Wenhao Xu, Aihetaimujiang Anwaier, Chunguang Ma, Wangrui Liu, Xi Tian, Maierdan Palihati, Xiaoxin Hu, Yuanyuan Qu, Hailiang Zhang, Dingwei Ye
PURPOSE: This study aims to identify potential prognostic biomarkers of bladder cancer (BCa) based on large-scale multi-omics data and investigate the role of SRC in improving predictive outcomes for BCa patients and those receiving immune checkpoint therapies (ICTs). METHODS: Large-scale multi-comic data were enrolled from the Cancer Proteome Atlas, the Cancer Genome Atlas and gene expression omnibus based on machining-learning methods. Immune infiltration, survival and other statistical analyses were implemented using R software in cancers ( n  = 12,452)...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Fang Yu, Xuejing Zhu, Shuguang Yuan, Xiaojun Chen, Zheng Li, Zhong Qu, Hong Liu, Lin Sun, Fuyou Liu
BACKGROUND: The Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) was revised in 2016 which lacked sufficient evidence for prognostic value of subclassification of focal segmental glomerular sclerosis (S lesion), and the proper proportion of S lesion for subclassification remains undetermined. AIM: This study aimed to explore the predictive value of the new subclassification of S score on renal outcomes of IgAN patients. METHODS: 348 patients with IgAN-associated S lesion were enrolled...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Inayat Ali
Although coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a pandemic, it has several specificities influencing its outcomes due to the entwinement of several factors, which anthropologists have called "syndemics". Drawing upon Singer and Clair's syndemics model, I focus on synergistic interaction among chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes, and COVID-19 in Pakistan. I argue that over 36 million people in Pakistan are standing at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, developing severe complications, and losing their lives...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Dengqin Zhu, Doudou Tang, Xiaoshan Chai, Guangsen Zhang, Yewei Wang
INTRODUCTION: Acute leukemia (AL) occurring in pregnancy is extremely rare, and its treatment is a clinical dilemma. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of our hospital from 2010 to 2019. RESULTS: Twenty-one patients were diagnosed with AL during pregnancy. Of whom, eighteen had acute myeloid leukemia, and 3 had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Six, eight and seven patients were diagnosed during the first, second, and third trimester, respectively...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Ying Zhang, Xiaoou Li, Junhui Liu, Xueru Hu, Chun Wan, Rui Zhang, Yongchun Shen
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to assess the diagnostic accuracy of serum LDH to pleural ADA ratio (cancer ratio, CR)for malignant pleural effusion (MPE) through an original study and meta-analysis. METHODS: We retrospectively collected data from 145 patients with MPE and 117 cases of benign pleural effusions (BPE). The diagnostic performance of CR and a typical biomarker of MPE, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), were analysed using the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and the area under the curve (AUC) as a measure of accuracy...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Marita Knudsen Pope, Dan Atar, Arne Svilaas, Torstein Hole, Jørn Dalsgaard Nielsen, Ulrik Hintze, Milita Crisby, Pekka Raatikainen, K E Juhani Airaksinen, Saverio Virdone, Karen Pieper, Gloria Kayani, Jean-Yves Le Heuzey, Jan Steffel, Janina Stepinska, Jean-Pierre Bassand, A John Camm
AIMS: The objective was to evaluate the clinical characteristics, management and two-year outcomes of patients with newly diagnosed non-valvular atrial fibrillation at risk for stroke in Nordic countries. METHODS: We examined the baseline characteristics, antithrombotic treatment, and two-year clinical outcomes of patients from four Nordic countries. RESULTS: A total of 52,080 patients were enrolled in the GARFIELD-AF. Out of 29,908 European patients, 2,396 were recruited from Nordic countries...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Yixuan Qiu, Jiaming Yu, Yi Li, Fan Yang, Huiyuan Yu, Mengjuan Xue, Fan Zhang, Xin Jiang, Xueying Ji, Zhijun Bao
Background: Recent evidence indicates that host-gut microbiota crosstalk has nonnegligible effects on host skeletal muscle, yet gut microbiota-regulating mechanisms remain obscure. Methods: C57BL/6 mice were treated with a cocktail of antibiotics (Abx) to depress gut microbiota for 4 weeks. The profiles of gut microbiota and microbial bile acids were measured by 16S rRNA sequencing and ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), respectively. We performed qPCR, western blot and ELISA assays in different tissue samples to evaluate FXR-FGF15/19 signaling...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Davies Adeloye, Janet O Ige-Elegbede, Martinsixtus Ezejimofor, Eyitayo O Owolabi, Nnenna Ezeigwe, Chiamaka Omoyele, Rex G Mpazanje, Mary T Dewan, Emmanuel Agogo, Muktar A Gadanya, Wondimagegnehu Alemu, Michael O Harhay, Asa Auta, Akindele O Adebiyi
BACKGROUND: Targeted public health response to obesity in Nigeria is relatively low due to limited epidemiologic understanding. We aimed to estimate nationwide and sub-national prevalence of overweight and obesity in the adult Nigerian population. METHODS: MEDLINE, EMBASE, Global Health, and Africa Journals Online were systematically searched for relevant epidemiologic studies in Nigeria published on or after 01 January 1990. We assessed quality of studies and conducted a random-effects meta-analysis on extracted crude prevalence rates...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Abdullah Alrumayh, Muath Alobaida
Atrial fibrillation globally affects roughly 33.5 million people, making it the most common heart rhythm disorder. It is a crucial arrhythmia, as it is linked with a variety of negative outcomes such as strokes, heart failure and cardiovascular mortality. Atrial fibrillation can reduce quality of life because of the potential symptoms, for instance exercise intolerance, fatigue, and palpitation. There are different types of treatments aiming to prevent atrial fibrillation and improve quality of life. Currently, the primary treatment for atrial fibrillation is pharmacology therapy, however, these still show limited effectiveness, which has led to research on other alternative strategies...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Mia D Eriksson, Johan G Eriksson, Hannu Kautiainen, Minna K Salonen, Tuija M Mikkola, Eero Kajantie, Niko Wasenius, Mikaela von Bonsdorff, Päivi Korhonen, Merja K Laine
BACKGROUND: Depression and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are major causes of global disease burden that are interrelated through mostly unknown mechanisms. We studied the relationship of melancholic and non-melancholic depressive symptoms with arterial stiffness, an important underlying mechanism of CVD. METHODS: The Helsinki Birth Cohort Study recruited 683 previously extensively phenotyped subjects for this sub-study. Cross-sectional data along with responses regarding depressive symptoms were obtained for each participant...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Barbara Azzimonti, Luca Raimondo, Diletta Francesca Squarzanti, Tiziana Rosso, Paola Zanetta, Paolo Aluffi Valletti, Luigi Chiusa, Laura Masini, Giancarlo Pecorari, Mario Airoldi, Marco Krengli, Mirella Giovarelli, Guido Valente
INTRODUCTION: Many types of research have been performed to improve the diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis of oropharyngeal carcinomas (OP-SCCs). Since they arise in lymphoid-rich areas and intense lymphocytic infiltration has been related to a better prognosis, a TREM-1 putative function in tumour progression and survival has been hypothesized. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-seven human papillomavirus (HPV) 16+ OP-SCC specimens have been analyzed to relate TREM-1 expression with histiocytic and lymphocytic markers, HPV presence and patients' outcome...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Anni Saunajoki, Juha Auvinen, Aini Bloigu, Olavi Ukkola, Sirkka Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Markku Timonen
BACKGROUND: To estimate the ability of fasting, 1-h, and 2-h post-load glucose to predict cardiovascular outcomes. METHODS: We examined a population-based study consisting of 977 middle-aged subjects who underwent an oral glucose tolerance test with glucose values measured at 0, 60, and 120 min. Participants were followed up to 24 years, and cardiovascular outcomes were collected from national registers. Predictive abilities of fasting, 1-h, and 2-h glucose were evaluated alone and in the prediction models with traditional cardiovascular risk factors using Cox proportional hazard models, the likelihood-ratio test, Harrell's concordance index and integrated discrimination improvement...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Rongchun Wang, Shuizi Ding, Cheng Lei, Danhui Yang, Hong Luo
OBJECTIVES: The impact of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the prognosis of bronchiectasis remains controversial. This study aimed to explore the prognostic value of P. aeruginosa in adult patients with bronchiectasis in central-southern China. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This prospective cohort study enrolled 1,234 patients with bronchiectasis between 2013 and 2019. The independent impact of P. aeruginosa on all-cause mortality, annual exacerbations, and hospitalizations was assessed...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Michele Vitacca, Laura Comini, Anna Giardini, Adriana Olivares, Giacomo Corica, Mara Paneroni
OBJECTIVE: To compare disability changes measured with the Respiratory ICF Maugeri core set on COPD patients, recovering from acute exacerbation with and without hospitalization, submitted to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR). MATERIALS AND METHODS: All COPD inpatients admitted for rehabilitation in 9 Respiratory Units (January-August 2019) were considered eligible. 2066 patients were included (540 discharged from an acute Hospital = Hospital group and 1526 coming from their home = Home group)...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Guzin Ozden, Pelin Pınar Deniz
İNTRODUCTION: Asthma is one of the most common chronic airway disease among reproductive period of women. Chronic inflammation in asthma, eosinophilia, high steroid treatment and uncontrolled asthma may cause infertility by affecting the reproductive organs, menstrual cycle and quality of life. Some patients with severe asthma have frequent exacerbations associated with persistent eosinophilic inflammation despite continuous treatment with high-dose inhaled glucocorticoids with or without oral glucocorticoids...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Wei Wei Dayna Yong, Liang Shen, Ray Manotosh, Wee Tien Anna Marie Tan, Hui Chen Charmaine Chai
BACKGROUND: To compare the recurrence rate and outcomes of double-headed pterygia using fibrin glue versus suture closure of conjunctival autograft. METHODS: All patients with double-headed pterygia who underwent pterygia excision with conjunctival autograft from January 2012 to January 2019 in the National University Hospital of Singapore were included. Patients were divided into 2 groups depending on whether fibrin glue or sutures were used to secure the conjunctival autograft in place...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Xiaoyun Hu, Guosheng Yuan, Qi Li, Jing Huang, Xiao Cheng, Jinzhang Chen
PURPOSE: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is refractory cancer with high morbidity and high mortality. DEAH-box polypeptide 32 (DHX32) was upregulated in several types of malignancies and predicted poor prognosis. Herein, we investigated the role of DHX32 in HCC progression. METHODS: The expression of DHX32, β-catenin, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-related makers were determined by Western blot and quantitative real-time PCR assays. Cell proliferation was tested by EdU cell proliferation assay...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Ahmed Wadaa-Allah, Marwa S Emhamed, Mohammed A Sadeq, Nesrine Ben Hadj Dahman, Irfan Ullah, Nesrine S Farrag, Ahmed Negida
To date, there is no final FDA-approved treatment for COVID-19. There are thousands of studies published on the available treatments for COVID-19 virus in the past year. Therefore, it is crucial to synthesize and summarize the evidence from published studies on the safety and efficacy of experimental treatments of COVID-19. We conducted a systematic literature search of MEDLINE, PubMed, Cochrane Library, GHL, OpenGrey, ICTRP, and databases through April 2020. We obtained 2699 studies from the initial literature search...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Brian H Buck, Naveed Akhtar, Anas Alrohimi, Khurshid Khan, Ashfaq Shuaib
Mimics account for almost half of hospital admissions for suspected stroke. Stroke mimics may present as a functional (conversion) disorder or may be part of the symptomatology of a neurological or medical disorder. While many underlying conditions can be recognized rapidly by careful assessment, a significant proportion of patients unfortunately still receive thrombolysis and admission to a high-intensity stroke unit with inherent risks and unnecessary costs. Accurate diagnosis is important as recurrent presentations may be common in many disorders...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
Janna P Kauppila, Lasse Pakanen, Katja Porvari, Juha Vähätalo, Lauri Holmström, Juha S Perkiömäki, Heikki V Huikuri, M Juhani Junttila
INTRODUCTION: Non-ischaemic heart disease (NIHD) is the underlying pathology in∼20% of all sudden cardiac deaths (SCDs). Heavy drinking is known to be associated with SCD due to ischaemic heart disease, but studies on association of recent alcohol consumption and SCD in patients with NIHD are scarce. We evaluated the blood alcohol levels of autopsy verified non-ischaemic SCD victims. METHODS: Study population was derived from the Finnish Genetic Study of Arrhythmic Events (Fingesture) ( n  = 5869, mean age 65 ± 12, 79% males)...
December 2021: Annals of Medicine
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