Guillaume Breton, G Laborde-Balen, F Guilavogui, S Karemangino, D Zana, E Temgoua, C Rouzioux, L Pizarro, R Tubiana
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 5, 2019: AIDS
Michelle L Underwood, Thuan Nguyen, Luke S Uebelhoer, Lynn E Kunkel, Philip T Korthuis, Christina L Lancioni
BACKGROUND: Opioid-use disorders (OUD) and hepatitis C or B co-infection (HEP) are common among people living with HIV (PLHIV). The impact of OUD on innate and adaptive immunity among PLHIV with and without HEP is unknown. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the impact of OUD on monocyte and T-cell phenotypes, cytokine responses to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and phytohemagglutinin (PHA), and plasma inflammatory markers, among PLHIV with and without HEP. METHODS: Cross-sectional study enrolling PLHIV receiving ART, with and without OUD...
November 4, 2019: AIDS
Giada Sebastiani, Sahar Saeed, Bertrand Lebouche, Alexandra de Pokomandy, Jason Szabo, Louis-Patrick Haraoui, Jean-Pierre Routy, Philip Wong, Marc Deschenes, Peter Ghali, Marina Klein
OBJECTIVE: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients are at increased risk of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Vitamin E is recommended for treatment of NASH in the general population. However, its safety and efficacy among HIV-infected patients remain unknown. DESIGN: Single centre, phase IV, open-label, single arm clinical trial. METHODS: HIV mono-infected patients without significant alcohol intake or viral hepatitis coinfection were included...
October 16, 2019: AIDS
Catherine G Sutcliffe, Carolyn S Drogt, Janneke H van Dijk, Francis Hamangaba, Mathias Muleka, Bornface Munsanje, Jeridy Munsanje, Philip E Thuma, William J Moss
OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to understand the process of disclosure among HIV-infected children receiving care in rural Zambia. DESIGN: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses were conducted within an ongoing clinical cohort study of HIV-infected children receiving care in Macha, Zambia from 2007-2016. METHODS: Children receiving HIV care were enrolled into the cohort study and assessed every three months. At each study visit, disclosure status was ascertained through questionnaire...
October 16, 2019: AIDS
Caroline Foster, Sara Ayers, Susan Mcdonald, Graham Frize, Srishti Chhabra, Thomas Joshua Pasvol, Sarah Fidler
OBJECTIVE: Adolescence is the only age group globally where HIV associated mortality is rising, with poorer outcomes at all stages of the care cascade compared to adults. We examined post-transition outcomes for young adults living with perinatal HIV (YAPaHIV). DESIGN: Retrospective cohort analysis. SETTING: A tertiary Youth Friendly Service (YFS) London, UK. PARTICIPANTS: 180 YAPaHIV registered between 01.01.06 and 31...
October 16, 2019: AIDS
Jim Aizire, Alla Sikorskii, Lillian Wambuzi Ogwang, Rachel Kawalazira, Alex Mutebe, Itziar Familiar-Lopez, MacPherson Mallewa, Taha Taha, Michael J Boivin, Mary Glenn Fowler
OBJECTIVE: To compare growth among antiretroviral drug and maternal-HIV exposed uninfected (AHEU) versus age-and-sex-matched HIV unexposed uninfected (HUU) children. DESIGN: Prospective cohort of AHEU children identified from the PROMISE trial (NCT01061151: registry) and age-and-sex-matched HUU controls from child-wellness clinics, enrolled (09/2013-10/2014) in Malawi and Uganda. METHODS: Weight-for-age (WAZ), length-for-age (LAZ), weight-for-length (WLZ), and head-circumference-for-age (HCAZ) z-scores were derived at 12 and 24 months-of-age...
October 12, 2019: AIDS
Lelia H Chaisson, Valeria Saraceni, Silvia Cohn, Dena Seabrook, Solange Cavalcante, Richard E Chaisson, Jonathan Golub, Betina Durovni
OBJECTIVES: In 2018, Brazilian guidelines changed to recommend tuberculosis (TB) preventive therapy for all people with HIV and a CD4≤350 cells/μL, but only for those with a positive tuberculin skin test (TST) if CD4> 350 cells/μL. We determined the potential effectiveness of CD4-based guidelines for TB testing and preventive therapy. DESIGN: Secondary analysis of the stepped-wedge, cluster-randomized THRio trial for isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT)...
October 11, 2019: AIDS
Monica Gandhi, Guohong Wang, Roger King, Warren C Rodrigues, Michael Vincent, David V Glidden, Tim R Cressey, Peter Bacchetti, Matthew A Spinellii, Hideaki Okochi, Oraphan Siriprakaisil, Virat Klinbuayaem, Nelly R Mugo, Kenneth Ngure, Paul K Drain, Jared M Baeten
OBJECTIVE: HIV prevention and treatment studies demonstrate that pharmacologic adherence metrics are more accurate than self-report. Currently-available metrics use liquid-chromatography/tandem-mass-spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), which is expensive and laboratory-based. We developed a specific and sensitive antibody against tenofovir, the backbone of treatment and prevention, but conversion to a lateral flow assay (LFA) -analogous to a urine pregnancy test- is required for point-of-care testing...
October 11, 2019: AIDS
Julia Del Amo, Inma Jarrín
BACKGROUND: Women account for over half of persons living with HIV/AIDS globally. We examined geographic variation in all-cause mortality after antiretroviral therapy (ART) for women living with HIV (WLWH) worldwide. METHODS: We pooled data from WLWH at least 18 years initiating ART 2000-2014 within COHERE (Europe) and IeDEA regions (East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, North America, Latin America/Caribbean). Mortality rates were calculated at 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-24 and 24-48 months after ART, and mortality rate ratios were compared with European rates with piecewise exponential parametric survival models based on Poisson regression...
October 11, 2019: AIDS
Maia Lesosky, Janet M Raboud, Tracy Glass, Sean S Brummel, Andrea L Ciarnello, Judith S Currier, Shaffiq Essajee, Diane V Havlir, Catherine A Koss, Anthony Ogwu, Roger L Shapiro, Elaine J Abrams, Landon Myer
BACKGROUND: Intensified viral load (VL) monitoring for pregnant and breastfeeding women has been proposed to help address concerns around antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, viraemia and transmission risk, but there have been no systematic evaluations of existing policies. METHODS: We used an individual Monte Carlo simulation to describe longitudinal ART adherence and VL from conception until two years postpartum. We applied national and international guidelines for VL monitoring to the simulated data...
October 11, 2019: AIDS
Yuruo Li, Hongjie Liu, Habib O Ramadhani, Nicaise Ndembi, Trevor A Crowell, Gustavo Kijak, Merlin L Robb, Julie A Ake, Afoke Kokogho, Rebecca G Nowak, Charlotte Gaydos, Stefan D Baral, Erik Volz, Sodsai Tovanabutra, Man Charurat
BACKGROUND: The HIV epidemic continues to grow among MSM in countries across sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria. To inform prevention efforts, we used a phylogenetic cluster method to characterize HIV genetic clusters and factors associated with cluster formation among MSM living with HIV in Nigeria. METHODS: We analyzed HIV-1 pol sequences from 417 MSM living with HIV enrolled in the TRUST/RV368 cohort between 2013 and 2017 in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. A genetically linked cluster was defined among participants whose sequences had pairwise genetic distance of 1...
October 11, 2019: AIDS
Bernard J C Macatangay, Rajesh T Gandhi, R Brad Jones, Deborah K Mcmahon, Christina M Lalama, Ronald J Bosch, Joshua C Cyktor, Allison S Thomas, Luann Borowski, Sharon A Riddler, Evelyn Hogg, Eva Stevenson, Joseph J Eron, John W Mellors, Charles R Rinaldo
OBJECTIVE: We evaluated frequencies of T cells with high PD-1 expression (PD-1) before and after long-term effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), and determined if frequencies on-ART correlated positively with measures of HIV persistence and negatively with HIV-specific responses. METHODS: We enrolled individuals who started ART during chronic infection and had durable suppression of viremia for ≥4 years (N = 99). We assessed PD-1 T cell frequencies at timepoints pre- and on-ART using flow cytometry, and evaluated how frequencies on-ART are associated with measures of HIV persistence, HIV-specific immune responses, and immune activation levels...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Kevin Chang, Thomas A Premeaux, Yann Cobigo, Benedetta Milanini, Joanna Hellmuth, Leah H Rubin, Shireen Javandel, Isabel Allen, Lishomwa C Ndhlovu, Robert Paul, Victor Valcour
OBJECTIVE: Inflammation may contribute to brain white matter health in people living with HIV who report cognitive symptoms despite adherence to combination antiretroviral therapy and viral suppression. We explored relationships between diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) metrics of white matter, plasma biomarkers of immune activation, and cognitive function in the HIV-infected population. DESIGN: Retrospective study of older adults living with HIV who are combination antiretroviral therapy adherent, virally suppressed, and self-report cognitive symptoms...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
He-Qian Zhang, Peng Xia, Hui-Huang Huang, Chao Zhang, Jin-Wen Song, Lei Jin, Yan-Mei Jiao, Ming Shi, Fu-Sheng Wang, Ji-Yuan Zhang
OBJECTIVE: CD4CD19 conjugates play an important role in regulating antibody responses and follicular helper T cells development in animal models. However, little is known regarding the characteristic of CD4CD19 conjugates in humans with chronic HIV-1 infection. METHODS: The numbers of CD4CD19 conjugates were counted in 86 HIV-1-infected patients, including 66 typical progressors (TPs) and 20 complete responders (CRs). CD4CD19 conjugates were sorted by flow cytometry and dissociated into CD4 T singlets and CD19 B singlets...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Olivia D Council, Susan Ruone, Philip A Mock, George Khalil, Amy Martin, Marcel E Curlin, Janet M Mcnicholl, Walid Heneine, Wanna Leelawiwat, Kachit Choopanya, Suphak Vanichseni, Thitima Cherdtrakulkiat, Rapeepan Anekvorapong, Michael Martin, J Gerardo García-Lerma
OBJECTIVE: To estimate time of HIV infection in participants from the Bangkok Tenofovir Study (BTS) with daily oral tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and relate infection with adherence patterns. DESIGN: We used the diversity structure of the virus population at the first RNA-positive sample to estimate the date of infection, and mapped these estimates to medication diaries obtained under daily directly observed therapy (DOT)...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Denise C Hsu, Yi F Ma, Amrit Narwan, Smruti Rahalkar, Adam Rupert, Rebecca Scherzer, Claire Mills, Steven Deeks, Irini Sereti, Priscilla Y Hsue
OBJECTIVES: We evaluated the roles of biomarkers of immune activation with carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) progression in treated HIV infection. DESIGN: Longitudinal observational study of 118 treated and virologically suppressed individuals. METHODS: We measured biomarkers of immune activation at baseline using cryopreserved samples. CIMT was measured at baseline and longitudinally using high-resolution ultrasound. Linear regression was used to estimate biomarker associations with CIMT progression, and logistic regression was used to model plaque progression...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Jessica M Fogel, Mariya V Sivay, Vanessa Cummings, Ethan A Wilson, Stephen Hart, Theresa Gamble, Oliver Laeyendecker, Reinaldo E Fernandez, Carlos Del Rio, D Scott Batey, Kenneth H Mayer, Jason E Farley, Laura McKinstry, James P Hughes, Robert H Remien, Chris Beyrer, Susan H Eshleman
OBJECTIVE: To analyze HIV drug resistance among men who have sex with men (MSM) recruited for participation in the HPTN 078 study, which evaluated methods for achieving and maintaining viral suppression in HIV-infected MSM. METHODS: Individuals were recruited at four study sites in the United States (Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Birmingham, Alabama; and Boston, Massachusetts; 2016-2017). HIV genotyping was performed using samples collected at study screening or enrollment...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Caitlin A Moran, Geoffrey Southmayd, Chandan M Devireddy, Arshed A Quyyumi, Ighovwerha Ofotokun, Henry A Liberman, Wissam Jaber, Anandi N Sheth
OBJECTIVES: Persons living with HIV (PLWH) are at greater risk for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Practice patterns of ACS management by HIV serostatus are unknown. We examined the presentation and management of ACS in PLWH. DESIGN: Retrospective case control study. METHODS: We included 86 PLWH and 263 sex- and race-matched HIV-negative controls hospitalized with ACS between 2004-2013. We performed multivariable conditional logistic regression to determine the associations between HIV serostatus and ACS type and management...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Osondu Ogbuoji, Pascal Geldsetzer, Cebele Wong, Shaukat Khan, Emma Mafara, Charlotte Lejeune, Fiona Walsh, Velephi Okello, Till Bärnighausen
OBJECTIVES: Immediate ART (or early access to ART for all, EAAA) is becoming a national policy in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It is plausible that the switch from delayed to immediate ART could either increase or decrease patient satisfaction with treatment. A decrease in patient satisfaction would likely have detrimental consequences for long-term retention and adherence, in addition to the value lost because of the worsening patient experience. We conducted a pragmatic stepped-wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial (SW-cRCT) to determine the causal impact of immediate treatment for HIV on patient satisfaction...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
Giovanna Meza, Almudena Expósito, José Luis Royo, Celia Ruiz-García, Beatriz Sánchez-Arcas, Francisco J Marquez, María Amparo Gómez-Vidal, Mohamed Omar, Faruk Sinangil, Keith Higgins, Donald Forthal, Luis Miguel Real, Antonio Caruz
OBJECTIVES: CR2 is the main receptor for complement protein C3 and plays an important role in adaptive immune responses. CR2 genetic variants are associated with susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus as well as to HIV-1 infection. Additionally, CR2 function can be subverted by HIV-1 for an efficient entry into target cells; in a process known as antibody-dependent enhancement of viral infection. We sought to determine the association between CR2 gene variants with HIV-1 acquisition after vaccination with recombinant gp120 protein (Vax004 clinical trial)...
October 10, 2019: AIDS
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