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Diabetes Care

Hila Zelicha, Alon Kaplan, Anat Yaskolka Meir, Gal Tsaban, Ehud Rinott, Ilan Shelef, Amir Tirosh, Dov Brikner, Efrat Pupkin, Lu Qi, Joachim Thiery, Michael Stumvoll, Nora Kloting, Martin von Bergen, Uta Ceglarek, Matthias Blüher, Meir J Stampfer, Iris Shai
OBJECTIVE: To compare the postprandial and overnight glycemic response using a novel green aquatic plant thought to provide a dietary source for high-quality protein, with an iso-carbohydrate/protein/caloric dairy shake. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: This is a randomized controlled crossover trial among 20 abdominally obese participants (age 51.4 years; fasting plasma glucose 110.9 mg/dL), who were allocated to replace dinner with either, first, a green shake containing Wolffia globosa duckweed (Mankai: specific-strain) or an iso-carbohydrate/protein/calorie yogurt shake...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Qian Li, Yu Zhang, Li Huang, Chunrong Zhong, Renjuan Chen, Xuezhen Zhou, Xi Chen, Xiating Li, Wenli Cui, Ting Xiong, Qin Gao, Shangzhi Xu, Yuanjue Wu, Xiaoyi Wang, Guofu Zhang, Xu Zhang, Lixia Lin, Duan Gao, Mei Xiao, Guoping Xiong, Hongying Yang, Nianlan Yang, Xuefeng Yang, Liping Hao, Zhichun Jin, Nianhong Yang
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Sho Yoneda, Akihisa Imagawa, Yoshiya Hosokawa, Megu Yamaguchi Baden, Takekazu Kimura, Sae Uno, Kenji Fukui, Kunihito Goto, Motohide Uemura, Hidetoshi Eguchi, Hiromi Iwahashi, Junji Kozawa, Iichiro Shimomura
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Daniel Gordin, Hetal Shah, Takanori Shinjo, Ronald St-Louis, Weier Qi, Kyoungmin Park, Samantha M Paniagua, David M Pober, I-Hsien Wu, Vanessa Bahnam, Megan J Brissett, Liane J Tinsley, Jonathan M Dreyfuss, Hui Pan, Yutong Dong, Monika A Niewczas, Peter Amenta, Thorsten Sadowski, Aimo Kannt, Hillary A Keenan, George L King
OBJECTIVE: Elevated glycolytic enzymes in renal glomeruli correlated with preservation of renal function in the Medalist Study, individuals with ≥50 years of type 1 diabetes. Specifically, pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) activation protected insulin-deficient diabetic mice from hyperglycemia-induced glomerular pathology. This study aims to extend these findings in a separate cohort of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and discover new circulatory biomarkers for renal protection through proteomics and metabolomics of Medalists' plasma...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Jing-Lu Jin, Ye-Xuan Cao, Hui-Wen Zhang, Di Sun, Qi Hua, Yan-Fang Li, Yuan-Lin Guo, Na-Qiong Wu, Cheng-Gang Zhu, Ying Gao, Qiu-Ting Dong, Hui-Hui Liu, Qian Dong, Jian-Jun Li
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the current study is to determine the impact of elevated lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] on cardiovascular events (CVEs) in stable coronary artery disease (CAD) patients with different glucose metabolism status. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: In this multicenter study, we consecutively enrolled 5,143 patients from March 2011 to February 2015. Patients were categorized according to status of glucose metabolism (diabetes mellitus [DM], pre-diabetes mellitus [pre-DM], and normal glucose regulation [NGR]) levels and further classified into 12 groups by Lp(a) levels...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Antti M Kiviniemi, E Samuli Lepojärvi, Mikko P Tulppo, Olli-Pekka Piira, Tuomas V Kenttä, Juha S Perkiömäki, Olavi H Ukkola, Robert J Myerburg, M Juhani Junttila, Heikki V Huikuri
OBJECTIVE: To compare cardiac mortality in patients with CAD and prediabetes with that in patients with normal glycemic status and type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: The Innovation to Reduce Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes at the Intersection (ARTEMIS) study included patients with CAD after revascularization (79%), optimal medical therapy, or both. Patients had type 2 diabetes ( n = 834), impaired glucose tolerance (IGT; n = 314), impaired fasting glucose (IFG; n = 103), or normal glycemic status ( n = 697) as defined on the basis of the results of an oral glucose tolerance test...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Bruce W Bode, Violeta Iotova, Margarita Kovarenko, Lori M Laffel, Paturi V Rao, Srikanth Deenadayalan, Magnus Ekelund, Steffen Falgreen Larsen, Thomas Danne
OBJECTIVE: To confirm efficacy and safety of fast-acting insulin aspart (faster aspart) versus insulin aspart (IAsp), both with basal insulin degludec, in a pediatric population with type 1 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: After a 12-week run-in, this treat-to-target, 26-week, multicenter trial randomized participants (1 to <18 years) to double-blind mealtime faster aspart ( n = 260), mealtime IAsp ( n = 258), or open-label postmeal faster aspart ( n = 259)...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Toshiharu Ninomiya, Noriyuki Kanzaki, Yoichiro Hirakawa, Masahito Yoshinari, Mayu Higashioka, Takanori Honda, Mao Shibata, Satoko Sakata, Daigo Yoshida, Takanori Teramoto, Susumu Takemoto, Shozo Nishimoto, Jun Hata, Takanari Kitazono
OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the association between serum ethylamine levels as an indicator of l-theanine consumption and the development of type 2 diabetes in a Japanese community. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: A total of 2,253 community-dwelling Japanese individuals aged 40-79 years without diabetes were monitored for 7 years. Serum ethylamine levels were divided into quartiles: ≤0.86, 0.87-2.10, 2.11-5.28, and ≥5.29 ng/mL. Kinetic analysis of serum ethylamine concentrations was performed after ingestion of l-theanine-rich green tea products containing 8 mg of l-theanine by 12 healthy volunteers...
May 10, 2019: Diabetes Care
Babak Mokhlesi, Karla A Temple, Ashley H Tjaden, Sharon L Edelstein, Kristina M Utzschneider, Kristen J Nadeau, Tamara S Hannon, Susan Sam, Elena Barengolts, Shalini Manchanda, David A Ehrmann, Eve Van Cauter
OBJECTIVE: Sleep disturbances and circadian misalignment (social jet lag, late chronotype, or shift work) have been associated with worse glycemic control in type 2 diabetes (T2D). Whether these findings apply to adults with prediabetes is yet unexplored. We hypothesized that self-reported short sleep, poor sleep quality, and/or circadian misalignment are associated with higher glycemia, BMI, and blood pressure (BP) in adults with prediabetes or recently diagnosed, untreated T2D. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Our cohort included 962 overweight/obese adults ages 20-65 years with prediabetes or recently diagnosed, untreated T2D who completed a 2-h oral glucose tolerance test and validated sleep questionnaires...
May 2, 2019: Diabetes Care
Brigida A Bruno, Dorothy Choi, Kevin E Thorpe, Catherine H Yu
OBJECTIVE: The primary outcome is to evaluate the relationship between diabetes distress and decisional conflict regarding diabetes care in patients with diabetes and two or more comorbidities. Secondary outcomes include the relationships between diabetes distress and quality of life and patient perception of chronic illness care and decisional conflict. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Cross-sectional study of 192 patients, ≥18 years of age, with type 2 diabetes and two or more comorbidities, recruited from primary care practices in the Greater Toronto Area...
May 2, 2019: Diabetes Care
Giancarlo Marenzi, Nicola Cosentino, Stefano Genovese, Jeness Campodonico, Monica De Metrio, Maurizio Rondinelli, Stefano Cornara, Alberto Somaschini, Rita Camporotondo, Andrea Demarchi, Valentina Milazzo, Marco Moltrasio, Mara Rubino, Ivana Marana, Marco Grazi, Gianfranco Lauri, Alice Bonomi, Fabrizio Veglia, Gaetano M De Ferrari, Antonio L Bartorelli
OBJECTIVE: ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) have higher in-hospital mortality than those without. Since cardiac and renal functions are the main variables associated with outcome in STEMI, we hypothesized that this prognostic disparity may depend on a higher rate of cardiac and renal dysfunction in DM patients. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed 5,152 STEMI patients treated with primary angioplasty...
May 2, 2019: Diabetes Care
Jon Edqvist, Araz Rawshani, Martin Adiels, Lena Björck, Marcus Lind, Ann-Marie Svensson, Sofia Gudbjörnsdottir, Naveed Sattar, Annika Rosengren
OBJECTIVE: Low weight has been associated with increased mortality risks in type 1 diabetes. We aimed to investigate the importance of weight and weight gain/loss in the Swedish population diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Patients with type 1 diabetes ( n = 26,125; mean age 33.3 years; 45% women) registered in the Swedish National Diabetes Registry from 1998 to 2012 were followed from the first day of study entry. Cox regression was used to calculate risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD), major CVD events, hospitalizations for heart failure (HF), and total deaths...
May 2, 2019: Diabetes Care
Adrian McCann, Lasse Melvær Giil, Arve Ulvik, Reinhard Seifert, Eirik Wilberg Rebnord, Eva Ringdal Pedersen, Gard Frodahl Tveitevåg Svingen, Klaus Meyer, Elin Strand, Simon Dankel, Per Magne Ueland, Ottar Kjell Nygård
OBJECTIVE: Altered plasma amino acid levels have been implicated as markers of risk for incident type 2 diabetes; however, amino acids are also related to established diabetes risk factors. Therefore, potential confounding for and the impact from competing risks require evaluation. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: We prospectively followed 2,519 individuals with coronary artery disease but without diabetes. Mixed Gaussian modeling identified potential for confounding...
April 29, 2019: Diabetes Care
Marianna Yaron, Eytan Roitman, Genya Aharon-Hananel, Zohar Landau, Tali Ganz, Ilan Yanuv, Aliza Rozenberg, Moshe Karp, Maya Ish-Shalom, Joelle Singer, Julio Wainstein, Itamar Raz
OBJECTIVE: To assess treatment satisfaction and the effectiveness of a flash glucose monitoring (FGM) system in patients with type 2 diabetes using insulin. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: A total of 101 patients with type 2 diabetes on multiple daily insulin injections (MDI) for at least 1 year were assigned randomly to the FGM intervention ( n = 53) or the standard care (control) group ( n = 48) and followed for 10 weeks. Both groups were instructed to adjust their insulin doses in face-to-face and telephone visits...
April 29, 2019: Diabetes Care
Michael D Elliott, John F Heitner, Han Kim, Edwin Wu, Michele A Parker, Daniel C Lee, Dixon B Kaufman, Robert O Bonow, Robert Judd, Raymond J Kim
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and prognostic significance of unrecognized myocardial infarction (MI) by delayed-enhancement MRI (DE-MRI) in asymptomatic patients with diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Prospective, two-center study of asymptomatic patients without known cardiac disease ( n = 120). Two prespecified cohorts underwent a research MRI: 1 ) a high-risk group with type 1 diabetes and chronic renal insufficiency ( n = 50) and 2 ) an average-risk group with type 2 diabetes ( n = 70)...
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
M Angelyn Bethel, Rishi A Patel, Vivian P Thompson, Peter Merrill, Shelby D Reed, Yanhong Li, Sara Ahmadi, Brian G Katona, Stephanie M Gustavson, Peter Ohman, Nayyar Iqbal, Robert F Gagel, Adrian F Hernandez, John B Buse, Rury R Holman
OBJECTIVE: Increases in serum calcitonin, a tumor marker for medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC), have been associated with glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist use in some preclinical studies. We report calcitonin changes in exenatide-treated and placebo-administered participants and MTC incidence in the EXenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL) and consider the impact of within-trial calcitonin monitoring. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: EXSCEL participants were randomized 1:1 to once-weekly exenatide 2 mg or placebo...
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
Mengying Li, Shanshan Li, Jorge E Chavarro, Audrey J Gaskins, Sylvia H Ley, Stefanie N Hinkle, Xiaobin Wang, Ming Ding, Griffith Bell, Anne A Bjerregaard, Sjurdur F Olsen, James L Mills, Frank B Hu, Cuilin Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To identify novel modifiable risk factors of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) by examining the association between prepregnancy habitual folate intake and GDM risk. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: The study included 14,553 women in the Nurses' Health Study II who reported at least one singleton pregnancy between the 1991 and 2001 questionnaires. Prepregnancy intakes of total folate, supplemental folate, and food folate were assessed using a food frequency questionnaire administered every 4 years...
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
Tamara Spaic, Tracy Robinson, Ellen Goldbloom, Patricia Gallego, Irene Hramiak, Margaret Lawson, Janine Malcolm, Jeffrey Mahon, Deric Morrison, Amish Parikh, Angelo Simone, Robert Stein, Artem Uvarov, Cheril Clarson
OBJECTIVE: To determine if a structured transition program for young adults with type 1 diabetes improves clinic attendance, glycemic control, diabetes-related distress, quality of life, and satisfaction with care. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: In this multicenter randomized controlled trial, young adults (17-20 years) with type 1 diabetes were randomly assigned to a transition program with a transition coordinator or to standard care. The intervention lasted 18 months (6 in pediatric and 12 in adult care)...
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
Peter Ueda, Björn Pasternak, Björn Eliasson, Ann-Marie Svensson, Stefan Franzén, Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir, Kristian Hveem, Christian Jonasson, Mads Melbye, Henrik Svanström
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
Christoph H Saely, Arthur Mader, Christine F Heinzle, Daniela Zanolin-Purin, Barbara Larcher, Alexander Vonbank, Heinz Drexel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 22, 2019: Diabetes Care
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