somekh, Eli Somekh, Pietro Ferrara, Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani, Robert Cohen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 3, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Brian Cm Li, Bruce Wright, Tyler Black, Amanda S Newton, Quynh Doan
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the utility of a digital psychological self-assessment tool, MyHEARTSMAP, in youth presenting to the pediatric emergency department (ED) with a mental health concern. STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a prospective cohort study in two tertiary care pediatric EDs from December 2017-October 2019. Youth 10-17 years old triaged for a mental health concern were screened and enrolled to complete MyHEARTSMAP on a mobile device. A clinician blinded to the MyHEARTSMAP assessment conducted their own assessment which was used as the reference standard...
April 2, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Joseph Ikekwere, Valentine Ucheagwu, Itziar Familiar-Lopez, Alla Sikorskii, Jorem AwaduPhD, Julius Caesar Ojuka, Deborah Givon, Cilly Shohet, Bruno Giordani, Michael J Boivin
OBJECTIVE: To report vigilance attention outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trial of early childhood development caregiver training for perinatally HIV-exposed/uninfected preschool-age children in rural Uganda. The Early Childhood Vigilance Test (ECVT) provides a webcam recording of proportion of time a child views an animation periodically moving across a computer screen. STUDY DESIGN: Sixty mothers/caregivers received biweekly year-long training sessions of the Mediational Intervention for Sensitizing Caregivers (MISC) and 59 mothers received biweekly training about nutrition, hygiene, and healthcare...
April 2, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Emily Sanders, Clare C Brown, Richard T Blaszak, Brendan Crawford, Parthak Prodhan
OBJECTIVE: The primary objectives of the study were to describe the association between cardiac manifestations and in-hospital mortality among children with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). STUDY DESIGN: Using the Pediatric Health Information System database, this retrospective, multi-center, cohort study identified the first HUS-related inpatient visit among children <=18 years (years 2004 to 2018). Frequency of selected cardiac manifestations and mortality rates were calculated...
April 2, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Daniela Nisticò, Francesca Vittoria, Rosaura Conti, Anna Bandiera, Egidio Barbi, Marco Carbone
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Jareatha N Abdul-Raheem, Edem Binka, Jennifer Roem, Christy B Turer, Elaine M Urbina, Tammy M Brady
OBJECTIVE: To assess prevalence of and factors associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) in youth with obesity and elevated blood pressure (BP). STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional analyses of baseline and follow up visits of 83 youth, 5-21 years, evaluated for overweight/obesity and elevated BP in a multidisciplinary clinic. LVDD was defined according to established adult criteria (LVDDadult ; E/A<1, E/e'>14, or e'/a'<0.8) and pediatric criteria (LVDDpeds ; E/A<10th percentile, E/e'>99th percentile, or e'/a'< 1st percentile) based on data from 103 age-sex matched healthy controls...
April 1, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Alan H Jobe, Eduardo Bancalari
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 31, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Vivek P Dubey, Kimberly A Randell, Abbey R Masonbrink, Michelle L Pickett, Ashley K Sherman, Megha Ramaswamy, Melissa K Miller
OBJECTIVE: To assess justice system involvement among adolescents in the pediatric emergency department (ED) and identify associations with risk and protective factors. STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a cross-sectional computerized survey of adolescents to assess for personal , JSI, and non-household JSI (ie, important people outside of household). We assessed sexual behaviors, violent behaviors, substance use, school suspension/expulsion, parental supportiveness, and participant mood (score <70 indicates psychological distress)...
March 31, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Pooja Mehta, Zhaoxing Pan, Stephanie Skirka, Bethany M Kwan, Calies Menard-Katcher
OBJECTIVE: To measure adherence rates to swallowed topical steroids in children with eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), describe factors related to adherence, and determine the association between adherence, symptoms, perceived disease severity, and quality of life in children with EoE. STUDY DESIGN: Subjects in this cross-sectional study of 117 children between 5-18 years old with EoE completed the Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis Symptoms Score V2.0 (PEESS), Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Eosinophilic Esophagitis Module (PedsQL EoE), a Medication-Taking Checklist (MTC), and a demographics questionnaire...
March 31, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Siobhan McDonnell, Ke Yan, U Olivia Kim, Kathryn E Flynn, Melodee Nugent Liegl, Steven R Leuthner, Jennifer J McIntosh, Mir A Basir
OBJECTIVES: To examine whether the order of presenting survival versus disability information, with or without the description of infant NICU experiences would influence treatment choice during hypothetical periviable birth counseling. STUDY DESIGN: An internet sample of childbearing-aged women (N = 839) viewed a pictograph displaying the chances of survival and a pictograph on the chances of disability for a baby resuscitated during the periviable period. The sample was randomized to the order of pictographs and level of description of infant NICU experiences...
March 31, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Kent P Hymel, Veronica Armijo-Garcia, Matthew Musick, Mark Marinello, Bruce E Herman, Kerri Weeks, Suzanne B Haney, Terra N Frazier, Christopher L Carroll, Natalie N Kissoon, Reena Isaac, Robin Foster, Kristine A Campbell, Kelly S Tieves, Nina Livingston, Ashley Bucher, Maria C Woosley, Dorinda Escamilla-Padilla, Nancy Jaimon, Lucinda Kustka, Ming Wang, Vernon M Chinchilli, Mark S Dias, Jennie Noll
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the impact of the PediBIRN (Pediatric Brain Injury Research Network) 4-variable clinical decision rule (CDR) on abuse evaluations and missed abusive head trauma in pediatric intensive care settings. STUDY DESIGN: Cluster randomized trial. Participants were 8 pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) in US academic medical centers; PICU and child abuse physicians; and consecutive acutely head-injured patients <3 years (n=183 and n=237, intervention vs...
March 30, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Isa Ashoor, Darcy Weidemann, Ewa Elenberg, Susan Halbach, Lyndsay Harshman, Alexander Kula, John D Mahan, Arwa Nada, Alejandro Quiroga, Allison Redpath Mahon, Jodi Smith, Michael Somers, Patrick D Brophy
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 30, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Neal A deJong, Marie Wofford, Paula H Song, Michael D Kappelman
OBJECTIVES: To describe care coordination experience for families of children with IBD and compare use of health services between families who identified a primary care physician (PCP) versus gastroenterologist as a child's main provider. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey of care coordination experience and health services use for children 6-19 years old receiving care in the IBD program at a children's hospital during 2018. English-speaking parents completed the Family Experiences with Coordination of Care (FECC) Survey about their child's "main provider" and reported past-year health services...
March 30, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
Joanne E Hegarty, Jane M Alsweiler, Gregory G Gamble, Caroline A Crowther, Jane E Harding
OBJECTIVE: To determine the effects of different doses of prophylactic dextrose gel on glycemic stability assessed using continuous interstitial glucose monitoring (CGM) in the first 48 hours when given to babies at risk of neonatal hypoglycemia. STUDY DESIGN: CGM was undertaken for the first 48 hours in 133 infants at risk of hypoglycemia who participated in the pre-hPOD randomized dosage trial of dextrose gel prophylaxis. RESULTS: Low glucose concentrations were detected in 41% of infants by blood glucose monitoring and 68% by CGM...
March 30, 2021: Journal of Pediatrics
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